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ASMR Umbrella 2 ☔️ NO TALKING 🔥 Tapping, Brushing, Fire, Rain, Water Spritzing, Layered Sounds, MORE


ASMR Umbrella Ella Ella part 2 (No Talking) Fire, Rain, Tapping, Sprinkling, Fizzing, Crackling and More 🔥☂️🌧 Hello loves, Tonight I finally have part two of my umbrella video for you, after many requests to do one :) I didn't want to make it exactly the same as the original though, so I thought I'd incorporate other sounds that have been popular on my channel and also do some experimenting with a few new triggers and visuals. I hope you'll find some of these sounds relaxing and that the video makes you feel cosy. Thanks so much for watching and supporting me, I appreciate it always ❤️ Love, Rhianna ☂️xoxo Original umbrella video: 🤍 1 Hour Pure rain on umbrella: 🤍 Time stamps; 00:00 - 00:40 - Real fire crackling sounds and visuals, hand movements 00:41 - 07:04 - Gentle tapping and scratching on plastic umbrella, with some delicate crinkles and a view of the tapping from underneath the umbrella 07:05 - 10:58 - Brushing the umbrella with two makeup brushes 10:59 - 11:50 - Tapping 2 fish scale brushes all around your head 11:51 - 14:39 - Brushing umbrella with two fish scale brushes, with some gentle rain on the umbrella and on your screen ;) 14:40 - 19:25 - Sand storm! Sprinkling dry sand on the umbrella, which makes a kind of fizzy crackling sound 19:26 - 22:04 - Making some sounds with the sand on the umbrella, scratchy tapping sounds 22:05 - 23:54 - Dripping water on the sandy umbrella with 2 pipettes 23:55 - 25:30 - Shaking 2 water spray bottles around your head, water sounds 25:31 - 26:53 - Varied tapping of the water bottles around your head 26:54 - 28:57 - Spritzing the umbrella with water and sprinkling bath bomb powder on it, fizzing sounds start 28:58 - 31:27 - Sprinkling pop rocks on the umbrella, a little more spritzing and some fizzing and crackling sounds which sound a bit like fire and rain 31:28 - 33:44 - Lighting a Woodwick candle and walking around you with it crackling, faint pop rocks and fizzing sounds with fire ember visuals 33:45 - 34:15 - Spraying a load of fizzy expanding hair mousse on the umbrella 34:16 - 38:47 - Fizzing sounds, playing with the hair mousse on the umbrella, a view from underneath and some pop rocks crackling like fire 38:48 - 40:59 - Real fire visuals and sounds, mixed with the gentle fizzing 41:00 - 44:20 - Adding more hair mousse and a satisfying close up of playing with it (it kind of looks like cream or frosting :P) and sprinkling glitter on it 44:21 - End - Real rain falling on the umbrella with rain visuals (I used the Tascam to record the rain this time, let me know if you like it as much as in my previous rain videos :) 📸 Instagram: 🤍 💌 Contact: asmrmagic🤍 🐦 Tweet Tweet: 🤍 💅 Nail polish: Apres Chic by Essie, with holographic glitter and umbrella nail art that you can't really see :P ❤️ Love, Magic xoxo

ASMR Umbrella ☔️ Water Spritzing all Around & On You, Brushing, Tapping & Rain Sounds (No Talking)


Hello my dears! If the world gets too stressful and you are in need of some relaxation, you can come hang out with me and stand under my umbrella... ella ella eh eh eh :P So, I wanted to make a video with lots of water spritzing, as I find it soothing but I didn't want to risk soaking my equipment, so I figured an umbrella would be a good way to protect the mic and recorder. I also thought that the umbrella made some good sounds when placed over the mic, so we have some plastic umbrella brushing, raindrop style tapping and some real rain sounds. The rain in the beginning and at the end is a recording of me stood outside under the umbrella, with a microphone, looking really weird and getting kind of wet :) Anyway, this video is just something different that I wanted to try and I'm not sure if it will be tingly, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. The next video I will be sat in front of my couch again, chatting to you :) Thank you for watching, I love you and I hope you're doing good but if not, I hope you're doing loads better soon. Hugs - ASMR Magic xoxo Rough time stamps; 00:01 - 02:32 - Rain sounds, a few hand movements and crinkling the umbrella and placing it over your head 02:33 - 11:45 - Gentle raindrop tapping on the plastic, with some scratching, white noise 11:46 - 19:16 - Brushing the umbrella with two mermaid brushes (because it's a water themed video :P) 19:17 - 22:09 - It starts to rain and I brush away the water with a fish scale brush lol 22:10 - 23:56 - Tapping 2 water spritzing bottles and some water shaking sounds 23:57 - 25:13 - Spritzing water all around you 25:14 - 29:14 - Spraying water directly onto the umbrella, it makes a really satisfying fizzy sound as it hits the plastic 29:15 - 31:24 - Water spraying with closer up visuals 31:25 - 33:47 - Dropping water on you with a pipette 33:48 - 37:32 - More water sounds, spraying a sponge all around you with a different spray bottle and then spraying the umbrella 37:33 - 40:08 - Gently tapping wet umbrella 40:09 - End - Real rain on umbrella with running water and rain visuals - No-talking ASMR playlist - 🤍 🤍 Nail polish - Apres-chic by Essie, with glitter tips and umbrella nail art that you can't see on camera :( -

ASMR 50+ Triggers over 3 Hours (NO TALKING) Ear Cleaning, Massage, Tapping, Peeling, Umbrella & MORE


