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Processing Black & White Film


These simple step by step instructions will teach you all you need to know to start processing your own black & white films at home. Part 1: What you will need 00:09 Part 2: Preparing the chemicals 01:06 Part 3: Loading your film 02:06 Part 4: Processing your film 04:02 Part 5: Hanging and Drying your film 06:48

Ilford high street London Walking Tour | East London | New ilford station


LONDON WALK | Ilford High Street after Lockdown 2020 Christmas lighting Ilford high street East London England High Road in Ilford. Walking Ilford Lane London Pakistani Asian Shopping Market after 2nd lockdown reopen Ilford lane Walking in East London ILFORD | UNSEEN LONDON ILFORD Exchange Mall - Ilford Shopping Centre - Ilford Ilford Lane, Ilford | London City Ilford lane london main desi Nashta London City walk uk vlogs On this channel we bring you the best ultra HD guided walking tours for city destinations that we visit.Please check out my other walking videos. If you like our video don’t forget to subscribe set notification bell 🔔 Ringing icon to see the newest published uploads #ilford #ilfordhighstreet #ilfordhighroad #Exchangeilford #Ilfordexchangemall #ilfordexchangshoppingcenter #Exchengeilfordreopenafterlockdown #LondonWalk #Londoncitywalk #Londonwalkingtour

35mm Camera For $35 - ILFORD Sprite 35 II


A reloadable 35mm film camera...for 35 bucks?! We had to see what this was all about! Get the Ilford Sprite 👉 🤍 Get film 👉 🤍 Film Lessons 📷 Willem Verbeek 👉 🤍 Vuhlandes 👉 🤍 Joe Greer 👉 🤍 🔴 Hit that SUBSCRIBE button All Of The Moment Links and Goodies 👇 Shop Our Store 🛒 🤍 Moment Pro Camera App iPhone 📱🤍 Moment RTRO App 📱🤍 Learn new skills with a Moment Lesson exploding head 🤯 🤍 We Get Our Music Here 🎵 🤍 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Youtube: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Learning How To Shoot Ilford HP5


instagram 📸: 🤍 In this morethanyoucaretosee episode, I dip my toe into, learning how to shoot ilford HP5 black and white photography. This was my first time shooting this film. For whatever reason, I’ve anyways been a little nervous to shoot black and white. I’m not always sure I’m going to get the results I want. And I respect a lot of talented photographers like Fan Ho who shot black and white. There so much to learn about being able to control the tones of the image, using colored filters, pushing and pulling your film. This really put me out of my comfort zone, I just feel so much more comfortable with color films such as Kodak’s Portra 400. The first roll i shot at box speed, and my second roll I pushed one stop. NOTE: Not all these shots were taken chronologically. I mixed it up with some portraits and landscapes. I also talk about knowing your rights as a photographer and the importance of knowing the rights to your photos. Note: each state or country may have different laws. So know your rights. I developed the Ilford film at home with Cinestill’s DF96 single step developer and fix. Super easy and would recommend it if you are wanting to just start with black and white photography. I scanned my negatives with my Epson V650 and converted my negatives with Negative Lab Pro in Lightroom. This week I plan to keep shooting some Ilford Film such as Ilford XP2 400 Ilford Delta 3200 and Ilford PANF Plus 50

4K London Walk 2021| Ilford Lane London to Ilford High Street | Eid Shopping Tour


