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SAP Model Company - Explained in less than 4 mins


This video explains the reasoning behind SAP Model Company and why it adds value to your transformation. For more information about SAP Model Company: 🤍

Getting Started with SAP Model Company: openSAP Course


Enroll for free: 🤍 Join this free online course and get to know the SAP Model Company concept, architecture, and different deployment options. SAP Model Company is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference solution for SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, or SAP SuccessFactors, tailored to a specific industry or line of business.

SAP MODEL COMPANY Overview | SAP S/4HANA implementations | Preconfigured end-to-end processes


SAP Model Company, from the SAP Digital Business Services organization, includes preconfigured end-to-end processes, business content, and accelerators for industries and business areas, which speed up the implementation of SAP S/4HANA or individual suite components such as SAP SuccessFactors. Industry-specific reference solutions accelerate SAP S/4HANA implementations and help capture the full potential of SAP’s cloud strategy. Our Face Book Page 🤍 Our Twitter Page 🤍 Our LinkedIn Page 🤍 Our Instagram Page 🤍 Our Telegram Page 🤍 #BrainBlitzAudios #SAPS4HANA #SAPModelCompany Music from YouTube Audio Library 🤍

SAP Model Company


SAP Model Company for Integrated Digital Banking provides customers with an End-to-End Scenario for SAP Loans Management for Banking, SAP S/4HANA edition & SAP Smart Accounting using Web Service Reliable Messaging.It is offered as out-of-the-Box Solution covering all relevant settings to get your Data processed by SAP Smart Accounting. Also available for SAP S/4HANA for financial products subledger! Need more information on SAP Model Company? 🤍

SAP Model Company


#Sapmodelcompany SAP Model Company More Updates Please Subscribe our channel and hit the bell icon, then will get notification for our latest videos. Getting Started with SAP Model Company Week 1 Fundamentals of SAP Model Company Week 2 Deploying SAP Model Company Week 3 Leveraging SAP Model Company in Your Projects Week 1 Fundamentals of SAP Model Company • Unit 1: What Is an SAP Model Company? Overview • Unit 2: Identifying and Selecting Your SAP Model Company Approach • Unit 3: Under the Hood: The SAP Model Company Architecture • Unit 4: Getting Started with SAP Model Company Week 2 Deploying SAP Model Company • Unit 1: How to Deploy SAP Model Company • Unit 2: SAP Model Company Deliverables: From Process Model to Test Script • Unit 3: The SAP Model Company Service in Action • Unit 4: SAP Model Company for Public Cloud Solutions Week 3 Leveraging SAP Model Company in Your Projects • Unit 1: How to Best Leverage SAP Model Company in Your Project • Unit 2: Implementation Scenarios from Reference System to Production • Unit 3: SAP Model Company for Multinational Corporations • Unit 4: SAP Model Company and SAP Partners: From Qualification to Solution

SAP Analytics Cloud Model Company Content for SAP Customer Activity Repository


In this demo, you will see how you can use pre-built SAP Analytics Cloud Model Company dashboard for SAP Customer Activity Repository to drive insight-driven decisions for Retail. Learn more: 🤍 #SAP #SAPAnalyticsCloud #Retail

Discover SAP MaxAttention Co-Design Track with SAP Model Company


Stephan Klein, SVP, Head of #SAPModelCompany, explains the #SAPMaxAttention Co-Design track and what is in it for the customer. For more Information, please watch the extended Version here: 🤍

SAP Best Practice Implementierung mit der SAP Model Company for Life Sciences


Die Pharma-Industrie steht vor der Herausforderung, bestehende IT-Systeme – insbesondere auch SAP – zu modernisieren und auf einer neuen Plattform zukunftsgerichtet die Prozesse zu optimieren. Die SAP bietet dazu rund um S/4HANA ein sehr umfangreiches Lösungsportfolio an. Aufgrund der Komplexität dieser Aufgabenstellung sollte gerade der Mittelstand mit seinen begrenzten Ressourcen standardisierte SAP-Lösungen auf Basis von Best Practices implementieren. Dies reduziert den Aufwand (intern sowie extern!) bei der Einführung und im Betrieb des Systems. Hierzu hat SAP die „Model Company“ entwickelt, die auch für die Life Sciences zur Verfügung steht. Die Best Practice Lösung hat den großen Vorteil, dass anhand von vorkonfigurierten Prozessen sehr schnell die Möglichkeiten des SAP Systems zur Optimierung ermittelt und die Standardabläufe implementiert werden können. Das Webinar soll den Umfang der Model Company für die Pharma aufzeigen sowie einen ersten Eindruck vermitteln, wie der Weg einer digitalen Transformation aussieht. Sie möchten mehr über die DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants GmbH und Ihre Produkte und Lösungen erfahren? ▶ Dann besuchen Sie uns unter 🤍

