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इस गाडी में एबीएस लाइट ईपीएस लाइट और इंजन चेक लाइट ग्लो कररहा है ,जो की स्कैन करने से पता चला सिर्फ एक सेंसर की वायरिंग चूहे ने कट करने से हुआ है। उम्मीद करते है आप को वीडियो समाज आये। इस वीडियो में मैंने लांच का स्कैनर उसे किया है ,स्कैनर से रेलेटेड जानकारी के लिया इस नंबर पे संपर्क करे 9377711194

top 10 sensors of a car|| गाडी के सेंसर


namaskaar dosto iss video me mene car ke 10 most important sensor ko explain kra h umeed krta hu aapko video pasand aaegi... please iss video ko share kre... or agar channel abi tk subscribe nhi kra h to channel subscribe bi krdo.. map sensor : 🤍 maf sensor : 🤍 cam/ crank sensor : 🤍 throttle sensor : 🤍 O2 sensor : 🤍 accelerator positio sensor: 🤍 safety snesors : 🤍 comfort sensor: 🤍 youtube: 🤍 fb : 🤍 insta : 🤍

Car Sensors Used in Automobile Engine and Their Functions in Hindi


Today’s modern automobiles have a variety of sensors. These sensors built into their engine to ensure that the owner can identify and prevent possible issues before they result in breakdowns can result in expensive repairs. These automobile engine sensors also ensure that the vehicle is operating at its most efficient. What is Crankshaft Position Sensor? : 🤍 What is Engine Temperature Sensor? : 🤍 What is Lambda Sensor? | How Lambda Oxygen Sensor Works? : 🤍 How Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Works in Hindi : 🤍 BS6 Engine's Sensors, Actuators and Components Location in Hindi : 🤍 The Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) From different types of sensors used in cars, The Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) is a computer-controlled sensor that calculates the volume and density of the air taken in by the engine. This in turn ensures the right amount of fuel is used for optimized operating conditions. If this sensor is faulty, the car may stall and the fuel usage will be higher than necessary. The Engine Speed Sensor Engine Speed Sensor is attached to the crankshaft and monitors the spinning speed of the crankshaft, which controls the fuel injection and timing of the engine. There are many ways for car engine to stop suddenly, and this sensor will prevent that for drivers. Oxygen Sensor The Oxygen sensor measures the amount of unburden oxygen that is present in the exhaust pipe and will indicate if the fuel is burning rich or lean. A faulty oxygen sensor will cause the car to idle poorly and jerk as well as cause high fuel consumption. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor A Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, or MAP, senses the engine load. As it is mounted on the intake manifold it can measure the difference between the intake manifold pressure and outside. This is important for the engine to be able to adjust the fuel injection based on the change in pressure. Spark Knock Sensor A spark knock sensor ensures that the fuel is burning smoothly and not detonating (exploding erratically). Detonation can cause the head gasket to fail, piston lands to crack and rings to break, as well as possible rod bearing damage. Fuel Temperature Sensor The Fuel Temperature Sensor is another sensor that ensures your cars fuel consumption is at its most efficient. The colder the fuel is the more dense and the slower it burns while when the fuel is warm is burns faster. There are many car parts will get damaged when the car runs out of fuel, so this sensor ensures that the right amount of fuel is injected to keep the vehicle running smoothly while being as efficient as possible. Voltage Sensor Another important part in car sensors list is the Voltage Sensor. This sensor manages the idling speed of the car and ensures the speed is increased or decreased as necessary. Coolant Sensor The coolant sensor is probably the most important sensor. Because the computer relies on its input to control other functions. For example, activating or deactivating the Early Fuel Evaporation (EFE) system, spark advance and retard, EGR flow, canister purge etc. This sensor is generally located on the head or intake manifold. Because it is such an important sensor, it can be a problem if the sensor is faulty. If the sensor is faulty, there will be some symptoms like poor fuel mileage, stalling. So the point is that you have to make sure that the coolant sensor is not defective. Vehicle Speed Sensor Just by hearing the name, you can pretty much assume its functionality. But we will explain it anyway. The vehicle speed sensor has the ability to determine the speed of the wheels. It is a kind of tachometer. Throttle Position Sensor The throttle position sensor is used with EFI (electronic fuel injection) and feedback carburetion. It notifies the computer about the rate of throttle opening. Furthermore, it tells the computer about the relative throttle position. The throttle position sensor is mainly a variable resistor. It changes resistance when the throttle opens. It is not difficult to know the symptoms of a faulty throttle position sensor. When there is a stumble during acceleration, you will know that your throttle position sensor is defective. It is the main symptom of a defective throttle position sensor. When you replace the sensor, do not misadjust it. Camshaft Position Sensor The control module uses the camshaft position sensor. It can indicate the position of the number one cylinder. In order to start the sequential fuel injection, the control module uses this piece of information as a reference point. So subscribe my channel and learn everyday Follow me on twitter: ⤵ 🤍 Add me on Facebook: ⤵ 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: ⤵ 🤍 Contact me: ⤵ mechanicaltechhindi🤍

