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Lil Yachty - Poland (Lyrics) | "I took the wock to Poland"


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Krakow BLEW US AWAY! (First Day in Krakow, Poland)


From Warsaw, we headed to Poland's former capital city of Krakow. It is such a charming city and we loved exploring it so much! Thank you for watching and we hope you will subscribe for more :) 🟢 Sign up for our newsletter: 🤍 🟡 Do you want to help us make travel videos?! Click the link below to support us! Thank you in advance for your generosity! 🤍 🔴 Don't forget to subscribe! 🤍 🟠 Watch our last video: 🤍 OR Watch our Poland Playlist: 🤍 ⚪️ Our travel gear: 🤍 🔵 WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING: 🤍 🟣 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 _ We are Jacob and Jenny, a husband and wife passionate about traveling the world. We started uploading in May, 2021 with a goal to see as much of the globe as possible. After visiting Costa Rica and French Polynesia, the time was right to quit our full-time jobs, so we left everything to travel and have loved every minute of it. Our goal is to make it to all seven continents and visit as many countries as possible. Follow along and be a part of the journey! #JacobAndJenny #TravelVlog #Poland #InternationalTravel #TravelCouple

10 Best Places to Visit in Poland - Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video: 🤍 Poland has survived centuries of conflict to emerge as a proud, independent country, ready to assume her new role in modern history. Visitors to Poland are discovering what the locals have long known, that Poland is a country rich in fine culture, scenic landscapes and extraordinary historical sites. Whether exploring the nation’s vibrant cities, the lakes and forests of her picturesque countryside or some of the other tourist attractions, visitors are sure to bring away rich memories. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Poland:

Poland Explained!


Recently it feels like everyone is talking about Poland! It’s safe to say that Poland is making some serious moves in the world. With a stable diverse economy. A new interesting aim in technology, and a serious investment in military power. Poland has gone from being a gray and poor place filled with war and invasion. And being pretty much erased from maps. To a nation that not only survived but thrived into a country others now look at with envy. But how did this happen? And most importantly, what do you even know about Poland? The time has come to explore the “ins and outs” of this nation. So this. Is Poland Explained! - 🔹 Please Subscribe 🤍 🤍 🔹 Visit our Website 🤍 🤍 🔹 Join our Discord 🤍 🤍 - Looking for More to Watch? Try These: ▸ Netherlands vs Belgium: 🤍 ▸ Lithuania Explained: 🤍 ▸ Australia Explained: 🤍 - Here at Countries Explained we try to make learning fun. With entertaining educational content about every single country in the world. Come join us as we travel around the world! - #poland #countries #explained

Amazing Places to visit in Poland | Best Places to Visit in Poland - Travel Video


One thing is for sure, a trip to Poland will never be boring. Thanks to its incredible natural beauties, architecture, cultural performance, and the tremendous Polish spirit that has survived throughout its history. This Baltic Sea country is the perfect tourist destination for history lovers. Its medieval castles, monuments, Jewish culture influence, and World War II remains are why many tourists find fascinating this wonderful country. Come with us, and let's discover the most beautiful places in Poland that will make you want to do more than just a weekend getaway. Chapters: 00:00 Why visiting Poland 00:41 Wroclaw 01:31 Zakopane 02:18 Tatra National Park 03:05 Torun 04:02 Krakow 05:01 Gdańsk 06:00 Warsaw 07:27 Sopot 08:24 Zalipie Village 09:05 Crooked Forest 09:53 Places in Poland #Poland #Places #Travel

Why Poland is CRUSHING IT! (Europe's biggest success story of the last 3 decades)


Olivia and Nathan here! Is Poland a superpower in the making? Is Poland quietly becoming Europe's next superpower? How big is tourism in Poland? Is Poland safe? We checked out Krakow and Warsaw, Poland's two biggest cities to see for ourselves! Our mattress! ❤️ 😴 Check out 🤍 to get 25% off your mattress with code: ONWORLDTRAVEL JOIN OUR PATREON: 🤍 👍🏽 Subscribe so you don't miss the adventure! 🤍 [ LAST WEEK'S EPISODE ] What the heck is Vilnius? - 🤍 [ OUR ENTIRE RV SERIES ] // Episode's in order! SEASON 1 🤍 SEASON 2 🤍 Buy us a coffee ☕️🤘🏽 🤍 _ [ OUR STORY ] Curious how we met, started traveling, what our jobs were, etc? 🤍 [ FOLLOW US ] △ Instagram: 🤍 △ Facebook: 🤍 △ Website & Blog: 🤍 △ Email us: hey.onworldtravel🤍gmail.com Disclaimer: We do not take free products purely in exchange for content. We do only paid and commissionable work and will not respond to emails just offering us free stuff. The only exception would be any form of comped travel or use of a "means" of travel (i.e. RV, flights, unique stays...) [ SHOP OUR GEAR ON AMAZON] Links to all of the travel gear we love and use regularly! 🤍 The BEST No Freeze Water Hose 👉🏽 Use our code: ONWorldTravel for 5% off! 🤍 [ $65 AIRBNB DISCOUNT ] For up to $65 off your first AIRBNB 🤍 [ MUSIC ] Epidemic Sounds 🤍 [ Disclosure ] Some of these are affiliate links, which means we might earn a small commission if you click on any of them (at no cost to you) so thank you!

Poland getting spicy.


in this episode Poland has Wagner and Belarus doing "training" along their border, after Russia tells Poland to be thankful for the land Stalin gave to them. the shelling continues in Odessa.

