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Orca Encounter (Full Show) - SeaWorld Orlando - April 8, 2021


Here's a 3:30pm show during the midst of Spring Break 2021! This Orca Encounter was unique because the whales had switched the back pools they usually come out of (it's usually Trua and Makaio from the left and Katina, Nalani, and Malia from the right)! This didn't hold them back though and I thought this show was lovely! Highlights below as usual: Pro tip: the 3:30 Orca Encounter usually has the highest attendance and will reach capacity much faster. You want to be there as early as possible or choose a different time! 0:34 - One Song with Makaio and Trua, starting with Makaio's front flip - 1:14 I thought that was a good clip of Makaio's center belly breach - 2:15 Trua slides out! This shows how big he's been getting 5:10 - Husbandry Demonstration and Volunteer Segment with Katina, Nalani, and Malia, starting with their spin swims - 7:30 Malia and Nalani doing the slideout/weight demonstration - 8:45 Katina tongue kisses through the glass -10:32 Nalani gets super high on her back breach! 12:30 The Hunt/Splash Segment with Trua and Makaio -13:20 Both boys splashed very well this time! -14:04 Trua's fluke splash zippers! 17:15 One Big World with Nalani, Katina, and Malia, starting with Nalani's stage slide -18:55 Malia's front flip! She's been opening her mouth on these the past year or so -19:57 Nalani, Malia, and Katina's kicker! (thumbnail) -20:30 They all slideout together! Makaio, Trua, Katina, Nalani, and Malia (Killer Whales) at SeaWorld Orlando on April 8, 2021. Do not use without permission.

SeaWorld Orlando FULL TOUR & REVIEW | TIPS | 2022


This is my hopefully comprehensive tour and review guide of SeaWorld Orlando on International Drive, where I'll be outlining my the good, and the (not so) good things about this famous theme park. At the end, I'll also share my top tips for getting the most out of your trip to SeaWorld. Within my tour I'll be covering all the different sections/seas, which includes the Port of Entry, the Sea of Shallows, the Sea of Legends, the Sea of Ice, the Sea of Delight, the Sea of Mystery, Sesame Street and the Sea of Power. I'll all the main attractions, which includes Dolphin Nursery, Manta, Manta Aquarium, Pelican Preserve, Stingray Lagoon, Dolphin Cove, Turtle Trek, Manatee Rehabilitation, Dolphin Stadium, Journey to Atlantis, Jewel of the Sea Aquarium, Kraken, Antarctica Empire of the Penguin, Pacific Point Preserve, Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, SeaPort Theatre, Sky Tower, Shark Encounter, Mako, Infinity Falls, Orca Stadium, Wild Arctic and Ice Breaker. A big thank you to these talented creators for their contributions: Vlad Gluschenko Music (tracks: Paddles, Meadow, On the Way) 🤍 The Coaster Scoop (all coaster POV footage): 🤍 AmusementInsider (Manta Coaster B Roll) 🤍 -­­­­­­­- Guide to Tickets (prices vary): Single Day Ticket Two Park Ticket (SeaWorld and/or Aquatica) Three Park Ticket (SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and or Adventure Island) Four Park Ticket (SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and or Adventure Island, valid for 14 days) Any Day ticket (visit anytime within 6 months of purchase) SeaWorld Orlando Tickets: 🤍 -­­­­­­­- Music Attribution: Paddles by Vlad Gluschenko 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Meadow by Vlad Gluschenko 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Wild Spirit by Del 🤍 Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Beach by MusicbyAden & Jurgance 🤍 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 On the Way by Vlad Gluschenko 🤍 License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Track: Ikson - Pumpkin Field [Official] Music provided by Ikson® Listen: 🤍 Spring by Ikson 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 -­­­­­­­- CONTACT: For all business enquiries ⇢ jjjack86🤍

Top Things to Do at SeaWorld Orlando You Can’t Miss!


Are you looking for the top things to do you can't miss at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida? Then I've got the things for you! In this overview I'll go over all of the top things to do to help you decide what you want to see and do at SeaWorld! - Say "hello" to me on: Instagram: 🤍chrissatravels Facebook: Chrissa Travels Florida Reddit: 🤍 Patreon: Chrissa Travels Florida Buy Me a Coffee: 🤍 Or read my travel blog at: 🤍 Music from Epidemic Sound (affiliate link): 🤍 Audio Recorded on Blue Yeti USB Microphone (affiliate link): 🤍 Video Recorded using Canon EOS R with Sigma 24mm 1.4 Lens, DJI Pocket 2, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Canon EOS R Camera (affiliate link): 🤍 Canon Sigma 24mm 1.4 Lens (affiliate link): 🤍 Canon 70-200mm 2.8 Lens (affiliate link): 🤍 DJI Pocket 2 Camera: (affiliate link) 🤍 DJI Pocket 1 Camera (affiliate link): 🤍 DJI Osmo Action Camera: (affiliate link) 🤍 iPhone 12 Pro Max Check out my all favorite gear that I use to create my videos here (affiliate link): 🤍

Seaworld Killer Whale Show Goes Wrong


One Ocean killer whale show from 29th March 2018 which went slightly wrong during the 'Side by Side' section of the show when the whales starting fighting instead of performing as planned. As explained by the staff, the fight was a rise against the dominant whale, however, she fought back and fundamentally laid a bite on the tail on the other whale before the staff managed to intervene. This small show of aggression from the whales just goes to show how powerful these amazing animals are! CHECK OUT: 🤍 Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe here: 🤍 SOCIALS – follow us for updates here: TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍

Killer Whale Attacks at Sea World! UNCUT VIDEO!!!!!