SAP Company History


Update zu SAP Model Company und SAP Value Assurance Services


Christina Hermann-Lindner, Solution Lead, SAP Digital Business Services, gibt vom DSAG Jahreskongress 2019 Einblicke in die #SAPModelCompany und #SAPValueAssurance Services. Weitere Infos finden Sie unter 🤍 und 🤍

Top 10 SAP Terms and Definitions [Activate Methodology, HANA, Fiori, Leonardo, etc.]


If you are considering an SAP implementation there are some terms and definitions you should be aware of. Terms such as model company, Activate methodology, Ariba, SuccessFactors, and others are important to understand. In this video I’ll cover the top 10 terms that are critical to be familiar with before embarking on your SAP implementation. These are the key terms you should be aware of to help you plan and execute your SAP implementation. #sap #s4hana #digitaltransformation —————————————————————— DOWNLOAD MORE RESOURCES BELOW —————————————————————— 2021 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION REPORT: 🤍 TOP 10 ERP SYSTEMS RANKING: 🤍 TOP 10 ERP SYSTEMS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: 🤍 TOP 10 CRM SYSTEMS: 🤍 GUIDE TO ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT: 🤍 20 LESSONS FROM 1,000 ERP IMPLEMENTATIONS: 🤍 ———————————————————— CONNECT WITH ME: ———————————————————— LINKEDIN: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 CLUBHOUSE: 🤍 WATCH MY WEEKLY PODCAST: 🤍 THIRD STAGE LINKEDIN PAGE: 🤍 CONTACT ME TO BRAINSTORM IDEAS FOR YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: eric.kimberling🤍

What is SAP - The Absolute Beginner's Guide


Heard about SAP but have no clue what it is? Then this is the perfect session for you! Join us for this short 30-minute overview to learn what SAP is, why it is so important in today’s job market and what you can do to learn basic SAP skills. In this session you will learn: - What is SAP? - Why is it so important? - Who uses SAP? - How can you learn basic SAP skills? Michael Management creates the best eLearning for our students. Check out all our award-winning SAP Training courses here: 🤍 In addition to our SAP training courses, we also offer SAP Access. With our live SAP access, you can learn by doing with access to fully licensed SAP sandbox system. See the pricing and plans for SAP access here: 🤍 Learn SAP. Right now. Michael Management offers hands-on courses help you learn SAP quickly with a true learning-by-doing experience. Skill assessments, quizzes, and exams help you measure your own progress over time. Career paths guide you to master the profession of your choice. If you are unsure of what training you need, look at our career paths page: 🤍 Get the job you want with the training you need. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Our SAP Career Paths include predefined training plans for common SAP jobs. To stay up to date on new courses and promotions, register now and we will keep you in the loop about SAP training. After you register you can also view the first lesson of any course for FREE 🤍 #SAPTraining #MichaelManagement #SAPBasics