EVERY ENGINE SENSOR EXPLAINED - MAF, MAP, IAT, TPS, 02, NOx, EGT - How it works, location, OBD2 code


AEM SS MAP sensors: 🤍 AEM wideband: 🤍 AEM IAT: 🤍 AEM FLUID TEMP: 🤍 AEM EGT: 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:57 Crankshaft position sensor 02:54 Camshaft position sensor 03:58 Throttle position sensor TPS 05:44 Mass air flow sensor MAF 07:39 Vane air flow meter AFM 08:44 Manifold absolute pressure sensor MAP 10:27 Oil pressure sensor 11:55 Fuel pressure sensor 12:34 Intake air temperature sensor IAT 14:09 Coolant temperature sensor 15:22 Fuel temperature sensor 16:16 Oil temperature sensor 17:24 Oxygen 02 sensor 20:18 Exhaust gas temperature sensor EGT 22:05 Nitrogen oxide sensor NOx 23:01 Knock sensor 24:07 Quick recap of key sensors 25:53 Outro In this video we're explaining every single car engine sensor. For each sensor we'll be explaining what it does, how does it do it, where is the sensor location and what happens if the sensor goes bad. There's also OBD2 error codes for all the sensors. Stuff like P0335, P0118, P0131, P0340, P0300, P0102, P0113. So the next time you have a problem with one of your sensors you will know what's happening, why is it happening, where is the sensor and what will happen if you don't fix it. To make the video as simple and as logical I have grouped the sensor into 5 categories. 1. Position sensors (crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor) 2. Air flow sensors (mass air flow sensor MAF, vane air flow meter) 3. Pressure sensors (MAP or manifold absolute pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor) 4. Temperature sensors (IAT or intake air temperature sensor, coolant temperature sensor, fuel temperature sensor, oil temperature sensor) 5. Air fuel ratios, emissions and others (oxygen 02 sensor both wide band and narrow band, egt or exhaust gas temperature sensor, nitrogen oxide or nox sensor for SCR selective catalyst reduction and the knock sensor) We'll see how each sensor communicated with the ECU and how each sensor is a piece of the puzzle. When they all work together correctly the ECU gets to see the big picture and accurately and efficiently manage the operation of the engine. For example the crankshaft position sensor tells the ECU where the piston is so the ECU knows WHEN to inject the fuel. Air flow sensors like the Mass air flow sensor or the map sensor tell the ECU how much air is coming into the engine so the ECU knows HOW MUCH fuel to inject. The throttle position sensor and the intake air temperature sensor tell the ECU the load placed on the engine and the intake air temp which further improves the accuracy of the injection. The final stream of information necessary for injection accuracy comes from the fuel pressure sensor which lets the ECU calculate exactly how long it needs to keep the injectors open in order to deliver the precise quantity of fuel needed. In case something does go wrong we have the life saver sensors like the knock or oil pressure sensors. The knock sensor listens for knock or abnormal combustion and if it detects it it warns the ECU and the ECU in a matter of milliseconds retards ignition timing and/or adds fuel to prevent knock from occurring again. The oil pressure and oil temperature sensors make sure that the engine oil, the lifeblood of the engine, is within functional parameters. As soon as it even briefly drifts out of expected values the ECU can protect the engine and warn the driver. All in all modern cars are a moving world of information where a large number of sensors rapidly provides endless amounts of data that gets interpreted at lightning speeds by the ECU where it triggers a sea of different actions that keep you moving smoothly and safely along the road all while preserving efficiency and minimizing emissions. A special thank you to my patrons: Daniel Peter Della Flora Daniel Morgan William Richard Caldwell Pepe Brian Durning Brian Alvarez D4A merch: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 #d4a #enginebootcamp

