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Why Do You Need This Job? (Animation Meme)


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Meme That Make Me Cry Laughing


Thanks for watching my Meme compilation. Like this video if you enjoyed, and subscribe for more and help us to archive 500k subscribers Also you Can Follow Me here - 🤍 🤍 for sponsorship and buisness inquiry contect us bigchungusedgy🤍gmail.com Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use #memelox #meme #memecompilation

Money in the bank by lady Funny Memes whatsapp status 😂😂


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Lost All His Money On Meme Stocks And Crypto | Financial Audit


Help grow this channel with just TWO cups of coffee a month: Private Discord: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 YouTube membership: 🤍 Do you want to be in a Financial Audit and you're in the Austin area? Email castingcalebhammer🤍gmail.com Private 1-on-1 consultation: 🤍 Want a free $5? Sign up for Acorns using my link: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:40 Job and income 01:44 Checking accounts 08:05 Hidden debts 12:28 Meme stocks and crypto 22:22 Lack of emergency fund 28:12 Credit cards 34:12 MORE HIDDEN DEBT 41:15 More money? _ Nehemiah's IG: 🤍 My socials: 🤍 My filming equipment: Camera: 🤍 SD storage: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Microphone system: 🤍 Lighting: 🤍 Teleprompter: 🤍 USB C SD card reader: 🤍 _ Sponsorship and business inquiries: castingcalebhammer🤍gmail.com

When Friend Says i will give your money back....😂🤣#meme


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Michael Saylor Meme - NO SECOND BEST


Michael Saylor recommends selling your house to buy Bitcoin (don't do it!) "Which one is the best crypto asset? Well, Bitcoin is the best crypto asset. What's the second best? There is no second best, there is no second best crypto asset. There is a crypto asset, it's called Bitcoin, right? Right? There is no second best, OK? Take all your money and buy Bitcoin, then take all your time, figure out how to borrow more money to buy more Bitcoin, then take all your time and figure out what you can sell to buy Bitcoin! And if you absolutely love the thing that you don't wanna sell it - go mortgage your house and buy Bitcoin with it!" #Saylor #NoSecondBest #Bitcoin #BitcoinMeme #SaylorMeme

❓💎//“Would you guys like to lend a hand?” //💎❓// Gacha Life Meme/Trend // OG! //(Please don’t flop😭)


꒰ hii, welcome to Chi’s description. Thank you sm for watching the video or at least clicking on it. ꒱ 🌈 🌿𖥨¡៸៸ Information of the video ɞ৲🍄 This meme is typically about two spy organizations which one of the organizations tries to steal a blue priceless gem from their base. The three spy’s try looking for the gem but the girl gets caught by the guards. Her teammates kill all the guards surrounding her until she asks them “can you lend me a hand?” [⭐️] Tiny note! :: Oml- this took FOREVER. I’m so tired rn. It is 2:31 AM. Anyways, I am hoping you guys enjoyed the video! Make sure if you wanna do this meme, credit me please! 😘 The girl OC is just a random OC! So please don’t get confused with my other OC and my purple eyed one! ⚠️ALSO. I used a Pinterest body base but I did everything else myself⚠️ [🪐] Ft :: ??? [📚] IB :: ??? [🤍] OG :: Me duhh😒💅🏻 [🦋] Oc's Used :: Emiko (pink-ish red eye girl), Random Boy OC #1, Random Boy OC #2, Random Boy OC #3, Random Boy OC #4 [🛹] Time taken :: 6 hours and 32 minutes [☮️] Screenshots :: 50+ [☁️] Apps Use :: Gacha Life, IbisPaint x, Kinemaster, Video Star, Alightmotion [🧃] Song :: Disturbia by Rihanna - 🤍 ઇ🌷| - Socials - |🌷ઉ [💿] Tiktok :: ?? [✨] Instagram :: ?? [🌞] Extra :: Ily guys 🥰 ꒰꒱ [🦷] Please do not get inspiration/copy my OC. [📺] I cannot be friends because it wouldn't be fair to others. I'm so sorry. [🌸] You can hate on me all you want lmao. [🍭] You can feature me if you'd like, I'd love it!