With the latest attack at Sea World these beauiftul smart creatures should be back in the waters free with no tank. This is all for money not for the education of animals.

The Complete SeaWorld "Blue Horizons" Dolphin Show


Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here: 🤍 To see my entire SeaWorld playlist click here: 🤍 Check out my Disney Playlists: Disneyland: 🤍 Minnie Mouse Toys: 🤍 Disney Princess Toys 🤍 Disney Frozen Toys 🤍 Mickey Mouse Toys 🤍 Thomas and Friends Toys 🤍 欢迎访问我有关 海洋世界 中文网: 🤍 Download this HD video (for free) to your iPad or Apple TV at: 🤍 Check out my other videos: ▶ SeaWorld's Old "Dolphin Discovery" Show - 🤍 ▶ "One Ocean" Shamu Show at SeaWorld 🤍 ▶ Blue Horizons Dolphin Show at SeaWorld 🤍 ▶ The Mickey Show at Walt Disney World 🤍 ▶ Walt Disney World's Street Party - 🤍 ▶ Disney's Characters 🤍 ▶ Visiting Disneyland 🤍 ▶ Disneyland Fireworks Show 🤍 ▶ Fantasmic! at Disneyland 🤍 ▶ The World of Color at Disney's California Adventures 🤍 ▶ Radiator Springs Racers at California Adventures 🤍 ▶ Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland 🤍 ▶ The Little Mermaid Ride at California Adventure 🤍 ▶ Princesses at Disneyland 🤍 ▶ Heimlich's Chew Chew Train at California Adventure 🤍 ▶ Star Tours at Disneyland 🤍 ▶ Very Relaxing 3 Hour Video of Ocean Waves 🤍 ▶ The Best Fireplace Video (3 hours long) - 🤍 Orlando is a breakthrough theatrical spectacular that showcases graceful dolphins and false killer whales, a rainbow of exotic birds and an entire cast of world-class divers and aerialists draped in elaborate costumes. The vivid imagination of a young girl sets the stage for an emotional adventure to experience the power of the sea and the elegance of flight. I recorded this family video on November 4, 2010 at the Orlando, Florida SeaWorld with a Canon HV30. Tilikum is the subject of the documentary film Blackfish. SeaWorld in San Diego is fighting AB 2140, the "California Captive Orca Welfare and Safety Act," would end performance-based entertainment for all 10 orcas in the state.

Under Red Sea 4K - Incredible Underwater World - Relaxation Video with Original Sound (NO LOOP) - #1


Relax with marine inhabitants and listen to soothing underwater sound for relaxation, sleep, yoga, stress relief, and more. You will explore an amazing underwater world with different species of beautiful coral reef fishes and even discover an incredible sunken ship. These are truly breathtaking shots! Experience the calming effect of smooth movements of fishes of different sizes and colors and explore the colorful coral reefs in the world! Take a moment and imagine yourself swimming with these incredible marine inhabitants in total harmony with nature. Feel yourself free and let your imagination soar. This video will help you to feel the healing power of water and sooth your soul. Imagine how your space would look like with this wonderful sea scenery and clear your mind from negative. Make your place unique and atmospheric. Enjoy this 8-hour #underwater video with spectacular underwater footage of the Red Sea and turn your TV into a beautiful window to the sea life! Video from: Red Sea, Egypt Video resolution: #4K UHD Equipment used: Panasonic GH5, Seafrogs Underwater Camera Housing for Panasonic Lumix GH5 & GH5S 40m/130ft with Standard port Video type: underwater footage Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc Filmmaker, Editor, and Colorist: Alexey Mandryko Special thanks to all the group from "Delta Dive Club" Kyiv, Ukraine, and his owner Denys Shelashskyi. Special thanks to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work. Explore marvels of the underwater world and brighten up your day with these coral reefs from 🤍 and 🤍 Egypt is one of favorite places for divers from the whole world for the last years, especially with its easy accessibility to the Red Sea, which runs along the entirety of Egypt's eastern coastline. The Red Sea is now regarded as one of the best diving destinations on the planet! The clear blue water hosts more than 1000 species of fish and more than 200 species of coral. Explore the best diving destinations of the Red Sea and dive into the fantastic underwater world with our team! This video will help you get rid of the stress accumulated in a day’s work and to get deep #relaxation quickly. Use this 8 hours video as a perfect screensaver for your TV and discover Underwater World in all its glory without leaving your home! Listen to peaceful underwater sounds and let your imagination take you into the depths of the Red Sea. 5 BENEFITS of this relaxing underwater video: – Perfect TV screensaver for your home, office, waiting room, travel agency. – Improve your mood. Underwater scenes have a great impact on our emotions. They have a relaxing and soothing effect. – It helps you to reduce stress, bring peace, and get inspired. Take your time, enjoy the clear waters and unplug. You need a good dose of Vitamin Sea! – Helps Relax & Fall Asleep FAST! – This video can help you to discover sea life as it is and feel happy. The Underwater World has lots of interesting and unusual things to see on your Oled TV, Samsung 4K HDR TV, Sony 4K TV, LG 4K TV, etc. Imagine how your space would look like with these wonderful underwater scenes. Make your place unique and atmospheric. It’s perfect for any waiting room lobby, relax room, spa center, hair salon, nail salon, airport, public transport, restaurant, shopping center, souvenir shop, gym, hotel, lounge, office, hospital, drugstore, dental clinic, vet clinic, picture gallery, home, car wash, library, supermarket, and other public places. Watch Online: 🤍 Install Our ROKU App: 🤍 Install Our Android App: 🤍 Install Our IOS App: 🤍 Install Our Amazon Fire TV App: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Visit my Travel Blog: 🤍 For licensing questions: 🤍 If you want to help us with translation our videos into your language, you can do that by clicking on the link. This will help us to reach more people! 🤍 Please SUBSCRIBE 🤍 to my RELAXATION CHANNEL so you do not miss anything.