How to Quickly and Efficiently Deploy SAP S/4HANA with SAP Model Company


How to Quickly and Efficiently Deploy SAP S/4HANA with SAP Model Company #SAPInfluencer #SAPModelCompany #S4HANA _ My name is Ronald Van Loon and I would like to invite you to join me on the journey through the intelligent world and have a deeper look into technological development that is shaping a world and transforming business. Subscribe To My Channel 🤍 As a recognized expert and thought leader in this field, I work with data-driven companies to generate business value so that they may meet and exceed goal after goal. I have been recognized for my work in the field of digital transformation by such publications and organizations as Onalytica, Dataconomy, and Klout. In addition to these recognitions, I am also an author for a number of leading big data websites, including The Guardian, The Datafloq, and Data Science Central, and I regularly speak at renowned events and conferences. How I Help Companies Generate Business Value I write relevant articles & host webinars on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, big data, IoT, data science, analytics and other digital transformation topics, which I distribute to an audience of over 100,000 social media fans and followers. ➨FOLLOW & Read my articles: 🤍 ➨Join my webinars:🤍 ➨ To connect with me for article writing, hosting webinars or attend events mail me at info🤍 By learning how to make the best use of the data your company has, and by becoming certified, you can boost your career! ➨Learn more how I can help you as a Simplilearn course advisor 🤍 As the director of Adversitement, I work to help data-driven businesses become more successful. ➨To learn more contact me via ronald.vanloon🤍 Stay Up to Date on the Latest News and Insights in Data Transformation ➨Join my LinkedIn group, “Awesome Ways Big Data Is Used to Improve Our World”, at 🤍 ➨Connect with me on LinkedIn, and follow my publications via LinkedIn Pulse at 🤍 ➨Follow me on Twitter 🤍Ronald_vanLoon

Top 10 SAP Solution Companies


As the data-focused world continues to evolve, the number of companies searching for the perfect SAP solution is increasing. Otherwise known as “System Applications and Products” in data processing, SAP companies help business leaders to unlock new possibilities in the digital world, through consulting, organisational efficiency strategies, and unique tools. If you've been looking for a way to enhance your ERP campaigns in the years ahead, then an SAP solution company could be just the partner that you need. Here, we're going to cover some of the better SAP options available for modern brands.

Video 5: Organizational Structure in SAP


Organizational Structure in the SAP System

SAP Interview Question Answers


Mandatory Session for all SAP Professionals & SAP Aspirants. SAP Interview Preparation: 🤍 SAP Real Time project Training : 🤍 SAP Latest Trends : 🤍 SAP S/4 HANA : 🤍 SAP ABAP: 🤍 SAP BW : 🤍 SAP FICO : 🤍 SAP MM : 🤍 SAP HR : 🤍 SAP HANA : 🤍 SAP S/4 HANA Finance : 🤍 SAP S/4 HANA Logistics : 🤍 SAP HANA ABAP : 🤍 Artificial Intelligence: 🤍 JH SOFTECH Global Leader in SAP Training

The Next Generation of Corporate Real Estate Management - SAP Cloud for Real Estate


You manage your real estate portfolio and lease agreements in old disconnected tools or even spreadsheets. Would you like an easy to use, connected and integrated tool enabling you to optimize your real estate portfolio as well as managing workspace and lease contracts? If so, learn about the next generation corporate real estate solution – SAP Cloud for Real Estate. SAP Cloud for Real Estate is easy to use and connected to S/4HANA Finance for real time financial reporting. It supports the new lease accounting standard and seamlessly connects to a growing list of partner applications. Find out more at: 🤍

SAP Industry - Chemicals: Industry and Overview Introduction


This is a pilot for working with the Industry Team. This is a LoB introduction for the Chemicals industry and key business trends. Explore job opportunities at SAP: 🤍 Subscribe to us here on YouTube: 🤍 Tweet with us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Join us on Facebook: 🤍

Why SAP? – Employees talk about their roles at SAP


At SAP, we believe that anything is possible. We have helped to change enterprise software and reinvented how business is done, with an entrepreneurial spirit that drives our company culture of creativity, diversity, and collaboration. The people who work at SAP are the heart of the company, so we asked some of our employees in Venture Studio why they chose SAP, and why they continue to love working here. Learn more about Development & Technology at SAP: 🤍

Cloud business subscription model is 'very sticky,' SAP CEO says


CEO Christian Klein discusses the German software company's first-quarter earnings and the outlook for its cloud business.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Demo


In this demo, you will learn how SAP Analytics Cloud helps you: 1. Set goals and strategic plans 2. Analyze budget and set allocations 3. Compare budget, actuals, and forecast your financials. Find out how finance executives and FP&A practitioners collaborate to plan for better business outcomes. 🤍

SAP solutions offer midsize companies a path to success


✔SAP solutions equip your business to address today’s challenges while building the foundation to seize future opportunities. Scott Russell, Member of the Executive Board, Customer Success at SAP, shares how SAP is working with companies of all sizes to offer next-generation solutions that can help move your company forward. Find more: 🤍 #MidsizeCompany #SAPSolutions #ManagementSoftware