BS4 Ashok Leyland starting problem | sensor wiring kilometre sensor | gadi sound banaa rahi hai


Bhilwara Tarsport nagar Koi bhi Sawal ho to a jao bejhijhak Aslam Instagram profile link 🤍 New channel haq tv 🤍 Bublu bhai Instagram profile link 🤍 Ayub bhai Instagram profile link 🤍 Car 🚗mechanic channel link 🤍 Bhilwara diesel workshop Kobelco 210 video link 🤍 Tata parima GB 1150 gear box assembl fiting video link 🤍 Engine assembly 🤍 Bs4 HEDGASKIT 🤍 Truck Mistri - Truck mechanic: Truck ki all jankari:_ Technical mechanic Gyan-_-£- Ashok Leyland /:- Tata /: Bharat Bench /:_- Eicher/: Agar aapke Koi Sawal Hai Hamen Instagram se follow Karke message kar sakte hain message ka reply Jarur Milega aapko Truck/ tempo/ loading pick up/ tailor/ trola/ Ghoda/ trolley/ 6 chakka/ 10 chakka/ 12 chakka/ 40 Preeti/ all truck all vehicleInsta/link 🤍 Bhilwara Tarsport nagar Koi bhi Sawal ho to a jao bejhijhak Aslam Instagram profile link 🤍 New channel haq tv 🤍 Bublu bhai Instagram profile link 🤍 Ayub bhai Instagram profile link 🤍 Car 🚗mechanic channel link 🤍 Bhilwara diesel workshop Kobelco 210 video link 🤍 Tata parima GB 1150 gear box assembl fiting video link 🤍 Engine assembly 🤍 Bs4 HEDGASKIT 🤍 Truck Mistri - Truck mechanic: Truck ki all jankari:_ Technical mechanic Gyan-_-£- Ashok Leyland /:- Tata /: Bharat Bench /:_- Eicher/: Agar aapke Koi Sawal Hai Hamen Instagram se follow Karke message kar sakte hain message ka reply Jarur Milega aapko Truck/ tempo/ loading pick up/ tailor/ trola/ Ghoda/ trolley/ 6 chakka/ 10 chakka/ 12 chakka/ 40 Preeti/ all truck all vehicle/ tempo/ loading pick up/ tailor/ trola/ Ghoda/ trolley/ 6 chakka/ 10 chakka/ 12 chakka/ 40 Preeti/ all truck all vehicle