The Aftermath of Seaworld


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One Ocean (Full Shamu Show) at SeaWorld Orlando - May 24, 2017


This show featured Katina's group and Kayla's group each doing half of the show! Another highlight was Makaio working on his kicker during the show (1:30, 2:35, and 18:20). Show Guide: 0:00 One Song with Katina, Makaio, and Nalani -2:58 Nalani's front flip! (thumbnail) 4:10 Frolic with Kayla, Malia, and Trua 8:18 Side by Side with Katina 13:50 Splash with Kayla, Malia, and Trua 18:20 We're One with Katina, Makaio, and Nalani Katina, Nalani, Makaio, Kayla, Trua, and Malia (Killer Whales) at SeaWorld Orlando on 5/14/17. Do not use without permission.

15 Things Seaworld Doesn’t Want You to Know


Let’s be honest... SeaWorld’s reputation has taken a nosedive in recent years. That much is evident by falling attendance and even falling expenditure by those who do visit. Why is that? From a trainer dying at the fins of a killer whale to orcas with behavioral problems, here are 15 things SeaWorld doesn’t want you to know.. ► For copyright matters please contact us: top5sfinest🤍

15 Things Seaworld Doesn't Want You To Know


Back in the 20th Century it seemed like Sea World was the coolest place on Earth. You can actually go and visit a place which had killer whales in tanks, and you could get right up close to these unbelievable animals and see how smart and playful they were. But then some people started to think…hey if they’re that smart, maybe keeping them in a little swimming pool instead of the whole entire ocean is a little…cruel? Then in 2013 the documentary Blackfish came out and won a lot of praise…but also made Sea World look pretty bad. Does Sea World help animals or is it cruel? The debate goes on, but from the nature of killer whale fins to their breeding programme, we are going to show you 15 Things Seaworld Doesn't Want You To Know! ► For copyright matters please contact us: OfficialAmerikano🤍

Secretly Recording What Happens At SeaWorld


We went to SeaWorld San Diego and brought our cameras to see if we can secretly record things that most people ignore especially when it comes to their Orca's, whales, dolphins and other animals. Moe's channel: 🤍 My spirit box app I use (USE RESPONSIBLY) Apple/iOS: 🤍 Google/Android: 🤍 Gimme Kissmas Merch 🤍 Use promo code twitter15 for 15%off Gear I use in videos: (My Cameras) Big 4K camera: 🤍 Portrait lens 🤍 Wide Angle Lens (my main lens) 🤍 Zoom Lens (pretty good all around lens) 🤍 Small Compact Camera: I use this camera ALOT! 🤍 Smaller affordable option: I use this one alot for vlogs 🤍 Mini Tripod 🤍 Camera light 🤍 Compact Drone 🤍 Bigger Drone 🤍 (AMAZING) Ghost hunting equipment: Double Spirit box (not the app) 🤍 Smaller spirit box 🤍 EMF meter 🤍 My computer I use to edit videos: 🤍 Merch site: 🤍 Become a member 😘🤍 FOLLOW my other channel ⇩ 🤍 Send us some FAM mail: P.O. Box 11098 Spring Hill, FL 34610 Send intros and personal emails to: OmarGoshIntro🤍 Professional inquiries: theomargosh🤍 Check out my other cool channel: 🤍 Connect with me on social media: 🤍 🤍 Film by: OmarGoshTV All Rights Reserved and protected against unauthorized use. Check out my friends: The Fam 🤍 Chelsea Luna 🤍 Moe Sargi 🤍 Patty Gteam 🤍 Heathers Hauntings 🤍 CJ 🤍 Kris Star 🤍 #seaworldexposed #seaworld

