Hey there! My channel will mostly have uploads of Otome game playthroughs, and they will NEVER have any narration. I believe that takes away from fully enjoying the stories and distracts from the music or voices. And...I don't like talking. (btw in case you couldn't tell, I really love anime) You'll often see me go many months (or maybe years) without any uploads. But I'll always eventually come back. (probably) Enjoy watching! *The following statement was a brief phase. I stopped doing this: "Just for fun, I decided to name the MCs from the routes I upload off of a character from some Anime I really enjoyed over the years. I'm calling it "Anime of the Route". I'll reveal what Anime the character's name is from and other info after that route's Happy End. The first one I did was My Forbidden Lover ~ Dulio." I also did Yuri's from the same game, and that was it.


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My Secret Spies ~ Prologue

My Secret Spies ~ Prologue

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