We Found an INDIAN Supermarket in Poland


We stumbled upon a vibrant Indian supermarket nestled within Poland's bustling streets. Follow Us On Social Media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 About Us: Ready for a cultural rollercoaster? Meet Meru from India and Sylwia from Poland, your dynamic duo on a mission to blend spice and pierogi! Get ready to feast your eyes on our wild vlogs, epic adventures, and hilarious cultural clashes. We're here to make you laugh, learn, and celebrate the beautiful chaos of our combined cultures. If you're up for a wild ride, smash that subscribe button and let's dive into the fun together! #indianfood #groceryhaul #family

Getting Past Polish Immigration


Getting past Polish Immigration #sketchcomedy #immigration #poland Our 2022 special 'Swines' is now available FOR FREE on Youtube right now! Please watch along, we're very proud of it: 🤍 If you'd like to support us making these videos we have a Patreon page here: 🤍 MERCH from our website: 🤍 Foil Arms and Hog SUBSCRIBE ➡ 🤍 LIVE SHOWS ➡ 🤍 FACEBOOK ➡ 🤍 INSTAGRAM ➡ 🤍 TWITTER ➡ 🤍

The Poland Experience


🚀 Install Star Trek Fleet Command for FREE now 🤍 and enter the promo code WARPSPEED to unlock 10 Epic Shards of Kirk, enhancing your command instantly! How to easily redeem the promo code 👉 🤍 Total War: Medieval 2 is a lot of fun. This is the ultimate experience playing as Poland in Total War: Medieval 2 Hussars go BRRRRRRRRRRRR Become a Patron or become a Channel Member to get access to perks & more! 🤍 🤍 BUY MY MERCH HERE! 🤍 Subscribe to my other channel! - 🤍 Join my Discord! - 🤍 My Twitch! - 🤍 My Twitter! - 🤍 Polish Infantry may age like Milk, but their Cavalry will age like Wine! CHANNEL MEMBER & PATRON SHOUTOUTS! Tech-Priest Infested Dakka OKais Downpour Fraser Whyte Melvyn Whitfield Bueno Flexecellente Mr. HufHuf ISUtahraptor VanguardCommander that one mamluk DISCLAIMER: I do not give permission to you to create reaction content out of my videos of any kind. That goes for streaming or YouTube videos. I humbly request you to not do this. If you want more reasoning why I do not agree or want you to do this, please watch DarkViperAU's video here: 🤍 Music provided by Epidemic Sounds & Total War: Medieval II OST Songs Used in Order of Appearance ELFL - Spore Titan Deskant - A Window Through Time Medieval II OST - Brothers Together Adriel Fair - Between Worlds Jo Wandrini - Phantasm Bonnie Grace - Solemn Deskant - Tinker's Curse Edgar Hopp - One Last Battle Niklas Johansson - Call Of The North Jo Wandrini - To War! Dragon Tamer - Conquest Deskant - Castle Siege Mods used in this video for Medieval 2 Total War \/ JLMPs Vanilla Kingdoms JLMP's Vanilla Kingdoms (Current 2023 Version) Umod Link Here : 🤍 PC SPECS Case - NZXT H710i - ATX GPU - Asus GeForce RTX 3090 ROG Strix Gaming OC 24GB PSU - EVGA 1000 GQ, 80+ GOLD 1000w CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Core, 32 Thread Processor 4.7 GHz CPU Cooler - NZXT Kraken X72 360mm - All-In-One RGB CPU Liquid Cooler MOTHERBOARD - Aorus X570 AORUS MASTER RAM - Corsair 163301 Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Corsair 163301 Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Memory - Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB Samsung SSD 860 QVO 4TB Samsung SSD 970 PRO 1TB Samsung SSD 970 PRO 1TB Seagate Barracuda 3TB Internal Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda 4TB Internal Hard Drive Seagate EXOS Enterprise 16TB Internal Hard Drive Operating System - Windows 10 Home #totalwar #medieval2 #medieval2totalwar #medieval

Poland Issues ALARM Over EU Takeover


Subscribe to Heaver News here: 🤍 "Poland: Abolition of EU National Vetoes Too Extreme Even For Tusk" European Conservative: 🤍 Business contact: Michael🤍MHeaver.com

Why Poland Is Quietly Becoming Europe's Next Superpower


Get a 7-day free trial and 25% off Blinkist Annual Premium by clicking here: 🤍 In just three decades, Poland went through an incredible transformation. But there is still one thing that could thwart the entire Polish miracle... 0:00 - Intro 02:30 - Starting from the bottom 04:08 - Polish economic miracle 07:54 - Poland's military muscle 08:52 - How "real" is the Polish miracle?

Poland's Path to Becoming the Next Advanced Economy | Economy of Poland | Econ


🇵🇱 The Polish economy: A European success story since the fall of the Iron Curtain! 🌟 Poland has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, with the potential to join the ranks of advanced economies. 🚀 But what factors have driven this economic growth, and how has Poland's booming economy played a pivotal role in the European Union's response to the conflict in Ukraine? 🤝 💡 The thriving technology sector, the dynamic workforce, and strategic policies have propelled Poland to new heights. 📈 Additionally, the fascinating historical backdrop has shaped Poland's present-day political and economic identity, ultimately making it an unlikely island of economic success. 🏝️💰 #PolishEconomy #EconomicGrowth #EuropeEconomy #PolandSuccess #PolandEconomicMiracle #EconomyExplained 💼Support my research and projects: 🤍 ☕😊 Enjoyed the video? Comment below! 💬 ⭑ Subscribe to Econ 👉 🤍 ⭑ Enjoyed? Hit the like button! 👍 Citation: 🤍 Maps:© MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors by GEOlayers 3 Image: 🤍 Free Vectors 🤍 🤍 🤍 Stock Footages: 🤍 🤍 🤍

What does Tusk’s Victory Mean for Poland and the EU?


