Honda hr v review

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Honda HR-V 2022 Review


Need help buying your next car? Click the following link and my team and I will help you choose your ideal car at a fair price - from Mat Watson! 🤍 ............................................................. This is the all-new Honda HR-V, and Mat’s about to find out if this is the best value-for-money family SUV you can buy in 2022! So let’s take a look at the design. For starters, there’s no denying that the looks are much improved over the previous generation. From a full-length light bar at the rear to a body colour grille upfront, this is one seriously stylish family car. Take a look at the inside and the high quality continues, with a smart-looking dash and a pretty good infotainment system. Honda has even retained some physical buttons so you don’t have to do everything through a touch screen! You won’t have any trouble picking an engine either, as there’s only one - a 1.5-litre petrol coupled with two electric motors to put down 130hp. There are also three trims to pick from, but otherwise, that’s your lot! So what do you think - is this the best family car you can buy for under £30,000? You’ll have to stick with Mat to see for yourself! Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:42 Exterior Design 01:40 Interior 02:53 Back Seats 04:13 Boot 05:33 5 Annoying Things 06:59 5 Cool Things 08:44 Engine 09:59 Driving 12:54 0-60mph 13:54 Verdict Nissan Qashqai review: 🤍 Mat's Honda HR-V deal: 🤍 ............................................................. Instagram – 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 Sign Up to our Newsletter – 🤍 Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal.  Oder auch in Deutschland Geld beim Autokauf sparen – 🤍 Visita nuestra página web para saber cuánto te puedes ahorrar en tu nuevo coche – 🤍

NEW Honda HR-V review: it's ALMOST great!


The new 2022 Honda HR-V just misses out on the crown for best family crossover - find out why. Read more at Auto Express: New 2022 Honda HR-V review: 🤍 New 2022 Honda HR-V specs and details: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE for more new car reviews and Steve Sutcliffe track tests: 🤍 To take on the ultra-competitive small SUV segment, the new Honda HR-V has quite a task on its hands. It faces off against an array of rivals that include the sharp-handling Ford Puma and our current class favourite, the Renault Captur. It’s a crowded class with each competitor offering its own take on the family crossover. With the HR-V, Honda is pinning its hopes on a self-charging hybrid powertrain and sleek, minimalist styling to win buyers over. Nicola Hume tests the driving experience, fuel economy, interior and practicality of Honda's latest crossover, to find out if it can take class honours. More Auto Express videos: Car reviews playlist: 🤍 Track battle playlist: 🤍 Car news playlist: 🤍 Follow us Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Honda HR-V SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Honda HR-V has sized itself to directly rival the Nissan Juke and Renault Kadjar but can it still cut the mustard, since the old Honda HR-V went out of sale in 2006? Let Mat take you through a full review in full 4k of this SUV, and see for yourself whether it's worth the extra price. Subscribe to carwow on youtube – 🤍 Read our full Honda HR-V review –🤍 Honda HR-V 360º driving video – 🤍 Honda HR-V practicality review – 🤍 Honda HR-V infotainment and interior review – 🤍 See the best Honda HR-V deals – 🤍 Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal. Visit our site to save money on your new car – 🤍

2022 Honda HR-V review (inc. 0-100)


The old Honda HR-V was a bit boring and bland. BUT, the 2022 Honda HR-V has finally landed in Australia and Paul Maric gets behind the wheel of the Honda HR-V e:HEV L - basically the top specification version of the hybrid. See what he thinks in the video! Hardness tester results: 🤍 More Honda content: 🤍 More Honda HR-V content: 🤍 Skip Ahead: Intro: 00:00 Exterior 0:51 Interior 3:27 Infotainment 5:01 Safety Tech 6:43 Practicality 7:55 On the road 13:24 0-100km/h 17:22 Verdict 18:38 We review every new car on the market, bust car myths, cover the latest car tech and answer your burning questions. Whether you need new car advice, purchase validation or simply love learning more about new cars and technology, we are your car experts. Subscribe to Car Expert: 🤍 You'll find us dropping new video content three times a week. If you'd like to ask a question about one of our videos, simply leave us a comment. If you'd like to give us any feedback on our content, feel free to email us, or alternatively, hit us up on social media. Finally, we want this channel to grow with your support and feedback. If there's anything you don't like or would like to see us change, we'd love to hear from you! Follow us on social media to see what we're up to and to ask any questions! CarExpert: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Paul Maric: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #honda #hrv #review