#notalkingasmr #asmr #sleep ✨ Over 50 varied & relaxing ASMR triggers in 3 hours for your sleep & tingles, using Binaural Bob, the 3Dio and the Rode NT1 mics! ✨☔️❤️ Hello 😘 To say thank you for your support and for our recent milestone, I thought I would make a video including over 50 of your most requested & favourite triggers. So we have some ear cleaning & ear massage triggers, lots of tapping & scratching, glitter Bob, umbrella triggers, crinkles, water sounds, brushing, scalp massage & loads more. I hope this gives you lots of tingles and helps you to study, fall asleep or just relax & reduce some stress. Thank you for all of your support, as always, I love you lots. Rhianna xoxo ❤️☔️✨ 📍Basic timestamps: (which were too long for desc. so please check my pinned comment for more detailed ones) 00:00 - 02:50 - Quick preview for a lot of the sounds. Skip if you like surprises! :P 02:51 - 14:00 - Umbrella triggers - tapping, lint rolling, spraying, rain, fizzing etc. 14:01 - 22:31 - Glitter Bob tapping & scratching 22:32 - 26:33 - Cleaning Bob's ears with q-tips 26:34 - 30:46 - Nylon mascara wands in Bob's ears 30:47 - 35:32 - Fluffy Japanese ear picks in Bob's ears, then switching to the 3Dio. Very deep ear sounds 35:33 - 38:24 - Textured glitter bath mat tapping & scratching 38:25 - 41:13 - Deep 3Dio ear cleaning with scratchy craft sponges 41:14 - 45:27 - Tapping & scratching bassy cork sheet over Bob's head 45:28 - 48:45 - 2 squishy footballs on your ears, nice fizzy like sounds 48:46 - 55:03 - Faux leather earmuffs over your ears. Tapping, scratching, brushing & sticky fingers 55:04 - 59:23 - Textured metallic sheet over Bob's head, scratching and scratchy tapping 59:24 - 1:02:51 - Pyramid textured sheet over the 3Dio 1:02:52 - 1:06:26 - Unicorn brush handle scratching & tapping 1:06:27 - 1:09:20 - Dolphin & shark squishes filled with orbeez, watery popping sounds 1:09:21 - 1:13:44 - 2 pairs of tweezers clipping around Bob's head and ears, mostly fast sounds 1:13:45 - 1:17:33 - Fishnet gloves fabric scratching 1:17:34 - 1:22:08 - Vinyl gloves 1:22:09 - 1:28:26 - Various shaving foam triggers 1:28:27 - 1:30:35 - 2 silicone cleaning pads with nubs on 1:30:36 - 1:33:23 - Textured cake board. Deep tapping & scratching around your head 1:33:24 - 1:36:21 - Natural wood seed shaker. Tapping, scratching and shaking sounds 1:36:22 - 1:39:40 - 2 foam shower puffs on your ears 1:39:41 - 1:42:01 - Your fave vinyl shower mat, scratching & tapping 1:42:02 - 1:44:52 - Peeling Bob's glitter head & playing with the peelings 1:44:53 - 1:47:10 - 2 natural sea sponges, dry & wet sponge sounds and washing Bob's face 1:47:11 - 1:50:30 - Candy cake. Marshmallow tapping & squishing 1:50:31 - 1:54:30 - Clay slime. Rolling, stretching, poking etc. 1:54:31 - 1:56:47 - Extremely crinkly PVC glitter rain coat 1:56:48 - 1:59:36 - Beaded place mat scratching over your head, deep bassy sounds 1:59:37 - 2:02:14 - Ear tapping, mostly fast 2:02:15 - 2:05:50 - Dry foam soap ear massage 2:05:51 - 2:09:06 - Oil ear massage 2:09:07 - 2:12:48 - Gel pad and oil ear massage 2:12:49 - 2:16:33 - Ear cleaning/washing with 2 konjac sponges 2:16:34 - 2:19:13 - Intense ear brushing with super long cleaning brush, elongated sounds 2:19:14 - 2:22:25 - Tapping on the PVC Ted Baker makeup bag 2:22:26 - 2:24:40 - Rode mic windshield scratching 2:24:41 - 2:27:39 - Jelly/jello soap. Sticky, wet sudsy sounds 2:27:40 - 2:31:11 - Strawberry sponge. Wet soapy sponge squeezing & water dripping sounds 2:31:12 - 2:33:25 - Pumice stone. Wet bubbling sounds 2:33:26 - 2:36:21 - Mermaid cushion. Sequin scratching sounds 2:36:22 - 2:40:22 - Scalp massage, head scratching & hair stroking on Blond Bob 2:40:23 - 2:44:00 - Brushing Bob's long hair, with some brush bristle sounds 2:44:01 - 2:46:57 - Crinkle ball. Ear to ear crinkles 2:46:58 - 2:50:40 - Plastic flamingo ice cubes in a net. Water shaking sounds & some shuffling 2:50:41 - 2:53:56 - A metallic crinkly bag filled with fluid. Deep crinkles & some faint liquid sounds 2:53:57 - 2:58:28 - Bees wax wrap over Bob's head. Sticky crinkly sounds with tapping 2:58:29 - 3:02:14 - Lid sounds on a tub of salt scrub 3:02:15 - 3:06:15 - Salt scrub sounds. Massaging my hands & arms, very crunchy & oily 3:06:16 - 3:09:34 - Crinkles on a bag of cotton pleats 3:09:35 - 3:13:17 - Scalp massage on fluffy fabric draped over the Rode mics (it starts to rain at around 3hrs 11) 3:13:18 - End - Rain on an umbrella. Recorded during a thunderstorm, so you may be able to hear some rumbles of thunder in the background :) ⛈ 📸 Instagram: 🤍 💅 Nail polish - Varied colours (the flags are for the countries that make up the majority of my viewers from around the world & are not for the football/ World Cup btw lol) ❤️ 💎 Amazon affiliate links if you wish to support my channel/the ASMR prop fund for free whilst shopping :) UK - 🤍 US - 🤍 ❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

ASMR TINGLE RAIN – Umbrella Over the Mic. Spray Sounds. Tapping. Crinkles.


Looks like it's gonna rain some tingles! ASMR Zeitgeist presents TINGLE RAIN. Enjoy trigger sounds like an umbrella over the mic, spray sounds, tapping, crinkles and a lot more! Parts of this video are heavily inspired by the fabulous AMSR Magic. She's one of my all-time favorite AMSRtists. Please check her out, she delivers quality content every week! 🤍 To fully enjoy the binaural sounds of this video headphones are recommended. Watch this video for deep relaxation, healthy sleep and of course nice tingles. _ NOW AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY! (REGULARLY UPDATED) 🤍 Also search for ASMR Zeitgeist on other stores and providers. _ JOIN THE TRIGGER LAB AND BECOME A MEMBER: 🤍 _ YOU LIKE THIS CHANNEL? SHOW SOME LOVE: Patreon: 🤍 PayPal: 🤍 Your support allows me not only to improve the quality of my content but the quality of YOUR experience! _ LET'S GET IN TOUCH: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Email: asmr.zeitgeist🤍 _ CHECK OUT MY MERCH: 🤍 _ MY OTHER VIDEOS: 🤍 _ MY PLAYLISTS: 🤍 _ THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEET INSOMNIACS & TINGLE LOVERS! C U SOON! :) HUGS, ASMR ZEITGEIST

Umbrella Corporation T-Virus Trial Experiments | Resident Evil ASMR


Hi Shan-anigans!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day or night! Instead of doing my monthly SCP video, I thought for this spooky Halloween season that doing an Umbrella Corporation T-Virus Experiment would be fun! I did try to leave it vague and open for people who have not played Resident Evil. I know I am not the first ASMRtist to come up with this idea! So please make sure you check out these two lovely individuals and their talented takes on it as well! VisualSounds1 ASMR: 🤍 Ephemeral Rift: 🤍 In this video, you have signed up for the clinical skin care trials and Umbrella Corps new vaccination trials. This is supposed to help further modern medicine and advance man kind....or so we have been told. I hope you enjoy! God bless lovelies and sleep well!! Thank you once again to Zach for editing this video so awesomely - you can checkout his channel here: 🤍 In this video there is: roleplay, personal attention, soft speaking, whispering, binaural audio / ear to ear, inaudible whispering, crinkling, ambient noise, medical triggers, inspection, examination, visual / light triggers, tapping, scratching, paper sounds, drawing / writing sounds, clothing rustling, latex / vinyl / nitrate gloves, face touching, face massaging, special effects, and so much more!! - If you want to send something and have a chance to be in my next unboxing video my PO Box is: 111 S. Lafayette PO Box 368 South Lyon, MI 48178 If you'd like to take a look at my Patreon it's: 🤍 If you would like to donate to my Paypal the link is: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 My Gaming Channel: 🤍 What is ASMR? ASMR stands for: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This is just a fancy name for a tingly or calming sensation caused by different sounds/visuals that we call "triggers". Most people have their favorite type of "triggers" that help cause the sensation. Whether it be visual like lights moving, hand gestures etc. or sounds such as whispering, soft speaking, tongue clicking and more. ASMR typically will cause a tingly sensation in people that starts at the head and moves down the neck and to the shoulders. However, if you don't experience this sensation it doesn't mean ASMR isn't for you! ASMR is great for helping people calm down, de-stress, relax, helps with anxiety, depression, insomnia and so much more!!