SAP Production Planning & Manufacturing; Introduction to SAP PP, SAP Production Planning & Control


For complete SAP PP Video training visit; 🤍

SAP Sapphire Keynote: Becoming an Intelligent, Sustainable Enterprise


In an age where change is a constant and innovation an imperative, SAP solutions run among the most mission-critical systems around the globe, while enabling our customers to achieve their purpose. SAP CEO Christian Klein and thought leaders from various industries share insights on the latest innovations and emerging trends to help you transform into a sustainable, networked, and intelligent enterprise. - Christian Klein, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), SAP - Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer and Member of the Executive Board, SAP - Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer, SAP It’s not too late to register! Sign up today for your complimentary pass to SAP Sapphire in 2022:

SAP & TCS Partner to Digitally Transform a Global Packaging Company


Services and Support from SAP and TCS provided SAP Model Company as an accelerator and SAP Value Assurance Services to help ensure a successful SAP S/4HANA go live for a global packing company. They worked together to align early on roles and responsibilities to stay focused on customer success. Find out more about Serivces and Support from SAP via the following link: 🤍 SAP Model Company: 🤍 SAP Value Assurance Services: 🤍 TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES: 🤍

Discover XaaS - Everything-as-a-Service- Powered by SAP


#👍Contact SAP XaaS Advisory Services at: SAP_XaaS_Info🤍 Are you looking for ways how to transform your revenue stream to recurring subscription revenue? Watch this video explaining how SAP can support your digital transformation to ‘Everything as a Service’ business model and providing you with information about SAP Advisory Services. 👉Discover more: 🤍 The “Everything-as-a-Service” or Subscription-based business model is impacting nearly every industry. Learn how to drive the best path forward with SAP. Find out more: 🤍 XaaS (Everything-as-a-Service) Powered by SAP - Contact Us #XaaS #SAP #EverythingasaService #Outcomebased #Servitization #Subscriptionbilling

The Automotive Showcase at SAP Customer Experience LIVE


SAP Customer Experience Solutions can live in a car! Check out the the driver's portal based on commerce and marketing. Watch this Automotive Showcase from SAPCXLIVE and learn about new innovations for car and driver. For more, visit us at

Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud


What’s characteristic for SAP Analytics Cloud is unprecedented ease of use, user-friendly interface and 24h availability through web browser, which makes this solution perfect for planning process. Learn more: 🤍 This recording is the transcription of our Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud webinar. The webinar guides you through the full planning process in SAP Analytics Cloud. The product is aimed not only at current SAP customers – with third-party non-SAP transaction or data warehouse system you will be able to capitalize on full product functionality. Moreover system can be sourced from flat files. During our planning process we start with input template definition, through assignment of input tasks to responsible employees (based on company code attributes), data input (manual and predicted based on historical data available), data verification and approval of the whole process. Main topics of the webinar: - SAP Analytics Cloud features and business value; - Live DEMO; - SAP Analytics Cloud architecture; #AllforOnePoland #SAPAnalyticsCloud #Planning _ Stay informed! Follow us on LinkedIn: 🤍 Visit All for One Poland website: 🤍 Tel.: +48 61 827 70 00 E-mail:🤍 All for One Poland – formerly SNP Poland, until 2017 – BCC. Same team. New name.

SAP CEO on competition with Salesforce and where the company's headed from here


Christian Klein, SAP CEO, chats with Sara Eisen on 'Closing Bell' to discuss competition in the software space, shifting business operations and enterprise spending.

SAP Workflow Training | SAP Business Workflow Tutorial (2020) | How to create a basic SAP Workflow