2023 Honda HR-V | Review & Road Test


For the latest Honda HR-V pricing and information: https: //🤍 In this speedy encapsulation I’ll note that the 2nd generation HR-V shares its basic structure with the latest Honda Civic. Versus the previous HR-V, shown here, the newest HR-V is 2.6” wider and 8.7” longer with 1.7” longer wheelbase. Despite larger exterior dimensions, interior volume has actually dropped slightly in most trims. No worries, my ultra-average 5’ 10” body still fits in the back seat with ease as proven by this b-roll shot with a GoPro stuck to a window. This is also a prime moment to mention that the cargo area holds a healthy 24.4 cu-ft of stuff and has a low lift over height. Insert quip here about how you’ll hurt your back dancing on TikTok instead of hoisting luggage into your HR-V. Topical reference, check. As for price, the HR-V starts under $24k not including destination charges. Continuing the powertrain details, the HR-V’s engine is a 2.0L unit producing 158 horsepower (158hp, 138 lb-ft) partnered with a continuously variable transmission. And now I’ll let the editor show the fuel economy numbers rather than having to describe them. Moving to the continuously variable transmission aka the CVT, I could gain easy credibility by complaining about it. After all, CVTs have historically offered elastic propulsion feel with racing engine sounds. But the truth is that Honda’s CVTs work great. If you camouflaged the car and asked most drivers to identify the transmission, I doubt many could. The previous HR-V had a comparatively simple torsion beam rear suspension, where here we have an independent rear suspension. It’s always hard to tell how much things have improved without a proper back-to-back comparison but on these Oregon roadways, ride quality is supple. The HR-V drives with more sophistication than its price would suggest, lending itself to pleasing commutes. But is there any fun to be extracted along the way. There’s just a splash of sportiness here but the steering moves satisfying heft and predictability. The HR-V corners with confidence. As expected, Eco mode feels a bit lethargic for my tastes so I’ll stick to Normal mode. And I’m only mentioning Snow mode right now so I can fill a few seconds with this Honda provided b-roll. Hitting quickly on looks, I’m tempted to describe the new HR-V’s aesthetic in detail. But instead, I’ll do the lazy thing and just show 15 seconds of b-roll under the guise of “letting you make up your own mind”. Say what you will about its looks, but the HR-V feels far more substantive than the budget-oriented first generation. I like how each trim has its own character. See, here’s the Sport trim and here’s the EX-L. A big part of the HR-V’s elevated auro is the quality of its interior. As noted, the MSRP for a base HR-V LX FWD is $23,650. That price includes a 7” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, a 7” digital gauge cluster, single-zone automatic climate control, 10 airbags and an updated Honda Sensing suite of active driver assist tech. Speaking of Honda Sensing, the lane keeping assist feature does an exceptional job keeping the vehicle in its lane. Meanwhile the adaptive cruise control is slow to adapt to changes in speed from the vehicle ahead. Go baller with the fanciest EX-L AWD and the sum rises $28,950 but you’ll get a 9” infotainment screen, wireless smartphone connectivity, leather seats, a moonroof, and dual-zone climate control. Whichever trim you choose, budget an extra $1,245 in destination charges. Notable HR-V competitors include the Toyota Corolla Cross, Chevy Blazer, Hyundai Kona, Kia Seltos, VW Taos. Some of those vehicles are cheaper, more daringly styled, or offer a longer warranty but the HR-V responds with well-rounded excellence. Gen 1 was a pragmatic value but generation 2 adds upscale vibes to the equation with a sense of style that I’m warming up to. The HR-V is practically designed, a pleasure to drive, and priced right. I suspect Honda is gonna sell a ton of them. And whether or not your closing point is a good one, end with a knowing glance. 00:00 2023 Honda HR-V 0:35 Exterior 1:20 Pricing 1:40 Engine 2:58 Driving Impressions 5:27 Interior 6:42 Competitors

Honda HR-V e:HEV - AutoWeek Review - English subtitles


Voor de nieuwe generatie van de HR-V heeft Honda zich er niet makkelijk vanaf gemaakt. De auto is er nu alleen nog maar met hybridetechniek volgens eigen recept en in het interieur komen we een luchtgordijn tegen. Is dat een stap vooruit? Abonneer je hier op het kanaal van AutoWeek: 🤍 Meer informatie over deze auto? Check 🤍 Volg AutoWeek óók op: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Bekijk ook onze afspeellijsten: AutoWeek Update: Reviews: AutoWeek Occasions: Klokje Rond: AutoWeek Classics: Op De Rollenbank: Barrelbrigade: AutoWeek is DE auto-autoriteit van Nederland. Al sinds onze start in 1990 zijn we de grootste en meest veelzijdige autotitel met elke week een magazine, maandelijks een nieuwe AutoWeek Classics en elk kwartaal de prachtige glossy GTO over supercars en topprestaties. Online vind je ons natuurlijk elk moment van de dag op 🤍, in onze apps, op alle sociale media én hier op ons Youtube-kanaal. Autoplezier, liefhebbers, gedegen aankoopadviezen, topreportages, verrassende series en nog veel meer: AutoWeek heeft het allemaal. Heb jij suggesties of tips? Laat een comment achter of mail naar autoweek🤍

Honda HR-V - AutoWeek review


Rij-impressie - Honda HR-V. De nieuwe Honda HR-V gaat in Japan al een tijdje door het leven als Vezel. Wat voegt hij toe aan het Nederlandse crossover-aanbod? Subscribe here: 🤍 Rij-impressie - Honda HR-V. Everything about cars, online and offline. AutoWeek is one of the leading automotive media in Europe and the largest in the Netherlands. Bekijk ook onze playlists: BigBoys: 🤍 Beurs Babes: 🤍 Classics: 🤍 Supercars: 🤍 Roadtests: 🤍 Op de Rollenbank: 🤍 De missie van Autoweek is om de consument te adviseren op alle drie de vlakken van het aankoopproces; inspireren en informeren, zoek en vergelijk & betrouwbare koop. AutoWeek is al 22 jaar het grootste automedium van Nederland. met een weekbad, website, mobiele apps en natuurlijk YouTube kanaal. Heb jij suggesties of tips? Mail dan naar autoweek🤍

RIP COROLLA CROSS! 2023 Honda HR-V Review


2023 Honda HRV review by The Straight Pipes. The Honda HR-V is putting down 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque from a 2L 4 cylinder. At $37,130 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota CHR, Toyota Corolla Cross, Mazda CX-30, Hyundai Kona, Subaru Crosstrek? Find YOUR Continental Tire at 🤍 Want 3 months of SiriusXM FREE? Visit one of the links below! USA - Offer details apply - 🤍 Canada - 🤍 or 🤍 Use this TrueCar link for discounted price offers if you're shopping for a new car in the USA 🤍 Use this Car Help Canada link if you're shopping for a new car in Canada 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Instagram! 🤍 Twitter! 🤍 MERCH! 🤍 - #TheContiPipes #honda #hrv -

Honda HR-V e:HEV (2022) | Review | Autovisie


Met de HR-V e:HEV blijft Honda trouw aan het segment van de populaire compact-SUV's. Kan hij de strijd dit maal aan? Belangrijker nog, wat heeft de Japanner te bieden? In deze video het antwoord. De Honda HR-V e:HEV komt begin 2022 op de Nederlandse markt. Meer willen weten over de SUV, kijk dan ook 🤍 en lees de volledige test in Autovisie Magazine. Welkom op het YouTube-kanaal van Autovisie. Je kent ons wellicht wel van het Autovisie Jaarboek, het Autovisie Magazine en Maar op YouTube bieden we je nog meer. Abonneer je nu op het YouTube-kanaal van Autovisie voor meer: 🤍 Hier vind je video’s met autonieuws, autotests, autoreviews en natuurlijk Sjoerds Weetjes, Peters Proefrit en nog veel meer. Blijf op de hoogte van al het autonieuws en volg Autovisie op: - 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - YouTube: 🤍 Voor vragen: - E-mail: redactie🤍 #Autovisie #HondaHRV #Autovisietest

Honda HR-V hybrid SUV review: more efficient than Honda says?