ASMR Umbrella Corporation T-Virus Trial: Check Up & Vaccine | Resident Evil RP


Hello Lovelies... Tonight's high quality ASMR entertainment is a brand new series based on Resident Evil. This ASMR video is not just for Resident Evil fans but for anyone that loves ASMR & ASMR medical roleplays. I've never watched it before until recently I watched the new movie & series. I loved it & it inspired me to do my own series. I've incorporated lots of ASMR triggers to make sure you get the full ASMR experience as well as enjoying a bit of escapism. This ASMR roleplay is relaxing, fresh, stress free, realistic & is a perfect addition to your ASMR playlists. This ASMR video isn't scary but contains special effects. Welcome to the Umbrella Corporation, I'm Doctor Brave the top virologist here. You are participating in the new migraine treatment vaccine programme OR are you? To see what's included in this ASMR video, please see the TIME STAMPS below. TIME STAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:08 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting (Gloves, Taps & Crinkly Jacket) 00:42 Consultation Based On Migraines (Writing, Gloves, Paper & Crinkly Jacket) 07:50 Wrist Band (Writing, Gloves, Plastic, Click & Crinkly Jacket) 09:34 Temp (Gloves, Clicks, Lids & Crinkly Jacket) 10:13 Pulse & Oxygen (Taps, Claps, Gloves, Beep & Crinkly Jacket) 11:05 Urine Sample (Lids, Rattling, Water, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 12:33 Chest (Stethoscope, Heartbeat, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 14:32 Eye Exam (Light, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 18:15 Covering Your Eyes (Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 18:41 Urine Sample Results (Lids, Rattling, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 19:15 Reflexes (Gloves, Taps & Crinkly Jacket) 20:15 Ear Exam (Otoscope, Gloves, Mic Touching & Crinkly Jacket) 21:16 Hearing Test (Gloves, Finger Flutters, Tuning Fork & Crinkly Jacket) 23:18 Mouth Exam (Gloves, Taps, Instructions, Depressor, Light & Crinkly Jacket) 24:16 Nose Exam (Gloves, Light, Instructions & Crinkly Jacket) 24:38 Blood Test (Gloves, Sticky, Crinkles, Paper, Wipes, Plastic, Writing & Crinkly Jacket) 28:40 Blood Pressure (Velcro, Fabric, Click, Pump, Air, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 30:40 Writing Notes (Gloves, Writing, Paper & Crinkly Jacket) 31:38 Spritz Test (Gloves, Lids, Spraying, Water & Crinkly Jacket) 32:33 Measuring Your Eyes (Taps, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 33:27 Face Exam (Gloves, Face Touching & Crinkly Jacket) 35:24 Feeling Your Ears (Gloves, Mic Touching & Crinkly Jacket) 35:31 Scalp Check (Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 35:52 Body Exam (Body Touching, Gloves & Crinkly Jacket) 36:38 Showing Your The Vaccine (Lids, Gloves, Scratching, Taps, Glass, Water & Crinkly Jacket) 37:51 Vaccine Prep (Gloves, Water, Crinkles, Lids, Plastic & Crinkly Jacket) 39:04 Vaccine & Afterwards With Special Effects Visual & Audio (Gloves, Heartbeat, Writing, Paper, Face Touching, Squeaks, Barks, Light, Magnifying Glass. Finger Flutters & Crinkly Jacket) 42:14 Sending You To Sleep With Special Effects (Shh, Gloves, Face Touching & Crinkly Jacket) 42:39 Rat Ambience 43:00 End (Heartbeat) 43:02 Outro (Heartbeat) 43:12 Goodnight - What You Can Expect On This ASMR Channel I Provide High Quality ASMR Roleplay's, For Relaxation, Entertainment, Sleep & Awareness Through Very Well Thought Out Concepts. My Niche Is ASMR Medical & ASMR Spa But I Also Offer A Variety Of Other ASMR Roleplay's. Upload Schedule Every Sunday & Wednesday At 9pm GMT/ 4pm EST My Other Channel Be Brave Be You Lifestyle: 🤍 Listen To Me On Spotify 🤍 Social Media Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 - For Interviews, Sponsorship's & PR Please Email: bebravebeyouasmr🤍 - For All My Links Please Visit 🤍 #ASMR #bebravebeyouasmr #residentevil

Relaxing Rain Sound Under Umbrella - 10 Hours Video


High quality sound of rain falling on my umbrella at night. 48 KHz - 24 bit binaural recording. Please adjust the audio volume to your taste. Recorded by Relax Sleep ASMR © Support Relax Sleep ASMR - 🤍 - Thank you!



props to Robert Sheehan for doing such an amazing role as Klaus! FAN ARTS: theanothink🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 PATREON: 🤍 ANOTHINK: 🤍

T-Virus Trial (ASMR)


Please sit still and relax. Also, enjoy me becoming tangled in the stethoscope! :D Merch: US Store: 🤍 EU Store: 🤍 Find me on social media: Twitch: 🤍 Facebook: Twitter: 🤍VisualSounds1 Instagram: 🤍JennieJutsu Patreon: 🤍

ASMR RAIN ☔️💦 Microphone Under the Umbrella ☔️


"Then... I'm sorry, old friend." *👉🏼* Channel Add-Ons - ChillaxFred🤍 (For all channel related enquiries, personalised videos & requests.) Hope you LIKE this video if you did and SUBSCRIBE to enable this channel to become a fine addition to your relaxing collection. Click the '🔔' to execute order 66 and to be notified for new uploads. Sleep well! Fred ★ AMAZON WISH LIST: 🤍 (If you plan to kindly purchase anything from my list, please be sure to email me: chillaxfred🤍 and an audio message will follow.) ✮ Paypal If you'd like to leave a tip for video creations: 🤍 Visit My Other Channels: ★SKYMANUNIVERSE - Nerdy Star Wars Channel: 🤍 ★ChillFred - ASMR Ambience Channel: 🤍 ✮KnightAdventures - Travelling Adventures: 🤍 Products/Props/Equipment Featured In This Video: Canon Camera: 🤍 My Upload Schedule: Sundays 5:00pm - 8:00pm (GMT) And sometimes another mid-week. MY SOCIAL MEDIA: ★PATREON 🤍 ⭐INSTAGRAM 🤍 ★TWITTER 🤍 ★TWITCH 🤍

ASMR Relaxation 💦 Rain Falling on an Umbrella - 1 Hour Sleep & Study Aid (White Noise, No Thunder)


Hello! Here is the pure rain on an umbrella that I have been promising to upload since I made my water themed ASMR video :) I didn't have enough rain footage from that video to make an hour long version though, so I went back out in the rain and got some extra footage for you :) The first 33 minutes is rain on a traditional fabric umbrella and the second half is the plastic umbrella from the original video, but an extended version. Also, for anyone just stumbling across this video, it is intended for ASMR, therefore the audio isn't super loud and headphones are recommended :) I hope you will enjoy this simple sounds video and that it will help you to relax and sleep and I am hoping to be back with you next week with a talking ASMR video. Thank you for watching, love ASMR Magic xoxo Rough time stamps; Start - 33:12 - Rain on fabric umbrella, with some real rain visuals on a clear umbrella outside (and maybe some enhanced ones too, because the weather doesn't cooperate well :P) 33:13 - End - Rain on plastic umbrella, getting more gentle towards the end. Visuals of blue umbrella from the original video. - Original umbrella ASMR video: 🤍 🤍 Nail polish - None! ;P -