Dolphin Days (Full Show) at SeaWorld San Diego on 8/30/15


This is SeaWorld San Diego's newer dolphin show that replaced Blue Horizons in 2015. I was impressed with a lot of the dolphin behaviors this show and was glad to finally film a Dolphin Days with Argo! Please See More to see what made this show stand out! Dolphin Show Guide with Highlights 0:00 - Opening/Introducing Dolphins and Trainers (Sandy, Corona, Malibu, Melanie, Cocoa) -1:35 Corona and Malibu's tandem scream bow -3:43 Sandy's fish catch -4:25 Sandy and Melanie's roman ride (rare in Dolphin Days but not Blue Horizons) 5:18 Trainer Testimony and Volunteer Segment at 6:40 9:00 Pilot Whale Segment with Bubbles, Argo, and Niner -11:32 Argo performs 2 side breaches in a row -11:48 Niner confuses the fluke splash sD for a chin up -12:26 Niner's trainer motions to the sound booth which Niner interprets as a chin up sD 12:57 Conservation Message 15:42 Finale with Bullet, Melanie, Malibu, Venus, Sandy, Corona, Cocoa, and Captain -15:42 Bullet and Melanie's tandem human hurdle (I haven't seen this since Ignight in 2009!) -16:32 Sandy's ventral bows Atlantic/Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, Short-finned Pilot Whales, and a Bottlenose/Common Dolphin hybrid at SeaWorld San Diego on 8/30/15. Do not use without permission.

All Coasters at SeaWorld Orlando + On Ride POVs - Front Seat Media


All roller coasters, thrill rides & on-ride POV's at SeaWorld Orlando theme park in Orlando, Florida USA with musical samples from the world famous Knoebels Grand Carousel pipe organ. Go ride classic coasters Mako, Kraken, Manta and Journey To Atlantis while anxiously awaiting the grand opening of Ice Breaker some day. Have a great day at Sea World Orlando ! All POV's and video footage created by Front Seat Media. #SeaWorldOrlando #AllCoasters #frontseatmedia #rollercoasters . ALL COASTERS Ride Playlist: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Cedar Point: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Hershey Park: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Dollywood: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Great Adventure: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Holiday World: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at SeaWorld Orlando: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Busch Gardens Tampa: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Kings Island: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Knoebels: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Six Flags New England: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Lake Compounce: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Kings Dominion: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Kentucky Kingdom: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Kennywood: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Six Flags America: 🤍 . ALL COASTERS at Dorney Park: 🤍 . Best of Front Seat Media: 🤍 . Disney World Vacation 4K Playlist: 🤍 . Classic 80's Sports Highlights Playlist: 🤍 . Two Rides on a Coaster Playlist: 🤍 . Front Seat Media: Theme Parks & Coasters, Concerts & Entertainment Video. Ride With Us! Subscribe Here: 🤍 . Look for NEW VIDEOS: 1) Daily In-Season and 2) Monday & Friday Off-Season. End Title Music: Jay Jay by Kevin MacLeod. Click the blue link for a particular ride: 00:00 A Fun Day at SeaWorld Orlando 01:39 Mako 04:27 Kraken 08:29 Manta 12:09 Journey To Atlantis 20:16 Mako Back Row 23:55 Kraken Back Seat 28:06 Manta Back Row 32:24 Super Grover's Box Car Derby 33:34 Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin 39:26 Mako Rider Cam 42:05 Kraken Rider Cam 45:24 Manta Front 60fps 49:00 Mako Front 60fps 51:46 Kraken Front 60fps 55:30 Mako 4K Front 58:09 Kraken 4K Front 01:01:27 Mako 4K Back 01:04:04 Kraken 4K Back 01:07:13 Mako Superview 4K 01:09:56 Mako 4k Superview 01:12:19 Thank You! Please 👊🏽 SMASH 👊🏽 that LIKE button & SHARE this video. Your COMMENTS are Welcome! PLEASE 🔔 Ring 🔔 that Notifications Bell & be Notified ASAP when we upload a new video. FRONT SEAT SOCIAL MEDIA: Like us on Facebook: 🤍 . Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 . Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 . Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 🤍 . FRONT SEAT'S TOP 50 Best Ride Videos: 🤍 . RETRO Fahrenheit: 🤍 . FRONT SEAT Top Thrill Dragster: 🤍 . Hershey to Orlando in 12 Minutes: 🤍 . RIP Dragon Challenge Playlist: 🤍 . HERSHEYPARK 2019 Ride Playlist: 🤍 . HERSHEYPARK 2018 Ride Playlist: 🤍 . RED EYE with Greg Gutfeld TV Playlist: 🤍 . Classic 1987 TV Commercials Playlist: 🤍 . Classic 1986 TV Commercials Playlist: 🤍 . 1987 Tour de France TV Coverage Playlist: 🤍 . 1986 Tour de France TV Coverage Playlist: 🤍 . Bob Seger LIVE in Philly 2019 Playlist: 🤍 . U2 Live in Detroit Playlist: 🤍 . Dennis DeYoung Styx LIVE Concert Playlist: 🤍 . KNOEBELS 2019 Ride Playlist: 🤍 . BUSCH GARDENS TAMPA Ride Playlist: 🤍 . DOLLYWOOD Ride Playlist: 🤍 . CEDAR POINT Ride Playlist: 🤍 .

SeaWorld's Old Shamu "Believe" Show With Trainers in the Water!!!


