"SOMOY TV" is the Most Popular News Based TV Channel in Bangladesh. "SOMOY TV" is the Bangladesh Government Approved Most Popular Reliable News Source and Leading 24/7 News Based TV Channel in Bangladesh by Company Name : "SOMOY Media Limited". We are using Multi-screening Digital Technology where Audience can watch 'SOMOY TV' through Satellite Feed, Live Streaming, Website, any kind of Mobile Device, OTT, Smart TV etc. Somoy TV has the sole rights of all contents and it does not give permission to any business entity or individual to use these contents except ‍SOMOY TV (SOMOY Media Limited). This Channel is the Based on News and Current Affairs. The uploaded all contents are Made by our own team. Also Sometimes We are using some Third-Party materials where we have the specific authorization and permission to use this on YouTube. Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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