ASMR Rain On Cork Umbrella 8 Hours ☔️ Real Binaural Rain for Sleep & Study (NO THUNDER) White Noise


#rain #whitenoise #sleepaid ☔️ Hello! Tonight I have 8 hours of rain falling on a cork umbrella to help you sleep, study or work in peace ☺️ There's some gentle sounds of birds chirping here and there but there's no thunder or storm sounds, just pure rain on the bassy cork. The first half is heavier rain with visuals and the second half is just a black screen for those who prefer that for sleeping. I hope you find this helpful and relaxing! Thank you for watching/listening ~ Rhianna ☔️❤️ xoxo 📍Timestamps: 00:00 - 01:26 - Rainy intro (there's no sounds of the stream in the main video ☺️) 01:27 - 40:06 - Hard & softer rain with rainy cork umbrella visuals 40:07 - 1:17:24 - Rain visuals of the trees 1:17:25 - 1:50:35 - More umbrella 1:50:36 - 3:14:16 - Zoomed in side angles 3:14:17 - 3:57:52 - Slightly lighter rain with darker visuals 3:57:53 - End - Black screen rain for sleep, lower volume/more gentle ☔️💤 ☔️ 1 Hour of Gentle Rain on Vinyl Umbrella - 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎬 Previous Upload: (Whisper Ramble & Fluffy Mics) 🤍 🐦 Tweet Tweet: 🤍 💎 Amazon affiliate links if you wish to support my channel/the ASMR prop fund for free whilst shopping :) UK - 🤍 US - 🤍 ❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

Relaxing Sound of Rain on Umbrella in a Forest | Help Sleep, Study, Meditation, PTSD


Before we begin, we had 2 umbrellas so don't worry :) There is nothing better than the sound of rain while you're falling asleep. Filming Location: South Asia 🎥Our Equipment: Sony A6400 Zoom H2N Handy Recorder Video Edited with After Effects and Premier Pro Audio enhanced with Adobe Audition 🔴YOUTUBE REVIEW TEAM PLEASE READ:🔴 With the help of 🤍YouTubeLiaison Matt Koval our channel is re-monetised after we have explained to Matt Koval how we make our videos. On top of that we also got in touch with YouTube Partner Support [7-0994000030814] who after reviewing our channel wrote: "On our last email we discussed that an appeal was sent to our specialists to take a look at your concern wherein your channel was demonetized. A decision has been made regarding that appeal and I've got some good news for you. Based on the review, your channel now follows YouTube's Monetization Policies and has been approved to monetize." 🔴Relaxing Ambience is a team of creative videographers around the world. We do not add commentary throughout our calming nature videos as it can detract from the relaxation experience. We create all of our own content. Videos and Audio are recorded out in the nature. Sometimes we will combine our videos/photos in After Effects to create something different and unique. 🎥Here is us showing how we make our videos: 🤍 We edit, mix, & master audio in Adobe Audition & edit video with Adobe After Effects 7 Premier Pro. We currently film with a Sony a6000, Fujifilm X-T2 & X-T3, GoPro Hero 7 Black. We record audio with a Zoom H2N. Each video typically takes at least 24 hours to create. This includes: ☑️ Filming video & recording audio on location ☑️ Editing the video & audio ☑️ Final edit & master 🔴DISCLAIMER: Please note that loud sounds can potentially damage your hearing. When playing one of our recordings, if you cannot have a conversation over the sound without raising your voice, the sound may be too loud for your ears. Please do not place speakers right next to a baby’s ears. If you have difficulty hearing or hear ringing in your ears, please immediately discontinue listening to the white noise sounds and consult an audiologist or your physician. The sounds provided by this Youtube channel are for entertainment purposes only and are not a treatment for sleep disorders or tinnitus. If you have significant difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, experience fitful/restless sleep, or feel tired during the day, please consult your physician. All material in this video is original and personally recorded by us. © Relaxing Ambience, 2020. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited.

ASMR Crinkle Hour 💫 Deep Crinkly Rain Coat, Shower Cap, Foil Pom Poms, Plastic, Paper + ✨ Tingles


ASMR 9 Crinkle Triggers Ear to Ear with Close up Slow Whispering ✨ Hello! Welcome to crinkle hour :) I was informed by some of my viewers that you might like to see more crinkling on my channel, so I thought I would dedicate a video to some items that I've had good feedback on and also a couple of new ones. Your ears are out of shot in this video for a change, because I wanted to be able to walk around you a little bit in an attempt to vary the sounds more. Let me know what you think of that and please excuse the creaky really is the floor lol. I hope you enjoy and many thanks for watching and for your support ~ Rhianna ❤️☔️✨ xoxo 📍Basic timestamps for this whispered video: 00:01 - 10:42 - Deep crinkles around you with thick PVC rain coat 10:43 - 17:49 - 2 foil cheerleading pom poms, higher pitched crinkles & some (gentle) crinkly shaking sounds 17:50 - 24:25 - Satin shower cap with crinkly lining, deeper bassy crinkles 24:26 - 28:43 - Crinkling plastic umbrella and opening it (my fave) 28:44 - 33:52 - It starts raining ☔️ Whisper ramble under the umbrella with some crinkles and soothing rain sounds 33:53 - 40:18 - Large tissue paper decoration 40:19 - 45:58 - Vinyl makeup pouch with confetti inside, crinkly, crackly sounds 45:59 - 51:33 - Feather duster in plastic wrap, elongated crinkles with some squeezing and stroking on the plastic 51:34 - 58:19 - Beeswax candle wrapped in cellophane, delicate higher pitched crinkle 58:20 - End - Shrink wrapped pumice stone 📸 Updates: 🤍 🐦 Tweet Tweet: 🤍 💌 Contact: asmrmagic🤍 💅 Nail polish - Essie silver polish that I can't remember the name of (will update later) 💎 Amazon affiliate links if you wish to support my channel/the ASMR prop fund for free whilst shopping :) UK - 🤍 US - 🤍 ❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

Relaxing Walk in the Rain, Umbrella and Nature Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation | 4k ASMR


Relaxing rain sounds while walking in a small park in Falls Church, Virginia near a suburban neighborhood. The binaural audio is for an immersive experience. The video features rain ambience, the sounds of creeks and streams, and some slight hints of thunder in the background. This video is a bit short because the rain didn't last very long, but I hope you enjoy. Use these sounds for sleep, relaxation, meditation, study, and more. Social Media Patreon - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍nomadicambience Places You Can Find Me Spotify Apple Music Playlists Rain Walks - 🤍 Sounds for Sleep - 🤍 Sounds New York - 🤍 Sounds of Iceland - 🤍 Sounds of Japan - 🤍 Sounds of Norway - 🤍 Cafe Sounds - 🤍 Nature Sounds - 🤍 City Sounds - 🤍 Ocean Waves Sounds - 🤍 Rain and Thunderstorms - 🤍 For Ambience Sounds and Music - 🤍 Everything in the video is filmed and recorded on location. Do not copy, reproduce, or distribute any of the content. #naturesounds #rainambience #rainsounds