Check out my Favorite Theme Parks website for more great videos!: 🤍 or subscribe to me: 🤍 Dedicated to the memory of Dawn Brancheau . This is the previous SeaWorld Shamu show called "Believe" filmed in San Diego, California on March 3, 2009., On February 24, 2010 at SeaWorld Orlando the orca "Tilikum" drowned Dawn - an experienced female trainer as at least two dozen tourists looked on from above a whale tank and from an underwater viewing area. Following this event, trainers no longer go into the water with the orcas at SeaWorld parks shows.

SeaWorld killer whale Tilikum dead


Tilikum the orca has died after more than two decades at SeaWorld Orlando, where he gained notoriety for killing a trainer in 2010. It comes as SeaWorld San Diego closes down its theatrical orca shows. Carter Evans reports.

Our Planet | Coastal Seas | FULL EPISODE | Netflix


Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. In this episode: From fearsome sharks to lowly urchins, 90 percent of marine creatures live in coastal waters. Protecting these habitats is a battle humanity must win. For more about Coastal Seas please visit 🤍 Download free educational resources at 🤍 US Rating: TV-PG. Parental guidance suggested. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 167 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Our Planet | Coastal Seas | FULL EPISODE | Netflix 🤍

NEW SHOW - Orca Encounter A Killer Whale Experience | SeaWorld Orlando


Killer whales are the perfect ambassadors for the ocean. Limitless, powerful, connected…but still vulnerable. Now, SeaWorld invites you to connect in an inspiring new way with the ocean’s most powerful predator. Discover the importance of play for orcas and dive deeper into their masterful hunting techniques. Learn about SeaWorld’s commitment for the killer whales in our care. You’ll witness thrilling natural orca behaviors and learn more about them than ever before. Orca Encounter will leave you with a deeper understanding of these magnificent animals and will inspire you to care even more profoundly for the wonders of our natural world.

Sea World Australia Theme Park Review | ReviewTyme


Sea World is one of Australia’s original theme parks with a rich, almost 50-year history. Has time made Sea World great or has the ever-changing landscape created some murky waters? For more great content visit our website - 🤍 Jet Rescue footage courtesy of James Russell - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Dom's Twitter - 🤍 Luke's Twitter - 🤍

One Ocean (Full Show) at SeaWorld San Diego on 6-24-16


This was an interesting show! I'd say seeing Orkid show off was the best part. Below are some highlights: 0:00 One Song with Orkid and Ikaika - 0:45 Ikaika's alien 3:49 Frolic with Orkid and Ikaika - 5:14 Orkid does a hula with rapid fire squirts - 6:28 Orkid slides out on her side for rubdowns 7:52 Side by Side with Ikaika, Orkid, and Keet -11:04 Keet's showstopper 12:10 Splash/We're One with Keet and Ikaika -16:11 Ikaika's belly breach Orkid, Ikaika, and Keet (Killer Whales) at SeaWorld San Diego on 6/24/16. Do not use without permission.



We are riding every ride at SeaWorld Orlando today! In a huge update you are no longer required to wear masks on rides. It was a great day with low wait times on all the rides, except for the rides in Sesame Street Land. Regardless, we were able to complete this theme park challenge. We hit all the big rides, mako, manta, journey to atlantis, infinity falls, kraken and more! If you want to see 🤍showmelovejete and I attempt more park challenges please like, subscribe, share, and ring that bell! Enjoy :) Hey my name is Jonathan Crichton but most call me JoJo. I make vlogs in the Orlando area covering new things, attractions, Disney, and other theme parks, mainly anything you can think of that will put a smile on your face. Sometimes my vlogs are about informing you, and sometimes they are about having fun! Either way I hope you enjoy this vlog and stick around for many more to come! Remember Everyday is a Blessed Day to be Alive, Enjoy! The BEST way to support my channel, my vlogs, and me is on Patreon :) Goal is 100 Patrons! 🤍 Watch Jete's Version! 🤍showmelovejete SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 LET'S BE PALS: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 MY PO BOX: Send Mail! Jonathan Crichton 6526 Old Brick Rd. Suite 120-102 Windermere, FL 34786 THANK YOU SO MUCHT TO ALL OF MY PATRONS AND YOUTUBE MEMBERS! PayPal- 🤍 Youtube Member - 🤍