Our Honda HR-V in-depth review: 🤍 Watch our latest video: 🤍 Sign up to Carbuyer’s FREE newsletter: 🤍 When the original Honda HR-V made its debut in the late nineties, the Japanese brand hailed it as the ‘Joy Machine’. The latest model may not be as unique as the original, but it incorporates several hybrid elements to make it one of the most efficient small SUVs you can buy. But are low running costs enough to make the HR-V a good choice against a list of compelling rivals? Rich finds out. Ford Puma in-depth review: 🤍 Renault Captur in-depth review: 🤍 Toyota Yaris Cross in-depth review: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Carbuyer for new videos every week: 🤍 Follow us: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Subscribe to Auto Express magazine: 🤍 Carbuyer makes car buying simple. We're the only automotive brand that's approved by the Plain English Campaign, delivering you clear, concise and easy to understand information about the things that really matter when you're choosing – and buying – your next car. 🤍 Every week, Carbuyer's YouTube channel brings you simple and entertaining reviews on every major make and model that's available for sale in the UK. Plus, you'll find frequently-updated top 10 features and the occasional group test for good measure. If you want even more helpful information, head over to where you'll find in-depth reviews of more than 500 cars, alongside the best buying advice and dozens of features helping you to narrow down your car buying shortlist. 00:00 - Introduction 01:07 - Rivals 01:33 - Interior 03:01 - Trim levels & specifications 03:29 - Driving impressions 04:49 - Running costs 05:38 - Practicality & boot space 07:22 - Dealmakers & Dealbreakers 07:59 - Verdict

2022 Honda HR-V First Impressions | AutoDeal Walkaround


The all-new Honda HR-V is here, and there is a lot to discuss compared to the old model. Honda has put in the work to deliver a totally-new 2022 Honda HR-V for the Philippines so let's take a close look at it here, in our first impressions video. Watch as Caco goes behind the wheel of both variants of the subcompact crossover to give you a preliminary verdict. What makes it special? Is it something worth buying or putting on a wishlist? Find out by watching and stay tuned to our final thoughts on the vehicle in our Behind the Wheel review coming soon. Learn more about the 2022 Honda HR-V here: 🤍 Need car insurance? Click on the link below to know more: 🤍 Also check our the rest of our videos page here: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe for more AutoDeal videos.

All-new 2023 Honda HR-V review // What's with the price?


#HondaHR-V #NewHR-V #CoupleCarReview This is a Motormouth couple car review of the all-new 2023 Honda HR-V subcompact crossover vehicles. The new HR-V is built on Honda’s enhanced global architecture that combines the best of the CR-V platform with the new 11th generation Civic platform. The new Honda HR-V has a 2L 4-cylinder matched to a CVT with 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque. FWD and AWD options are available. There have been improvements to the ride, handling and overall refinement. In the city and once up to highway speeds the HR-V sails along but when accelerating quickly on the highway, the engine gets louder, a little more power would be nice for those passing moments. The all-new 2023 Honda HR-V offers 7” of ground clearance and is bigger than the outgoing model, it is longer by over 9” and almost 3” wider. Rear legroom is excellent for this category and the cargo area is also bigger with a low lift over height making loading large or heavy items easier. Standard features include, a 7” touchscreen, available 9”, 7” driver display, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, available wireless, manual driver and passenger seat, heated front seats and 17” wheels. Most of the extra features are on the top trims like a moonroof, a wireless charger, the larger touchscreen with navigation and leather trimmed upholstery. There is no offering of ventilated front seats, heated rear seats or a power driver or passenger seat. In the US, a power driver seat is available on the top trim. For fuel economy, the HR-V gets 9.4L/100 km, 25 MPG city and 7.8L/100 km, 30 MPG highway. This Honda is expensive and priced higher than its competitors, FWD starts at $28,730 CAD/$23,650 USD, AWD $31,030 CAD/$25,150 USD, Sport FWD $25,650 USD, Sport AWD $33,930 CAD/$27,150 USD, EX-L Navi FWD $27,450 USD, EX-L Navi AWD $37,130 CAD/$28,950 USD. At Canada Drives you can buy your car 100% online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Once delivered, you have a full 7 days to love it or return it. Shop hundreds of certified used vehicles: 🤍 Andrea Instagram 🤍 Zack Instagram 🤍

Does the Honda HR-V deserve more love? | ReDriven used car review


Check out the Honda HR-V Cheat Sheet here: 🤍 MERCH!! - Grab yours here! - 🤍 While the first iteration of the Honda HR-V was short-lived here in Australia, surviving only two years on local roads, the second-incarnation landed in Australia in 2015. It continues Honda's reputation for compact, practical motoring and great value for money. But that was when they were new, what about now they're getting on a bit and have thousands of kilometres on the clock? Check out the full video to find out and let us know if we missed anything! Also, don't forget to hit subscribe to stray up to date with all our latest content! 00:00​​​​​​​ - Intro 01:27 - What is it? 03:04 - How's the exterior? 05:11 - How's the interior? 07:41 - How's the tech? 09:11 - Is it practical? 11:10 - What goes wrong? 13:26 - Is it safe? 14:08​ - What's it like to drive? 15:49 - How much is it? 16:37​​​​​​ - Fuel use, warranty & servicing 17:15 - Should you buy it? #honda #hr-v #suv - At ReDriven, we’ll be taking you through the pros and cons of a huge range of used cars to see how well they’re going now that they’re a few years old, have thousands of kilometres on the clock, and are coming toward the end of their warranty, or maybe don’t have one at all. Plus, thanks to our resident mechanic, Jim, you’ll find out what commonly goes wrong with them and what might need to be fixed. Most importantly, we want to make ReDriven a voice for the most in-the-know used car experts there guys.. See, you’re the ones that actually buy, live with, love and sometimes unfortunately hate the cars we’ll be reviewing. So we want to hear your thoughts. Hit us up in the comments, or on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love nothing more than for you to give us as much feedback as possible, so we can make this channel the best it can be. Find us on: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍

Honda HR-V - review by Autovisie TV


Met de nieuwe HR-V wil Honda een plek veroveren in het razend drukke segment van de compacte crossovers. Met de eerste generatie HR-V was Honda de tijd te ver vooruit, want toen was er nauwelijks vraag naar de inmiddels razend populaire modellen. Gaat de nieuwe HR-V wel slagen? Peter Hilhorst vertelt hoe kansrijk de HR-V is.