ASMR Umbrella 3DIO - Sons com Guarda chuva, tapping, brushing e pingos de chuva


ASMR português brasileiro. Peguem os guardas chuvas, pois hoje vai chover formigamentos em sua cabeça! Inspirado na gringa, trouxe o famoso asmr umbrella, que tanto pediram! Sweet dreams! Tingles....tingles, tingles... 💌 QUER ENVIAR ALGO NA MINHA CAIXA POSTAL? 💌 Mariane Carolina Rossi ITAPIRA - SP CAIXA POSTAL: 320 CEP: 13970-971 📷 Instagram: 🤍 🎀 Meu NOVO canal - 🤍 Meu CURSO: 🤍 👍Fanpage: 🤍 👤Confira meu SITE, onde tem muitas novidades, inclusive a programação de cada mês aqui no canal! 🤍 💌 Email comercial: contato🤍 Ative o botão do sininho no meu canal para você ser notificado quando eu enviar algum vídeo novo! O QUE É ASMR? ASMR - Resposta Sensorial Autônoma do Meridiano - que se refere a um fenômeno biológico caracterizado por uma agradável sensação de formigamento geralmente sentida na cabeça, couro cabeludo ou regiões periféricas do corpo em resposta a vários estímulos visuais, auditivos e cognitivos. Este fenômeno foi se tornando conhecido através da cibercultura, ou seja, através de blogs, videoblogs e principalmente sites de compartilhamento de vídeos, como o YouTube. Resumindo: ASMR são vídeos com voz suave, sussurros, sons de objetos ou movimentos precisos no qual você ouve com fones de ouvido para obter um melhor resultado! Para melhor relaxamento, ouça em um ambiente calmo, as pessoas costumam ouvir antes de dormir! O ASMR pode causar formigamento na cabeça, isso é comum, além de outras regiões como pescoço, costas e pernas...Vai de cada sensibilidade que a pessoa tem!

Nature Walk in Thunderstorm, Binaural Rain on Umbrella Sounds for Sleep and Study, ASMR


Walking in a rain storm in Stone Mountain, Georgia. This is a follow up to Last weeks thunderstorm video as my battery had died mid filming and I still needed to hike back. As I looked to find another battery I realized I had 5 exhausted batteries and one at 50%. So this rain walk was as much as I could get on the little battery that I had. The rain started to get much heavier and I still needed to make the hike back to my car. Currently I'm traveling Norway, so expect many videos from there in the near future. I posted a follow up video - 🤍 Social Media Patreon - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍nomadicambience Places You Can Find Me Spotify Apple Music Playlists Rain Walks - 🤍 Sounds for Sleep - 🤍 Sounds New York - 🤍 Sounds of Iceland - 🤍 Sounds of Japan - 🤍 Sounds of Norway - 🤍 Cafe Sounds - 🤍 Nature Sounds - 🤍 City Sounds - 🤍 Ocean Waves Sounds - 🤍 Rain and Thunderstorms - 🤍 For Ambience Sounds and Music - 🤍 Everything in the video is filmed and recorded on location. Do not copy, reproduce, or distribute any of the content. #naturesounds #rainambience #rainsounds

ASMR Umbrella ☔ Spray Sounds, Crinkle sounds, Foam


Hello, my name is Violetta. In this video, I have prepared Umbrella triggers for your relaxation. 🍐 Violetta ASMR - 🤍 🥝 Violetta PLAY - 🤍 🍏 Twitch - 🤍 🍇 TikTok - 🤍 🍎 Vk - 🤍 🍓 Steam - 🤍

Light Rain on Umbrella - 10 Hours Video for Relaxation and Sleep


Gentle rain sounds under umbrella in an old park. High definition video and binaural audio recording. Obtain the desired rain intensity by duplicating this browser tab usig - alt + D then alt + Enter for Microsoft Windows or cmd + L then cmd + Enter for Apple OS. Please adjust the audio volume to your taste. Recorded by Relax Sleep ASMR © Support Relax Sleep ASMR - 🤍 - Thank you!

ASMR Umbrella ☔ Spray Sounds, Crinkle sounds, Foam


ASMR video with Umbrella over 3Dio - Spray Sounds, Crinkle sounds and Foam 🍐 Violetta ASMR - 🤍 🥝 Violetta PLAY - 🤍 🍏 Twitch - 🤍 🍋 Instagram - 🤍 🍇Facebook - 🤍 🍎 Vk - 🤍 🍓 Steam - 🤍

ASMR Fast And Aggressive Umbrella Trapping, Scratching, Brushing For Relaxation.


ASMR~Umbrella Trapping, Scratching, Brushing,(Relaxing ASMR For Sleep) #asmrumbrellatrapping #umbrellascratchinh&brushing #ASMRbappa Video-Like, comment, share, subscribe my channel 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Sleep Instantly listening to relaxing ASMR sounds of rain falling in umbrella | 4 Hours


Listening to heavy rain sounds always relaxes me. Here is a compilation of our rainy day walking video for 4 hours , so you could also immerse yourself in this calming ambience of rain. Don't play this video in full volume. Adjust your volume to an optimum level, according to the device you are listening from so you could immerse in this relaxing ASMR sounds of heavy rain and thunder for 4 hours. I used to listen to rain sounds whenever I have some works that needs some extra concentration or If I wanted to study or read something that need my full dedication to the subject. So I have made one such lengthy rainy day walking video, so you could also experience rainy ambience for long hours. Hope you guys will like this type of video. Please do give us your feedback in the comments. It means a lot to us. My Accessories : My action camera : 🤍 My walking videos camera : 🤍 My Mirrorless camera : 🤍 My Mobile : 🤍 My stereo mic : 🤍 My Laptop : 🤍 My editing setup : 🤍 If you would like to support us to keep us moving, our Ko-fi link given below: 🔴DISCLAIMER: Please note that loud sounds can potentially damage your hearing. When playing one of our recordings, if you cannot have a conversation over the sound without raising your voice, the sound may be too loud for your ears. Please do not place speakers right next to a baby’s ears. If you have difficulty hearing or hear ringing in your ears, please immediately discontinue listening to the white noise sounds and consult an audiologist or your physician. The sounds provided by this YouTube channel are for entertainment purposes only and are not a treatment for sleep disorders or tinnitus. If you have significant difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, experience fitful/restless sleep, or feel tired during the day, please consult your physician. All videos and sounds in our channel are recorded by our team and are copyrighted. Do not try to copy or reproduce our contents without permission. #heavyrain #rainsoundsforsleeping #walkinginrain

АСМР Триггеры с ЗОНТИКОМ | Мнооого мурашек | ASMR Umbrella TRIGGERS


ASMR с ЗОНТИКОМ ☂️ Кисточки, постукивания, спрей, пенка, шипучка | ASMR Umbrella TRIGGERS ASMR Water Spritzing Blue Yeti ASMR 💜 Подписаться на канал 🤍 💜 Группа ВК 🤍 💜 АСМР Вы точно уснете 🤍 💜 Instagram - camellia8885 Донат 🤍 WebMoney Z573307971179 или R629745982518 Буду очень благодарна за поддержку канала)

ASMR Real Rain drops on plastic umbrella (No talking) Walking in yard with rain and nature sounds


This video was so fun to make. It is extreme nostalgia and ASMR for me to listen to raindrops under a clear heavy plastic umbrella. A rainy day turned into a bit of heaven in my little corner of Paradise. The yard is a mess right now as we are still in the process of landscaping, etc. Much to do! You will hear raindrops on an umbrella, rain on leaves, some running water, birds chirping. Rebecca’s Beautiful ASMR Addiction PO box 72 Portland, TN 37148 rebeccasbeautifulasmr🤍 Tip Jar 🍯: 🤍 Please: Only tip out of an overflow of your own blessings.