Sign up for NordVPN and get an 4 EXTRA months using our link: 🤍 Exit polls after Poland's election on Sunday project that Donald Tusk's anti-government bloc is on course in oust the incumbent Law and Justice Party. So in this video, we'll break down the election, and why this was so important for Poland and the EU. 🎞 TikTok: 🤍 🗣 Discord: 🤍 💡 Got a Topic Suggestion? - 🤍 Support TLDR on Patreon: 🤍 Donate by PayPal: 🤍 Our mission is to explain news and politics in an impartial, efficient, and accessible way, balancing import and interest while fostering independent thought. TLDR is a completely independent & privately owned media company that's not afraid to tackle the issues we think are most important. The channel is run by a small group of young people, with us hoping to pass on our enthusiasm for politics to other young people. We are primarily fan sourced with most of our funding coming from donations and ad revenue. No shady corporations, no one telling us what to say. We can't wait to grow further and help more people get informed. Help support us by subscribing, engaging and sharing. Thanks! //////////////////////////// 1 - 🤍 2 - 🤍 3 - 🤍 4 - 🤍 5 - 🤍 6 - 🤍 7 - 🤍 8 - 🤍 9 - 🤍 00:00 Introduction 01:06 The Context 03:39 The Results 04:46 What Does This Mean? 07:08 Nord VPN

Could Poland Become The Next Germany? | Economics Explained


Get The Ultimate Guide for Using ChatGPT at Work: 🤍 Poland defies European economic trends by having one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent. While many European nations face stagnation, Poland shines, even outperforming its former Soviet counterparts, including resource-rich Russia. Despite historical challenges and its unique geopolitical situation, Poland's success offers insights for struggling economies worldwide, although it faces hurdles ahead. This video was made possible by our Patreon community! ❤️ See new videos early, participate in exclusive Q&As, and more! ➡️ 🤍 ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ The Economic Explained team uses Statista for conducting our research. Check out their YouTube channel: 🤍 Enjoyed the video? Comment below! 💬 ⭑ Enjoyed? Hit the like button! 👍 Check out our second channel Economics Explained Essentials → 🤍 ✉️ Business Enquiries → hello🤍economicsexplained.com 🎧 Listen to EE on Spotify! 👉 🤍 Also on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you listen! Follow EE on social media: Twitter 🐦 → 🤍 Facebook → 🤍 Instagram → 🤍 TikTok → 🤍 #EconomicsExplained #hubspot #EconomyofPoland ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ECONOMICS EXPLAINED IS MADE POSSIBLE BY OUR PATREON COMMUNITY 👊🙏 Support EE by becoming a Patron today! 👉 🤍 The video you’re watching right now would not exist without the monthly support provided by our generous Patrons: 👑 ROYALTY CLASS 👑 Juan Benet ELITE CLASS Charles Youngs UPPER CLASS Jeromy Johnson UPPER MIDDLE CLASS Wendover Productions, Igor Bazarny, Andrew Harrison, Paul Ashworth, Laor Glukhovsky, Kib Bibens-LeFebvre, Post Apocalyptic In Missouri, Brett Jubinville, JKH, Anthony Roberts, jill hoffman, Nathan Ngumi, Forodon, Michael Ling, Sophie G, Frank Soltero, Grégoire Duchêne, Jay Eno, David Poliakoff, Stephanie Roth, Peter Wesselius, stdmpa, Pineapples&bricks, Adrian Bellomo, Rory Struthers. MIDDLE CLASS Steffen Lindner, Hayden van Reyswoud, John C, Donald Wedington, Demo sthenes, Rimvydas, John Downie, Sridev, Matt McKee, Victor T., Andrew Vinnichenko, Zachary Kasow, Johannes, Nigel Pauli, Jacob, Pedro Brito, Marton Szasz, Travis Thompson, Matthew Eggleston, Michael Kürbis, Anthony, Trevor, Marcel Roquette, Daniel Hall, John D Tyler, Petronio Coelho, Kevin MacIntyre, Craig Mews, Jonathan Krailler, Franklin, PM, Jack Annear, michael, Connor Costello, Reuben Field, Siegfried Eggl, How long can a profile name be... this long... Wow, this is longer than I would have expected. Good lord, the letters! Secunda!, Will, Andrey Kalganov, David Taylor, Scott Greenwood, Jane Walerud, Simon Sturmer, Zachary Demko, Michael Wolff, Ed, Daniel Alberto Vázquez Rodríguez, Kamil Sicinski, Dodd Willingham, David McIlveen, Arend Peter Castelein, Kent Klatchuk, Hugh Harris, David W., Chris Hawkins, Robert Nyborg, Leo Vassershteyn, Kheng Lai Tan, Roman~1, Wesley Fite, Zac Woodrell, Michael D. Hall, Randy Cleary, Long Phan, Liubov Zvereva, AB3, Karan Mehta, Arjan, Marton Csikos, Alex, Justin Smith, Wees Kendall, John Issitt, Eric Slimko, Empyre18, Brian Jackson, Istvan P, Joe Ryan, Patrick Staight, Shane Guthrie, Elisabeth Stanfield, Joshua White, Andrew Baartz, Ash, Abel, Kim Brand, Ted Marcy, Jim Kirker, roGER, Leonid Sorokoumov, Nicholas Luchetta, Kenneth Lum, Thomas Davenport, Robert Abraham, Ps0Fa, Klaus Clemens, Derrick Yowell, BUBBA CONWAY, Seth, Alex Wong, Jamie Costello, Rick Van Velden, Bacongravy, Leah Klearman, Jason, Tenebrion, Dragan Alexandru, Vladimir Zotov, Brian, Chris, DionysusLin, William Sherlock, Justin Thiele, Gerhardus.