The 2023 Honda HR-V Is a Rational, Normal Little Crossover


CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! 🤍 2023 Honda HR-V review! The 2023 Honda HR-V isn't quirky, but it's rational, normal, and nice. Today I'm reviewing the HR-V, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of this little crossover. I'm also going to drive the 2023 HR-V, and I'll review the driving experience to show you what it's like behind the wheel. WEBSITE & MERCH! 🤍 FOLLOW ME! Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 DOUGSCORE CHART: 🤍



De Honda HR-V heeft genoeg in huis om zich te onderscheiden van andere kleine crossovers. De autofabrikant beschikt ook nog eens over de ‘gunfactor’, als huisleverancier van onze nationale trots in de Formule 1. Abonneer je op ons kanaal: 🤍 Meer lezen over deze rijtest? Ga dan naar: 🤍 #anwb #anwbautotest #frankbuma De ANWB is een vereniging met ruim 4,7 miljoen leden. Onze missie is dat we ANWB-leden willen helpen om zorgeloos en met plezier onderweg te zijn. Dat doen we met diverse producten, diensten, maatschappelijke activiteiten, door het geven van informatie en advies en door het inzetten van ons beïnvloedend vermogen. ANWB-leden staan hierbij centraal. Door de samenhang tussen onze verenigingsactiviteiten enerzijds, en onze bedrijfsmatige activiteiten anderzijds kunnen wij onze leden meer waarde bieden. Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Honda HR-V in-depth review - Carbuyer


The Honda HR-V is a stylish crossover SUV that faces a whole raft of very impressive rivals. Due to the soaring popularity of cars like this, the HR-V's competition includes the Nissan Juke, Mazda CX-3, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur. Honda HRV review: 🤍 Honda HRV prices and specs: 🤍 Maxda CX-3 video review: 🤍 Citroen C4 Cactus video review: 🤍 Watch our latest video: 🤍 Follow us: 🤍 🤍 Subscribe to Auto Express magazine: 🤍 Carbuyer makes car buying simple. We're the only automotive brand that's approved by the Plain English Campaign, delivering you clear, concise and easy to understand information about the things that really matter when you're choosing - and buying - your next car. 🤍 Every week, Carbuyer's YouTube channel brings you simple and entertaining reviews on every major make and model that's available for sale in the UK. Plus you'll find frequently-updated top 10 features and the occasional group test for good measure. If you want even more helpful information, head over to where you'll find in-depth reviews of more than 500 cars, alongside the best buying advice and dozens of features helping you to narrow down your car buying shortlist.

All-new Honda HR-V 1.5 Executive Review - Is the range-topping model worth the extra spend?


Looking for a used Honda for sale in South Africa? We have over 1200 to choose from! 🤍 Honda has always had a knack for making practical vehicles. Unique elements like the patented rear Magic Seating set Honda SUVs apart from the rest of the field. However, arguably, Honda's SUVs have never been as stylish or desirable as some of the competitors. With this latest generation of the HR-V, it seems Honda has set out to tick both boxes, and offer a solid combination of practicality and curb appeal. In this video, our on-screen journo Ciro De Siena takes us on an in-depth tour of the new Honda HR-V, including pricing in South Africa, specs and features, the interior, rear seat practicality, boot space, fuel consumption, the new dimensions of the vehicle and dishes out his opinion on what it's like to drive. He also details the price and differences between the entry-level 1.5 Comfort and the 1.5 Executive. 2022 Honda HR-V Price in South Africa (July 2022) 1.5 Comfort - R469,000 1.5 Executive - R554,500 00:00 - Intro 01:03 - What is it? 02:11 - Pricing 03:47 - Engine and transmission 04:30 - Hybrid cars 05:40 - Running costs/fuel consumption 08:30 - Ride quality 09:30 - Where does the Honda HR-V fit in? 10:45 - Specs & Pricing difference between variants 12:30 - Interior: front seats 13:45 - Interior: back seats 16:30 - Boot/trunk 18:00 - Warranty and Service Plan 18:50 - Conclusion Visit at: 🤍 Sell your car on 🤍 Follow on the socials: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Visit SentiMETAL at: 🤍 Follow SentiMETAL on the socials: 🤍 🤍 Download the App here: Apple 🤍 Android 🤍 Huawei App Gallery 🤍

What Were They Thinking?! 2023 Honda HR-V Review on Everyman Driver


🤍 - Get matched in seconds with the right vehicle, at the right price and at the right dealer. Premium Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones: 🤍 The Honda HR-V has been redesigned for 2023. More refined and fun to drive than the outgoing model, the new HR-V gets a sleek makeover with a low beltline, longer hood, and wider stance. Chassis and engine upgrades offer more power and sportier handling. Here’s a few key bullet points about the new HR-V * The all-new 2023 HR-V has sleek new design, and a modern, roomy, and feature-rich interior.   * * The new HR-V features improved performance from a larger engine and upgraded transmission, and a confident, refined AND fun-to-drive personality from a more sophisticated body and suspension design. * * Based on the Honda global modular architecture and incorporating elements of the CR-V and Civic, the new HR-V features a longer wheelbase and wider stance. * * HR-V is just the right size, sporty and personal with a more comfortable back seat and one of the largest cargo areas in its class.   * * HR-V delivers class-leading safety and technology features such as standard Honda Sensing and front knee airbags, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay plus available wireless smartphone charging and a 9-inch color touchscreen. * * HR-V will grow in importance as a gateway to the Honda brand while also gaining aspirational qualities beyond its segment. HR-V is one of America’s most popular vehicles with young and first-time buyers, and multicultural customers. Visit my dedicated website, 🤍 I'm here to help you research, discover, and find the right vehicle at the right price! Best Site for New Vehicle Quotes: 🤍 Best Site to Used Car Quotes: 🤍