When I borrow Money to trade | Stock Market | Stock Market Memes


When I borrow Money to trade | #shorts #stockmarket #stockmarketinhindi #memes

I Lost My Son (Animation Meme)


Join the MEMBERS to get access to EMOJIS: 🤍 Subscribe and join the nation. The NutNation My Gaming Channel: 🤍 My Instagram: 🤍 For inquiries, email me: nutshellqwerty🤍gmail.com If you wish to add subtitles in your language: 🤍 What I animate with: Software: Rough Animator Equipment: iPad Pro 11" #shorts #animation #memes

The Aftons react to my memes / videos | Requested a lot- | FNAF


yes All videos are mine!

🌹💢Top 10 "Can I Borrow Your Gun?" Meme💢🌹 Gacha Life (Credits in desc)


Credits: ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 3. 🤍 4. 🤍 5. 🤍 6. 🤍 7. 🤍 8. 🤍 9. 🤍 10. 🤍 Hope you enjoyed! 🌹❤🌹 #gachalife #top10 #meme #top10gachalife #gachameme #caniborrowyourgun #trend

Funny meme, returning loan on first pay


#funnyvideo #funnymeme

1 Or 2? Meme - 👻 Dead Souls Gacha Meme - Club / Life 👻


Thank you for watching! Also, I would appreciate, if you could subscribe my second channel: It's Gacha Draco 🧛 Or Link to it 🤍 💋 Thank you! 1 Or 2 Ending Is Better Meme ? Gacha Club - Life Video Trend I'm posting Gacha Life and Club trend / meme ! Hope you like it! 🦇 ° I don't have my posting schedule yet, so stick around and I'll try to best when it's best for you. ° 🌔 °If you want to collaborate, contact me via email norahjones202020🤍gmail.com - Love ya my little vampies!💕 🧛 #gachalife #gachatrend #Gachameme Tags (Ignore) Laffy Taffy meme, Childhood to adulthood, Pink or Green, Take what's yours and leave, My new twin meme, I’m a Police Officer Copycat meme, Hi come on in i'm putting on my bikini, My daddy’s got a gun, Its just a butterfly, You wouldn’t hit a Women Like a River Meme, I Kissed A Girl,, Mama said that it was okay meme, Can you DANCE like this Meme, Bamboleo Meme, Can You Pass This To Your Brother Meme, I’m gonna marry your daughter Meme, Kakegurui Meme, I Heard You Tell Your Friends That I’m Just Not Your Type Take what’s yours and leave! Let me show you how its really done Its just a butterfly Laffy Taffy Meme My Voodoo Doll Meme London Bridge Is Falling, your mom is sleeping, stop the wedding, Down TikTok Compilation Charldi damelio, small business, noah beck, noah neck, dixie damelio, doah, addison rae, james charles braddison, valentines day, your mom is sleeping, stop the wedding, gacha club, help me, trying to copy the princess, choose me, stereo hearts, help me, where are your parents,

─ 🌙☁️ my money dont jiggle jiggle 💃🏻💵 || [ bbb ] trio cool || siblings || gacha club meme ꒷꒦


hello and dont forget to smile ! :D audio from : tiktok 🦋 time taken : 18 hours lol ( lost motivation ) screenshots : 101 apps : capcut, ibis paint x, gacha club characters : hali ( main ) taufan gempa blaze ice ( main ) thorn solar ( main ) subscription : 6 subscribers 📌 these characters are original from 🤍Monsta subscribe : 🤍 and im the only who borrow the characters ⚠️ PLS DONT REUPLOAD MY WHOLE VIDEOS!! ⚠️ hashtags : #gacha #gachalife #gachaclub #gachaverse #gachastudio #gachatuber #gachatrend #gachagacha #gachatiktok #gachainstagram #gachayoutube #gachameme #gachaedit #gachaedits #gachacommunity #lifegacha #clubgacha #lunime #lunimegacha #gachamemes #gachatrends #gachatrend #chelondive #smihalf #boboiboy #boboiboygacha #boboiboygachalife #boboiboygachaclub #boboiboymovie #boboiboymovie2 #monsta #boboiboymonsta #yaya #ying #gopal #fang #kaizo #qually #papazola #pipizola #tapops #Kokotiam #Kokotaim #Boel #boboiboyelements

My friend after losing money in dream'11...!🤣😂 || new memes 2022 || #shorts


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loan digger meme


I hope you enjoy the meme!

