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Polish with Rae

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Thank you to Orly for sending these for me to review! I hope you enjoyed my first Orly review here on my channel. Let me know in the comments if this is a brand you'd be interested in me continue reviewing. Products featured: Embrace Danger 🤍bit.ly/44A2WJe Follow the Map 🤍bit.ly/3nDeuuA Close Call 🤍bit.ly/3B1R1WZ Lost Treasure 🤍bit.ly/417NL7f Off the Grid 🤍bit.ly/3NH1sH7 On a Whim 🤍bit.ly/3NHsz4Q Orly Site: 🤍bit.ly/42hVGjB Orly Instagram: 🤍bit.ly/3M2sO9c 💅 On my nails: Stella Chroma- The Graetest (May PPU) Thanks for watching! 📷Follow me on Instagram 🤍polishwithrae- 🤍bit.ly/2H4B4qM 🛍️Support my channel by shopping with my affiliate links: Beyond Polish 10% Discount Code: RAE Beyond Polish US link: 🤍🤍beyondpolish.com/?rfsn=5860952.c4fa96&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=ambassador&utm_campaign=RAE Shop my Amazon Storefront: 🤍bit.ly/3nR97aL

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Orly Great Escape Collection | Nail Polish Swatch and Review | Polish with Rae
Orly Great Escape Collection | Nail Polish Swatch and Review | Polish with Rae
Orly Great Escape Collection | Nail Polish Swatch and Review | Polish with Rae
Orly Great Escape Collection | Nail Polish Swatch and Review | Polish with Rae
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2023-05-15 13:08:44

Orly have been totally smashing it in recent years so this collection is kinda surprising coz those pearly ones are such a strange oldfashioned finish lol. I like "Off the grid". Please continue reviewing Orly - I don't watch a hundred swatchers lol, besides I always trust your thoughts and opinions.

2023-05-15 00:34:27

Love the swatch videos!! Great review!

2023-05-12 18:36:47

I'm with you...happy for people who love pearl finishes. They're not for me. I may pick up Off the Grid, because I love all blues in this range. Otherwise, it's a pass for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

2023-05-11 22:25:47

Was like OMG she has a swatch video and immediately clicked lol. We’ve missed you but totally understand!
I actually like pearl finishes BUT only dark colors like black, navy, burgundy, hunter green etc. Any lighter and they just look very 80s salon to me. And I love Orly so bring on the orly swatches!

2023-05-10 20:08:17

Hate it. Hate the pearl finishes. Nevah, not even when I’m 80.

2023-05-09 01:10:05

Yayyyyyy, Raechel is swatching again!!!!! I know, I know, tippy toes first, but still, so excited!!!!! CC

2023-05-08 22:45:01

I love pearly finishes !

2023-05-08 13:57:56

Totally with you on not liking pearls. I was so bummed since I get Color Pass lol
But Breathable Spring rainbow made up for it, I guess! Please stop with the pearls, nail polish makers!! 🤪 (at least not so many)

2023-05-08 03:08:24

Thanks for the review, I have this collection and feel the same about the pearly finishes! I can't wait for this trend to be over!!

2023-05-08 01:52:48

I subbed to Color Pass for this collection specifically. I absolutely ADORE pearl finishes. I wore Follow The Map and just about died with how MUCH I loved it.

2023-05-07 21:24:09

I love the colors of this collection, hate the shimmer. It reminds me of my grandma

2023-05-07 18:49:25

I really like this collection, esp the two blues and the teal. I enjoy pearly frosty finishes. YA, I'M BUYING THEM! We get cremes all over the place. I do wish people would quit categorizing polishes as "old lady", "90s", etc., and embrace all finishes if you enjoy them. I do understand though, as I have a friend in her 70s that wears nothing but pinks/corals. But then, another friend, in her 80s, wears the craziest colors and finishes 😃👍👍👍 OH! Good to have you back doing reviews, Rae! 😻 Britt

2023-05-07 18:40:04

I’m team disappointed 🙋🏻‍♀️ As a newer color pass customer, I ran as fast as I could to cancel my subscription after the third collection with mostly frosty polishes. There are just too many other amazing indie brands to waste my time on this nonsense. Sorry not sorry Orly!

2023-05-07 16:47:06

Ummm…hard no on those pearls. The blue cream is beautiful but probably dupable in my collection! Not sure on that yellow-green…. Overall, meh. Thanks for reviewing!! 😊

2023-05-07 13:29:47

I actually like this collection. We get cremes every year. And they already did their breathable cremes so it is something different. I think I might get them all except the chartreuse one. I like the brightness in Sour time to shine better.

2023-05-07 12:24:48

I think the color story is beautiful, it reminds me of those colorful villages in Italy. But, I hate the pearl/frost finish so much!

2023-05-07 12:20:31

Wonderful to see you swatching again! I like this collection but I wasn’t WOWED!!

2023-05-07 11:39:29

Good to see you more!!

2023-05-07 04:06:31

Happy to see you back with swatches! I’m considering buying Off the Grid eventually🤔

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