2017 Honda HR-V Review | All You Need To Know + Full In Depth Tour | AutoReview


The HR-V is a completely new model for Honda and revives a name which as been in hiatus since production of the first HR-V ended in 2006. Riding on the Jazz/Fit architecture Honda is pinning its hopes on the success of the HR-V in the highly competitive sub-compact SUV market. Join us for a tour and in depth look with AutoReview. A big thank you to the team at Prestige Honda in Melville for supplying us with the new Civic. Experience the winner of the '2015 Honda Dealership Excellence Award' for yourself at - Follow us on instagram 🤍autoreviewofficial Subscribe to keep up to date with the latest walk around and reviews! Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own.

NEW Honda HR-V review – the best hybrid SUV? | What Car?


The Honda HR-V has had a HUGE makeover outside, inside and under the bonnet. But do all these changes add up to make a great SUV? Watch to find out Save thousands on your next new car with What Car? at 🤍 New videos are uploaded to What Car? each week. Don't miss a single one. Subscribe now: 🤍 Visit our website at 🤍 What Car? is the UK's biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain's car buyers make purchasing decisions for more than 40 years. Our tests are widely regarded as the most trusted source of new car advice. This channel brings you trusted reviews on all the new models on the market, all the latest first drives, reader reviews, and great car-buying advice. All reviews are available in full online at - the UK's leading car-buying website, offering trusted reviews and data on every new car. The website also offers advice on car leasing, new car deals and new and used cars for sale. Follow What Car? here: LIKE What Car? on Facebook: 🤍 FOLLOW What Car? on Twitter: 🤍 Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Video Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:34 - Rivals and exterior styling 1:01 - Interior review 3:11 - Rear seats and practicality 4:50 - Boot space 6:18 - Driving impressions 8:26 - Trim levels 9:27 - Pricing 9:52 - Verdict and outro

Hybride Honda HR-V e:HEV (2022) review met Andreas Pol | RTL Autowereld test


Honda kennen wij Nederlanders van het logo dat achterop de auto van Max Verstappen staat, maar we kennen het merk niet meteen van de enorme aantallen die je op de weg ziet rijden, maar dat zou wel eens kunnen veranderen, want Honda komt nu met een hybride auto in het hart van de populaire klasse, die van de compacte SUV’s Dit is de nieuwe HR-V. Wat maakt hem anders dan alle andere? Ben jij al geabonneerd? ►► 🤍 🔔 Druk op de bel naast Abonneren, zodat je geen video mist! Meer informatie over de Honda HR-V e:HEV: 🤍 Blijf op de hoogte en volg ons op onderstaande social media kanalen: ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Pinterest: 🤍 ► Podcast: 🤍 ► Website: 🤍 Bekijk ook onze afspeellijsten: ► Rij-impressies: 🤍 ► De Autowereld Podcast: 🤍 ► Previews: 🤍 ► Nieuwsbrief: 🤍 Wil je meer informatie? Of heb je een leuke tip voor ons programma? Laat een comment achter of neem contact met ons op via info🤍

2022 Honda HR V review | Australia


In this video, Jenny reviews the all-new 2022 Honda HR-V in its Vi X trim. This is the third generation of the HR-V a small subcompact SUV from Honda. On offer, there are 2 powertrain options, available in either a petrol or a hybrid. The Vi X has only an internal combustion engine. Which is a 1.5 Litre i-Vtec inline 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 89 kW of power and 145 Nm of torque. It is paired with a CVT and gives an estimated combined fuel consumption of 5.8 Litres per 100 km. On paper, those numbers aren't inspiring. But there is also the Hybrid HRV which has the same sized engine paired with the two electric motors the e:HEV offers 96 kW of power and 253 Nm of torque it’s paired with Honda’s E-CVT and along with having more power and torque it also gives more fuel efficiency with a combined consumption of only 4.3 Litres per 100km. A much better option in terms of performance and efficiency. The fuel tank capacity for both engine options is the same at 40 litres. Pricing for the lower Vi X starts at $36,700 drive away and the higher hybrid e:HEV L trim will cost you $45,000 drive away. Even though there is nearly a 10k difference in price the e: HEV L does appear the better choice. It simply has better performance, safety and tech. For more information on the Honda HRV as well as other car news and car review videos, visit: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍cartelltv YouTube: 🤍 Subscribe on YouTube: 🤍 Show your support on Patreon: 🤍 #honda #hrv #hondahrv #cartelltv

2016 Honda HR-V – Redline: Review


Looking to capture some of the sales success from the ever popular CR-V, Honda takes its successful Fit platform and gives buyers more of everything. With more room, a higher seating position, and more features, does this new HR-V have what it takes to be the sales leader in this emerging segment?

Is This SUV Better Than A CX-30? (Honda HR-V 2023 Review)


Chasing Cars tests the new Honda HR-V Vi X small SUV to see whether it’s worth its $36,000 driveaway price – or if another car might be more suitable. The Honda HR-V is a small SUV that competes with the Mazda CX-30, Subaru XV, Toyota C-HR and other crossovers. In Australia the HR-V is sold with a hybrid engine, or with a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol. This is the $36K Vi X petrol model on test. As always, we don’t accept advertising from car manufacturers, and we’re powered by Budget Direct - so this is an independent, honest review of the Honda HR-V. Subscribe now! 🤍 More Honda content: 🤍 More HR-V content: 🤍 Chasing Cars on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Chasing Cars on Instagram: 🤍 Chasing Cars is Australia's most independent source of new car reviews, car industry news, comparisons and car guides. We give you a critical look at every new car you should consider!

Honda HR-V - Should you buy one?