Manta Roller Coaster - Sea World - Orlando, Florida


Manta is a steel, flying roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. The attraction allows guests to encounter numerous species of ray before boarding a manta ray-shaped train that takes them on a 3,359-foot-long (1,024 m) roller coaster ride above the park, reaching top speeds of 56 miles per hour (90 km/h). Designed by Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard, Manta restrains riders in the prone position and features four inversions. The well-received attraction officially opened to the public on May 22, 2009. Their slogan is "Dive deep, fly high…". SeaWorld Orlando revealed the concept that was to become Manta to a gathering of travel industry representatives and community leaders on April 2, 2008, although it had been in the planning stages for years. The exact specifications were not immediately revealed, but the park said it would be their largest single investment in an attraction, and that it would open sometime in 2009. The park also announced that the attraction would include a roller coaster, but that it would be more than just a roller coaster. Joseph Couceiro—vice president of sales and marketing—described the ride as "the next generation SeaWorld attraction" that would immerse guests in elements of marine life. Artists' concepts of the new attraction were leaked onto the Internet in April 2008; however, SeaWorld officials would not confirm whether the images were accurate representations of the final design, but said that the roller coaster would have a gliding sensation. Searches of trademark applications uncovered an entry for the use of the term "Manta" as an amusement ride, and construction on a large site within the park had already begun. On May 29, 2008, park officials confirmed that the attraction would be named Manta, and announced additional details about the attraction. Construction of the roller coaster track and attraction buildings began in September 2008. Superior Rigging & Erection built the supports and track. The ride's layout was completed in December 2008, and construction on other parts of the roller coaster continued into early 2009. SeaWorld began previewing the attraction in early May 2009, before it was officially opened on May 22. -

SeaWorld Said This Killer Whale Died From Illness – But Photos Of Her Skin Made People Suspicious


SeaWorld Said This Killer Whale Died From Illness – But Photos Of Her Skin Made People Suspicious ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Wonderbot Animals is your destination for all things animal on the web, yes, we have cat videos, dog videos, bird videos and may more! So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the team that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures. Our Shop : 🤍 ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ #wonderbot #did_you_know #viral_stories #viral_video #viral_videos

SeaWorld releases video of 2006 killer whale attack


CNN's Tom Foreman reports on a 2006 killer whale attack at Sea World. SeaWorld should retire orcas (2016): 🤍 The youngest orca at SeaWorld San Diego just died suddenly: 🤍 (CNN) - The youngest orca at SeaWorld San Diego died at the animal theme park from an illness, leaving those who cared for her heartbroken. On Wednesday, Amaya, the 6-year-old orca, started showing signs of an illness so animal care specialists and veterinarians began treating her, SeaWorld said in a statement. Almost 24 hours later, SeaWorld said, she died with her animal care specialists by her side. "Despite her care team's efforts, Amaya's condition continued to decline rapidly. Her death was sudden and unexpected," SeaWorld said. The name Amaya means "night rain," the website said, and credited the young whale with helping SeaWorld "gather and share critical information about calf development for researchers studying wild populations."

WOW!! Aquarium Raksasa Bawah Laut di Seaworld Ancol | Superduper Ziyan


Kali ini Ziyan dan keluarga sedang berlibur di Seaworld Ancol. Seru banget bisa bermain sambil belajar tentang dunia bawah laut. Koleksi ikannya banyak banget. Ziyan juga masuk terowongan aquarium raksasa bawah laut di Seaworld Ancol.



Our look at the different rides and attractions at Seaworld Theme Park, Gold Coast Australia. 'Support our Channel'! - 'Buy me a Coffee'! 🤍 #seaworldaus #seaworld #themepark #themeparks #goldcoast #australia #jaggsjourneys #rollercoaster #leviathan #vortex #fun #shows #attractions #creatingcontent #supportlocalbusiness #youtubecreator #Vlogger Royalty Free Music Licence Subscription Source:

SeaWorld's old "Shamu" show (with trainers in the water!)


This is the previous SeaWorld Shamu show called "Believe" filmed in San Diego, California on March 3, 2009., On February 24, 2010 the orca "Tilikum" drowned an experienced female trainer as at least two dozen tourists looked on from above a whale tank and from an underwater viewing area. Following this event, trainers no longer go into the water with the orcas at SeaWorld parks shows. Tilikum is the subject of the documentary film Blackfish. Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking here: 🤍 To see my entire SeaWorld playlist click here: 🤍

Joe Rogan - Some People Still Don't Know How Bad SeaWorld Really Is


Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1185: 🤍

Ocean Life and Nature Documentary - Amazing Underwater Marine Life Documentary


Best Ocean Life 2020: Amazing Underwater Marine Life Documentary 2020 is about the life in the oceans in coral reef full documentary. Underwater Life in Our Oceans And Seas Documentary 2020. If you love nature documentaries, you will surely enjoy this. Please SUBSCRIBE & SHARE. Thanks. #fish #documentary #ocean Check my latest videos here: 🤍 Vitamin D Deficiency Suppresses Immunity 🤍 Top 10 Inflammatory Foods to avoid 🤍 Fighting Inflammation to prevent permanent damage 🤍 Ashwagandha Benefits 🤍

SeaWorld San Diego Guide: Exhibits, Shows, Rides & Animals


A comprehensive guide to SeaWorld San Diego featuring exhibits, shows, attractions, rides, tips and information. SeaWorld is home to a variety of incredible marine animals. The park also offers interactive exhibits, shows, and rides. Join us for a tour of the park, as we share useful information and tips for your next trip. Support the creation of future videos by donating: Paypal: 🤍 Cash App:$VoyagerDonate Bitcoin: 3CFTRCKNFfL6go4SZJgmf7Lm8EnErPoAeW Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 0:03 Sea World San Diego 0:43 Explorer's Reef 1:19 Orca Encounter Underwater Viewing 3:42 Dolphin Point 4:06 Otter Outlook 4:29 Skytower Tree of Lights 4:50 Dolphin Days 6:19 Sea Lion Point 6:53 Sea Lions Live 8:21 Shark Encounter 9:08 Flamingo Encounter 9:12 Manta Rollercoaster 9:23 Bat Ray Shallows 10:03 Aloha BBQ 10:10 Mama Stella's 10:15 Calypso Bay 10:20 Explorer's Cafe 10:30 Sesame Place Bay of Play 10:36 Abby's Sea Star Spin 10:40 Oscar's Rockin' Eel 10:44 Elmo's Flying Fish 12:42 Beluga Whale 13:05 Walrus 14:21 Journey to Atlantis 15:18 Tenticle Twirl

