Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Official Music Video)



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Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto Stream/DL: 🤍tiesto.lnk.to/themottoID DRIVE out now: 🤍tiesto.lnk.to/DRIVEID Director: Christian Breslauer Producer: Mike Breslauer, Nick Pistone EP: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio, Andre Lerios DP: Powell Robinson Editor: Cal Laird Prod Co: London Alley Make sure to subscribe to Tiësto’s channel and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads: 🤍tsto.co/YTSubscribe Get more music from Tiësto: Spotify: 🤍tiesto.lnk.to/SpotifyProfileID Apple Music: 🤍tiesto.lnk.to/AppleMusicProfileID Soundcloud: 🤍tiesto.lnk.to/SoundcloudID Deezer: 🤍tiesto.lnk.to/DeezerID Shop the Tiësto Store: 🤍tsto.co/shop Follow Tiësto: 🤍🤍Tiesto.com/ Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/tiesto Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/tiesto/ TikTok: 🤍🤍tiktok.com/🤍tiesto Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/tiesto Snapchat: 🤍🤍snapchat.com/add/tiesto See Tiësto live: 🤍🤍tiesto.com/tour/ Follow Ava Max: Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/avamax/ Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/AvaMax Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/AvaMax TikTok: 🤍🤍tiktok.com/🤍avamax? LYRICS - V1 THATS THE MOTTO THROW IT BACK WITH NO CHASER WITH NO TROUBLE POPPIN THAT MOET BABY LETS MAKE SOME BUBBLES PUFFIN’ ON THAT GELATO WANNA BE SEEING DOUBLE GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOT TO PRE 1 BELIEVE IT WE AINT GOT NO PLANS TO LEAVE HERE TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS TO BE HERE WE AINT GUNNA SLEEP ALL WEEKEND OH YOU KNOW YOU KNOW YOU KNOW HOOK THATS THE MOTTO DROP A FEW BILLS and POP A FEW CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES THROWING THAT MONEY LIKE YOU JUST WON THE LOTTO WE’VE BEEN UP ALL DAMN SUMMER, MAKING THAT BREAD AND BUTTER, TELL ME DID I JUST STUTTER THATS THE MOTTO V2 HOPPED IN THE RANGE, CAN'T FEEL MY FACE, THE WINDOWS DOWN BACK TO MY PLACE MY BIRTHDAY CAKE IS COMING OUT THE WAY ITS HITTING LIKE I COULD GO ALL NIGHT DON’T WANT NO BLOODSHOT EYES SO HOLD MY DRINK LETS FLY #Tiësto #AvaMax #TheMotto

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Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Official Music Video)
Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Official Music Video)
Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Official Music Video)
Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Official Music Video)
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2023-11-29 07:11:21


2023-11-28 04:20:32

King of my castle 🎶🕺✨

2023-11-27 20:59:01

Ava Max is the bomb!

2023-11-27 09:31:16

Coinbase 😮

2023-11-26 22:33:29

Queria uma lora assim só pra mim kkkk top beijão e abraço...

2023-11-26 19:17:37


2023-11-26 18:14:58

@avamax u must be ill dude

2023-11-26 14:03:11

Amazing song!

2023-11-25 16:52:31

Me diz quem é que olha pra ela e não lembra da Ldy Gaga rs

2023-11-25 14:02:19

Hypnotic fire Serpent energy flows through the veins of this Song!! Completely hypnotic.

2023-11-25 13:31:42


2023-11-25 12:15:26

Haarschnitt fatal schiefgelaufen?

2023-11-25 01:48:14

Lmfao I just noticed Blake Webber in the thumbnail !!! 🤣🤣

2023-11-24 18:36:40


2023-11-24 01:36:14

Minha lora top bb 😊....

2023-11-24 00:48:58

I can't help but to think about that poor guy who is getting paid to stand there with its mouth wide open for the entire video hahahahahaa im sure he is so proud xD

2023-11-23 05:05:09

Descubrí esta canción en un post de Kenia Fernandez y ya quise tocarla

2023-11-23 05:04:37

It's a great video clip, thank you for your effort ❤️

2023-11-22 18:34:46


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