Animated History of Poland


Polish history is filled to the brim with diversity, so the idea transforming it into a gripping tale was a very exciting challenge. Platige created an exciting trip back in time that takes you through 1000 years of history in about 8 minutes, 140 events that feature 500 animated characters from different historical periods. The film was created to represent Poland at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai for PARP. Directed by: Tomek Bagiński CG Supervisor: Grzegorz Kukuś Executive Producer: Marcin Kobylecki Follow Platige: ▶ Website 🤍 ▶ Facebook: 🤍 ▶ Linkedin: 🤍 ▶ Twitter: 🤍 ▶ Behance: 🤍 ▶ Instagram: 🤍

Poland COMPLETELY Surprised Us! (First Day in Warsaw)


This is our first day in Poland, in the capital city of Warsaw! We already love it so much and can't wait to explore Krakow and Zakopane after this! Thanks so much for watching :) 🟢 Sign up for our newsletter: 🤍 🟡 Do you want to help us make travel videos?! Click the link below to support us! Thank you in advance for your generosity! 🤍 🔴 Don't forget to subscribe! 🤍 🟠 Watch our last video: 🤍 OR Watch our Poland Playlist: 🤍 ⚪️ Our travel gear: 🤍 🔵 WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING: 🤍 🟣 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 _ We are Jacob and Jenny, a husband and wife passionate about traveling the world. We started uploading in May, 2021 with a goal to see as much of the globe as possible. After visiting Costa Rica and French Polynesia, the time was right to quit our full-time jobs, so we left everything to travel and have loved every minute of it. Our goal is to make it to all seven continents and visit as many countries as possible. Follow along and be a part of the journey! #JacobAndJenny #TravelVlog #Poland #InternationalTravel #TravelCouple

Polish STREET FOOD TOUR! (First Time in Krakow, Poland)


Polish Street Food Tour! We continue our travel through Poland, from Katowice to Warsaw and now to Krakow! We are going through this beautiful city and trying the many street food items in Krakow! We start with donuts and ending with late night Kielbasa. What is your favorite Polish Street Food item? ► Check out “American Girlfriend Tries German Bakery Items! ”: 🤍 ✔ Become a channel member! 🤍 ► Support us on PATREON! 🤍 _ DEANA AND PHIL STUFF ► Facebook: 🤍deanaandphil (🤍 Instagram: 🤍deanaandphil (🤍 DEANA’S STUFF ► Instagram: 🤍deanasdetours (🤍 YouTube: Deana's Detours (🤍 PHIL’S STUFF ► Instagram: 🤍thepotatophil (🤍 YouTube Channel: Potato Phil (🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 - Polish Street Food 00:14 - Krakow, Poland 00:25 - Restaurant 1 (Bakery) 00:48 - Food 1 (Pistachio Filled) 01:40 - Food 2 (Rosy) 02:40 - Restaurant 2 (Soup-er Yum) 03:10 - Food 3 (Edible Container) 04:53 - Old Jewish Quarter 05:50 - Restaurant 3 06:25 - Food 4 (Krakow Original) 09:06 - Restaurant 4 (Krakow Old Town Market) 09:43 - Food 5 (Feeling Cheesy) 11:26 - Krakow Old Town First Impressions 13:13 - Food 6 (Bread in Blue) 15:10 - Outside of the City 15:40 - Restaurant 5 16:07 - Food 7 (Pierogi) 18:31 - Sunset by the River 19:11 - Restaurant 8 (Blue Van) 20:00 - Food 8 (The BEST Kielbasa) 22:54 - What is your favorite Polish Street Food?

Traditional POLISH FOOD TOUR! (First Time in Warsaw, Poland!)


Traditional Polish Food Tour! We continue our travel through Poland, from Katowice to the country's capital, Warsaw! We have a FULL DAY of eating traditional Polish cuisine at several local restaurants, bakeries and cafes. We'll give you a tour of the apartment we are staying and along with some sights of the city! What is your favorite Polish dish? #PolishFood #Warsaw #Poland ► Check out “American Girlfriend Tries German Bakery Items! ”: 🤍 ✔ Become a channel member! 🤍 ► Support us on PATREON! 🤍 _ DEANA AND PHIL STUFF ► Facebook: 🤍deanaandphil (🤍 Instagram: 🤍deanaandphil (🤍 DEANA’S STUFF ► Instagram: 🤍deanasdetours (🤍 YouTube: Deana's Detours (🤍 PHIL’S STUFF ► Instagram: 🤍thepotatophil (🤍 YouTube Channel: Potato Phil (🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 - Traditional Polish Food 00:04 - Travel to Warsaw Poland 00:27 - Restaurant 1 00:49 - Food 1 02:08 - Food 2 03:06 - First Impressions of Warsaw 04:50 - Restaurant 2 05:49 - Food 3 07:55 - Food 4 08:30 - Food 5 10:20 - Please & Thank You! 10:50 - Restaurant 3 11:05 - Food 6 12:47 - Apartment Tour 14:05 - Restaurant 4 14:33 - Food 7 (4 Types of Pierogi) 17:28 - Old Town, River & Sunset 18:23 - Restaurant 5 18:40 - Food 8 19:34 - Food 9 20:38 - Food 10 (Polish Classic) 22:45 - What is your favorite Polish dish?