4k London walk 2021| Ilford Lane London to Ilford High Street | Eid Shopping Tour This London Walk tour in Ilford Lane to Ilford High Street. I took a walking tour down the Ilford lane, which becomes a regional center for retail in food, jewelry and fabrics, and the location of The road has an array of shops specializing in primarily South Asian goods, catering to those with strong cultural and familial ties to Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Nowadays, the main activity here is shopping for Eid(a religious festival of Muslims). The main focus of shopping for the Muslims of London city are in ilford lane as there are a variety of cultural shops for garments, clothing, shoes, jewelry. The ilford lane is regarded as the best place for the desi food and clothing. If you like our video don’t forget to subscribe set notification bell 🔔 Ringing icon to see the newest published uploads Please share, comments, like, and subscribe Today Video London Walk East London walk Ilford lane walking tour Ilford lane desi shopping London 2021 Virtual Walking Tour 4K best london walking tour London Walk 4K HDR Video Exchange Shopping Center Eid Shopping tour Ilford hill Ilford station Ilford roundabout Ilford buses FILMED: Sunday, 17 July 2021 ———————————————————— ROUTE TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Video Highlights 02:52 Ilford Lane towards Barking Station 31:25 Ilford Lane towards Ilford Station 52:31 Ilford Roundabout 56:15 Chapel Road 57:50 Ilford High Street London SIDE STAMPS : London Reopen 2021-London Walk in Ilford High Street London | 4K London walk. Exchange Shopping Centre in Ilford high Street East London. London Most Popular Asian Place Ilford Lane | Ilford lane London shopping. Ilford Lane vlogs London UK. London Walk🇬🇧| Ilford Lane"Little India Street" Ilford. walk through Ilford Lane London ,Desi touch in London , Uk Vlogs ,London. Ilford Lane London Eid Shopping 2021. Walking on London's "Little Pakistan Ilford Lane. London Walking 2021 | Green Street London, East Shopping Centre | Eid Shopping Tour. #LondonWalk#EastLondonwalk#IlfordLaneLondon#ExchangeShoppingCentre#Eidshoppingtour

Ilford Pan F + Getting the Best Pt. 2 N+ Development


Have you ever been out taking photographs but the light is dull and boring? I know I have and today I want to show you a way to make those photographs shine! In this video I show lifting the highlights by up to 2 stops, useful for those dull days. This is the zone system in action. PAN F+ is a great film for the Zone System and with Pyrocat HD and semi-stand development (EMA) it excels! John 🤍

Potter Payper - Midnight on Ilford Lane (Official Video)


Preorder / pre-save Thanks For Waiting: 🤍 RIP Nan 🥀 Thank you to all of my fans who bought, streamed and supported Training Day 3, got me to Number 3 in the Official Charts and rated me as the mixtape of the year. I appreciate you all for allowing me to change my life. To celebrate the anniversary of Training Day 3 here’s Midnight on Ilford Lane & keep running #TrainingDay3 🤍 #ThanksForWaiting

Joe Brook: Skateboarding Is Our Religion - An ILFORD Inspires film


Joe Brook's film ‘SKATEBOARDING IS OUR RELIGION’ is a pilgrimage to the epicentre of skateboarding, San Francisco, in Joe's iconic van ‘Big Blue’. In this rare look behind the scenes we watch Joe capture skateboarders using various photographic techniques for his work at Thrasher Magazine. WARNING: The following film features skateboarding tricks performed by professionals. HARMAN technology and the producers insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any of the activity in this film. Filmed and Edited by Exploredinary (Sarah Reyes and Daniel Driensky) With additional GX1000 footage by Ryan Garshell Original Music by New Fumes Joe's Subjects: Ben Gore, Corey Duffel, Max Schaaf, Ryan Garshell, Brian DeLaTorre, Yonnie Cruz, Al Davis and Andrew Torralvo End Credits photos on ILFORD HP5 Plus film by Daniel Driensky Special Thanks to Joe Brook, Ben Gore, Corey Duffel, Max Schaaf, GX1000 and Michael Bain Joe's film processed by Blue Moon Camera and Machine

Malek #MyFilmStory Street Photography on black & white film


ILFORD Photo is proud to present the new series, #MyFilmStory In the second instalment of this series we meet 17 year old Malek Bigum from Copenhagen, and he shares his film story about why he uses his Rolleiflex TLR medium format film camera for black & white street photography. In this photography vlog we get insights into how Malek shoots his film photos, to capture his candid street photos. Within the camera he uses ILFORD HP5+ 120 medium format black and white film, which you can view on the ILFORD website here: 🤍 Featuring Malek Bigum 🤍 Produced by Anton Bestle & Frederik Bygballe View all the videos in the MyFilmStory playlist here: 🤍

Andy, Paddy & Alex zu Gast bei Ilford - warum wir Drucken lieben...