Pt100 Sensor Explained | Working Principles


▶ C'mon over to 🤍 where you can learn PLC programming faster and easier than you ever thought possible! ▶ You can read the full post here 🤍 ⌚Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:50 - What is a Pt100? 01:37 - Physical properties of Pt 02:30 - Alpha coefficient 04:29 - Industrial Pt100 05:38 - 2-wire Pt100 06:17 - 3-wire Pt100 = Platinum 100, or Pt100 RTDs are an important part of many process control installations. RTDs are a class of sensors that change resistance when the temperature of the medium they are inserted into changes. This change of resistance is proportional to temperature and varies in a somewhat linear fashion with temperature. It is due entirely to the physical properties of the material from which the RTD is constructed. While RTDs can be manufactured from many metals, including nickel and copper, platinum exhibits physical properties that make it ideal for use in RTD temperature sensors. 1) Platinum is a basic element, with the chemical symbol, Pt. That is the first part of the designation of the Pt100 RTD. Platinum has a molecular weight of 195, which makes it a rather heavy metal with free electrons to make it a good conductor of electricity, although not as good as copper or silver. 2) Platinum exhibits an electrical resistance that varies in a nearly linear fashion with temperature and has a resistance of exactly 100.00 ohms at zero degrees Celsius. This is where the second part of the designation Pt100 comes from. 3) Another property of platinum that makes it highly valuable to temperature measurement is that it is quite inert. It does not react with other compounds to any great extent. The most common Pt100 RTD used in industry is one that changes resistance at the rate of about 0.385 ohms for every degree Celsius rise in temperature. The “385” factor comes from the equation that approximates the resistance of an RTD based on its physical properties. The equation relates the resistance of the RTD at the temperature being measured to the resistance at zero degrees Celsius. The coefficient alpha in this equation describes the rate of change of resistance with temperature. The Pt100 RTD is often referred to as the Pt100 (385) RTD. There are platinum RTD’s that exhibit different values of alpha, and those would be designated with their respective alpha values, such as with the Pt100 (391) sensor. The equation is only approximate, so to know the true temperature at any measured resistance, we will need to consult a published standard table of resistance for a Pt100 (385) sensor. You can find the link to this table here: 🤍 A Pt100 RTD is typically constructed by winding a thin platinum wire around a non-conductive core which helps support the thin wire. The entire assembly is encased in a sheath to protect the sensor and to give it stability. In industrial applications, RTDs are commonly placed inside protective metal tubes called thermowell. The length of the RTD and the design of the thermowell are design parameters determined by the instrument engineer. PT100 RTDs can be constructed from a single platinum wire, giving a sensor with two leads. These leads can be connected to a special I/O card designed to accept RTD inputs, or the leads can be connected to a temperature transmitter, which will output a standard 4-20 mA signal. In order to determine the resistance of the RTD, a special bridge circuit is used, called a Wheatstone bridge. This 2-wire RTD design is not very accurate because the platinum leads themselves have an electrical resistance due to the length of the wire and the connection points, in addition to the resistance from the temperature detected at the point of measurement. To compensate for this added resistance, a second platinum wire is added to the sensor at a third lead. This third lead is used to determine the resistance of the lead itself, and the resistance is subtracted from the overall measure resistance to give the true resistance due to the change in temperature alone. = Order a Siemens PLC Starter Kit: 🤍 Get a RealPars pro membership: 🤍 = Missed our most recent videos? Watch them here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 = To stay up to date with our last videos, make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel: 🤍 = TWEET THIS VIDEO: 🤍 = Follow us on Facebook 👉 🤍 Follow us on Twitter 👉 🤍 Follow us on LinkedIn 👉 🤍 Follow us on Instagram 👉 🤍 #RealPars #Pt100 #temperature_sensor

Maruti Suzuki Wagonr k Series Chalte Chalte gadi band padana p0122 Throttle/pedal position sensor


................... pavan automobile................... - Maruti Suzuki WagonR pick a problem Chalte Chalte band Pad Jana code. p0122 Throttle / pedal Position sensor/Switch A circuit low #code_p0122

Solve Edc Light Problem Bs4 Ashokleyland vehicle Gadi ka Edc Light Aarahahe Kiya kare check


