OUR NEW HOME (60ft Carbon Trimaran)

Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde

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OUR NEW HOME (60ft Carbon Trimaran)
OUR NEW HOME (60ft Carbon Trimaran)
OUR NEW HOME (60ft Carbon Trimaran)
OUR NEW HOME (60ft Carbon Trimaran)
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-11-23 07:13:54

It’s the tangerine dream 🍊

2023-11-22 10:55:16

Master cabin and guest cabin, where do the kids sleep?

2023-11-16 19:55:18

Love the boat and you guys BUT I just can’t with the clashing pink in the master head.

2023-11-14 22:31:02


2023-11-14 19:52:45

The Rudder design description and bleeping was hilarious

2023-11-13 06:31:58

Not having an Airconditoner on board is not future proof at all, even if there’s breeze temperatures will rise exponentially close to land in the coming years and you should’ve just added it even if you don’t use it

2023-11-11 21:39:40

Lovely boat but disgusting interior, so ugly

2023-11-10 01:57:11

Love the new boat ! I can see you guys are stocked , so let’s count how many times Riley says sexy 😝🤪❤️

2023-11-08 12:32:08

Great boat guys...

2023-11-06 18:00:41

How to tell people without saying you like "golden shower"
The boat looks great

2023-11-06 06:05:23

All this from making utube videos ,,hard to believe

2023-11-04 16:51:49

It looks small but then it’s 60”!!!
What’s the living space like compared to the Outremer? Or other Cats..?

2023-11-04 02:47:50

Love the color too 👍👍👍

2023-11-02 16:24:57

DAMN! Can"t wait mate!

2023-11-02 14:00:10

Elayna you look so different can't tell what it is...

2023-11-02 04:01:55

Is the living area, square footage smaller then the prior catamaran or larger?

2023-11-01 16:37:25

She's a beaut 🥭👍

2023-10-31 18:45:08

yep big bird that is the proper color of big bird yellow and white on top, but I love it lol well what ever you call big bird

2023-10-31 10:52:25

How kid friendly is that boat. I didn't see any life lines installed.

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