Unsere monatliche Fototalkrunde diesmal in einem ganz besonderen Format. Wir sind zu Gast in der Produktion von Ilford und werden uns ausführlich über das Thema Drucken unterhalten. Warum lieben wir es unsere Bilder ausgedruckt an die Wand zu hängen? Was ist beim Selbstdruck zu beachten? Wie mach ich mein Bild zum Unikat? Und noch vieles mehr. Unterstützt werden wir diesmal dabei von Karsten Goltz, Geschäftsführer von Ilford/Tecco. Er kann unsere, v.a. aber auch eure Fragen zum Thema drucken noch viel besser beantworten wie wir das könnten. Wir freuen uns auch euch! Kanalmitglied werden und exklusive Vorteile erhalten: 🤍 Wenn ihr mich und meinen Kanal sonst unterstützen wollt, kauft euer Equipment einfach über diesen Link bei Amazon: 🤍 (Affiliate, kostet euch nix) Oder lasst mir eine Spende auf meiner Tipping page da: 🤍 Meine Kanäle: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Ilford - Hometown Glory


In this video we do something a little different. Gary take us back to his home town of Ilford, East London. He recalls his memories as he shows us around his childhood home and then walks us down his street. He finishes with an important message about the voices we hear in the mainstream media with regards to economics. SUBSCRIBE, SHARE & START A CONVERSATION SOCIAL MEDIA: WEBSITE - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍garyseconomics FACEBOOK - 🤍garyseconomics INSTAGRAM - 🤍garyseconomics Performed by Gary Stevenson GARYSECONOMICS Produced by Simran Mohan MOHAN MEDIA

Behind the Film - Inside the ILFORD factory


Take a look inside the HARMAN technology factory in Mobberley, England where we manufacture the ILFORD and Kentmere ranges of black and white film, photographic paper and chemicals. We introduce you to some of the faces behind our films as we visit various parts of our factory to see how 120 and 35mm black and white films are made. From emulsion making, R&D and coating to finishing, quality control, warehousing and distribution, for the first time ever we are officially taking you behind the scenes at ILFORD Photo to show how your favourite black and white analogue products end up in the hands of photographers and darkroom printers all over the world. A film by Exploredinary Image credits copyright Exploredinary. Shot on ILFORD HP5 Plus black and white film

Making Your First Black & White Darkroom Print


There is nothing quite like the magic of seeing your first darkroom print appear in the tray. If you have always wanted to learn how to make a black and white print in the darkroom then this is the perfect video for you. We show you the basic steps to get you started with making your first black and white darkroom print in this easy to follow 'How to' guide. Part 1: What you will need 00:08 Part 2: Preparing the chemicals 01:28 Part 3: Choosing your negative 02:45 Part 4: Focusing your image 03:07 Part 5: Setting the aperture 03:33 Part 6: Making a test print 03:52 Part 7: Making the final print 05:26

Photographic Papers - ILFORD Photo Darkroom Guides


This is the third video in our 'how to' darkroom guides series, which we created to help you to take the next steps in your black and white darkroom printing journey. We offer a range of photographic papers which will help you to get the best out of your negatives when printing in the darkroom. From Resin Coated darkroom paper like our ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC Deluxe to Fibre based, Cotton Rag and even Direct Positive. There is something to suit every taste and application. (You can use our silver gelatin papers for photograms, lumen printing, paper negatives and other alternate processes as well as darkroom printing). Choosing which silver gelatin darkroom paper to use is often down to personal choice and often changes depending on the subject or what you are doing with the print afterwards. To see our full range of papers and to find our more about them visit 🤍 We invited 🤍Rachel Brewster-Wright from Little Vintage Photography, a film photographer, educator, and host of the Sunny16 podcast, to take you through some of our ILFORD Photo range of photographic papers. A film by: Tomfoolery (🤍 Featuring: Rachel Brewster-Wright (🤍

The Pengest Munch Ep. 31: Chester's (Ilford)