WOW! I Did Not Expect Poland To Be Like This! - Warsaw - Europe Trip 15


Its day 2 exploring Poland and It shocked me! I absolutely did not expect Poland to be like this. #meljeansolon #philippines #europetrip #poland Follow Me! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 - Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Become a Member: 🤍 - FOR COLLABS AND BUSINESS INQUIRIES ! Email me: solontravel8🤍gmail.com Thank you! :) Kisses...

POV: Poland


Poland POV during the XVIII-XXI centuries. History of Poland in countryballs - meme edition. Support my channel! 💲 🤍 Countries included: Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, French Empire, Russian Empire, France, German Empire, III Reich, Soviet Union, USA and Poland. Countryballs animated - meme video about... random geography things xd. My social media profiles: DISCORD ||| 🤍 TWITTER ||| 🤍 INSTAGRAM ||| 🤍 MERCH ||| 🤍

Poland 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music


Poland is home to some of the Europe's most enchanting locations. Enjoy this 4k Scenic Relaxation film across Poland's most beautiful destinations. From medieval city of Krakow, to the coast of the Baltic Sea, Poland has so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Special thanks to DK Video for helping with footage - 🤍 Our other Relaxation films: Germany Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Switzerland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Italy Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Iceland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Australia Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Ireland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Africa Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Dolomites Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Greece Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Austria Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Alps Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Follow us on instagram 🤍scenicrelaxationfilms Where we get our music - 🤍 Great Place for Stock footage - 🤍 Free stock footage, guides & luts - 🤍

Russia Attacking Poland


Visit Poland - The DON'Ts of Poland


Read: What Tourists Should Not Do in Poland for More: 🤍 Grab some of our gear 🤍 Poland is an incredible country with some amazing cities like Krakow and Gdansk, nature to enjoy like in the Tatras Mountains, but even with so many things to do in Poland this video focus on what you don't do when you visit Poland. From when visiting someone's home to heading out on the town these are what NOT to do in Poland. Filmed in Warsaw, Poland Copyright Mark Wolters 2017 We travel with a Microsoft Surface everywhere we go. I edit my videos on it & use it to backup my pictures and vides while we travel. It’s light and the best travel laptop on the market in my opinion. 🤍 We use Sony Alpha series cameras to film our videos. They are compact so you don’t look like a super tourist when you take great pictures and videos while you travel. 🤍 We use Manfrotto Tripods. They are compact, travel well, and honestly I would not use another tripod for my nice cameras. 🤍 Travel Plug that works in pretty much any country & has four USB ports. A must for any traveler. 🤍 Want to grab some great gear? We have used Osprey Packs for years & swear by them. Check them out here 🤍 Need some clothing for your next adventure? Patagonia has some pretty good stuff for all kinds of travelers. 🤍 USA Today & 10Best's #1 Independent Travel Videographer 2014 FlipKey by TripAdvisor Top 10 Travel Bloggers 2014 Hey There Fellow Travelers! Thank you for watching our honest travel vlogs from all over this wonderful world. If you would like to get in contact with us please follow us & send us a message via our social media channels below. Also, if you like our travel videos please feel free to share them with other fellow travelers. Follow Us At 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

24 Hours in INCREDIBLE KRAKOW, POLAND | First Impressions, Food, & MORE 🇵🇱


Welcome to Krakow, Poland! We have made it to the beautiful city of Krakow, often referred to as the "cultural heart" of Poland. Join us, as we spend 24 hours exploring the city, eating yummy food, and uncovering what this incredible city has to offer! *Highly Rated Tours in Krakow, Poland* From Krakow: Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour - 🤍 Krakow: Auschwitz-Birkenau & Salt Mine Guided Tour in 1 Day - 🤍 Krakow: Zakopane and Thermal Springs Tour with Hotel Pickup - 🤍 Krakow: Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour Hotel Pickup & Lunch Options - 🤍 Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour - 🤍 Thanks so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave us a comment and SUBSCRIBE! 💜 💞 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 ☕️ If you want a one time way to say THANK YOU! You can buy us a coffee : 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:28 Old Town 00:47 St. Mary's Basilica 01:46 Cloth Hall 02:40 Beard Trim 02:53 Wawel Castle 03:37 Coffee Break 04:43 Schindler's Factory 06:16 Maczanka

"Poland's Revenge" | "Do you know who I am" Sequel | #countryballs edit


credits for the original idea go to 🤍faqids2681 Subscribe, were so close to 20k!!! tags: #countryballs #edit #poland #germany #russia #animation #history

This is a MUST DO in WARSAW, POLAND! First Impressions, Food, & Best Things to do 🇵🇱


Go to our sponsor 🤍 for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help. Pierogi & MORE Cooking Class: 🤍 Welcome to Warsaw, Poland! We've arrived in the vibrant capital city of Poland. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the charm and allure of this captivating capital city. Thanks so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure to leave us a comment and SUBSCRIBE! 💜 💞 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 ☕️ If you want a one time way to say THANK YOU! You can buy us a coffee : 🤍 #warsaw #Poland #warsawpoland #polishfood Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:30 Castle Square & City Walk 05:17 Pierogi & More Cooking Class 13:04 Old Town