Solve Edc Light Problem Bs4 Ashokleyland vehicle Gadi ka Edc Light Aarahahe Kiya kare check HELLO GUYS KESE HO AAP SOB AACHA HI HONGE AGAR AAP KO MERI VIDEO ACHHA LEGE TO PLEASE DON'T FORGET LIKE COMENT SHEAR & SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL PLZ YAR 🙏🙏🙏 Ashokleyland starting problem bs4 Link 👎 🤍 Eichar Starting problem kese kare check Link 👉👉👉🤍 Tata Bs4 Waring Problem kese kare check Link 👉👉🤍 P0265 Active Error code Kiya kare check Link 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 🤍 Egr Valve Warking time Ashokleyland bs4 Link 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 🤍 Ashokleyland Bs6 Waring harness problem kese kare check Link 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 🤍 Prv valve check ok Ashokleyland bs3 bs4 bs6 🤍 How To Solve parking light woring damage Ashokleyland bs6 , 👇👇👇👇👇👇 🤍 How to check Prv Valve kese kare check Prv Valve by Ashokleyland bs-6 bs-4 bs3 👇👇 🤍 How to injector soket open Ashokleyland bs-iv Neptune Engine 👇👇👇👇👇 🤍 Ashokleyland bs-iv edc problem👇👇 🤍 🤍 Ashokleyland bs-vi Bus Link👆👆 🤍 Happy new year status video New sal ka hartik suv kamana👆👆 🤍 How To Solve Edc & mil Light on Kiya kare Edc & mil Light Anese 🤍 How To Solve fuse box Damage Fuse box damage Honese kiya karna chaiye Link upor me 👆👆👆👆👆👆 🤍 How To Solve Uds Nojel Not Work Ad blue Dojer kam nehin kartahe kiya kare check point 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 🤍 How to Manual Dosing bs6 Link👆👆 Kese kare manual Dosing Bs-vi 👆👆 🤍 How to park re generation Link 👆👆 Kese kare park re generation Link👆 🤍 How to solve autoadjust break Link👆 Auto adjust break kam nehin kartahe 🤍 How to solve fuell gej not work👆👆 Fuell gej kam nehin kartahe kya kare 🤍 How to solve water in fuell sensor 👆 Water in fuell sensor Active P1523 🤍 How to solve Active errorcodeP0205 Kese kare check Active error code 🤍 How to solve ad blue quantity not s Kese kare check ad blue gej kam nehin karta he Link👆👆👆👆👆👆 🤍 How to solve Short circuit to B+👆👆 Kiya kare check short to betery B+ 🤍 How to solve adblue quality sensor👆 Ad blue quality sensor sens nehin kartahe kiya kare check 🤍 How to solve cluster issue 👆👆 Hed light dene se mitor bod ka Light off ho jata he Ecoment star⭐⭐ 🤍 How to solve Active error code 1104 1104 Anese kiya Karna chaye 🤍 How to solve injectors damage👆👆 Kese janeng injectors Aacha he ki kharap he 🤍 How to solve starting problem Bs6 Kiya check karenge Start nehin honese ASHOKLEYLAND BSVI VEHICLES aducation on Automobile Hi Tech Ecm Repair and trening Center Diesel Mecanic Diesel Works Auto Electrical World SSBINDHANI3🤍 Edc light on bs6 Ashokleyland Ashokleyland Bs6 Ashokleyland BS4 Ashokleyland Bs3 How to solve All difectiv Electrical Problem Trobul sut error code SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL SORCH BY YOUTUBE SSBINDHANI3🤍 THANKS FOR WATCHING THANKS FOR SUPPORTING I LOVE YOU ALL THE MY F

Humari Gadi Ke Sensor ma Aayi Achanak Problem 😱


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Ek Key Gaadi ke ander rakh ke dusri se Lock kare to 🤔??? Brezza KeyFob Experiments