Rain on Umbrella - Anti-stress Sound Therapy Under Umbrella - 12 Hours Video


Anti-stress high definition sound of rain falling on umbrella near the lake. 48 KHz 24 bit wav binaural sound recording for relaxation and sleep. Obtain the desired rain intensity by duplicating this browser tab usig - alt + D then alt + Enter for Microsoft Windows or cmd + L then cmd + Enter for Apple OS. Please adjust the audio volume to your taste. Recorded by Relax Sleep ASMR © Support Relax Sleep ASMR - 🤍 - Thank you!

ASMR | The Man with the Red Umbrella


A serendipitous encounter with a stranger at the Sunday pub quiz. Sounds reasonably on brand?? I really enjoyed putting together the pub ambience for this one, so hope the experience is a cozy one :) You’re welcome back any time. Atlas x Fancy supporting me? ★ Patreon: 🤍 I'm now on SPOTIFY! ★ 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Email: MrAtlasASMR🤍 ► Merch: 🤍 ★ Here you can add subtitles in your own language(s)! ★ 🤍 Executive Producers (my wonderful patrons): TheRagingSkwrl, AK Barratt, Alexis, Emmeline, Sam Alvarez, April, Maddy, Ken Di Vincenzo, T Porter, Mr. Blue Sky, NathanASMR, Ana (Atomic Angel), Cailin Coane, Nix, Daston Caswell-Roy, Emma, Mlle. de Crevecoeur, Texas Whisperer ASMR, Nick Tebbs, Dlnet, Ella, Nikki, Morgan Turner, Elisabeth Engstrom, David Veit, KhellJaw, Brenda Crozier, Alizey, Leticia Felices, Max Russo, Francisco leos, Jonathan Kinsman, Dirac_is_over, Hemera Stories, Annalisa Bastiani, Samantha Slaughter, Morgan Lui, Ash Doulton, Isabelle, CJ Payne, Cecilia, faith vandruff, Zack Sowers, Penny, Moises Cruz, Kelly Russell, AJ, Parthenope, Naomi Hodgson, Mei Pan, AnnaGee Harris, nothingcleveroccurs, Traronda Hicks, Felicia, BarryanaGrande, Knight, R. Tyler McLamb, Shortbread Beth, Sufficiently Advanced Lena, Dean Skibinski, GB, Amy Cross, Saida, Daniel Küster, saripari95, LavenderUnstable, pathanoid, Aidan Braidwood, William Gentleman, christopher, AustinEngstrom, Burli Forti, Emerson Jones, call me DJ, Emily, SpiggyPop, emily rose, Carla Segura, Tyto_Elleba, Erica, Ele Valero, Dizzie Ell, Mickey McKeown , Daniel Nehring II, ShadyRedPanda, Nick, Growl Ola, Jeremy , Marina Briggs, The Happy Kodiak, Jack Kealy, Sadie, bowlingEnnui, Jotunn, Ryan Kirkwood, Birch in the woods ASMR, Danelle Van der Koon, Shaye J., Kricket, Pookieybaby, AndromedaCat, Little Miss N, Sinan Zhao, Adrien, Summer Skye, Laura Picard, dd, matilda.ccd, April Sedillo, Hayden Ong, Alfonso Amaya, Nat Mat, Jules, Gina, Gustaf , Saffron Hine, Laura Torn, Cyprian, Thomas F, Sabrina Brasch, a Canadian in Bordeaux, William McClumpha, Mathilde, Nikola Lindenberg, Oliver Keller, Tristan, Spooky Lyns, Isabelau, Lillantha, Yves sauriol, Delilah Patton, Vero, Roz Parfitt, Joseph McFarlane, Emma Kells, Gigi, Leo , Impossible Albatross, Ally H.S., Neko, Sylvain Gilibert - S. G. Dir. , Damian Greensill, Lacxu , Melissa Jacob, Amanda, Karah, Jacob Hargraves, Bradley Buss, Avani Maan, Nicolas Kick, Amber W, AwhatsName, JT Lily, Avocado, amber. Rebecca Meyer, Anna_808, Mark Musgrave, Morganne Pritchard, miel, Jenny A, GentleRayneASMR, WhisperAudios ASMR, Melissa Zaffarano, Obsessedmhaabby, Alice Thornburgh, SPDarklord, Crastinateur, Megan Monkman, Nanci Ives, Alyssa Ortega, Umba, Timothy V, K SMR, Brea, Lindsay, Katie ASMR, SunshineLaPeep, Katya, Bearded Audio ASMR, Roady, Alex Savoie, Barbara Feser, Laurel Nelson, Dusky, Jessie K, Allyson Bede, Dan Wooten, Savi Nien, Theyseekherthere, marytaleofnewyork, Jim ASMR, Tippy Tappy, Kate Biddle, gigi surreal, Jenni, The Red Wolf, J, KB RisingStar — Why are you whispering at me?! #ASMR is an acronym commonly used to describe the 'tingly' sensation associated with certain audio/visual stimulae - often whispering/soft-spoken voice, and other quiet triggers. It's a similar feeling to 'frisson' - the shivers that run up your spine when watching an incredible scene in a film, or really /feeling/ amazing music. It's the best.

ASMR Inner Sound Cleansing For Deep Relaxation


Go to 🤍 today to get FREE shipping with your purchase of a UV Sanitizer, plus FREE sanitizing wipes with your order! Thank you so much CASETiFY for such a great #SponsoredSaturday - I’ve been using a phone sanitizer for such a long time now, and CASETiFY’s new one is so much faster than the one I had, only 3 minutes to disinfect. You can sanitize anything that fits in it, and it’s really well-sized! Also, all of the proceeds are going to Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. You really couldn’t ask for a better thing to promote honestly, thank you! Today’s video is a bit different than what I usually put up! I was inspired by the idea I had of a “sound cleansing”, inner/mental cleansing/etc. I feel like a lot of us could use a reset, so I tried to make a fairly hypnotic feeling video for some self-reflection and meditation time. I’m not really saying anything too serious or deep during my VO, just some thoughts that came to me when I was filming. :) Timestamps coming! Anyway I hope you enjoy! I encourage you to at least watch a little of each part, they're all different! The umbrella is the longest heheh. Sleep well, hope you're all doing ok. c: Gibi~ 🎵I’m on Spotify! 🤍 And Apple Music! 🤍 AAAND Soundcloud! 🤍 - My upload schedule: ►Every Tuesday ►Every Thursday ►Every Saturday I donate regularly to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. I highly recommend it! They give grants to scientists who do studies to better understand and treat mental illnesses. (🤍 The last ASMR video to help me sleep: 🤍 xxGibi Find me on the internet! ►TWITCH/LIVESTREAMING (not ASMR): 🤍 ►TWITTER: 🤍 ►INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ►MERCH/SHOP: 🤍 ►SECOND CHANNEL: 🤍 OUTRO by 🤍 :) This video was edited by Shawn, my full-time editor! Give him some love: 🤍