THE COMPLETE SAP WORKFLOW COURSE: 🤍 - that is 6 hours complete SAP Business Workflow course, - it's is everything you need to become a Workflow expert. It gathers all I would like to know when I started my SAP Workflow projects, - after completing this course you will be able to create your complex SAP workflow from scratch, - you will deal with maintenance, analysis, and debugging of existing SAP workflow processes without any problem. This SAP Workflow training is a tutorial for beginners. It shows detailed instructions about how to create a basic SAP Business Workflow. It is 'step by step' tutorial on easy SAP Workflow scenario creation. The first part of the video presents the business process and the second one, full implementation on the SAP system, including testing and reading Workflow logs. Enjoy! About Buddy From IT BuddyFromIT real name is Artur Paziewski. Artur is an SAP-certified specialist and ABAP developer for over 16 years. He's been the SAP consultant for the largest companies in the world and he's helped hundreds and hundreds of people learn of SAP Workflow, ABAP programming and changed their careers. Please check my other video "What is SAP Workflow?" 🤍 #sap #sapworkflow #saptraining

Profitability Analysis in SAP CO - Part 1 | Costing Based COPA | Account Based COPA | SAP CO


#profitabilityanalysis, #sapcopa, #sapco This is the 1st Part of Profitability Analysis in SAP CO. Learn SAP Controlling Configuration with full knowledge of SAP CO COPA. This video includes the concept of Account based COPA and Costing Based COPA. Watch the full video for good understanding. Subscribe my channel for more videos on SAP FICO and SAP HANA Finance. Contact for online training:- Email -🤍 View me on LinkedIn :- 🤍 Wattsup- +91-9556432150

Re-imagining Business for The Digital Transformation by Bernd Welz, SAP SE


🤍. During this keynote, Dr. Bernd Welz discusses how SAP’s end-to-end service and support engagement model helps companies reimagine their business so they can Run Simple. He shows how companies can accelerate innovation with SAP Activate, a unique combination of ready-to-run business processes, agile project methodology, and assisted implementation. In this session you will learn how SAP Service and Support helps companies achieve better, faster business outcomes while fostering an environment of sustainable simplicity and continuous innovation.

The Journey to Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise, SAP TechEd Lecture


Becoming an intelligent enterprise is not just a technical upgrade. The real value comes when companies use innovative approaches to reimagine business processes and business models. Get to know how the SAP solution portfolio can support customers on this journey by consuming the latest innovations in SAP software and services. Get to know new services such as SAP Model Company, SAP Advanced Deployment, and the integrated delivery framework. #SAP # intelligententerprise #SAPS4HANA Speaker: Abdul Rajbhoy, Principal Architect at SAP. Lecture presentation: 🤍 00:00 lecture Chapters 02:06 Digital Transformation Drivers 04:25 The Digital Maturity Framework 04:57 Overview of the Approach and Deliverable 11:48 How to enable the Intelligent Enterprise 9:54 Deep Dive, SAP Model Company 25:15 D E M O: Model Company 29:29 Instant Productivity and Business User Adoption 31:56 The SAP Model Company for Oil & Gas 33:34 Available SAP Model Company Portfolio 34:46 Introducing SAP® Model Company, custom edition 35:26 Enabling the Experience Company for Best-Run Businesses with partners Get more information: - SAP TechEd: 🤍 - Become an Intelligent Enterprise faster with SAP Model Company: 🤍 - Build your success as an intelligent enterprise: 🤍 - SAP ActiveAttention: 🤍 - SAP MaxAttention: 🤍 - SAP Enterprise Support: 🤍

Want To Make Career in SAP - Which is the Best SAP Module Suitable for You!


