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Setting Up a Small Woodworking Shop | Rockler Skill Builders


Every woodworker would like to have more workshop space. A large space is nice for many reasons, but you actually don't need a large space to set up an effective shop. In order to demonstrate, we set up a complete woodworking shop in one corner of a typical two car garage. This workshop includes all the key tools necessary to tackle a wide variety of woodworking projects and still allows two cars to park in the garage. Take a video tour of this shop with Rob Johnstone from Woodworker’s Journal. Rob points out his favorite tools in this shop and shares several tips to consider when setting up your workshop. Featured Products: SawStop Jobsite Saw - 🤍 Convertible Benchtop Router Table - 🤍 Baseplate for Triton Spindle sander - 🤍 24x36 Shop Stand - 🤍 28x40 Table Top - 🤍 Shop Stand Casters - 🤍 Makita 36V Cordless Miter Saw - 🤍 Dust Right Hose Reel- 🤍 Dust Right Heavy Duty Shop Vac Hose - 🤍 Dust Right Separator - 🤍 Beech Workbench - 🤍 Workbench Casters - 🤍 Rockler Anti-Fatigue Mat - 🤍 Clamp Racks - 🤍 Bench Cookie Rack - 🤍 Lock Align Starter kit - 🤍 5000 Lumen LED Light - 🤍 Ceiling Track starter kit- 🤍 Wall Rack - 🤍 Router Bit Rack - 🤍 Shop Towel Holder - 🤍

the Rockler cross cut sled (table saw sled)


i hope this helps anyone looking into getting one. patreon:🤍 instagram:🤍 facebook:🤍 blackmagic 4k camera: 🤍 kalamzoo 2x48 belt grinder: 🤍

Easy Tool for Installing Window and Door Trim


This Rockler Trim Gauge makes it easy to install trim molding around doors and windows. Tuck it into the corners of your window or door frame to mark the lines for your 3/16'' reveals. Then hook your tape into the slots to measure the precise length of the inside edge—no calculations needed. Finally, clamp it to your trim to transfer the measurements. With clear locating lines on the jamb and casings cut to just the right length, you'll be assured of consistent reveals on all sides. Integral rare-earth magnets hold your tape firmly in the slots while measuring. Durable, lightweight polymer construction in a size that fits nearly in your apron pocket. Best Deals on the Rockler Trim gauge 🤍

How to Use Rockler Deluxe Panel Clamps


Flat panels and flush joints are easy to achieve with our Deluxe Panel Clamps to keep things in line. Each clamp sandwiches your panel between two rigid steel cauls, forcing the joints flush and ensuring flat results. This saves you loads of sanding time, and ensures a nice, level surface without dips and high spots. Thoughtfully engineered from thick steel with scissor-action couplers that apply pressure from all sides, they're perfect for gluing up table tops, wide door panels and thick bench tops. With no bowing under pressure, there is no need to stagger your clamps top and bottom. The clamps are easily adjusted for stock up to 3'' thick and can clamp a panel up to 36'' wide. Buy as many as you need—two is a great starting point. Shop Now: 🤍

4 AWESOME Table Saw Jigs || Rockler Crosscut Sled, Taper Jig, Thin Rip Jig, 45 Degree Miter Jig


In this video I'll show you how these Rockler table saw jigs are used! We'll take a look at the Rockler 45 degree miter sled, thin rip jig, crosscut sled, and taper sled! Tools/products in this video (amazon affiliate links) 45 degree miter sled: 🤍 Thin rip jig: 🤍 Crosscut sled: 🤍 Taper jig: 🤍 SawStop 3HP PCS: 🤍 Grrripper push block: 🤍 Digital calipers: 🤍 This was filmed with a GoPro Hero 8 Black and edited in iMovie. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe and check out some of my other videos! Find me on Instagram (MMCC_Woodshop) for more of my work! DISCLAIMER The following content is for entertainment purposes only. Woodworking and using power tools can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. YOU (the viewer) are fully responsible for understanding proper use of tools, as well as the safety features of each. I highly suggest reading the owners manual and/or watching how-to videos on the tools. I (MMCC_Woodshop) am not responsible nor liable for any injury, death, or handing of the tools you may use, nor do I assume to display the proper handing of as a demonstration. Please use extreme caution when working with any power tools. - Matt