Planet Earth, The Undersea World (4K) - A Underwater 3D Channel Film


This was filmed over a one week period at the reefs off Cozumel Mexico. Filmed in native 3D, this is a high resolution 2D version of a 3D film we are making for a new 3D theater in Cozumel opening in the near future. Special thanks to XT Sea Divers of Cozumel, Christi Courtney, and Divemaster Martin Robertos, for their excellent dive services which helped make this film possible. Also, a very special thanks to Ric Hajovsky!

Top 10 rides at Sea World Gold Coast | 2021


Join us today as we count down the top 10 rides at Sea World Gold Coast including such attractions as Storm Chaser and Jet Rescue Coaster. In addition to this we show on ride povs and soundracks throughout :) - Intro 0:00 10.Patrick’s Jellyfish Frenzy 0:16 9.Bikini Bottom Crosstown Express 0:56 8.Donatello’s Ninja Flyers 1:37 7.Castaway Bay - Sky Climb 2:17 6.SpongeBob’s Boating School Blast 3:06 5.Sea World Monorail 3:52 4.Castaway Bay Battle Boats 4:33 3.Vortex 5:20 2.Storm Coaster 6:10 1.Jet Rescue Coaster 7:05 Ending 8:02 - OUR PATREON PAGE 🤍 - OUR ONLINE SHOP: 🤍 - MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 - Video stars Tom Derrick Adam Derrick Jayden Austin Hugo Garrod Callum Du-plessis - Channels of Members: ADAM TPC: 🤍 JAYDEN TPC: 🤍 HUGO TPC: 🤍 CALLUM TPC: 🤍 - THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING AND HOPE YOU ENJOYED

Defunctland: The History of the Worst SeaWorld Ride, Submarine Quest


In this episode, Kevin explores the history of SeaWorld San Diego's short-lived ~dark~ ride, the failed Submarine Quest. Buy Defunctland T-Shirts: 🤍 Donate on Patreon: 🤍 Facebook Group: 🤍 Defunctland Twitter: 🤍 Defunctland Subreddit: 🤍 For more great content, visit #meetthedeep



An Orca in heat goes berserk and nearly drowns a performer during a show at a popular water park.

ORQUE TUEUSE - Sea World rend fou - Tilikum.


Le documentaire se concentre sur la captivité de l'orque Tilikum, responsable de la mort de trois personnes, et des conséquences de la captivité sur ces cétacés à Sea World. Le documentaire Blackfish suit la vie de Tilikum, "l'orque tueuse", de sa capture en 1983 au large de l'Islande, à l'animosité des autres baleines retenues en captivité à son égard et, enfin, à son isolement dans un bassin ; éléments qui selon Cowperthwaite, ont contribué à l'agressivité de l'orque.

Death at SeaWorld Eyewitness Interview with Jessica Wilder | The Cove | TakePart


"This is not part of the show. Get the kids out of here!" Jessica Wilder, guest at SeaWorld Florida and witness to the killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau by the orca Tilikum. Interviewed by Orange County Sheriff's Office, February 26, 2010, 9:51 AM Read the full article: 🤍   About TakePart: Featuring independent journalism on today’s most important and socially relevant topics,TakePart is the digital division of Participant Media, the company behind such acclaimed documentaries as CITIZENFOUR, An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc. and films including Lincoln and Spotlight. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Connect with TAKEPART: Visit the TAKEPART WEBSITE: 🤍 Like TAKEPART on FACEBOOK:🤍 Follow TAKEPART on TWITTER: 🤍 Follow TAKEPART on TUMBLR: 🤍 Follow TAKEPART on G+: 🤍 Death at SeaWorld Eyewitness Interview with Jessica Wilder | The Cove | TakePart 🤍