#brezzakeyfob #Keyfobfeatures #Keyfobexperiments FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT TO ME ON FOLLOWING PLATFORMS: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Whatsapp: 🤍 Hidden MID Features of Brezza 2020 | Security Alarm | All 4 Doors Unlock | Mechanical Jugadu 🤍 PRACTICAL DRIVING LESSONS SERIES: 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Samsung Memory Card - 🤍 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro - 🤍 Car Vacuum Cleaner - 🤍 SoftSpun Microfibre Cloths - 🤍 SoftSpun Microfibre Gloves - 🤍 GoPro Hero 9 Black - 🤍 GoPro Hero 9 Black Extra Battery - 🤍 GoPro Hero 9 Bundle Kit - 🤍 GoPro Hero 9 Silicon Cover and tampered Glass Combo - 🤍 Boya MM1 Shotgun Mic - 🤍 Car Tyre Inflator - 🤍 (-KINDLY IGNORE DOWN HERE-) keyfob keyfob experiment brezza keyfob keyfob battery brezza keyfob experiments keyfob features brezza keyfob features brezza keyfob hidden features everything about brezza keyfob Brezza hidden feartures Brezza MID features Brezza MID hidden features 2020 Brezza hidden features Brezza petrol hidden features Brezza 2020 hidden features Brezza LXi hidden features Brezza VXi hidden features Brezza ZXi hidden features Brezza ZXi+ hidden features Brezza instrument cluster hidden features Brezza features of MID Brezza all 4 doors unlock feature how to open all 4 door of Brezza with button Brezza remote setting' Brezza security setting Brezza siren setting security alarm in Brezza how to activate security alarm in Brezza Brezza doors unlock with one button Brezza MID setting Brezza MID color setting Brezza display setting in MID Brezza MID color setting how to change color in Brezza MID change color in Brezza MID Brezza MID color change setting Brezza MID color brightness setting Brezza MID brightness decrease TRICKS & HIDDEN FEATURES ABOUT MARUTI BREZZA Vitara Brezza Hidden Feature - Private Locking | Brezza Key 2019 Vitara Brezza || Smart Key Hidden Tricks - YouTube BREZZA VITARA SMARTKEY (Hidden Features),also for Tricks of Vitara Brezza 2020 MID tricks of Vitara Brezza

sound Sensor control #car #shorts || car gadi


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New John deere vich Sensor he sensor//Gaddi vale feature tractor vich🤔//Hogi party🎉🥳


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meri supro gadi mein sensor problem


hello doston assalam walekum ummid hai ki aap sab khairiyat se honge doston main aapka dost shaik ghouse doston meri gadi mein sensor problem hai liquid Jo hai bs6 ka barabar hai problem jo hai sensor mein hai #sensor#problem#Mahindrasupromini



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Maximo gadi ka temperature censer.


MAHINDRA maxximo Temperature Switch. Mahindra Maxximo temperature sensor location. Mahindra maxximo sensor problem

bs4 common rail || tata bs4 4923 common rail || gadi low pickup Ho rhi h


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Gadi se Diesel Nikalne ka Asan Tarika


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Sensor VVA Yamaha Aerox#shorts serivis motor#


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Live Software Video On Fuel Sensor.Gaadi Bachao


#fuelsensor #GAADIBACHAO

🥵Ak bhi 🔥sensor kaam nahi kar raha @MRJAKHAR ki gadi ka


Victor option- 🤍 Hello guy's, I hope ye video apko achi lagi. Do comment down your views and suggestions below. My Instagram : 🤍 Music by: 🤍

Tesla vision vs Parking Sensors - Was it worth the wait? #tesla #teslamodely #electriccar


How well does the latest Tesla vision update work? Will they be able to replace the ultra sonic sensors? Let's try! Full test here: 🤍 Please, don't forget to subscribe: 🤍 #tesla #teslamodely #teslamodelyperformance #electriccar #teslavision #teslaupdate #electricvehicle

cara check apa problem pada motor vstrom #automobile #kuala #suzukivstrom #suzukiadventure #travel


*Error Code Model 2017 atas. * If an error code is present, the error code(s) will be displayed as follows. C00 No error C11 Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS) - 1000 Only C12 Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS) C13 Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS) C14 Throttle Position Sensor C15 Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (ECTS) C16 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit (Front) Malfunction C17 Intake Air Pressure Sensor (IAPS) - 07 & Up 650 Only C21 Intake Air Temp. Sensor (IATS) C22 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor (APS) - 1000 Only C23 Tip Over Sensor (TOS) C24 Ignition Signal #1 (Front Coil) C25 Ignition Signal #2 (Rear Coil) C26 Ignition System #1 (Side) Malfunction C27 Ignition System #2 (Side) Malfunction C28 Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator (STVA) C29 Secondary Throttle Position Sensor (STPS) C31 Gear Position Sensor (GPS) C32 Injector Signal #1 ( Front) C33 Injector Signal #2 (Rear) C40 ISC Valve - 07 & Up 650 Only C41 Fuel Pump Control System (Fuel Pump Relay) C42 Ignition Switch Signal (Anti-Theft) C44 Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) C45 May be the same as C44 on earlier models or rear ABS sensor on later models (not well documented) C46 EXCVA Sensor Circuit Malfunction C49 PAIR Control Solenoid Valve C60 Cooling fan relay circuit malfunction C62 EVAP system purge control solenoid valve circuit malfunction C64 HO2 Sensor #1 Heater Circuit Malfunction C65 Idle speed malfunction (can be caused by any fault that takes the idle speed out of range, TPS and GPS faults for example) C91 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit (Rear) Malfunction