Best Clamps for Making a DIY Cutting Board


Our new Mini Deluxe Panel Clamps are the best clamps for making cutting boards. A beautiful wood cutting board is a functional and decorative addition to any kitchen. Making a cutting board is a great way to get started in woodworking. If you're a beginning woodworker, you don't need many tools to make a basic wood strip cutting board. All you need is a selection of solid strips of hardwood, a set of clamps with enough capacity to hold all the strips together and a sander to smooth and flatten the board after gluing it up. Shop for Mini Deluxe Panel Clamps - 🤍 Learn more about making cutting boards - 🤍

Cutting Circles and Ellipses with the Rockler Circle Cutting Jig


In this Rockler Saturday Demo Video we take a closer look at the popular Rockler Compact Router Ellipse and Circle Jig. You’ll learn what comes in the box and how to use this jig. This jig is pre-drilled for compact plunge routers from DeWALT Porter-Cable and Bosch. It’s not set up for Makita’s compact router. But, I’ll bet an enterprising woodworker could drill a few more holes in the jig arm to make it work just fine for this router, too. This jig will rout circles up to about 24-1/2 inches in diameter. We show you the jig using a DeWALT router and a 1/4 upcut spiral bit. But, the bit’s diameter doesn’t really matter. And, you could use a straight bit instead of a spiral bit if that’s the bit you have. This jig can be used to cut perfect circles. There’s nothing tricky about that. Now, routing an ellipse isn’t any harder, but there are a few more steps to the set-up process. In this video, Chris Marshall shows you how to complete both processes. Even if you rarely cut circles or ellipses, a jig like this will sure come in handy when you DO need it. Get the Ellipse/Circle Cutting Jig: 🤍 Subscribe to this channel for more of the latest woodworking how-to videos and new product innovations. Click the red subscribe button at: 🤍 Find the best woodworking products and innovations at: 🤍

Rockler 45-degree Lock Miter Router Bit


The Lock Miter Router Bit creates an accurate 45-degree miter with a built-in tongue and groove to keep the joint aligned. Learn more: 🤍

Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig


Install drawer slides quickly, accurately and more easily than ever with this innovative jig! Learn more: 🤍

Making Custom Wood Shutters


Creating your own custom shutters is easy! Learn more about the Rockler Shutter Measuring Guide and Shutter Design Wizard to get your FREE downloadable plan. The plan includes a detailed list of all the supplies you'll need to construct your custom shutters! Learn more here: 🤍

Making a Cutting Board - Part 2 of 4 - Adam makes a cutting board with supplies from


Making a Cutting Board - Part 2 Follow this 4 part series as Adam makes a cutting board with supplies from Rockler. In part two he tackles the glue up with ease using a Rockler Glue Application Master Set and the new Mini Deluxe Panel Clamps.   Links to all parts of the series: Part 1 - 🤍 Part 2 - 🤍 Part 3 - 🤍 Part 4 - 🤍 #rockler #rocklerwoodworking #wood #woodworking #woodworker #woodshop #cuttingboard #howto #diy #howtomake #kitchen #food #createwithconfidence

Don't Miss These 2022 New Woodworking Tools!


Links to Individual Products: Rockler Cord Winding Brackets - 🤍 Dust Right Clamping Hose Holders - 🤍 Rockler Fence Port Dust Brush - 🤍 Dust Right Floor Sweep - 🤍 5” Glue Roller with Silicone Rest - 🤍 Rockler 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool - 🤍 Knob & Pull Drilling Guide - 🤍 Spring Loaded One-Handed Bar Clamps - 🤍 Rockler Clamp-It Small Corner Clamping Jig - 🤍 Deluxe Panel Clamp - 🤍 Mini Deluxe Panel Clamps - 🤍

Making Box Joints with a Router Table Jig


What is a box joint? How do you make a box joint corner? Learn how to cut box joints using a Router Table Box Joint Jig and your router table or a table saw box joint jig and table saw. Box joints create strong, attractive corners on large chests, cabinets, boxes and more. Now you can easily machine big box joints for woodworking projects on your router table. Router Table Box Joint Jig - 🤍 Router Table XL Box Joint Jig - 🤍