This week I went East for my wing excursion and it was not worth the bop. It was a case of catfish; the exterior decor lures you in, then the interior decor continues to gas you, then you cop a meal and realize expeditiously it was all a facade 🤦🏾‍♂️ It's a very nice facade though, great to look at and shoot in, but food is the last thing people should be rolling here for 😄 Subscribe, Like & Share the ting! Also, tell a friend to turn on their post notifications. Music // Jammz - Tim & Barry Freestyle (Instrumental) InstaGram // JammzTheMyth Twitter // Jammz 🤍 🤍 🤍 Filmed & Edited by // VP In The Cut TwittaGram // VPInTheCut

Pushing Ilford Hp5 +2 Stops


Start your free trial at 🤍 and use code GRAINYDAYS to get 10% off your first purchase. Tibetan throat singing and pushing hp5, I didn't choose this lifestyle, it chose me. Prints: 🤍 Cameras: Leica M6 Instayams: 🤍50_shades_of_jason Epidemic Sound, first 30 days free: 🤍 Business Inquiries: pigmodegraingang🤍

Jason Lee: The American Photo Roadtrip - An ILFORD Inspires film


Our ILFORD Inspires 'Legends of Skateboarding' series concludes with Jason Lee's ‘THE AMERICAN PHOTO ROADTRIP’. Discover the philosophies behind Jason's signature aesthetic during a journey through rural Texas highway 380 to document the abandoned yet cinematic American landscape. A former Pro Skateboarder, Jason has established himself as a pillar of the film community making him better placed than most to identify the parallels between skateboarding and photography. Filmed and edited by: Exploredinary (Sarah Reyes & Daniel Driensky) Score by Raymond Molinar End credits song "At The Cathedral" by Jason Lee and Eric Pulido Image credits copyright Exploredinary. Shot on ILFORD HP5 Plus

How to use the Ilford Sprite 35-II Camera


How to use the Ilford Sprite 35-II Camera Loading - 00:02 Flash - 00:48 Unloading - 01:26 Instagram :- 🤍 Facebook :- 🤍 Our Blog and Online Store 🤍

I forgot how good ILFORD FP4 is. Shoot and Darkroom Prints


CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 01:50 My Gear 04:13 Taking The Shot 07:00 Zeiss Ikon 11:57 Darkroom Print In this video I went off to photograph a small waterfall stream on Large Format and 120 film. To support the channel and buy my prints visit the SFLaB Website 🤍 Want more content? Why not become a member! 🤍 Become a member of SFLaB and JOIN the YouTube Members area. 🤍 Contact me THE SFLaB WEBSITE 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 EQUIPMENT USED IN THIS VIDEO CAMERA - Intrepid 4x5 / Zeiss Ikon Nettar FILM - Ilford FP4 DEVELOPER - KODAK D76 STOCK 8 MINS STOP & FIX - ILFORD ENLARGER - DURST M605 PAPER - FOTOSPEED RCVC DEVELOPER - ILFORD MG STOP & FIX - ILFORD PRODUCTION GEAR CANON 6D, GOPRO 10 BLACK, TASCAM DR10L MIC, SENHEISSER SHOTGUN MIC, NEEWER LED PANELS, GVM COLOUR PANELS, Valoi 360 Film Holder System for scanes, Zeapon Micro 2 Motor Slider, Editing - FCP, PHOTOSHOP, LIGHTROOM, ABOUT MY VIDEOS If my videos inspire, create ideas and help others in film photography and darkroom work then it's worth making them. I always welcome comments that are useful towards the video subject that will help others understand the process within. Keep shooting and thanks for watching. MUSIC CREDITING YouTube Studio Music

Lzino x Blacka (Ilford) - Been Lurking | @PacmanTV @Blacka_gs


If you would like a music video like this one contact 🤍PacmanTV

Unboxing the Ilford 4x5 Pinhole Camera - Ilford Obscura


Ilford Obscura Pinhole Camera: 🤍 4x5 Film: 🤍 J. Lane Dry Plates: 🤍 Changing Bag: 🤍 Kodak HC-110 Developer: 🤍 Darkroom Tray: 🤍 Darkroom Light: 🤍 Time Stamps Intro 0:10 Unboxing: 0:27 J. Lane Dry Plates: 1:47 Parts of Camera: 2:26 Changing Film: 3:01 Developed Dry Plate: 4:52 Finding the Right Exposure: 6:20