ASMR~ Doing your Makeup Fast & Aggressive for your date with Five Hargreeves ☂️


This is referencing to season 1 of The Umbrella Academy btw (my favorite season) ❤️ xoxo, - Maya Winky 😘 Instagram: Main: 🤍Mayawinky K.C Undercover Account: 🤍Winkychella 🤫 TikTok: 🤍Mayawinks

ASMR Umbrella☔️Rain Water, hail, Brushing, Tapping , Tingle (No Talking)


❤️ Subscription and OK, please press. Do not forget to: SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND COMMENT. ❤️ If you watched the video fun, it is good. Do not forget to give this video a thumbs up! Welcome my friends If you are stressed, I hope you heal with my umbrella asmr video. I made it really hard. Please share it in many forums. ❤️ Time Step. 01:19 Soft Rain (ver) 10:49 Middle rain (ver) 20:16 Hail (ver) 29:48 Hard Rain(ver) Today's video protected the microphone with an umbrella and reproduced vivid sounds. At first it was a calm raining sound, then a steady hail and a hail falling sound. In the middle, the sound was superimposed with brushes, feathers, and various items. Thank you for watching my videos all the time. Many subscribers say. Why is there no viewers in this high quality? Thank you and thank you all the time. This is Video No Talking ASMR version. Satisfying Talking ASMR You Want To Never End 😍 New Hope you enjoy watching 💚 If you liked it, do not forget to Share and Subscribe. For More awesome videos 😍💚😍 SHARE and LIKE! Your Support really keep me Going !! It's a great power for me. Put on your headphones and enjoy !! I Want Clean ASMR:) #water #hail #tapping #tingle #umbrella

ASMR Rain Sounds, Leather Gloves, Coat, Umbrella


ASMR Rain Sounds, Leather Gloves, Coat, Umbrella • Hey! In this video, there will be the sound of rain, and the sound of leather gloves, coats. This autumn ASMR is for you. Happy viewing. • This is an ASMR video! ♫ ( Whisper, soft spoken, role play, tingles, triggers, hand movements, tapping, scratching, massage, relax sounds, visual triggers, kisses, mouth sounds, eating, mukbang and etc) • Sit back and try to relax 🎧 INSTAGRAM 💬: 🤍 #ASMR #Leather #gloves #rainsounds © Vikki ASMR

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Heavy Thunderstorm (ASMR Umbrella City Rain Sound) WALKING TOUR【4K】☔️🇦🇷


Welcome to Buenos Aires, Capital City of Argentina. This is a City Rainy Walking Tour in 4K by Wanna Walk in 4K around Barrio Belgrano, Avenida Cabildo. Heavy Thunderstorm (ASMR Umbrella City Rain Sound) Rain City Walks with natural ambient city sounds. Enjoy this video walking tour using headphones for a complete sound experience. Our walk start close to Juramento Metro Station Line D, located at the intersection of Cabildo. We continue exploring the area under a heavy rain. The city can be called Buenos Aires, Capital Federal or just CABA. This is one of the largest metropolis in Latin America and it's well known for its cultural offerings including the Tango. Inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called Porteños which means: people from the port. Popular Searches: Virtual Walking Tour Video, Walking in Buenos Aires - Video Walk, Video Walk Argentina 4K and Walking tour Buenos Aires and Rain walk. Walking Around Barrio Belgrano, close to Avenida Cabildo y Juramento, Subway Line D, Iglesia La Redonda and more. Walking Tour of Buenos Aires by Wanna Walk. This city is huge and beautiful. It may look like a real concrete jungle from certain angles but if you pay attention, you'll find the magnificent architecture around you including Grand French and Italian style palaces, even low key neighborhoods. This lovely city combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin. Wanna Support? 🤍 This is a Virtual Walking Tour of Belgrano and Palermo. Both leafy upper-middle-class neighborhood that can be roughly divided into Belgrano R, Belgrano C, central Belgrano, and Lower Belgrano (Bajo Belgrano). The heart of the barrio pulses with life on its main thoroughfare. Cabildo avenue carries heavy automobile traffic and features some good coffee stores, grocery stores, movie theaters, specialty shops, clothing boutiques, bookstores, and more. Pedestrians are especially numerous on weekend afternoons. Locals from various areas of the city come to shop and walk. Most of the neighborhood's densest housing is located in the vicinity of Cabildo. High-rise luxury apartment buildings are clustered on the leafy streets surrounding the Universidad de Belgrano, a private university. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Heavy Thunderstorm (ASMR Umbrella City Rain Sound) WALKING TOUR【4K】☔️🇦🇷 BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA 4K Visiting Argentina, what to see and do? Buenos Aires Free Walks: Free Tour Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, Belgrano, Argentina Walking Tour 4K Virtual Walk Buenos Aires Argentina City Tour Video Walk Argentina Free Walking Tour Buenos Aires Buenos Aires City is geographically contained inside the province of Buenos Aires, but it is politically autonomous where more than three million people live in the City of Buenos Aires. BA or BAIRES is divided into 48 districts. Its metropolitan area, Great Buenos Aires, the 22nd most populated urban center in the world with over 18 million people. Buenos Aires Free Walks: Most of the country's activity is highly concentrated in this single city and its surroundings. Travelling to Argentina Virtual Walking Tour Buenos Aires Best free walking tours Belgrano CABA Binaural City Sounds ASMR Rain City Sounds The public transport in Buenos Aires is very good, although crowded during rush hour. The metro here is called the Subte, which is short for Subterranean (underground). The network itself is not very large, but reaches most tourist attractions of the city, and there is a large range of bus routes and several suburban railways used by commuters. Walking in Heavy rain in Buenos Aire, Argentina 4K City Walking Tour - Buenos Aires, Free Walks Walking in Buenos Aires ( Argentina) Umbrella City Sounds Rain and Thunder Virtual Walking Tour in 4k Videos Walking tour of BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. An elegant, vibrant and modern South American metropolis. As one of the main commercial hubs of Buenos Aires, Belgrano has something for everyone. City ambience sounds. This is a Belgrano rainy city walk in a peaceful neighborhood with silent streets that lead to different shops, restaurants, architectural relics, and large green spaces. Belgrano's one of the most distinguished districts, and it's ideal for rain walks along the wooded tile sidewalks. Buenos Aires constantly receives tourists from all over the world and offers a large choice of cultural events, nightlife, restaurants, and pubs. Ciudad de Buenos Aires Argentina Walking ARGENTINA 4K heavy thunder Rain Noise Walk City Natural Sounds Please like, subscribe and share. That helps to create more content like this!

Relaxing Under The Umbrella ☔️ ASMR


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Walking during HEAVY RAIN under Umbrella - Binaural Audio Sounds ASMR


Walking during flood warning in Clackamas County in Happy Valley, Oregon. Headphones recommended. Flooding and landslides were found in other parts of Oregon. This video was taken in a neighborhood where light is scarce so it is a bit dark at some times.