SawStop Table saw hotdog test in slow motion from IWF and Rockler event


The hotdog test from 🤍sawstop Table Saws is one of those show stoppers at woodworking and tool shows just to show exactly how quickly the table saw blade will drop when it makes contact with skin. While SawStop table saws aren't cheap, they are cheaper than having to buy a new hand, so it's worth the investment if you are on the fence. One of the biggest questions I get whenever I post a video of one of these is why do they use a hot dog and not use their hands if the table saw is so safe? In order to complete the circuit, the spinning table saw blade has to make contact with skin, so a tiny cut will occur from the blade before it stops and drops. I don't know about you, but if I was doing a few dozen demos of this a day, I'd rather not get a ton of cuts as a volunteer in a trade show booth. The second question I get is, what happens if you aren't holding the hot dog when it hits the blade? The circuit can't be completed so you'll get exploded hot dog. If you do have a Sawstop, the one thing to be conscious of when in the woodshop is making sure there's no metal in your lumber of be aware of the moisture in your material as they can all trip the blade stop. For this reason, it's always good to have a spare brake so you're up and running as quickly as you can pull the blade and brake and swap it out. And before you ask, if you need to make dado cuts, you need a separate dado specific SawStop brake to have the saw function.

Simple Dust Collection System Upgrades | Rockler Demo


Here are five quick and easy updates you can make to improve your dust collection system. Whether it’s a large ducted system or just a shop vac, one of these innovative accessories is sure to make your shop cleaner and more efficient. Shop for these Dust Collection Accessories: 2-1/2" Dust Handle - 🤍 4” Dust Handle - 🤍 4” tool port - 🤍 2-1/2” to 4” tool port - 🤍 Dust Right Mountable Couplers - 🤍 Flexiport Fixed-Length Hose Kit – 🤍 FlexiPort Expandable Hose Kit - 🤍 Cord Clips – 🤍 Dado Dust Chute - 57495 ] 🤍

Making Signs with a Router and Templates | Rockler Demo


Learn how easy it is to use a router and templates to make professional-looking signs. Plus we show you a bonus project. Making signs is a fun project as a hobby or even as a small business. It’s also a great gift idea. And there are a ton of applications such as address signs for homes, cabins, or businesses, signs for your workshop, for kid’s rooms, or to label public spaces. Our Signmaker's Kits are currently available in two font or letter styles – State Park and Comic Sans and both styles are available in different letter and number sizes, ranging from 1-1/2” to 4”. Clock Project using the Signmaker's Kit: 🤍 State Park Font Signmaker's Kits: 🤍 Comic Sans Font Signmaker's Kits: 🤍 Subscribe to this channel for more of the latest woodworking how-to videos and new product innovations. Click the red subscribe button at: 🤍 Find the best woodworking products and innovations at: 🤍

How To Make a Dovetail Joint with a Router Dovetail Jig


Take a closer look at the Rockler Dovetail Jig. Cutting beautiful through and half-blind dovetails is fast and easy with our new and improved dovetail jig! Rockler's exclusive one-piece stop gives you the perfect offset every time for dead-on dovetailing accuracy. And our new preset template guide allows for quick initial setup for 1/2" to 3/4" thick stock. Jig will cut half-blind dovetailed joints from 1/2" to 1-1/8" thick and full through dovetails from 3/8" to 3/4" thick. Learn how to use this jig: 🤍 Shop for the Dovetail Jig: 🤍 Features: - Accommodates stock up to 11" wide - 8mm diameter bits are 25% larger than typical 1/4" bits, reduce chatter and fit all existing Rockler dovetail jigs - Preset template and fence locations clearly marked for standard thickness stock - Clamping bars include abrasive surface to grip stock and prevent slipping - Depth gauge on template for setting dovetail bit height for half-blind joints

Easy and Accurate Dowel Joints | Rockler Innovation


The Rockler Doweling Jig Kit with Bit and Stop Collar gives you a strong joint with perfectly flush faces, every time. That's thanks to two stops that let you reference off of the end or edge of your stock for perfect alignment. The stops also allow easy repeatability when batching parts, and dovetailed ways make it easy to slide the stop out of the way when it's not needed. A depth scale is molded into the back of the jig to make setting the drilling depth dead simple. Each jig includes a corresponding drill bit and stop collar. Just clamp it in place, drill and you're done! Rockler Doweling Jig Kit with Bit and Stop Collar: 🤍 Features: Dual edge stops allow easy alignment and repeatability, and slide out of the way when not needed Depth scale is molded into back of jig for easy setting of drilling depth using the stop collar Window with reference lines makes it easy to align the jig with layout marks when drilling far from the ends Generous clamping area accepts a wide variety of clamps Made from durable glass-reinforced nylon with hardened steel bushings Each kit includes a drill bit, stop collar and hex wrench Hang hole for convenient storage