p0443/ p0123 / how to WagonR K Series Chalte Chalte gadi bund ho jana/ चलते चलते गढ़ी बंद हो जाना


🤍 Maruti WagonR K Series yah gadi Mein yah dikkat tha ki customer ka Kahana tha gadi चलते-चलते kabhi bhi band ho jata hai aur ac on karne per bhi gadi band ho jata hai To Humne scan Kiya trouble code P0443 canister solenoid volve circuit faulty. current DTC p0123 total pedal position sensor switch a circuit input high canister solenoid valve circuit ka kam Kiya FIR start Kiya gadi to TP total position sensor problem Aane Laga FIR Humne check kiya to Uska Bhi wire sem internal break tha yah donon break wire ka kam karne ke bad gadi perfect Ho Gaya




Bina helmet ke nahi chalu Hogi gadi/bike | without helmet not start bike #pgindiantech


Bina helmet ke nahi chalu Hogi gadi/bike | without helmet not start bike VLOG चैनल का लिंक 🤍 💐Hi guys welcome all of you to my channel PG Indian Tech Thanks🌺🌹 🥀🤍about this channel🤍🥀 Friends, in this channel all of you will get to see videos like Technical Videos, Electrical, Mechanical, new invention video, Life Hacks, and Experimental etc. #helmet,#bike,#bike_helmet,#smart_helmet,#mountain_bike_helmet,#bike_helmets,#best_mountain_bike_helmets,#bicycle_helmet,#riding_bike_without_helmet,#police_without_helmet_riding_bike,#police_riding_bike_without_helmet,#dad_bikes_without_helmet_instantly_regrets_it,#mountain_bike,#mtb_helmet,#best_bike_helmets,#helmets,#best_helmet_for_bike,#mount_in_bike_helmets,#should_i_wear_a_bike_helmet,#bike_helmet_test,#moto_cycle_helmet,#playing_without_a_helmet #chotu_dada,#chotu_dada_comedy,#chotu_comedy,#chotu_dada_ki_comedy,#chotu_dada_comedy_video,#chotu_ki_comedy,#chotu_dada_video,#chotu_new_comedy,#gadi_ka_chalan_online_kaise_check_karen,#balam_helmet_lagana,#bike_helmet_adjustment,#chotu_dada_ke_mask_ka_jugaad,#bike helmet,thousand bike helmet,chotu dada ke mask,helmet,without helmet,bike helmet fit,gadi ka chalan kitne rupaye ka kutta hai online kaise dekhen,best bike helmet,bike helmet test,bike helmets #motor #6283_ic_audio_board_connection #how_to_make_drone #drone_kaise_banate_hain #drone_kaise_banaen #how_to_make_a_drone #speaker_banana #how_to_make_drone_at_home #drone_banana #motor_kaise_banate_hain #drone_banane_ka_tarika #ड्रोन_कैसे_बनाएं #drone_motor #moter #drone_kaise_banaye #motor_se_kya_kya_banta_hai #motor_kaise_banaen #drone #4440_ic_amplifier_repair #6283_ic_audio_board_connection_blu... #ghar_par_drone_kaise_banaen #dc_motor #4440_ic_amplifier_sound_problem #ड्रोन_कैसे_बनाते_हैं #how_to_make_motor #motar #motor_banane_ka_tarika #mobile_motor #motor_se_kya_kya_bana_sakte_hain #drone_camera_kaise_banaye #drone_making #62_83 #drone_project #6283 #motor_banana #मोटर_कैसे_बनाते_हैं #speaker_kaise_banaen #how_to_make_a_drone_at_home #speaker_kaise_banate_hain #how_to_make_drone_motor #drone_kaise_banaya_jata_hai #motor_se_drone_kaise_banaen #drone_kaise_banta_hai #ghar_per_drone_kaise_banaen #mota_kaise_banaya_jata_hai #mini_motor #मोटर #घर_पर_ड्रोन_कैसे_बनाएं #drone_camera #drone_making_at_home #led_bulb_repair_in_hindi #motor_experiment #speaker_banane_ka_tarika #drone_camera_kaise_banaen #drone_kaise_banaye_ghar_par #homemade_drone #led_bulb_repair_ #how_to_make_drone_camera #speaker_ka_parda_kaise_banaye #doron_kaise_banaye #how_to_make_a_motor #motor_car #speaker_banana_sikhaiye #6283_आईसी_वायरिंग #drone_banano #motor_drone #6283_ic_amplifier #6283_ic_audio_board_connection vol... #motor_kaise_banaye #मोटर_कैसे_बनाएं #homemade_drone #remote_control #controller #RBGcontroller_box #technical PG #simple_remotecontrol_circuit #remotecontrol_light #three_channel #रिमोट_कंट्रोल_लाइट #desiJugaad #safelife #jugaadsebanajayegibike #Gaonmeinhuaaisaijad #bangaibesttechnique #newtechnique2020 #Newnews #viralvideo #viraltechnique2020 #newgenerationbike #newgenerationhelmet #newhelmet #technicalhelmet #technicalPG #yahjugaadkardegabikeband