Top 20 💦💌 Can You Be Cute For A Second Meme Gacha Life #1 ✔️❤️


✜ 💕😘 Credit ඞ Source 😘💕✜ 1.• Yukiii • 🤍 2.•B a m b i• 🤍 3.• MMMist • 🤍 4.・Yukitra・ 🤍 5.?Sleepy._.harukiッ】↓ 🤍 6.• bootaful heathers • 🤍 7.「• B x r r y •? 🤍 8.。 ? ?? ? ? ? ? 。 🤍 9.「Zazzie? ッ 🤍 10.itz_ximo! 🤍 11.Blackberry Möcha 🤍 12.ItzGrill 🤍 13.Shadow_Wolf 124 🤍 14.•loxfyxiaaaシ• 🤍 15.ItzAbbyHere 🤍 16.W o f i e 🤍 17.• C L O U D P U F F • 🤍 18.•Griffin-Kun• 🤍 19.•iicupcakxz• 🤍 20.• River_Rains • 🤍 Please do not give me a copyright strike in my video if there's something wrong report it to me at jsbsjiwshhsisbjxj9🤍gmail.com and I will repost my video or delete it. Thanks for watching! 💦Shop Anime Apparel: 🤍 💦Shop Meme Apparel: 🤍 💦Shop Aesthetic Merch: 🤍 ❤️Extra 5% Off Discount Code: Lusa✔️ #meme gacha #gacha meme

Parallel Finance #memes


#DeFi #parallel #parallelfinance Parallel Finance - a new DeFi protocol on Substrate Parallel Finance is a Decentralized Money Market Protocol that offers lending, staking, and borrowing. We are building DeFi solution on multi-chains, including Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, etc. basically Apple for Finance We are backed by Pantera Capital, Polychain, 8 Decimal Capital and great others. Founder of Parallel Finance is Mr. Yubo Ruan. Also creator of 8 Decimal, his website: 🤍 Site: 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Telegram(announcments) 🤍

funny video 2022 / funny memes /latest funny video #shorts #trending #funny #arvind_arora #video 🎥


Kapoor), the son of retired teacher Jaidev Prasad (Anupam Kher), is constantly getting himself and his father into trouble because of his inability to properly manage money and has run many failed businesses. Plunging them both into debt, Jeetu breaks off his engagement with his promised fiancé, Pooja (Sushma Reddy) and decides to commit suicide by throwing himself into the sea. Jeetu thinks that by killing himself, he can do something right for once since his father can use the money from his life insurance to pay off his debts. However, it does not go as planned and Jeetu is found tangled in some nets by a pair of fishermen, Gundya (Paresh Rawal) and Bandya (Rajpal Yadav). Gundya owes money to a Gujarati businessman, Prabhat Singh Chauhan (Om Puri). They find a note containing people's names with the amount written next to the name in Jeetu's pocket, which makes them mistakenly think Jeetu is rich and has lent money to these people, rather than in debt. Jeetu does not want to reveal too much, and therefore pretends to be mute and deaf. Back home, Jeetu's family is denied insurance, stating unconfirmed death (owing to a lack of body), putting them in a difficult situation of repaying Jeetu debts. Prabhat takes away Gundya's boat, the only source of Gundya's income so that he pays back the money he owes him. The two fishermen visit Prabhat's house to request back their boat, only to be asked by Prabhat to leave something of value in return as a guarantee. Gundya cunningly makes Prabhat believe that Jeetu is his loving nephew and leaves both Jeetu and Bandya as the guarantee. Later, it is revealed that Prabhat's niece Shruti (Kareena Kapoor) is mute too, but not deaf. Her overprotective brother Mangal (Sunil Shetty) wants her to get married, however, her muteness makes her an undesirable match. One night, Jeetu gets drunk, and begins to sing but is caught by Shruti and her cousin Meenakshi (Neha Dhupia) who hear him (and consequently learn of his secret). They promise to keep his secret but in return, he must do something for Shruti. A greedy bridegroom is interested in marrying Shruti only for her wealth; so Meenakshi tricks Jeetu into pretending to be Shruti's lover, which eventually results in the marriage being broken off. Mangal arrives and finds Jeetu with a love note for Shruti that Meenakshi wrote. Not realising Jeetu is pretending to be mute and deaf, Mangal attacks him and only stops upon being told of Jeetu supposed disability. Regretful, Mangal gives Jeetu a job in his business and Prabhat extends Gundya's loan time. Meenakshi finds out that Jeetu is in debt and she begins to distrust him after learning about the troubles his debts are causing his family. Jeetu eventually finds out that since his body has not been found, his family is still being hassled for his debts as the insurers have not paid. Jeetu is involved in a car crash with Prabhat who, at the time, was carrying a lot of money. Meenakshi tells the police about her suspicions and they beat Jeetu mercilessly. Her and Shruti's views about him change however when Prabhat announces that Jeetu was the one that saved him and took him to hospital. Ahen Pooja learns that Shruti is mute, she has a change of heart and tells Jeetu to marry Shruti. Jeetu and Shruti get married and live happily ever after. Cast Shahid Kapoor as Jeet Prasad Sharma (Jeetu) / Kanhaiya Kareena Kapoor as Shruti Singh Chauhan / Shruti Jeet Prasad Sharma Neha Dhupia as Meenakshi Singh Chauhan Suniel Shetty as Mangal Singh Chauhan Rajpal Yadav as Bandya Paresh Rawal as Gundya Shakti Kapoor as Natwar Jhunjhunwala Anupam Kher as Jaidev Prasad Sharma Om Puri as Prabhat Singh Chauhan Manoj Joshi as Mohan Prakash Rao Asrani as Sharmaji #shorts #arvind_arora #arvind_arora #trending #whatsappstatus #kgf Goldmines Hindi Goldmines movies hindi movies 2017 Hera Pheri Full Hindi Movie Hera Pheri 2000 Hindi Movie Akshay Kumar Movies Sunil Shetty Movies Paresh Rawal Movies 2000 Hit Hindi Movies Tabu Movies Gulshan Grover Movies Akshay Kumar Comedy Movies Paresh Rawal Comedy Movies hera pheri full movie hera pheri akshay kumar hera pheri paresh rawal Bollywood Best Comedy Movies sanju songs sanju full movie