Migulator - So Ilford [Music Video]


Subscribe for more latest videos: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 SOUNDCLOUD: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For enquiries visit our website or see email list below: Advertising Enquiries - k.otv🤍 Mixtape Promotion - k.otv🤍 Video Production - k.otv🤍 Upload your video to our YouTube Channel - k.otv🤍 Appear On Fresh Heat - k.otv🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you believe this video breaches your copyright, please direct your DMCA related emails to k.otv🤍

The most beautiful park।fairlop waters countryside park ।Ilford,london।@Bd to London Adventure


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my video😊 Hopefully, you enjoyed this video and let me know on the comments down below! Have a great day!❤️💜 My channel link:: 🤍 Briton sea beach 2021: 🤍 Aahil ER rainy day: 🤍 Beautiful canerywraf:: 🤍 London eye: 🤍 Lau gacher macha 2021: 🤍 Begun gach: 🤍 Pachmishali sak:: 🤍 Lal sak:: 🤍 Prothom lau harvesting: 🤍 Begun korola2921: 🤍 Bangladeshi tal: 2020 rooptop garden in London part 1: 🤍 2020 rooptop garden in London part 2: 🤍 London saad baganer prothom lal sak: 🤍 Pachmishali sak from saad bagan:: 🤍 Lau gacher macha diyechilam 2021 saad bagan London : 🤍 If any enquiries: setubeauty18🤍 rooptop garden in London part 1: 🤍 2020 rooptop garden in London part 2: 🤍 London saad baganer prothom lal sak: 🤍 Pachmishali sak from saad bagan:: 🤍 Lau gacher macha diyechilam 2021 saad bagan London : 🤍

Two goons assualt me in Ilford Shopping Mall in tier 4 lockdown | BotheredNow? UK AUDITS


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Amir Khan at The Ottoman Doner Ilford


Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom at the opening of The Ottoman Doner on Ilford Lane.

[Street Photography] LONDON on B&W FILM ILFORD Hp5 PLUS 400: Basic review, PoV, pandemic documentary


Basic review on 🤍ILFORD Photo Ilford Hp5 Plus 400 - a beginner-friendly B&W film suitable for street photography. This PoV street photography documentary of London during the COVID pandemic demonstrates the film's versatility. Images are shot using the 35mm version of the film stock. Specifically, this video covers: 00:27 Overview of the Ilford Hp5 Plus 400 35mm B&W Film 01:50 London film street photography PoV & pandemic documentary in (Day 1) 05:07 Taking photos of strangers in Covent Garden, London 06:12 London film street photography PoV & pandemic documentary in (Day 2) 09:06 Honest thoughts about the Ilford Hp5 Plus 400 B&W film (Contrast, Dynamic Range, Exposure Latitude, Sharpness and Grain) 12:30 Final thoughts on the Ilford Hp5 Plus 400 35mm B&W film for street photography 12:57 Bloopers 12:12 Line-up of London film street photography on b&w film Watch also: "[Street Photography PoV] CHRISTMAS EDITION: a mini pandemic documentary, taking photos of strangers": 🤍 "[Street Photography PoV] UK PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN ON 100mm f2 lens -a mini documentary of Central London": 🤍 "[Street Photography PoV] ON IPHONE7 IN LONDON - motion blur, colour contrast, composition & editing": 🤍 Read also (from my photography blog): "Is Street Photography Creepy?": 🤍 "Candid Street Photography: Purpose, Obtrusiveness, Gear": 🤍 "[Pho.Talk] Is Film Photography Worth it (vs Digital)? Costs, Image Quality, Film stocks": 🤍 Shop: Ilford Hp5 Plus 400 35mm (5 rolls): 🤍 Minolta 5000 AF Camera Body: 🤍 Sony A7ii Full-Frame Mirrorless E-Mount Camera with Kit Lens (24-70mm): 🤍 Akaso v50 Pro Action Camera & Accessories: 🤍 Adobe Photographer Plan: 🤍 Find me on Instagram: 🤍 Background Music "Chill Noons" by Kronicle via Soundcloud, available here: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This description contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links included, I may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you! Thank you for your continuous support, making it possible for me to create content consistently for you all. #streetphotography #streetphotographytips #povphotography #akasov50pro #londonstreetphotography #covidphotography #coviddocumentary #pandemicphotography #londonpov #filmphotography #ilfordhp5plus400 #b&wfilmphotography #filmstreetphotography