Rockler Innovations 2021 Store Tour


Tour a Rockler store with Rob Johnstone of Woodworker's Journal to discover some of the newest innovations in woodworking for routing, drilling, sawing and more. LINKS TO PRODUCTS IN VIDEO: 0:00 - Intro 0:24 - Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig - 🤍 0:50 - Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Templates, Script Font - 🤍 1:09 - Rockler Indexing Dado Jig - 🤍 1:34 - Rockler Doweling Jig Kit with Bit and Stop Collar - 🤍 2:00 - Rockler Portable Drill Guide with Vise - 🤍 Edge Guide for Rockler Portable Drill Guide - 🤍 2:22 - Rockler Perfect Miter Setup Blocks - 🤍 2:44 - Rockler Precision Miter Gauge - 🤍 Rockler Miter Gauge Fence - 🤍 3:13 - Rockler Bench Cookie Connect - 🤍

visiting the ROCKLER woodworking store (expensive hobby but it’s fun)


We purchased things from rockler online, never had a chance to see the store until today. I’ll kinds of fun stuff, none of the cheap but that’s why they call it a hobby.

Best Portable Drill Guide for Woodworking | Rockler Innovations


Take one plunge with our Portable Drill Guide and you'll instantly feel the qualities that set it apart from the rest. Smooth, precise and free of play, it gives you the accuracy and control of a drill press with the portability of a hand drill. And with the included Self-Centering Vise, you get a space-saving, cost-saving option for drilling pen blanks. Robust handles with comfortable rubber casings provide a substantial feel, while the hefty 1/2'' chuck grips large bits with ease. Unlike similar guides, ours drills at any angle from 0° to 60° using the easy-to-read protractor scale. The depth stop lets you drill to the same depth again and again, nice for repetitive tasks like shelf pins. Mounting holes on the base accept shop-made jigs, while the V-notches let you center holes in dowels and other round stock. Order yours now: 🤍 Subscribe to this channel for more of the latest woodworking how-to videos and new product innovations. Click the red subscribe button at: 🤍 Find the best woodworking products and innovations at: 🤍

Rockler VS Woodpecker Table Saw Gauge.


Rockler just released their version of a table saw alignment gauge. I compare it to the Woodpecker Saw Gauge that I previously bought. Important note: I thought I had recorded some broll footage of me using only the rockler product, but when I went to edit (after I tore all the gear down), I couldn't find any. Nevertheless, both the Woodpecker Saw Gauge and Rockler Gauge measured identical readings. They both performed well. The main difference is the quality of constructions, miter slot alignment type, and case. Either one works well. 🤝 JOIN OUR SQUAD 🤝 If you like our vibes, you should join our tribe! You can support my work by joining the Sawdust & Sarcasm Squad: 🤍 This is my twist on Patreon. One perk is that occasionally I do a random lottery to give away all the free tools and samples that get sent to me for review. 🖥 NON-Affiliate Links (I know, shocker) 🖥 🤍 🤍 You're welcome, Woodpecker and Rockler. 🙃 iGauging Digital Table Saw Gauge (Affiliate): 🤍 My favorite table saw blades 👇 🖥 LINKS (affiliate) 🖥 10" CMT ITK Extreme Thin Kerf Blades: 24t Ripping: 🤍 40t General Purpose: 🤍 60t Crosscut: 🤍 80t Crosscut: 🤍 Stabilizers: 🤍 12" CMT ITK Extreme Thin Kerf Blades: 72t: 🤍 80t: 🤍 96t: 🤍 Full Kerf CMT Chrome 10" Blades CMT Chrome 10/80: 🤍 CMT Chrome 10/60: 🤍 CMT Chrome 10/40: 🤍 CMT Chrome 10/24: 🤍 Get my brand new 3D printed Arbor Hole Snap Cover from my Etsy Shop here: 🤍 💵 Use code YOUTUBE20 to get 20% off. ⏰ Fellow YouTubers, this is the link you came here looking for: 🤍 ⏱ TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 0:00​ Intro 1:21 Why You Should Tune Your Table Saw 2:36 Price Comparisons 3:27 Similarities 3:48 Thank You James 5:00 Differences 5:42 Pros & Cons 7:01 Which Would You Buy? 🎥 PRODUCTION LINKS (affiliate) 🎥 Sony a6600: 🤍 Sigma 16mm Lens: 🤍 Sigma 30mm Lens: 🤍 Wireless Lav Mic: 🤍 Cage: 🤍 Shotgun Mic: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Gimbal: 🤍 Key Light: 🤍 38” Quick Parabolic Softbox: 🤍 C-Stand: 🤍 Safety Sandbags: 🤍 Best SSD Drive: 🤍 🎛 MY MUSIC (affiliate) 🎛 I use Epidemic Sound for my music. Get a 30 day trial here: 🤍 DISCLAIMERS: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers. The Woodpeckers Saw Gauge was paid for by myself. The Rockler Alignment Gauge was paid for by James. The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.