Any SAP fresher wants to make career in SAP, then the question arise, which is the best SAP module suitable for you, which is the best SAP module in demand by the organization. In this lecture, we try to address this topic. Website: 🤍 call/WhatsApp: 9820337194 1) Best Institute for SAP 🤍 2) How to start career in SAP 🤍 3) Completed SAP but struggling for SAP Jobs 🤍 4) How SAP Fresher Get SAP jobs 🤍 5) P2P Process in SAP 🤍 6) SAP S4HANA FICO Consulting lecture 1 🤍 7) Cash Journal in SAP: 🤍 IBA Training Institute of Business Applications (IBA) is leading institute that provides practical Training (Online & Classroom) in Accounts (from book Keeping to finalization), Finance (Financial Analysis to Financial Modelling & Valuation), Taxation (GST, Income Tax, TDS, Custom duty, Payroll Compliance), Audit (Tax Audit, Company's Audit), SAP ERP, (SAP FICO), VBA excel macros, Digital Marketing and many more. MS HKHR This lectures may useful, helpful and related to the following topics 4) best functional module in sap 5) best institute for sap mm module 6) best module in sap for mechanical engineer 7) best module of sap 8) best paid sap module 9) best salary sap module 10) best sap abap module 11) best sap course for mba hr 12) best sap functional module 13) best sap module 14) best sap module app 15) best sap module for bcom 16) best sap module for biotechnology 17) best sap module for business analyst 18) best sap module for career 19) best sap module for chemical engineer 20) best sap module for civil engineers 21) best sap module for computer science engineers 22) best sap module for electrical engineer 23) best sap module for electronics engineer 24) best sap module for finance 25) best sap module for freshers 26) best sap module for future 27) best sap module for it freshers 28) best sap module for mba 29) best sap module for mba finance 30) best sap module for mba hr 31) best sap module for mba marketing 32) best sap module for mba operations 33) best sap module for mechanical engineer 35) best sap module in 2020 36) best sap module in demand 37) best sap module in demand 2019 38) best sap module in demand 2020 39) best sap module in india 40) best sap module names 41) best sap module qm 42) best sap module questions 43) best sap module quiz 44) best sap module quora 45) best sap module r3 46) best sap module ranking 47) best sap module reddit 48) best sap module registration 49) best sap module rh 50) best sap module to get job 64) best sap modules to learn 65) best sap technical module in demand 66) can a bcom graduate do sap course 67) how to choose best sap module for your career 68) how to choose sap module 69) is sap good for mechanical engineers 70) is sap useful for mechanical engineers 71) sap best module for job 72) sap best module in 2019 73) sap best module in market 74) sap best paid module 75) sap best practices pp module 76) sap best practices sd module 77) sap erp best modules 78) sap pm module best practices 79) the best sap module to learn 80) what are the sap technical modules 81) what is the best sap module to learn 82) what sap modules are in high demand 83) which is best sap module to learn 84) which is the best sap module 85) which is the best sap module for freshers 86) which is the best sap module for jobs 87) which is the best sap module for mba marketing 88) which is the best sap module to get job 89) which is the easiest sap module to learn 90) which is the highest paid sap module 91) which module is best in sap 2019 92) which module is best in sap in future 93) which module is best to learn sap sd or mm 94) which sap course is best for bcom 97) which sap module has highest salary 98) which sap module is best 99) which sap module is best for accounting 100) which sap module is best for bcom graduates 101) which sap module is best for btech freshers 102) which sap module is best for business analyst 103) which sap module is best for civil engineers 104) which sap module is best for commerce graduates 105) which sap module is best for computer science student 106) which sap module is best for ece students 107) which sap module is best for electrical engineers 108) which sap module is best for electronics engineers 109) which sap module is best for engineers 110) which sap module is best for freshers 111) which sap module is best for future 112) which sap module is best for logistics 113) which sap module is best for mba finance 114) which sap module is best for mba hr 115) which sap module is best for mba marketing 116) which sap module is best for mba operations 119) which sap module is best for non technical 120) which sap module is best for projects 121) which sap module is in demand 122) which sap module is most in demand #BestSAPModule

Move to SAP S/4HANA in four easy steps


Moving to SAP S/4HANA might not always be that simple. But a clear structure can reduce the effort and risks. Learn how the SAP S/4HANA Movement can help you structure the transition and make the first step towards the Intelligent Enterprise. Chapters 00:00 - Move now in 4 easy steps! 00:08 - Why move now? 00:27 - SAP S/4HANA movement 00:41 - Step 01 :: Align on vision and strategy 01:25 - Step 02 :: Build the case 02:22 - Step 03 :: Plan the path forward 02:55 - Step 04 :: Deliver business value 03:40 - Find more information Get more information here: 🤍

Sustainability in Numbers | SAP Cares


Learn how to build a sustainable advantage and engage with the fastest growing interest group in the history of consumerism. Any company that wants to be sustainable must know their numbers. Once a company knows and can identify their numbers in Scope 1, 2 and 3, they will have the tools to adjust their business model. Learn more: 🤍 🤍

SAP runs SAP to Effectively Transform to a Cloud Company


SAP is strongly transforming its business model from selling software licenses towards a cloud company. Hear from the responsible executive Peter David, CFO SAP SE, about SAP’s journey to new finance processes. Learn why the processes must be redesigned and which challenges need to be solved on this way to a highly automated system. Learn more about SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, the solution driving this change visit 🤍