Disposable cameras comparison / ILFORD ILFOCOLOR RAPID RETRO - FUJIFILM SIMPLE ACE - Kodak Funsaver


In this video I compare photos taken by the three Disposable film cameras. ↓Cameras I used during this photo walk.↓ [ILFORD ILFOCOLOR RAPID RETRO] [FUJIFILM SIMPLE ACE] [Kodak Funsaver] Location : Osaka, Japan - Follow me! instagram = 🤍 twitter = 🤍 ZINE = 🤍 goods = 🤍 [web site] 🤍 #IlfocolorRapidRetro #simpleace #funsaver #FilmPhotography

Shooting on black and white. Ilford HP5 Plus and Kodak Tmax 400


Shooting with 2 black and white film roll: Ilford HP5 Plus and Kodak Tmax 400. This is a kind of comparison between 2 of the most famous black and white film roll. Big shout out for Francesco 🤍 My Gear: Profoto Strobe Light kit: 🤍 Strobe Light: 🤍 Trigger: 🤍 Softbox: 🤍 Film Roll: 🤍 My Work: 🤍 /// The Gear i use to make this videos: Canon 6d Mark II: 🤍 Joby Gorillapod: 🤍 Rode Video Micro: 🤍 Light: 🤍 /// The Gear I Use to Scan Led Panel: 🤍 Canon Macro 100mm: 🤍 Manfrotto: 🤍 The scanner: 🤍



On The Road! Yep! Back again! In this one we're under the lights again but this time it's Ilford FC who face Hoddesdon Town in the Essex Senior League, 9 levels down from the Premier League at Step 5 of Non League Football We're into season 5 and we're being powered the whole way by Utilita Energy who is Britain's leading supplier of Pay As You Go Energy. Be sure to subscribe to the Utilita Football Channel as you'll be seeing some more of me over there! ► JOIN THE CHANNEL • 🤍 ► FOLLOW SMIV • Twitter: 🤍smivadee • Instagram: 🤍smivadee ► UTILITA FOOTBALL • 🤍 ►JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER • Discord: 🤍 ► OTR MERCH NOW AVAILABLE!! • 🤍 ► OTR PLAYLIST!! • 🤍 ► Music from

Ilford HP5


Today we have a little chat about the very versatile and reliable Ilford HP5. Thank you so much for watching! Video Breakdown: 00:00 - Intro. 01:33 - Overall impressions of the film. 03:22 - Adaptability & double exposure experiments. 03:30 - Contrast. 04:20 - Testing the film with modern & vintage lenses. 04:51 - Grain. 05:32 - Conclusion. Find out more: 🤍 Links to my work: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Ray Barbee: A Common Thread - An ILFORD Inspires film


Ray Barbee's film ‘A COMMON THREAD’ is about finding enjoyment in things that are challenging. This is a captivating insight into a humble yet remarkably talented skateboarder, musician and photographer who believes that all 3 passions are crafted by various factors outside of the artist's control. From making prints in a darkroom to making music in a studio, Ray embraces the imperfections of analogue formats. Filmed and Edited by Exploredinary (Sarah Reyes and Daniel Driensky) Original Music by Richard Carpenter with Outro/End Credits Remix by Ray Barbee Modular Synth Jam by Ray Barbee Studio Jam by Vulcho Bonev, Ray Barbee, and Matthew Roi Rainwater End Credits photos on ILFORD HP5 Plus film by Daniel Driensky Special Thanks to Ray Barbee, Michael Bain, Matt Parry, Vulcanic Studioz, and Contact Photo Lab

Shooting Ilford’s NEW Ortho Plus | First Impressions!