BUY, LEASE OR FINANCE A HONDA HR-V FROM OSV: 🤍 Honda's second generation HR-V lifestyle crossover SUV revived an idea that was originally ahead of the game. Jonathan Crouch looks at the improved model. Ten Second Review This improved second generation Honda HR-V aims to stake a strong claim for the Japanese brand in the growing compact crossover market. It's a little pricier but more smarter, more spacious and better equipped than segment leaders like Nissan's Juke and Renault's Captur. Buyers choose from either a 1.5 petrol unit - now with a couple of output options - or a 1.6 diesel, both sending drive to the front wheels. It's Honda's idea of what a small SUV should be. Background The original Honda HR-V, launched in 1999, was the model that should have started the current seemingly insatiable craze for small Crossovers. But it didn't have either the marketing, the peppy handling or the visual pizzazz that would characterise the segment-defining Nissan Juke, launched eleven years later. That original HR-V - marketing as 'the Joy Machine' - was withdrawn from Honda's range in 2006 and, amazingly, not replaced. It was a wasted opportunity. Driving Experience The engine range is as it was, though Honda has improved the interior quietness and refinement of the HR-V by adding greater levels of insulating material around the car. Plus certain grades have Active Noise Cancellation which reduces low-frequency noise in the interior by monitoring for such noises using two in-cabin microphones, and then cancelling them out with precisely-timed 'reverse phase' audio signals through the speakers. As before, this model's available only in front-wheel drive guise. The HR-V features a low centre of gravity, with the driver's hip point more akin to a conventional hatch than an SUV. The body is extremely rigid due to a high percentage of high-tensile steel, and this in turn helps isolate the suspension to do its job properly. Design and Build Honda reckons the MK2 model HR-V combines the 'personality of a coupe with the solid stance of an SUV' and they're not too far wrong. Think of it as a shrunken BMW X6 in appeal and you're not too far off the mark. The design is neat and interesting, with hidden rear door handles, deeply sculpted lower body panels and has been smartened up in this revised form. At the front, there's a sleeker interpretation of Honda's 'Solid Wing Face' graphic, with a re-styled high-gloss dark chrome panel and a revised front bumper with deeper air intake sections that house circular fog lights. The headlights now have projector lenses with re-designed LED daytime running lights. At the rear, a dark chrome garnish across the tailgate mirrors the trim at the front, and the rear lights sit within darker lens casings. Market and Model Pricing-wise, this HR-V is pitched at the higher end of the small Crossover sector - so against cars like the Mazda CX-3 and the Jeep Renegade rather than at models like the Nissan Juke and the Renault Captur. Prices start at around £20,000 for the entry-level 'S'-spec variant, rising to around £27,000 for the flagship 'EX' diesel model. There's an £1,800 premium to pay if you choose the 1.6 i-DTEC diesel rather than the 1.5 i-VTEC petrol unit. As for safety, well comprehensive active safety systems combine data from radar sensors and forward and rear facing cameras. Cost of Ownership The i-VTEC engine has been enhanced by 'advanced plateau honing', that lowers the friction level between the pistons and the cylinder bores by creating an ultra-smooth surface. Its timing chain guides also feature a new friction-reducing coating, which further helps to reduce long-term wear and boost engine efficiency. Petrol buyers selecting this 130PS 1.5 litre i-VTEC powerplant can expect combined fuel economy of up to 42.8mpg and CO2 emissions from 148g/km. The 182PS 1.5-litre petrol model manages up to 42.2mpg and up to 151g/km of CO2. As for the 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel variant, well the combined cycle figure is up to 56.5mpg, with CO2 returns of up to 132mpg. All the figures quoted are WLTP-rated. Summary We like the HR-V. It's a touch more spacious than other cars in this class, with superior practicality you can really make the most of thanks to the brilliantly flexible 'Magic Seat' system that offers MPV-style interior flexibility. Alongside sophisticated design and class-leading safety, this set-up aims to justify premium pricing and if for you it does, then there's plenty else to like about this Honda. The brand won't import enough for it to become a mainstream choice but then this was never going to be a high volume model. It will instead appeal to those in search of the cleverest and classiest car of this kind. For these people, this car will, in Honda's own words, be 'precisely, pleasingly perfect'. ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍

2023 Honda HR-V | Small SUV Family Review


The 2023 Honda HR-V is a small SUV that competes with the Kia Seltos, Toyota Corolla Cross, and Subaru Crosstrek. In this video, we drive a Honda HR-V EX-L trim to review its positives and negatives from a family perspective. Get 10% off Flying Eyes Sunglasses like I wear! Use the coupon code MICAH to get your discount. 🤍 Get your car's value 🤍 ▶SUPPORT US◀ Patreon: 🤍 ▶FOLLOW ME◀ Instagram: 🤍 Watch me on Kelley Blue Book’s channel. 🤍 ▶MUSIC◀ I really do write the music for these video reviews. The songs in this video are… 🤍 00:00 2022 Honda HR-V Review 0:16 Information Explosion 0:48 Interior & Safety Features 5:45 Arm Rest Test 6:21 Exterior Review 7:18 Driving Impressions 8:51 Evie Drives 10:42 Emotion Factor 11:29 Infotainment Review 13:27 Which Honda HR-V trim is best? 14:17 Fuel Economy & Competitors 14:45 Synopsis

Honda HR-V 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS


The new Honda HR-V is one of the most spacious models in its class, but is that enough to give it the edge over rivals? Rebecca Jackson finds out. Visit the Telegraph Cars website: 🤍

3 Minpunten van misschien wel de beste auto in z'n klasse | De Honda HR-V


De Honda e-HR-V is wat mij betreft één van de beste auto's in zijn klasse. Dat bleek wel uit mijn eerste kennismaking met de nieuwe hybride Honda een paar weken geleden. Nu heb ik 'm echter uitgebreider aan de tand kunnen voelen en naar aanleiding daarvan kwamen er drie duidelijke minpunten naar voren. Benieuwd naar? Volg InstaAutoVlog 24/7 via! Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 En vergeet je vooral niet te abonneren op dit kanaal!