Welcome to Poland - Best of Warsaw City - Europe Tour EP-12


I like the people of Poland and the Warsaw city in Poland. I explored the city and was impressed with the history of Poland and the friendly people of Poland. There are many historical sites in Warsaw city because it was one of the most important cities during World War 2. Let's explore together. For Visa Guides & Information: 🤍 0:00 Highlights 1:56 Introduction 4:50 Weather in Warsaw 5:26 Old City Warsaw 7:10 Currency exchange 8:08 Restaurant food 10:00 Polish Icecream 11:03 Royal castle 13:09 Main square 14:51 Science & culture museum 20:28 Conclusion Join this channel to get access to the perks: 🤍 #poland #flyingtheworld #warsaw ///CONNECT WITH ME/// Email: askonlineustaad🤍gmail.com Instagram: instagram.com/abdul_traveler/ Twitter: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍

Poland Rediscovered: Kraków, Auschwitz, and Warsaw


Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide © 2004 | In the northeast corner of Europe, Poland is one of the largest countries on the Continent. We'll visit its historic capital, Kraków, side-trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine and Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, then head for Poland's modern capital, Warsaw. #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #poland Visit 🤍 for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe. Check out more Rick Steves’ Europe travel resources: • “Rick Steves’ Europe” public television series: 🤍 • “Travel with Rick Steves” public radio program: 🤍 • European Tours: 🤍 • Guidebooks: 🤍 • Travel Gear: 🤍 • Travel Classes: 🤍 • Rick Steves Audio Europe App: 🤍 Rick Steves, America's most respected authority on European travel, writes European travel guidebooks, and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

Why did Poland's border change so much after World War 2? (Short Animated Documentary)


Poland's borders changed quite a lot after World War 2, moving hundreds of miles to the west and massively altering the shape of the country. But why did this happen and why did Poland lose and receive the lands that it did? To find out watch this short and simple animated history documentary. Thank you to my patreon supporters below: Jens Koch-Nommensen Øystein Alsaker Arcedia Sergio M. Vela MajesticFirebird George Kapoyanis Colonel Oneill Gin Aldeguer CharÉTS Steven B Dennis Vandeban Brendan W robert lalonde Mathias.C Michael Kram Justin Kubusch Southside Mitch John Heath Robertson Ethan Cippalippus Leonard Frank His Empyreal Illuminance The Supreme High Sorcerer Kalynx ChrisRom Tyler Bomkamp Nathan Mendelsohn tegsirat Piotr Wojnowski Sean D. Vance Christiaanse Mario Peshev Steven Gibson Christopher Godfrey sharpie660 Philip Yip Travis Mount Sean Uzar Jane Sumpter Aaron Conaway Martha Grondin Nuukov John Orr Shauna K Tony Belmonte Jonathan Niehaus Alex Teplyakov Andrew F Nicholas Menghini Mario Mejia Contdoko12 ixs Thomas McGraw Andreas Mosand Ron Johnson Jack Nelson Adrian Marine Erik Hare Phillip Gathright Dr. Schtnizel Tranier Bocaj zockotron Peter Marino Chach Evan Ellingson D. Mahlik Jamie van Brewen Andrew Patane Joshua Schneider Nick Macarius Garrett Manarin Duke GrokThis Tactical_Jackal Katie Flinn Alan Romero Chris PeBenito Jacob Zachs Richard Marriner mgnesium.poetry Ciege Engine The Funks Allen Rines Angel Aguiñaga Handsoup khaki enthusiast Nolan Peale Matthew Toles Chase Labiste Colin Cecil Clayton Schuman Joe DeVito Konstantin Bredyuk Leena Al-Souki Windischgraetz John Garcia William Adderholdt Matt Reed Chris Weisel blaZzinG_FurY C. C. C. KNSTRKTVST alexccg Hexapuma Dullis Jesse Plung Darth Zayexeet Bradley Backoff Sahni Jason Hirsch Jason Vandeventer Duane Bridges HelloAgain Tim Stone Serius_Loyola Ken Filbert Joseph Reinsch Justin Short Patty Culp Valentyn Mr.Myoozik Joseph Hutchins Jeff Sharon Bartosz Zasada George Caponera Florian Mäder Tim Sweeney Colm Byrne Anthony McCann ARandomPaperClip george tyler Magdalena Reinberg-Leibel Matthew O'Connor Ahmed Roshdi Joel Wasserman Geoffrey Sparrow Liquid Chief A. J. Smart Fidoruh Remko Huisman Jasmin Vikk Zachary Pascalar Spencer DeRosier Logical Insanity James Stefan Møller ThePalestRose Tyler Jenkins Johann_Gambolputty_of_Ulm Ned Burke Nicolas Dronsky bas mensink Juan Castillo Burt Clothier No way Ben Jambor William Yates Melissa Prober Clay Carroll Sethars Brayden Perry SketerK Matt Busch Bren Ehnebuske Aaron Larrow Yared Cristiano Cade Summers William Clark Mars Project Warren Rudkin erez87 Robin! Tortle! BattleGoat Studios ZCoupon Nathan Ngumi Jonny Minogue Robert Meehan Andrei Listochkin David Spellmeyer Tim Stumbaugh Vegard Tønnessen Rob Rollins Andrew Sever Joseph Kerckhoff Matthew Venuti Carl Blanton Craig Marston WolfiZee Donald Weaver Moraxian SirAlpaka Syagrius Beans Richard Wolfe Steve Bonds Ethan Harlow Mark Ploegstra Joshportunities Matthew Ward Charles Kwiatkowski Tristan Kreller Ian M YugiJitsu Games Eric Askins Ryan Haber Thomas Wang Swanfleet nullptr Jeffrey Schneider I'm Not In The Description T. c. north Paul Munro Joell Bel Bort Ward Dustin Koellhoffer Jasdeep Brar Anthony Uk Hiro P LambOfLeg BenDrums24 JT96 Ruben Rodriguez Alex G. Sara Birnbaum Aeryn and Lisa Toland Wolf Hunter Bayliss Juan Benet Harrison Wiener James R DeVries Ted Ingram John Gross-Whitaker Charles Doolittle Samantha McCormick Mark Littlehale Tom Ebert Shannon Cartee Jack Robert Brockway 0_DannyBoy Isabel Harrison Mik Scheper Kevin Phoenix Oriki Sean Long Shakira Graham Dan Reiher Dr. Sarno Heytun Seth Reeves Ali Sadighian Miky Hidalgo Morriss Will Sullivan Peter Konieczny Nathan Snyder Zachary Oertel Brian Giordano Roko Lisica Doug MacLean Harley Raptopoulos Andrew Niedbala Peter Hopkins Taggert Jackson Kishan Nair Manny F Lindorien João Santos Daniel O'Reilly Kameohawk Tom of Essex Typhoon2401 Russell Downing blei95 Tommi Hewitt blue chicken Jan Bart Verbist Kasi M Scho Robin_Col Schwarzer Hai James Tarsirrus Rhys Little Ash Elford Ben L Jackarice26 Gina Service Twinny Hill zemnmez Phil Johnston Rhys Jackson Roberticus1992