A new black and white film from Ilford is out! This is my first roll of Ortho Plus. What do you guys think of this orthochromatic film? To get 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain, go to 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍

Portrait photography with Ilford delta 3200


I had used Ilford delta 3200 on other occasions for portrait photography and I found it always gives great and interesting results. However, this was the first time I used it on a really sunny day. I rated it at 800 ISO and used fast shutters speeds and closed apertures to try to expose it as well as possible. I think this film always gives a timeless look which works really well. I hope you like this video! - I'm a photographer and filmmaker from Barcelona who shoots all kinds of genres, often including landscapes or nature in general. For my personal work, I almost only shoot film. You can see more of what I do on my website: 🤍 If you enjoy my content, please, consider subscribing and leaving a like. You can support me by using the following affiliate links. Equipment I use: Mamiya 645 1000s Befree GT XPRO Aluminium Tripod - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 DJI Ronin-S - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Sony a6500 - ESP USA 🤍 UK 🤍 K&F Variable ND filter - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Zoom H4n pro - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Feelworld FW279 - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Film I shoot: Kodak Portra 400 120 film- ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Kodak Porta 160 120 film - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Kodak Tri-x 400 120 film - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Lomography color negative 400 120 film - ESP 🤍 USA 🤍 UK 🤍 Thank you for watching!

Episode 010: Shooting Every Ilford Black and White Film // Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii


Support the channel: 🤍 Follow Radical Eye Magazine: 🤍 Shooting a roll of every Ilford Black and White Film that is currently produced. In this episode we also work with Model Lika Rzhevskaya, and make up artist Anna Huxham. // Shot on location in London, United Kingdom. Follow Radical Eye Magazine: 🤍 🤍 Jonny Flynn: 🤍 Tom Butler: 🤍 Lika Rzhevskaya: 🤍 Anna Huxham: 🤍 –––––––––– Jonny uses: Mamiya RZ67 Pro II // Mamiya Sekor 180mm f4.5 // Ilford XP2, HP5, Delta 100, Delta 400, Delta 3200, SFX, Pan F Plus, and FP4 Plus Tom uses: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K // Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM Art Studio light: Aputure 120d –––––––––– Jonny Flynn: 🤍 🤍 Tom Butler: 🤍 🤍

Ilford New MGRC V Paper Review


The generation V of Ilford Multigrade RC papers has arrived, and I got a box to print on in my darkroom! Contrast management, sepia & selenium toning, Dmax - all examined and compared to the previous RC generation. Test strips are done with identical 4-second steps. Full-spectrum LED light source. Ilford MG contrast filters. Close up pictures of the tests: 🤍raphy/videos#/mgrc-v-review/ Chemistry used: Ilford MG developer, Kodak stop, Ilford rapid fixer Pictures from video: 🤍raphy/videos#/mgrc-v-review/ 🤍

Ilford Ortho Plus - A True ORTHOCHROMATIC Black and White | ROLL REVIEW


Ilford's Ortho Plus is a true orthochromatic black and white film available in multiple formats. Orthochromatic films allow for a very interesting style of photos because of their sensitivity to different colors! - - - SUPPORT ANALOG RESURGENCE - - - 🤍 - - - For New Analog Content Every Week - - - SUBSCRIBE & HIT THE BELL 🔔 ➡️ 🤍 - - - Get Some Ortho+ - - - 🤍 🤍 - - - Other Orthochromatic Film - - - 🤍 🤍 - - - Super 8 & 16mm Camera, Film & Services Available at Pro8mm - - - 🤍?sca_ref=207073.rkNff54PoN - - - Get Yourself Some Dang Polaroids - - - 🤍 ———————————————————————— SOCIAL MEDIA STUFF 🤍 🤍 ———————————————————————— You can send me stuff for the videos! (Packages ONLY, Letter-mail not accepted) Noah Henderson PO BOX 99900 YG 434 149 RPO ELLERBECK TORONTO, ON M4K 0A2