SeaWorld San Diego Tour 2022 | All Exhibits, Shows, Rides & More


The ultimate guide to SeaWorld San Diego that includes a full walk-through of the entire park, showing you all the animals, rides, attractions, shows, and more. We'll share useful information and tips along the way to make your next visit to SeaWorld San Diego a great one. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more SoCal theme park, zoo, and aquarium tours, tips & reviews. 🤍 CHAPTERS = 0:00 Intro 0:27 SeaWorld Entrance 1:51 Orca Viewing 2:02 Dine with Orcas 2:40 Orca Encounter 3:12 Dolphin Point 5:18 Shipwreck Reef Cafe 5:29 Shipwreck Rapids 6:13 Tidal Twister 7:05 Sea Turtle Viewing 7:52 Surf's Up Arcade 8:04 Manta 8:34 Bat Ray Shallows 9:06 Manta Aquarium 9:42 Waterfront Area 9:59 Bayside Skyride 10:27 Flamingos 11:16 Sea Lions Live 11:32 Sea Lions & Harbor Seals 12:40 Shark Encounter 13:12 Riptide Rescue 13:36 Dolphin Days 15:14 Turtle Reef 16:20 Calypso's BBQ 16:59 Seven Seas Food Festival 18:17 Penguin Encounter & Wild Arctic 20:16 Journey to Atlantis 20:58 Emperor Dive Coaster 21:19 Ray Aquarium 22:20 Games and Activities 25:09 Big Bird's Bistro 25:18 Sky Tower 25:32 Abby's Sea Star Spin 25:37 Elmo's Flying Fish 25:40 Oscar's Rocking Eel 25:46 Sesame Street Bay of Play 26:34 Electric Eel 26:56 Moray Eels 27:34 Crab & Octopus Viewing 28:06 Tentacle Twirl 28:31 Octarock 28:42 Aqua Scout 28:50 Sea Dragon Drop 29:03 Tunnel of Lights 29:23 Wheelchair and Stroller Rental 29:41 Event Areas 30:36 Sky Tower Area 33:09 Outro RESOURCES = San Diego Zoo vs. San Diego Zoo Safari Park - 🤍 LEGOLAND California vs. Sesame Place San Diego - 🤍 LA Zoo Full Tour - 🤍 All 28 Rides at Disneyland for Babies, Toddlers, and Pregnant Women - 🤍 Every Ride and Water Slide at Sesame Place San Diego - 🤍 Every Ride at SeaWorld San Diego in 1 Day - 🤍 Diego Zoo & SeaWorld San Diego in 1 Day - 🤍 Monterey Bay Aquarium Full Tour - 🤍 LEGOLAND California Castle Hotel Room Tour & Review - 🤍 Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel Review - 🤍 Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel Review - 🤍 Top 10 Best Disneyland Snacks Available All Year - 🤍 SAVE ON YOUR NEXT VACATION = Getaway Today: 🤍?referrerid=8745 Get $10 off packages with promo code: DisneyDad SOCIAL = FACEBOOK: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 #SeaWorldSanDiego #SeaWorld #SeaWorldGuide

Coaster Challenge at SeaWorld Orlando, Park Updates, NEW Coaster Construction & Lakeside Cafe Lunch!


Join us for the Coaster Capital challenge at SeaWorld Orlando on a beautiful day in May 2022! We ride ALL of SeaWorld's coasters in one day, from the tallest coaster in Orlando to a family friendly ride for thrill seekers in training, and everything in between - including POV footage of EACH RIDE! We soar like a manta ray, swim with sharks, get soaked in Atlantis, watch Oscar the Grouch sing an adorable song in Sesame Street Land, have a surprisingly delicious lunch at Lakeside Cafe, and complete the challenge after a few setbacks by riding Mako, Ice Breaker, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis, Manta, and finally Super Grover's Boxcar Journey! One of these rides was down all day but we finally made it at the end - AND ALL RIDES INCLUDE POV FOOTAGE so you can see what they're like and feel like you're riding along with us! I hope this video helps you to see what each of these coasters is like and helps you in planning your next visit to Orlando to see what you'd like to do! Thank you to SeaWorld Orlando for inviting us to be part of this fun challenge day, we were happy to take part in celebrating some of the wonderful attractions here in Orlando and sharing them with you! Let me know if you have questions about any of these rides! Would you take the Coaster Capital challenge? Which is your favorite SeaWorld coaster? Bonus fun fact: If you ride all the roller coasters in SeaWorld Orlando, you will have traveled along 17,933 feet of track – the equivalent of 3.4 miles! Welcome to Super Enthused! My name is Jackie and I bring you along as we visit fun and unique travel destinations, theme parks and attractions, road trips, resort tours and so much more. I hope you enjoy the videos, thanks for being here! ❤️ for more info: 🤍

Foy's Lake Sea World - Water Park In Chittagong - Bangladesh | Sea World Foy's Lake | Water Kingdom


Welcome to IKP Channel. Foy's Lake Sea World - Water Park In Chittagong - Bangladesh | Sea World Foy's Lake | Water Kingdom WELCOME TO SEAWORLD. concord seaworld at Foy's lake - The biggest water based park in Chittagong,Bangladesh The foy's lake Sea World is full of splash pools, water coaster ride,and all the usual feature you would exect from a This is a world class water theme park.Ther ride include Wave Pool,slide World,Family Pool, Tube Slides, Multi-slides, Waterfall, Doom slide, Play zone and Dance zone.There are separate changing room and toilets for ladies and gents, Locker for valuable, Local and international food,as well as Foy's Lake Resort and Shops. ——————————————————————— *Business Inquiries : ikpvlogs90🤍 ——————————————————————— seaworld foy's lake Chittagong #Seaworld #Foyslake #chittagong #waterpark #water_kingdom #how_to_go_seaworld #how_to_go_foyslake #whatisseaworld #sea_world_foys_lake_Chittagong Seaworld foy's lake Chittagong

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