Gaadi Bachao Fuel Sensor Fitting In Sanjay Gandhi.


#gaadibachao #fuelsensor #gpsTrackers #newdelhi

असली जैसे लगने वाले नकली हाथ [Self learning prosthesis]


हाथों का खो जाना जीवन की रफ्तार अचानक से थाम या घटा सकता है. ऐसे में दुर्घटना में हाथ गंवाने वाले लोगों के लिए प्रोस्थेसिस वाले हाथ नए रास्ते खोल सकते हैं. अब इन्हें चलाना इतना आसान हो चुका है कि आपको दिमाग में इसके बारे में सोचना है और हाथ काम करने लगते हैं. #DWHindi #Manthan #EcoIndia When a person wants to perform a movement, the brain sends signals to the muscles. Modern prosthetic technology is based on this: Thanks to AI, the prosthesis and the person become one only through the power of thought. आपको वीडियो पसंद आया तो हमें सब्सक्राइब करना मत भूलिए. ऐसे ही और दिलचस्प वीडियो देखने के लिए यहां भी आएं.. Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Homepage: 🤍 और इन लिंक्स पर जरूर सुनिए हमारा Podcast #WoKaunThi: JioSaavn: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍

Koi bhi sensor bina gaadi se khole kaise check kare


Sorry for the bad sound, Koi bhi sensor bina gaadi se khole kaise check kare...! Is video me aap janenge ke kisi bhi sensor ko gaadi se nikale bagair aap kaise check karenge ke wo kaam karaha hai ya nahi. kuch sikhne mile to video ko like kariye. In this video you will get to know how to check any sensor without removing from the vehicle. if you like the video please consider subscribing. #checkSensors #withoutRemove #automobilebasics

Discover bike ki full wiring ki jaankari


बजाज बाइक की पूरी wiring करना सीखें | इससे light प्रॉब्लम और स्टार्टिंग प्रॉब्लम दूर की जा सकती है Discover bike ki wiring ki puri Jankari new model Discover 100cc 125 cc Discover Discover 150 cc Sabhi bike ki Sabhi diagram Ek Jaisa hi hota hai

sensores de pressão de óleo Toro 2.0 diesel


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