2022 Honda HR-V S: Value-Packed BASE VARIANT? | Philkotse Review (w/ English Subtitles)


Honda updated the HR-V earlier this year in the Philippines. All eyes are on the higher V model as it has a turbo in its engine. However, the base model trim isn't really bare since it still has Honda Sensing. But what else does it have to persuade you to buy it? Check out our review in this video. Check out the latest prices and specs of Honda cars here: 🤍 - Join Philkotse FB Group to talk with our host. Cheers! 🤍 - ► YouTube: 🤍 ► Web: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Spotify: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 - Copyright © All rights reserved.

The 2023 Honda HR-V EX-L AWD Is An Affordably Upscale-Like Small SUV


When #Honda brought the original #HRV to America back in 2016, it was late to the sub-compact SUV space and it brought some unique touches to the segment with its magic back seats taken out of the Honda Fit. For 2023, the #HondaHRV moves to the latest Civic platform, which means a larger vehicle overall, more refinement, more technology, and more power. The result is a more comfortable car to live with at an agreeable price. We're also on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

1999 Honda HRV Review


Ginny Buckley reviews Honda's 1999 HRV, which is a delicate blend of SUV and compact city car, and finds out if it can be a success in the market. Honda realising that not enough young people buy their cars developed the HRV concept in the hope of luring more in, and with it's economical and low emission engine it is sure to be a success.

2023 Honda HR-V Review | Small SUV, BIG update


Honda’s littlest SUV gets a second-gen glow-up. Sell your car 100% online. Get the best offer instantly from thousands of dealers: 🤍 The HR-V is all new for 2023—so much so that you might not even recognize it. Interior styling cues clearly share a source with the new Civic’s, but exterior styling? That appears to come straight from the HR-V’s own best-self, when-I-grow-up aspirations. Add in the new standard tech and safety features, and it’s checking a lot of boxes. So how does it drive? Watch to find out. For more information on the HR-V, read our content: 🤍 Shop for a new HR-V on CarGurus: 🤍 Similar Test Drive Reviews: 2022 Hyundai Kona: 🤍 2021 Kia Seltos: 🤍 2021 Hyundai Venue: 🤍 2021 Subaru Crosstrek: 🤍 2021 Mazda CX-30: 🤍 Presenter: Natalie Harrington, Senior Staff Writer Cinematography: Elliot Haney, Senior Video Producer #honda #hrv #hondahrv - 0:00 The 2023 Honda HR-V 0:42 Exterior Styling & Redesign 2:42 Inside the HR-V 3:29 Rear Seat and Cargo Space 4:25 Driving Impressions 7:23 Infotainment & Safety 9:16 Pricing & Competition

2022 Honda HR-V S (Low Spec) Review: Enough Power? Worth Buying?! 🤔


This is my quick thoughts after driving the Honda HR-V S (Low Spec) for 4 days now. Also - YES! This is my 1st ever car video so excuse my mistakes. The goal of this video is to talk about drivability and comfort levels. If you wanna see numbers/features you can watch the 100 other videos already on YouTube! Enjoy! 👉 Useful Links 🎬 Video Timeline 0:00 - Intro 0:57 - Front Interior 3:18 - Rear Interior 5:06 - Driving Experience 9:25 - Final Thoughts 😁 My Socials Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🔥Product Tags #HondaHRV2022 #HondaHRV #HondaHRVMalaysia #HondaMalaysia #Malaysia

Honda HRV Pass ya Fail? Expert Review


Honda HR-V is an international variant of Japanese Honda Vezel, a compact crossover without Hybrid technology. In Pakistan, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited launched the international second-generation as first gen Honda HRV. 2nd generation Honda HRV is identical to Honda Vezel Hybrid except for some minor cosmetic differences like the different front grille and hybrid technology. HR-V stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle. The HR-V 3rd Generation is now locally assembled and is offered in 2 variants, VTI and VTI S. It is a subcompact crossover SUV, also known as Honda Vezel, in the Japanese market. Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 00:54 - History 02:20 - Exterior 03:46 - Luggage Capacity 04:44 - Interior 06:24 - AC Performance 12:10 - Drive 12:47 - Engine 15:28 - Fuel Average 18:04 - Safety Features 20:32 - Missing Features 21:58 - Price 23:46 - 0-100km/h Speed Test 👉Write your Car's Review: 🤍 👉Buy Your Custom Phone Cover Here: 🤍 Looking to sell your CAR? 👉Post a free ad: 🤍 Or 👉Avail Sell It For Me Service: 🤍 🔔Download Our App:🔔 For Android: 🤍 For IOS: 🤍 For more, visit: 🤍 👉🤍 👉🤍 👉🤍 *Gari Ki Deals, Only On PakWheels!*

2019 Honda HR-V - Review & Road Test


We have long been fans of the Honda HR-V ever since it appeared on the subcompact SUV scene. Does the latest HR-V have the chops to keep up with the rest of the baby ute pack? Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio will help you figure that out. For the latest Honda HR-V pricing and information: 🤍

This SUV has some surprising issues: Honda HR-V Vi X 2023 review


There is no denying the new-generation 2023 Honda HR-V Vi X looks the part, but it is seriously let down by a few key things. The engine is a dud, according to our family reviewer Emily Agar. She spent a full week in the car, did a couple of big road trips, and found it to be lazy and underpowered - largely due to the CVT automatic robbing the power from it. That wasn't the only thing that frustrated her during the test. It is incredibly loud inside the cabin, and there are only four seats instead of five. Now, there are some really impressive things about the HR-V, too - watch the video to find those out - but when you factor the cost of this model into the other considerations, and think about rivals like the Toyota C-HR, Mazda CX-30, Kia Seltos and Hyundai Kona, the 2023 Honda HR-V Vi X already feels like its behind the pack. #Honda #HondaHR-V #Review 00:00 Intro 00:32 Pricing and features 01:14 Design 02:03 Practicality 07:12 Driving 09:40 Efficiency 10:06 Safety 10:49 Ownership 11:23 Verdict Read Emily’s full review: 🤍 Check out our Honda HR-V hub: 🤍 Find more SUVs: 🤍 Visit our Family Guide: 🤍 CarsGuide - Go beyond the test drive Visit our website for News, Reviews, Advice and more: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Like our Facebook page: 🤍 Follow our Instagram profile: 🤍 Follow our TikTok profile: 🤍 Follow our Twitter profile: 🤍 Follow our LinkedIn page: 🤍 #2023Honda #2023HondaHRV #2023HondaReview #2023HondaHRVReview #Honda #HondaHRV #HondaHRVReview #CarsGuide #CarsGuideReview #SUV #SUVReview #FamilyGuide #FamilyGuideReview #FamilyReview #HondaHRVViX #ViX #HondaViX #ViXReview