Polish SLANDER! learn everything you need to know about Poland in four minutes starting NOW Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 I use this guy's music a lot: 🤍 #poland #meme #slander

Poland Accidentally Invaded The Czech Republic #funfact


In 2020, Poland accidentally invaded the Czech Republic.

Fear of Poland #countryballs


#countryball #shorts #russia

POLAND IN 2023: Why Everyone Is Talking About Poland! | 44 Facts You Didn't Know


#poland IN 2023: Why Everyone Is Talking About Poland! | 44 #facts You Didn't Know Welcome back to #europe In Detail! Today, we're heading to #Poland. Think amazing castles, busy cities, and tasty food. But it's more than just sights and bites. 🔔 Subscribe now with all notifications on for more in-depth European #travel guides, hidden gems in #Europe, and insightful European culture explorations! Ready to dive deep into the heart of Poland, one product at a time? Here's a delightful mix of travel guides, books, and treats from this vibrant European gem! Poland: A History 🤍 Insight Guides Poland - Travel Guide 🤍 The New Politics of Poland: A Case of Post-Traumatic Sovereignty 🤍 Amazing Poland: 50 Things to See and Do 🤍 Classic Recipes of Poland: Traditional Food and Cooking in 25 Authentic Dishes 🤍 Poland - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture 🤍 📺 Watch the entire video for more information! _ About Europe In Detail 🎥 Videos about detailed European travel, unexplored European gems, and rich European cultural insights. 🎨 Written, voiced and produced by Europe In Detail 🔔 Subscribe now for more in-depth travel vlogs, hidden places exploration, and cultural tour videos across Europe. Watch More from In Detail Europe 🟢 IRELAND IN 2023: What No One Told You About The Irish | 50 Intriguing Facts 🤍 🟠 GREECE IN 2023: Where The Gods Once Walked Among Us?! | 37 Mind-Blowing Facts 🤍 🔴 LITHUANIA IN 2023: Would YOU Try Lithuania's Traditional Food?! | 39 Surprising Facts 🤍 Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań, Łódź, Lublin, Katowice, Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Toruń, Olsztyn, Rzeszów, Kielce, Wawel Castle, Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, Malbork Castle, Białowieża Forest, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Old Town in Warsaw, European Solidarity Centre, Wrocław's Market Square, Dwarf Statues, Masurian Lake District, Slowinski Sand Dunes, Czestochowa's Jasna Góra Monastery, Gdańsk's Old Town, Shipyard, Toruń's Medieval Old Town, Kazimierz Jewish District, Kraków travel vlog, Warsaw city guide, Wrocław best spots, Gdańsk history tour, Poland road trip, Tatra Mountains hiking, Wieliczka Salt Mine tour, Polish food tasting, Poznań nightlife, Łódź cultural highlights, Białowieża Forest wildlife, Polish castle exploration, Masurian lakes camping, Poland winter destinations, Polish traditional festivals, Warsaw vs Kraków comparison, Poland budget travel tips, Gdańsk Baltic Sea views, Wrocław dwarf hunting, Poland UNESCO sites tour, Poland, Warsaw, Polish culture, Polish history, Polish language, Polish cuisine, Poland travel, Poland tourism, Polish traditions, Baltic Sea, Kraków's historic center, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Polish pierogi, Wrocław's market square, Polish folklore music, Gdańsk shipyards, Polish mountain hiking, Łódź film culture, Polish royal castles, Masurian lakes, Polish winter sports, Poznań's renaissance old town, Polish art festivals, Białowieża Forest, Polish vodka tasting, Warsaw's modern skyline, Polish national parks, Zakopane mountain resorts, Polish medieval history, Sopot beach resorts, Polish gourmet experiences, Warsaw's cultural events, Polish design and fashion, Gdańsk's maritime heritage, Polish UNESCO sites, Polish summer festivals, Lublin's historic charm, Polish contemporary art, Poland's scenic train journeys, Polish craft beer scene, Warsaw's nightlife. _ 💼 Business Inquiries and Contact • For business inquiries, copyright matters or other inquiries please contact us at: indetaileuropebusiness🤍gmail.com ❓ Copyright Questions • If you have any copyright questions or issues you can contact us at indetaileuropebusiness🤍gmail.com ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • We use images and content in accordance with the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” • This video could contain certain copyrighted video clips, pictures, or photographs that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above.