BPCL case study | Bharat Petroleum | SAP ERP Implementation Case study | Crisis | Strategy


Post-liberalization, India's energy sector got a major boost. The threat of competition from private sector companies and the prospect of acquisition by international players created a sense of crisis and anxiety. That is when a series of structural and strategic changes were introduced at BPCL that have immensely contributed to its financial and brand-related success compared to its public sector peers. One of them is the fastest, largest, and most ambitious SAP Implementation of ERP in BPCL in India. #BPCL #SAP #ERP #ERPImplementation #Bharatpetroleum #Crisis #IT #OIL #Strategy #Crisis #SAPcasestudy #successstory

Move to SAP S/4HANA


In this video, you will get an overview of all information about the Move to SAP S/4HANA. It is suitable for both, users that are asked to move to SAP S/4HANA from SAP ERP ECC, and users who are interested in applying an ERP system like SAP S/4HANA in their teaching for their first time. Content: 00:00 - 00:35 Introduction 00:36 - 04:49 What is GBI 04:50 - 08:24 New UI with Fiori Launchpad 08:25 - 13:12 Content of GBI Curriculum 13:13 - 16:15 Innovations with S4HANA 16:16 - 19:50 Support Options for S4HANA with GBI 19:51 - 22:40 Steps for Migrating to S4HANA 22:41 - 26:26 Complementing Solutions for S4HANA For further information, please visit SAP UCC TU Munich Portal via 🤍

SAP S/4HANA-Migration to Public Cloud- P1.[Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy] SAP Activate


SAP S/4HANA :- Migration to Public Cloud- Part 1. In this video discussed about SAP S/4HANA Migration to Public Cloud using SAP Activate Methodology. :) :) Project phase for your Journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud- Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy- Simply called SAP Activate Methodology Phases. Setting up SAP S/4HANA Cloud. New Implementation Discover Phase:-Configuring the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Trial system Trial system in SAP Cloud appliance library available versions- SAP S/4HANA Cloud Trial, SAP S/4HANA Trial. Setting up your access to the Trial systems. SAP S/4HANA Fully activated Appliances. Basics for Production system. SAP Cloud reference Library, On Premise Installation. Following deployment scenarios are available for SAP S/4HANA Fully activated Appliances. Sandbox system, Proof of concept, Development system. Cost Overview Appliances as a first step to SAP S/4HANA. Solution scope of the model system – Pre configured clients. From this point road map diverges- if you need to select either on premise or Cloud. First we will talk about SAP S/4HANA Migration to Public cloud. Using on premise or private cloud..etc. - Explore Phase:- Configuring the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Starter system Configuring the starter system. Assigning the users for the administrator and key users. Assigning Roles for the administrator and key users. Importing users to the SAP cloud identity Tenant authenticating users. Authenticating Users- User Authentication Architecture, Maintaining Master data in the SAP S/4HANA cloud system and the cloud identity provider. Technical and Personal users. User Administration Options:- 1. embedded user administration 2. Integration of human resources with SAP Success factors 3. Alternative IDP Solution. Configuring Business Process [Managing your solution as a process expert]. Data Migration- Testing Data Transfer. Transition to the realization Phase- Completing the explore Phase. Quality assurance and production system. System types- Choosing the times for the transition. Configuring in the starter system. Configuration in the Quality assurance system. Realize Phase:- Configuring SAP S/4HANACloud Quality Assurance system. Steps of the realization phase. Importing employee Master data. Creating Key users. - Creating all Production users. Assigning roles for key users. Importing key users to the SAP Cloud identity Tenant. Data Migration- previously tested data migration Assigning roles to business users. Importing users for business users to the SAP cloud identity Tenant. Step for Implementing any cloud system Configuring SAP S/4HANA Cloud Manage your solution and SAP S/4HANA Guided Configuration. Activating help text for configuration Apps. - Assigning Key users roles. Importing users to SAP Cloud Identity Tenant. Basic system configuration:- Defining business Process Quality assurance and production system consistency. Data Migration. Deploy Phase:- Configuring the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Production system. Requesting the Production system. Quality Assurance system unlock. Importing employee Master data.

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