Street Photography on Film: Ilford HP5


Buy My Prints: 🤍 🖤 Ilford HP5 is one of the best black and white 35mm film rolls. And today we'll do street photography using Ilford HP5. I get my Ilford HP5 rolls here: 🤍 All photos in this video were shot on this film camera: 🤍 In this video, I photograph with the Ilford HP5 400 at a 400 ISO and I also push it to 1600 ISO at night. This was one of the first times I shot film photography at night and it’s definitely something I need to study more and do more of - but I had a good time and I'll definitely do more film photography with the Ilford HP5 Plus 400 rolls! ➡ Complete list of my camera gear: 🤍 Fujifilm X-T3: 🤍 My favorite street lens: 🤍 My Portrait lens: 🤍 Fuji's Wide Angle Lens: 🤍 Vlogging lens: 🤍 = How I shoot film: 🤍 = I edit ALL my photos in Capture One. Pick up a free Capture One trial: 🤍 + This GIGANTIC Preset Package 🤍 = I find all the music for my videos here: 🤍 = ✏︎ My Instagram: 🤍 ✏︎ My Twitter: 🤍 Ilford HP5 Plus 400 is one of the most popular black and white film rolls and so far one of my favorite film stocks. More about HP5 here: 🤍 #filmphotography #streetphotography #ilford I hope you enjoyed this video and I think the next film photography roll I’d like to try, is the Kodak TRI-X 400 This street photography video was shot in Mexico City and the camera I use is the Canon AE-1.

Ilford Galerie Fineart Papiere im Test | Teil 1


Wir sehen uns gemeinsam diverse Ilford Fotopapiere an und besprechen welche für wen geeignet sind, welche ich persönlich top finde und welche bei mir durchfallen. Alles wurde auf dem Canon Pixma Pro 200 gedruckt und es wurden immer die korrekten ICC-Profile des Papierherstellers verwendet. Fineart Papiere im Test/Review. Heute im Teil 1 gehts um folgende Papiere: Smooth Pearl ; Smooth Gloss ; Raster Silk ; Metallic Gloss ; Crystal Gloss ; Satin Photo ; Glossy Photo ; Mono Silk Warmtone ; Gold Fibre Gloss ; Gold Fibre Pearl ; Gold Fibre Rag 0:00 Intro 0:27 Disclaimer 1:27 Ersteindruck und Ilford allgemein 4:30 Papiere im Einzelnen inkluisive CloseUp 9:35 Fazit

Brutalism | London Vlog [Ilford Pan 400]


Brutalism | London Vlog [Ilford Pan 400] 🔔 Subscribe & Be Notified When I Post A New Video! Video Chapters - FRIDAY 0:00 - Intro 0:45 - Barbican Estate 3:17 - Grand Union Canal 3:35 - Trellick Tower 4:20 - National History Museum 4:44 - SOHO/Outro What Is Brutalism? Brutalism, also known as Brutalist architecture, is a style that emerged in the 1950s and grew out of the early-20th century modernist movement. Brutalist buildings are characterised by their massive, monolithic and 'blocky' appearance with a rigid geometric style and large-scale use of poured concrete. The second day out in London with the tour guide Fabio (🤍fabiopomaro) today Fabio introduced me to the Brutalist building of London to shoot some black and white film photography. I haven't done much architecture style of film photography, but it was nice for a change and always great exploring London. All shots were taken on the Klasse S FujiFilm point and shoot. *If you are a fellow creative, shoot film or model and want to link up leave a comment below or reach out to my Instagram 🤍film.byrhys Here are some other places you can FIND ME: Instagram: 🤍 Business and Collabs: Info🤍 Friends & Mentions: ▪️ Fabio’s Instagram - 🤍 🟢 Scanned & Developed at: 🤍 📸 Equipment: - Fujifilm Klasse S - Remaining Shots from a roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200 - 1 x Rolls - ilford Pan 400 - Video on the Sony A7iii 🖤 Like, comment, and subscribe if you like more content like this. 🖤 #ilfordPan400 ​#LondonVlog #Brutalism ► Ignore london brutalist,brutalism,brutalist architecture,brutalist,barbican,balfron tower,barbican centre,brutalist,brutalist architecture uk,brutalist architecture house,brutalist architecture london,barbican estate, trellick tower,erno goldfinger, ilford pan 400,film photography,analog photography,35mm film,fuji klasse s,fujifilm klasse

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