Poland is a powerhouse in the making


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Brussels threatens Poland with legal action over 'unacceptable' truckers blockade at Ukraine border


The European Commission has harshly denounced the blockade at the Ukrainian border instigated by Polish truckers and farmers, threatening legal action against the government in Warsaw. READ MORE : 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Watch our LIVE here: 🤍 Subscribe to our thematic channels: NoComment: 🤍 Euronews Green: 🤍 Euronews Next: 🤍 Euronews Travel: 🤍 Euronews is available on YouTube in 12 languages: 🤍 #EuropeNews

BREAKING! Ukraine THREATENS Poland over border blockade, MP receive death threats | Redacted Live


🛑 Stop data brokers from exposing your information. Go to our sponsor 🤍 to get a 14-day free trial and see if your personal information has been compromised Poland is done being a go-between for Ukraine and the rest of the world and paying the price. Farmers have blocked the border at multiple crossings to keep them from flooding the market with their cheaper grain, which has harmed Polish farmers. A Polish MP has said that Ukrainian gangs have made threats of violence over these blockades. ⚕️BIOptimizers' Black Friday Mega Sale is happening right now and lasting throughout the entire month of November! The biggest discount you can get and amazing gifts with purchase are available only on my page 🤍 with code REDACTED at check out. ✅ Sign up for our Free DAILY newsletter, delivered right to your inbox first thing in the morning. ➜ 🤍 ✅ Become a Redacted Rebel VIP and get access to EXCLUSIVE content, live streams, and more! ➜ 🤍 👕 REDACTED MERCH 👕 Go grab some Redacted Merch from our store. Go to 🤍 and pick some up. When you get it, send photos of you wearing it to photos🤍redacted.inc. Can't wait to see you in it! 💥 Follow us on RUMBLE: Come follow us on Rumble, a free speech platform, in case anything happens to the YouTube channel due to censorship. 🤍 🐦 Follow Redacted on Twitter: 🤍 📚 Read Clayton and Natali's Amazon best-selling book on finance. How To Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years 👉🏻 🤍 ✅ 💥 Best Way to Invest in Gold is with Lear Capital ⚡️ 👉 Call them today at tel:800-613-3557 👉 or go to 🤍 ⭐️ Get your FREE Gold and Silver investor guides from Lear Capital ⭐️Receive up to $15,000 in FREE bonus metals with a qualified purchase 🚀 Limited Time: Get up to 16 Free stocks with moomoo! Open a free account and claim your free stocks after you make your initial deposits. Click here to learn more ➡ 🤍 🚀 🇦🇺 (Australians get 10 Free Stocks when deposit A$2K) T&C Applys: 🤍 🚀 On Today's Show: 0:00 Countdown 30:59 Welcome 34:46 Poland Blocks Ukraine 49:10 USA Doesn't Want EV's 1:05:55 US Invasion at the Border 1:22:50 WEF False Flag 1:53:29 Henry Kissinger LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE: Monday - Thursday 1PM PST / 3PM CENTRAL / 4PM EST 📺 Want to bypass chat limits on our LIVE streams? Become a YouTube Channel Member today. This is TOTALLY different than the community over on Locals. Head to this link to join: 🤍 #redacted #claytonmorris #natalimorris #news #independentjournalists - About Clayton and Natali Morris: Clayton Morris is a former Fox News anchor. In Redacted, Clayton and his wife Natali take an in-depth look at the legal, social, financial, and personal issues that matter to you. They want to set the record straight and bring you the stories nobody else tells. Along with the facts and the complete picture, Redacted offers real-world analysis without an agency driven by corporate overloads. With Clayton’s extensive journalism experience, he isn’t afraid to demand the truth from authorities. Redacted is an independent platform, unencumbered by external factors or restrictive policies, on which Clayton and Natali Morris bring you quality information, balanced reporting, constructive debate, and thoughtful narratives. DISCLAIMER: Some of the links in this description and in our videos may be affiliate links, and pay us a small commission if you use them. We really appreciate the support. The content in our YouTube videos SHALL NOT be construed as tax, legal, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, financial advice, or other & may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information. We are not financial advisers. We only express our opinions based on our experiences. Your experience may be different. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. You must conduct your own research. There is NO guarantee of gains or losses on investments. These videos are for entertainment purposes ONLY. IF stocks or companies are mentioned, we MAY have an ownership interest in them DO NOT make buying or selling decisions based on these videos. If you need advice, please contact a qualified CPA, attorney, insurance agent, contractor/electrician/engineer/etc., financial advisor, or the appropriate professional for the subject you would like help with. Linked items may create a financial benefit for our company. Follow Clayton on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Natali on Twitter: 🤍

Why Poland is Becoming the Biggest European Superpower: Explained Economics


Why Poland is Becoming the Biggest European Superpower:Explained Economics Explained. Poland's transformation from a poor post-communist state to a potential European superpower has been an incredible miracle and a remarkable story of resilience and strategic growth. Overcoming its historical challenges, Poland has made significant strides in economic development, technological innovation, and military strength. However, the journey is not without its hurdles. And several factors are happening that can jeopardize its rise. As Poland stands at this crossroads, the decisions it makes now will determine whether it can maintain its trajectory as Europe's rising star and become the Biggest European Superpower: Explained Economics Explained.

German learns about Poland Missile Strike


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