Honda HR-V long-term test review


Small crossovers are big news for UK car buyers, offering the style of an SUV with the practicality and low running costs of a hatchback. The Honda HR-V is one of the latest models to go on sale, so to find out if it’s worth your hard earned, we asked contributing editor Pete Tullin to spend six months living with one. Subscribe for more videos from Auto Trader every Friday: 🤍 To read more of the Honda HR-V long term car reports: First report: 🤍 Second report: 🤍 Third report: 🤍 Fourth report: 🤍 Fifth report: 🤍 Award-winning car reviews featuring the latest and most important new cars on sale, presented by our trusted and knowledgeable motoring journalists. Welcome! Auto Trader is the UK’s biggest, best and most trusted car buying website, and our YouTube channel will help make finding your dream vehicle easier than ever. Every week, we’ll present the latest new car reviews, covering everything from supercars to family estates. Our motoring experts have more than 75 years of testing experience between them, and their jargon-free verdicts cover real-world practicality, recommended specifications and reveal the real cost of ownership. Every video review is even complimented by a full written report on But don’t just take our word for it; every month, we’ll ask some of Britain’s most passionate petrolheads to share their owner reviews. Factor in tutorials, used car guides, plus bonus motorcycle and van reviews and we have all your motoring needs covered. Auto Trader: 🤍?atcidi=yt-desc Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Honda HR-V - Eerste Kennismaking


Honda is al jaren een achterhoedespeler en dat is jammer, want het merk verdient veel meer. Compacte cross-overs zijn hot en daarom is het hoopgevend dat er een nieuwe HR-V in het vat zit. Kan deze auto Honda weer back on track helpen? Abonneer je hier op het kanaal van AutoWeek: 🤍 Meer informatie over deze auto? Check 🤍 Volg AutoWeek óók op: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Bekijk ook onze afspeellijsten: AutoWeek Update: Reviews: AutoWeek Occasions: Klokje Rond: AutoWeek Classics: Op De Rollenbank: Barrelbrigade: AutoWeek is DE auto-autoriteit van Nederland. Al sinds onze start in 1990 zijn we de grootste en meest veelzijdige autotitel met elke week een magazine, maandelijks een nieuwe AutoWeek Classics en elk kwartaal de prachtige glossy GTO over supercars en topprestaties. Online vind je ons natuurlijk elk moment van de dag op 🤍, in onze apps, op alle sociale media én hier op ons Youtube-kanaal. Autoplezier, liefhebbers, gedegen aankoopadviezen, topreportages, verrassende series en nog veel meer: AutoWeek heeft het allemaal. Heb jij suggesties of tips? Laat een comment achter of mail naar autoweek🤍

2022 Honda HR-V - Wonderful SUV!


The all-new Honda HR-V delivers a unique and responsive driving experience, with exceptional efficiency delivered by Honda's powerful and efficient two-motor e:HEV powertrain - featured as standard for the first time on a HR-V. The next-generation of the brand's popular compact SUV offers class-leading space, comfort and utility, as well as advanced safety and technology features, all within a bold and sleek coupe-inspired form. Available in Europe from late 2021, the new Honda HR-V is the latest model in Honda's line-up to wear the e:HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) badge, following the refreshed CR-V and all-new Jazz that launched in 2020. It expands Honda's electrified line up as the brand moves further towards its goal of electrifying all of its European mainstream models by 2022. The next-generation hybrid-only HR-V is the culmination of an extensive review of modern consumer attitudes. Having evaluated how today's active, connected population identifies and selects high value products, Honda developed the HR-V not only as an all-new compact SUV, but as a consumer product that must appeal through desirability, functionality and usability. Yoshitomo Ihashi, 2GN Large Project Leader, said: "We carried out group discussions with people of varying backgrounds, from many fields of expertise and across all ages and genders. This has helped us add elements which will bring fun and joy to all passengers. We have sought to augment, not repress people's individuality and create a car that enables occupants to enjoy their lifestyles." Applying the mantra 'Amp up your life', Honda engineers focused on enabling active lifestyles throughout every stage of the new HR-V's development. The objective was to widen the possibilities of what customers can do with the car to support and 'amplify' their everyday lives. The all-new Honda HR-V has a contemporary coupe-SUV body that appeals through the simplicity of its design, while its exceptionally spacious and versatile interior is more user-oriented and comfortable to sit in. This compelling combination owes much to Honda's compact, integrated powertrain technology and the centre fuel tank layout. The result is class-leading interior space, as well as unrivalled flexibility thanks to the versatile Magic Seats that offer both 'fold-flat or 'flip-up' options depending on the cargo space required. As with the exterior, the spacious interior has a solid, premium SUV feel, but with contemporary fabrics and soft-touch materials. The modern, minimalist aesthetic is created by the horizontal sweep of the instrument panel and uncluttered lines and surfaces throughout. The feeling of airiness and space is elevated by a new air diffusion system that creates a curtain of fresh air beside and above passengers, flowing from unique L-shaped vents positioned in the top corners of the dashboard. Intuitive and seamless in-car connectivity features and apps, which introduce a new level of technology to Honda's compact segment SUV, can be accessed via touchscreen or via voice activation. Featuring the most comprehensive suite of advanced safety features and driver aids in its class, the Honda HR-V is fitted with active and passive Honda safety technologies designed to make driving both easier and safer. Thanks: Honda Ayışığı 🤍 #honda #hrv #hondahrv2022

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