ASMR Miniature Watermelon Desserts | AMAZING Watermelon Umbrella Jelly Gummy | Miniature Cooking


ASMR Miniature Watermelon Desserts | AMAZING Watermelon Umbrella Jelly Gummy | Miniature Cooking Hi everyone, I'm Mico. Today I make Watermelon Umbrella Jelly in my Miniature Kitchen. Hope you like it. Please don't forget to CLICK like the video & subscribe my channel to watch more amazing videos. Thank you ❤ Video link: 🤍 0:00 Cooking time 2:04 Decorating the watermelon jelly 3:05 Making the watermelon milk shake 3:52 Bon appetit! *Ingredients: Watermelon Jelly powder Food coloring Chocolate chips Melted chocolate Milk Sugar 👉My BEST VIDEOS: 🤍 CREDIT : Producer & Director : Anh Ngoc Quality Assurance: Minh Tuan Script writer: Lan Nguyen Props assistant: Nga Le, Thuy Vu Animator: My Linh Camera Operator: Hoang Vu Editor & Sound Designer: Dat Nguyen System Developer : Thanh Hang © Copyright by HFL Media ☞ Do not Reup #Miniature #MiniatureCooking #MiniFood #asmr

🌧ASMR☔Relaxing Walk in the Rain & Thunderstorm, Umbrella & Nature Sounds إمشي معي بالعاصفة تحت المطر


هاي يا حلوين كيفكون انشالله تكونوا مناح..فيديو اليوم رح آخدكم معي نمشي بالعاصفة بالطبيعة تحت الشتي والبرق والرعد.. اصوات الطبيعة اصوات المطر والبرق والرعد .. بتمنى يعجبكم🙏🙏 #asmr #relaxing #rainsounds #arabicasmr #asmrarabic #asmrinarabic اذا حبيتوا الڤيديو ما تنسوا تعملوا لايك و اشتراك بالقناة وتفعيل جرس الاشعارات ل يوصلكم كل جديد... بوعدكم بالمزيد من الأفكار الجديدة والمميزة ان شاء الله🙏🙏🙏 ✴️✴️✴️طرق مجانية لدعم القناة :✴️✴️✴️ 🔹اعجاب👍 🔹تعليق 💬 🔹مشاركة📧🗺️📤 🔹اشتراك 📲 🔹تفعيل جرس الاشعارات🔔 🔹مشاهدة الڤيديو للنهاية🎞️🔚 🔹اضافتي على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي➕ : تيكتوك: 🤍 تويتر: 🤍 و انستاغرام: 🤍 ✴️✴️✴️Free ways to support my channel ✴️✴️✴️ 🔹Like👍 🔹Comment💬 🔹Share📧🗺️📤 🔹Subscribe📲 🔹Turn On the Notifications🔔 🔹Watch to the End🎞️🔚 🔹Follow me on social media➕ : Tiktok : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 and instagram : 🤍 مرحبا و اهلا و سهلا فيكم بقناتي 😴🌹SANO ASMR🌹😴 😍1131😍 عددنا *اكثر قناة ايسمار عربي متنوعة بالمحتوى والأفكار* اقدم لكم محتوى " اي اس ام ار " عبارة عن ڤيديوهات فيها محفزات صوتية ومرئية تساعد الناس على الراحة والإسترخاء والنوم والهدوء .. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 اذا حبيتوا الڤيديوهات ما تنسوا تعملوا لايك👍 و تشتركوا بالقناة وتفعلوا الجرس🔔 ل يوصلكم كل جديد اذا حابين تعرفوا اكثر عن ال اي اس ام ار اضغطوا على رابط تعريف ال اي اس ام ار من الموسوعة العالمية ويكيبيديا: 🤍 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 ️ملاحظة⚠️ ال اي اس ام ار هو عبارة عن محفزات _تساعد_تساعد على النوم وهي حتى الآن غير مثبتة علميًا و هي ليست علاج.. اذا كنت تعاني من مشاكل و إضطرابات في النوم لا تتردد بزيارة الطبيب او المعالج المختص...🙏🙏🙏🙏 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 #اي_اس_ام_ار #ايسمار #نوم #استرخاء #راحة #هدوء #سكينة #ايجابية #طمأنينة #اشتراك #احلام_سعيدة #تصبحون_على_خير #ليلة_سعيدة #arabicasmr #asmrarabic #arab #arabic 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 satisfying, relaxing & calming videos to watch before sleep #ASMR #relax #sleep #sleepy #calm #satisfying #oddly #videos #dreams #sweet_dreams #deep_sleep #no_talking #tapping #scratching #satisfying #relaxing #calming #oddly #videos #sleep #tingling #triggers #brain_massage #brain #sleepy #dreams #brushing #tapping #like #subscribe #brain_melting #ear_massage #deep_sleep #fall_asleep #tingles 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 If you like my videos dont forget to like and subscribe my channel 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 Channel link hts:// 🙏🙏🙏كل الحب🙏🙏 🌹S🌹A🌹N🌹O🌹A🌹S🌹M🌹R🌹 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 00:00 - preview🌧 00:42 - intro🌬 02:19 - simple make up 4:45 - comb my hair 5:05 - wear my jacket 6:00 - driving 8:44 - wet pebbles 10:37 - sky air tracing 15:00 - walking 18:00 - rain sounds 20:46 - rain umbrella thunderstorm sounds

ASMR Rain on an Umbrella - 45 Minutes of Calm


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ASMR Umbrella ☂ | Rustle, Tapping, Rain Imitation, Umbrella Opening... | LoFi


How many tingly sounds can I make using an umbrella?🌂 ☂ This is probably my new favourite trigger item. LoFi rustle, tapping, scratching, rain imitation, umbrella opening and closing... My nails are pink again because this video is actually prerecorded. I just wanted to include the umbrella in a multiple trigger video before publishing this one😉 Instagram: 🤍 E-mail: vendyberck🤍 Hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for stopping by. Have a nice day!🤗

ASMR Rain on plastic umbrella (No talking) Running water/Birds/Country walk in Tennessee!


Oh how I love to walk in the rain under a clear plastic umbrella! It is the stuff of my childhood dreams. I hope you will also enjoy this walk in the countryside near my town of Portland, TN. There will be sounds of raindrops on plastic umbrella, birds, running water, creeks, wind, frogs & miscellaneous nature sounds. My lovey intros and outros by Terry Carr (Tonsil) Rebecca's Beautiful ASMR Addiction P.O. Box 72 Portland, TN 37148 rebeccasbeautifulasmr🤍 🤍 Tip Jar 🍯: 🤍 Please: Only tip out of an overflow of your own blessings.

[ASMR] Water Sounds 8 | Simulated Rain | Umbrella 💦☂️


Thanks to Filmora9 for partnering with me! Check them out. Try Filmor9: 🤍 Download cool effects: 🤍 Best screen recorder: 🤍 Welcome to Water Sounds 8. In this video I tried to switch it up a little. With these series I always try to make them different and better. I think it turned out really cool. Turn the lights down, get comfortable and enjoy! :) 🎮 Twitch: WatchMatty (GO FOLLOW) 😎 Support on Patreon: 🤍 📦 Amazon Wishlist: 🤍 - NEW HERE? - Hey! My name is Matty and I live in Oregon. I’ve been an avid viewer of ASMR for over 7 years and I started my channel December 16, 2016. I normally upload 2-3 times per week! Stay tuned and thank you for being here. - My Other Channels - Vlog: “EverythingMatty” Gaming: “WatchMatty” Music: “MattyMusic” - Social Media - Twitter: 🤍mattytingles Instagram: 🤍mattytingles Snapchat: 🤍MattySnapping 💼 Business Inquires mattytingles🤍 Mailing Address: Matty PO Box 953 Turner, OR 97392



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