Introduction to Turning Rings | Woodturning Project


Making wood and acrylic rings is a woodturning project that offers a ton of design options, so you can really personalize them and they make great gifts. You can choose to turn a ring from almost any hardwood species or man made acrylic blanks. You also have the choice of several styles of metal or ceramic ring cores. Turning rings does require more precision and attention to detail than some other types of woodturning projects, but it is not difficult if you take your time and work carefully. Learn More About Making Rings: 🤍

How to Make Segmented Bowl Turning Blanks


In this Rockler demonstration you'll learn how to cut the segment pieces and glue them up to make a segmented bowl turning blank. The new Rockler Perfect Miter Setup Blocks make it easy to cut the precise angles needed to make the segmented frames. These setup blocks feature the angles required to make segmented frames with 4 to 12 sides. Shop for Perfect Miter Setup Blocks: 🤍 More About Perfect Miter Setup Blocks: Picture framers and segmented turners will love our Perfect Miter Setup Blocks. The blocks make it a snap to dial in the exact miter gauge settings for frames with anywhere from 4 to 12 sides. Each block has three miter slots, each for a specific polygon: a hexagon, heptagon, octagon, and so forth. Just fit the setup block over your miter bar, snug the block up to the fence, and tighten the knob to lock in your setting. Now you can make your cuts with the utmost confidence that all the miters will line up perfectly. No need for math, reference charts, test cuts, or trying to compensate for inaccuracies in your miter gauge scale. The blocks don't rely on scale—they are dead set on accuracy. Features: - Quick, accurate miter gauge setup for mitering 4- to 12-sided segmented frames on the table saw—no math needed - Fits any miter gauge with a standard 3/4'' wide miter bar - Easy to use: select the face with the number of sides you want, fit block onto the miter bar and snug the block up to the fence - Includes three setup blocks: one for 4-, 5- and 6-sided frames; one for 7-, 8- and 9-sided frames; and one for 10-, 11- and 12-sided frames - Each setup block is marked clearly for easy setup - Made from reinforced plastic

Set Up the Best Router Table for Your Shop


A router table is unlike most other machines in a woodshop because you can customize it just the way you want it. There are different kinds of router tables, router table fence systems, choices for hanging the router itself, and router table base options. Rockler’s new online Router Table Configurator makes the shopping process easier than ever. Shop router tables: 🤍

5 New Woodworking Tools You May Have Missed | Rockler Demo


In this Rockler demonstration we'll show you five new tools that you might have missed. All five of these tools were introduced in the past six months, but they are from different tools categories. We’re betting at least one of these tools will be something you’ll want in your shop. Let’s get started! Featured Tools: Rockler Lumber Rack 🤍 Rockler 5-Piece Through-Tang Chisel Set Plus Honing Guide and Stone 🤍 Dust Right Stacking Dust Port Adapter Set - 🤍 Rockler Quick-Lever Clamp: 🤍 Rockler Pencil Keeper Set: 🤍

Rout Perfect Fitting Dadoes with this Jig


With just two passes along a straight edge guide, the Perfect Fit Dado Jig lets you rout precise dados and grooves at any increment from 1/4'' to 1'' wide. Since it uses a scrap of your actual material for setup, the fit is spot-on, every time. Just rout the first shoulder with the jig in the ''closed'' position, then rout the second shoulder with the jig in the ''open'' position. The result is a tailor-cut dado that fits like no other. Once the jig is set, the stops make it easy to return to the ''open'' position so you can machine as many dados as you like for that thickness. No need to buy undersized plywood bits, or bits for other odd thicknesses—your dados can fit any thickness within the range (19/64'' for example) using standard 1/4'', 3/8'' or 1/2'' straight bits. Not only do you get easy operation and a perfect fit, you also get an integral dust port that lets you hoover up the mess before it ever hits the floor. Shop for Rockler Perfect Fit Dado Jig: 🤍

Making Flat Wood Panels with New Deluxe Panel Clamps


Gluing up pieces of wood to create a larger panel is a fundamental woodworking skill. It’s useful for making everything from tabletops to cutting boards to cabinet drawer fronts and doors. The new Rockler Deluxe Panel Clamps apply pressure across the panel to close the joints and pressure to the top and bottom to keep the panel flat. Best Deals on Panel Clamps - 🤍

