Roger Federer - 10 Incredible Passing Winners at Wimbledon



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Roger Federer - 10 Incredible Passing Winners at Wimbledon
Roger Federer - 10 Incredible Passing Winners at Wimbledon
Roger Federer - 10 Incredible Passing Winners at Wimbledon
Roger Federer - 10 Incredible Passing Winners at Wimbledon
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2023-08-17 16:10:34

He wasn’t at his best, but that match against Bozoljac was actually incredibly fun to watch. A lot of crazy points and highlights, and even a couple of funny moments.

2023-08-11 12:59:51

I miss Federer!

2023-07-29 09:52:29


2023-07-20 18:33:33

Why did the guy grunt from a standing backhand slice at 7fqJHGjJ024&t=2m15s 2:15 ? Caught me off guard.

2023-07-19 12:48:54

U don’t see that many unexpectedly beautiful shots nowadays.

2023-01-18 17:59:59

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2023-01-18 17:59:52

Fantastic tennisabout:invalid#zCSafez

2023-01-09 00:18:03

What a player. The best

2022-12-31 06:45:22

One of the painfull loss was 2019 wimbledon . He was up there

2022-12-28 17:02:42

Infelizmente sem Federer nas quadras o tênis perdeu o brilho.Quando Nadal se retirar, o tênis perderá de vez o glamour.

2022-12-12 14:05:45

Lossed to Djoki 3 times in a row in Finals wimbledon on his SUPPOSED BEST SURFACE and even had the crowds on his side too!!! Fed is very weak mentally along with his weak backhand

2022-12-01 01:50:57


2022-10-29 18:51:10

THERE COULD NEVER BE ANOTHER THERE WAS NO OTHER PASSED PRESENT OR ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE ...if all 3 of these greatest players ever was at the same age only Nadal would beat Roger on clay and that's just and anything else i would put Roger first...not sure people understand how mentally and physically draining tennis is,let's not forget Roger is 5 years older than Rafa and Novak now thats a lot of years..and let's face it Rafa and Novak are always waiting for there opponent to make the mistake where as Roger goes for his winning shots far more, and that's why Roger's unforced errors are sometimes more than the players he beats

2022-10-18 03:40:23

첫번째 백핸드 진짜 멋있네

2022-10-17 01:02:39

The GOAT. it’s about more than GS totals. It’s the quality of his play. His peerless shotmaking.

2022-10-16 18:20:18

Chất lượng, Sỹ Luân chắc thích bản Cover này lắm này! Chúc mừng em cùng toàn thể Ekip F. Studio

2022-10-13 21:11:20

Quite good player :)

2022-10-10 09:37:55

We need a tournament which will be based on Federer and his principles :

Main focus will be on:
- All the players who have dedicated their style on playing like Federer
- Finesse
- Style
- One-hand backhand (for sure)
- unbelievably well-judged flow
- natural sweet spot sound from the racket without a damper
- Spectator-focused and not points-focussed: It means, the winners which are most appreciated by the audience through their reactions. The subtleties of holding the breadths, applauds, etc

I don't know if we can really call it a tournament, but it will be just a beautiful spectacle to witness, in order to "immortalise" such a legend of this beautiful sport which we have NEVER SEEN before.

1. People will never get enough of it.
2. We need to remember that this sport or indeed any sport in general is all about the 'way' we win.
3. We will evolve in the most beautiful and efficient way of winning. Which is based in style / finesse / enjoying the gravity of the sweetspots / sounds / smiles / realisations / hugs /

2022-10-10 09:19:33

Why isn't this the most watched video?

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