Meme NFTs — A New Way to Make Money Online


Until recently, memes were considered social media tools, with an immense ability to go viral and entertain a diverse spectrum of people. Then came the NFT culture. She transformed the memes from a mere way of presenting humorous content and added to her gambit: monetary value. Today, in fact, you can buy and sell memes and make lucrative profits. For Example, the world-famous “Doge” NFT meme sold for $4 million. Another example highlighting how much money one can make in such trades is “Overly Attached Girlfriend”, which was bought on Ethereum for $411,000. We've made this video to Guide you on Everything about Meme NFT and How to earn money by converting Meme into NFT? #MemeNFT #Meme #CryptoOverlaps 👍Please like and share the Video. 🔔Don't forget to Subscribe & Press the Bell for Updates. ☑️☑️🤍 ★★★ You can also watch the Following Related Videos on Channel★★★ ✅✅10 Best Play to Earn Blockchain Games — P2E Games 🎬🎬🤍 ✅✅Metaverse Boom! How can Beginners & Small Investors m 🎬🎬🤍 ✅✅Best long-term cryptocurrency investments for 10x returns 🎬🎬🤍 ✅✅NFT Lending Explained — How to Make Money by Lending NFT? 🎬🎬🤍



Billy says that he was watching cocomelon, but we think he's lying! Audio credit goes to Kingzippy on Tiktok. IB: Princess Tori #robloxmemes #thecrystallinegamerz #roblox #funnymoments

That Time The Military Let $2.3 Trillion Go "Missing" - How Money Works


Sign up to Morning Brew for a totally free selection of high quality business, finance and general interest articles delivered direct to your inbox every morning - 🤍 In 2001 defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the department of defence had lost more than 2.3 trillion dollars. At this time the entire federal budget was only 1.8 trillion dollars which meant that the military had basically just oopsied away more than a years’ worth of the governments entire bankroll. The public was furious to say the least, and rumours quickly started circling about where this money ended up. Fortunately for Rumsfeld and the entire militaries senior brass the public announcement of the missing money was made on a very opportune day, September 10th. #HowMoneyWorks #business #finance - Edited By: Andrew Gonzales Music Courtesy of: Epidemic Sound Select Footage Courtesy of: Getty Images All materials in these videos are for educational purposes only and fall within the guidelines of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. This video does not provide investment or financial advice of any kind.

