Trump officials ordered to account for family separations in court



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Alex Wagner reports on a court ordering former Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions and former Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to testify about their knowledge of the Trump family separation policy in a lawsuit filed by families whose children were separated from them.  » Subscribe to MSNBC: 🤍 Follow MSNBC Show Blogs MaddowBlog: 🤍🤍 ReidOut Blog: 🤍🤍 MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House, The ReidOut, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and Alex Wagner who brings her breadth of reporting experience to MSNBC primetime. Watch “Alex Wagner Tonight” Tuesday through Friday at 9pm Eastern. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit 🤍 Subscribe to the MSNBC Daily Newsletter: Find MSNBC on Facebook: 🤍 Follow MSNBC on Twitter: 🤍 Follow MSNBC on Instagram: 🤍 #msnbc #trump #trumpfamily

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Trump officials ordered to account for family separations in court
Trump officials ordered to account for family separations in court
Trump officials ordered to account for family separations in court
Trump officials ordered to account for family separations in court
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2023-10-17 20:53:28

the only deterrent vs illegal immigrated fleeing countries where they can’t feed their kids, is ppl being able to feed their kids where they are. nothing else matters when your kids are at risk of starvation

2023-10-16 13:29:52

I get that justice sometimes takes time. But it's nice the law is finally catching up to reality.

2023-10-14 17:42:29

If Obama answers. Why he put children in cages

2023-10-11 09:47:13

I don't recall ?😂😂😂

2023-10-10 21:57:24

omg... these people are so evil

2023-10-10 19:31:42

It’s about effing time!

2023-10-10 09:21:54

About effing time!

2023-10-08 12:54:29


2023-10-08 12:54:05


2023-10-08 01:43:40

They should be prosecuted.

2023-10-07 23:01:54


2023-10-07 21:48:08

Since when does a court of law make a Trumpite tell the truth? Lying is the HEART of Trumpism.

2023-10-07 19:40:23

See, this is my big problem with the Biden administration. The MINUTE he assumed office they should have begun the process of rebuilding democracy and the rule of law.
In this case, there should have been mass arrests of ground level agents for violating the law by stealing children from their families with no way to re-unite them. Those agents would then, inevitably have insisted that there WAS a policy to do so and they were 'only following orders' from their managers... who could then have been arrested based on that testimony... and then they'd flip on the agency leaders... and MAYBE if we were lucky someone would have admitted that the order came directly from Trump.

Ditto every other crime and violation of constitutional norms... our democracy was in tatters when Biden took office and his version of 'repairing' it is to plaster over the holes and go back to business as usual and pretending that nothing happened. That MIGHT be ok if the previous administration had not harmed SO MANY people and the Republican party were not still there... waiting for another opportunity to get the coup RIGHT and seize dictatorial power.

Another example, Biden just ok'd the construction of a new segment of border wall because he is legally required to do so since Congress had allocated money for it. Yeah, that's correct. That's how democracy is supposed to work... but Trump had directly violated that basic constitutional principle by with-holding military aid money Congress allocated to Ukraine in an effort to blackmail them into smearing Biden. The GOP then insisted that was not even an impeachable offense. Biden should have called them on that nonsense. Refuse to build the wall. Indeed, refuse to spend a cent on ANY Republican priority. Force them to admit that a President who can ignore congressional spending directives to do what he wants is effectively a king. Make them pay for NOT removing Trump for that crime... and rebuild democracy by FORCING them to pass laws with mandatory punishments for this and other crimes. Too many of the laws that apply to government officials have NO penalties attached... just 'you are not allowed to do this' and a vague assumption that people who violate that principle will be fired or voted out. That isn't good enough. Trump made it clear that Republicans consider laws without penalties mere suggestions... for them, they're still unbreakable restrictions for Democrats.

2023-10-07 18:56:19


2023-10-06 21:55:07

Blatant violation of the Human Rights Act.

2023-10-06 15:13:11

This is old committee investigation.

2023-10-06 01:15:34

Unbelievable how much damage Trump did in 4 years

2023-10-05 21:25:58

I'd love to see that old racist Jeffries do some hard time!

2023-10-05 21:15:41

How can the law be so slow to deal with such an abomination, a crime against humanity, committed before our eyes and the screens across the world? We heard those cries, we saw the distressed parents, we knew where it was happening... The law will never serve true justice but surely it can at very least deliver some small measure of accountability. If the law fails, evil will inevitably thrive. Maybe Steven Spielberg needs to make a movie about it... that seems to get people motivated.

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