Making Furniture with Beadlock Pro Jig - Floating Tenons


Create incredibly strong, totally concealed joints with only your hand drill and the Beadlock Joinery Jig. Just pop the included drilling guide into the jig in the ''A'' position to locate the initial holes, then slide it to the ''B'' position to drill the overlapping holes. The Beadlock Joinery Jig includes a 3/8'' Beadlock® drill guide, 3/8'' drill bit, 3/8'' stop collar and a molded plastic case with added space for the optional Drill Guide Kits. The Drill Guide Kits are available in 1/4'' and 1/2'' sizes, each with a guide block, drill bit and stop collar. Shop for Beadlock Pro - 🤍 Check out more from Sarah Listi - 🤍

Rockler Universal Router Base


Add precision and versatility to just about any wood router with this affordable add-on. The 12" long base is pre-drilled to fit most popular routers and can easily be drilled to fit others. Learn More: 🤍

FIVE Space-Saving Workshop Tables


If you're always running out of space in your shop or you're looking for another table or workbench for projects. These five tables are strong and sturdy when they're set up, but they also easily fold down to store when you're not using them. Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Top Extension Kit 🤍 Rock-Steady Folding Worktop Wall Brackets 🤍 Rockler Rock-Steady Knock-Down Table Saw Outfeed Kit 🤍 Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Table 🤍 Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand 🤍

Rockler Rail Coping Sled Demo | Glass Impressions


If you're building cope-and-stick doors and drawer fronts, our new Rail Coping Sled will be an indispensable helpmate. With its smooth-sliding phenolic base, and sturdy toggle clamp holding your stock firmly against the fence, your rails will travel unwaveringly past the cutter for the cleanest, squarest cuts you can imagine. For more videos from Glass Impressions, visit 🤍 Learn more: 🤍

Rockler Spring-Loaded Bar Clamp | Cowboy Ad


SHOP NOW - 🤍 Rockler Spring-Loaded One-Handed Bar Clamps close with a squeeze of the trigger, leaving your other hand free to position parts! Just squeeze the trigger and the spring mechanism closes the jaws in an instant! No repetitive pumping of the trigger and no need to use your other hand to close the jaws. Fast and efficient, the one-handed action leaves your other hand completely free to position parts and hold them in place. Pull the trigger to close, squeeze to clamp, done. You can even feather the release trigger to ease the jaws shut—a great feature when a lighter touch is needed. You'll never experience a faster, more versatile clamp.

Rockler Clamp-It Corner Clamping Jig | Glass Impressions


Firmly holds panels at a precise right angle, freeing up your hands so you can drive fasteners. Used in sets of four, the jigs are supportive enough to hold an entire case assembly as it is being assembled. The clamps have soft pads to prevent workpiece marring. For more videos from Glass Impressions, visit 🤍 Learn more: 🤍

Rockler Workbench Casters


A revolution in workshop mobility, Rockler workbench casters feature a foot-activated lift mechanism that raises benches and stationary tools 3/4'' off the floor for easy movement. Watch how heavy workbenches and cabinets are raised with ease and glide effortlessly around the shop! Learn more: 🤍

Quick Connecting Shop Vacuum Hose Kit - FlexiPort


Never before have you experienced an easier system for controlling the dust from handheld power tools. This kit offers all the features of our well-loved FlexiPort system, plus the Click-Connect feature for fast, easy switching of a single hose between multiple tools! Leave the included rubber Click-Connect FlexiPorts on your tools and switch the hose from port to port with a secure ''click.'' The kit includes four FlexiPorts of varying diameters, plus the Click-Connect Hose Adapter, which threads into the included Expandable Hose . SHOP NOW - FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit: 🤍

Rockler Drawer Lock Router Bit


The Rockler Drawer Lock Router Bit (22637) is designed especially for joining drawer sides to drawer fronts. Learn more: 🤍

The Rockler Complete Doweling Kit


The Rockler Complete Doweling Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including an assortment of hardwood dowels and wood glue! Learn how easy it is to make solid wood joints with this time-honored method. Learn more: 🤍

Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift


Rockler Pro Lift Router Lift

Router Bits for Beginners | Rockler Skill Builders


In this video the most common types of router bits are explained for the novice woodworker. The Rockler router bits highlighted in this video include: Straight, Rabbeting, Round Over, Flush Trim, Roman Ogee, Chamfer, and Undersized Plywood Bits. All of Rockler's router bits are covered by an unconditional guarantee. Learn more: 🤍

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