Savage Girl 🔥😍🥰😎💯 #shorts #youtubeshorts #trendingshorts #biker #rider #money #memes #vlog #comedy


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Memes & Tweets Cost Money Now?! How NFTs are Changing the Art Marketplace


We’re surrounded by information, content and news. Everywhere, all the time. The human mind can only meaningfully absorb a handful of new facts about the world. mymoneykarma filters out the signal from the noise, and gives you just only the bits of information you need to understand the world of crypto. Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 A Very Short History of NFTs: 0:07 The Meme Economy: 0:58 Conclusion: 1:36 What is mymoneykarma? This channel is dedicated to simplifying the concepts and best practices of Personal Finance through explainers, FAQs, tips, and educational material. We empower viewers to each become a paragon of Intelligent Finance. Founded by a group of Stanford alumni with a strong background in banking and technology, MyMoneyKarma has been revolutionizing the Indian Fintech sector and ushering in the future of personal finance. Committed to a social mission of creating a measurable impact on people’s lives, MyMoneyKarma has empowered millions of people to reclaim control over their finances by addressing the 3 biggest issues and barriers in the sector: Low financial literacy means most people applying for loans, mortgages or credit cards have never checked, nor heard of, their credit scores. By this time, the damage has often been done Low information transparency means it can be difficult to know the best interest rates for each customer’s unique profile, the financial providers that offer the best terms, and how to maximize one’s chances of being approved (where a rejection further worsens the credit score) High effort and hassle means one is too hard-pressed to shop around, try multiple options and find the best fit, instead ending up with sub-optimal decisions and a whole lot of wasted time and sweat MyMoneyKarma’s fully online loan optimization technology helps customers with an extensive range of financial products, delivering the lowest interest rates and comprehensive service at the touch of a button. Making money from being a social media influencer or viral video star just got a huge boost! Sell your next TikTok hit as an NFT! #cryptotrading #NFTs #nyancat #cryptopunks #cryptokitties #dogecoin #DisasterGirl Apply for a Home Loan 🤍 🤍 Apply for a Personal Loan 🤍 🤍 Get your Credit Score worth Rs. 4300 for Free 🤍 🤍 Get to know and Follow us: Facebook 🤍 Linkedin 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍

Drop some money meme(ft.dsmp squid game AU)Dreambur|Gacha club|Kaito_Yuki


Sorry guys if i didnt put in the video that has boy x boy and,the apps that i used:Ibispaint x Gacha club capcut thats all!bye

Drop some money 💵||gacha meme


Memes that Made Money


And some cringe for you as a bonus. BECOME A LEGEND (with ease) by joining my Legendary Legends Newsletter: 🤍 Simon's Social Media: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Simon's Other Channels: TodayIFoundOut: 🤍 TopTenz: 🤍 Biographics: 🤍 Visual Politik: 🤍 Highlight History: 🤍 Geographics: 🤍

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Student Loan Expert Reacts To FUNNIEST Student Loan Memes | Student Loan Planner


Student loans can be a drag, can’t they? So let’s laugh a little! Check out this video to see Travis Hornsby, a student loan expert, review some of the funniest student loan memes on the interwebs. Struggle with mass amounts of student loan debt? Read below to find out how we can help! More about Student Loan Planner: → We are the country's top experts in figuring out exactly what to do with monster student loan debt. If you owe $50,000 to $1 million in student loans, we can help you in one of two ways. We create a custom student loan plan made just for you that details the path to debt freedom. We connect you with private lenders that will refinance your loans at a lower interest rate. You'll also get a cash back bonus. Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Schedule a consult: → 🤍 Refinance your student loans, get more cash back: → 🤍 The student loan calculator that saves you time and money: → 🤍 Follow Student Loan Planner: → Instagram (🤍 → Facebook (🤍 → Twitter (🤍 → LinkedIn (🤍 → Podcast (🤍 Contact us: → help🤍studentloanplanner.com Legal: Student Loan Planner is a financial coaching company and does not claim to provide financial advice on investment products. Refinancing federal loans causes the borrower to lose access to income-based repayment plans as well as the PSLF program. We may earn compensation from advertising partners when you click on links on our site. Student Loan Planner is not a debt settlement or debt relief company. We do not provide tax or legal advice.

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