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Poland is militarising so fast it’s scary!


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Polish Army wz.93 Loadout 🇵🇱 #shorts


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Polish Armed Forces |2022| "God, Honor, Fatherland"


Wojsko Polskie - "Polish Military" Music : Architects ¦ Animals (Guitar Playthrough and Full Instrumental) 🤍

Polish Army Tribute - "Light Em up" (2022)


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Why is Poland staging its biggest military parade since the Cold War? | DW News


In a show of might, Poland has paraded its military hardware on the streets of Warsaw. The 'Armed Forces Day' parade traditionally celebrates Poland's victory over Bolshevik forces in the 1920 Battle of Warsaw. But with this year's parade the government was hoping to send another signal. Subscribe: 🤍 For more news go to: 🤍 Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitch: 🤍 Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: 🤍 #poland #militaryparade #russia

Poland showcases military might during parade


Poland staged a military parade to showcase its state-of-the-art weapons and defense systems as it marked the anniversary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw, in which Polish troops defeated Bolshevik forces advancing on Europe. Read more: apnews.com ​ This video may be available for archive licensing via 🤍 #poland

Polish teachers, farmers, bankers are joining the military. Here's why


CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports from a military base in Warsaw, Poland, where civilians are learning to become soldiers. A banker, a high school student, and an aspiring opera singer are among dozens dressed in military uniform, practicing their shooting stance, working through tactical drills, and learning how to communicate on a battlefield. #CNN #News

What is Poland? (#NATOWave/Polandwave )


#NATO #Poland Russia Hate Club #army #natowave #vaporwave #russiahateclub

The Story of Poland's Armed Forces in Exile - WW2 Documentary Special


The Polish state was the first to fall in this war, yet across the globe Polish soldiers are fighting on land, air, and sea as part of the United Nations alliance. The story of the tens of thousands of men and women fighting for Polish liberation is equal parts hope and hardship as they battle the enemy and even sometimes their own allies. Join us on Patreon: 🤍 Or join the TimeGhost Army directly at: 🤍 Check out our TimeGhost History YouTube channel: 🤍 Between 2 Wars: 🤍 Follow WW2 Day by Day on Instagram: 🤍ww2_day_by_day Follow TimeGhost History on Instagram: 🤍timeghosthistory Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Hosted by: Indy Neidell Director: Astrid Deinhard Producers: Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson Creative Producer: Marek Kamiński Community Management: Ian Sowden Written by: James Newman Research by: James Newman Map animations by: Daniel Weiss Map research by: Sietse Kenter Edited by: Miki Cackowski Artwork and color grading by: Mikołaj Uchman Sound design by: Marek Kamiński Colorizations by: Mikołaj Uchman Klimbim 🤍 Source literature list: 🤍 Archive footage: Screenocean/Reuters - 🤍 Image sources: IWM HU 106377, HU 109739, HU 109740, HU 109741, H 7755, H 15945, HU 76128, CH 1535, HU 128304, MH 1827, E 19026, E 19031, E 19024, HU 74965, MH 26392, E 6043, E 325 Fortepan — ID 29019, ID 79477 Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe Soundtracks from Epidemic Sound: Rannar Sillard - March Of The Brave 4 Edward Karl Hanson - Spellbound Christian Andersen - Symphony of the Cold-Blooded Brightarm Orchestra - On the Edge of Change Craft Case - Secret Cargo Jon Bjork - Shrouded in Conspiracy Hakan Eriksson - Epic Adventure Theme 3 Alec Slayne - Conpiracy Inc. A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

Polish Army 2023 Tribute - When the Sirens Call


Silna Biało-Czerwona! #wojskopolskie #wojsko #military #polisharmy #edit 🤍

THIS IS POLAND | Military Tribute | Military Motivation | Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej |🇵🇱


Music: Tybercore - Nothingness The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland (Polish: Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, abbreviated SZ RP; popularly called Wojsko Polskie in Poland, abbreviated WP—roughly, the "Polish Military") are the national armed forces of the Republic of Poland. The name has been used since the early 19th century, but can also be applied to earlier periods. THIS IS POLAND | Military Tribute | Military Motivation | Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej |🇵🇱 THIS IS POLAND | Military Tribute | Military Motivation | Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej |🇵🇱 THIS IS POLAND | Military Tribute | Military Motivation | Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej |🇵🇱 THIS IS POLAND | Military Tribute | Military Motivation | Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej |🇵🇱 THIS IS POLAND | Military Tribute | Military Motivation | Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej |🇵🇱

Polish military goal is to be so powerful that Russia would not dare to attack


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Poland vs Belarus Military Power Comparison 2023 | Poland vs Belarus | world military power


Poland vs Belarus Military Power Comparison 2023 | Belarus vs Poland | Poland vs Belarus| world military power Hello friends, in this video I have compared military power Between Poland vs Belarus, see who is more powerful. In this video I have Compared the Army Airforce and Navy of both countries.Who's powerful military ? Army, air force & navy power. This Video is Military Power Comparison 2023. Belarus vs Poland military power comparison 2023. Poland military vs Belarus military power 2023. Belarus vs Poland military power 2023. Poland vs Belarus military power 2023 . Poland military power 2023. Belarus military power 2023. Polish airforce vs Belarusian airforce power comparison 2023. Poland vs Belarus. Belarus vs Poland. All about Polish Navy vs Belarus Navy power 2023. Polish army vs Belarus army Power 2023. This video is educative not to inspire a conflicts. This Video, including examples, images, and references are provided for informational purposes only. Sources wikipedia.org global fire Power -: 🤍 worlddata.info armed forces eu -: 🤍 🤍indexmundi.com Official Defence Websites (countries) Follow US on Social Media Facebook Page -: 🤍 Instagram -: 🤍 Twitter -: 🤍 Telegram -: 🤍 #poland #belarus #vs #military #militarypower #militarycomparison #worldmilitarypower #militarypowercomparison2023 #polandvsbelarus #army #navy #airforce #power #comparison Greetings to all our comrades from World Military Power 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 - Note: Please be noted the owner of the pictures is this video is not our channel and belongs to their respected owners. Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. Thanks For Watching World Military Power Note -: This Video is based on Research Internet , And Thus may not be 100% accurate .

Is Poland Europe's Next Military Superpower? A Look at the Country's Growing Defense Capabilities


Since February, Warsaw has pledged to increase its defense spending to five percent of GDP. The government has struck massive arms deals with America and South Korea, including plans to turn Poland into a tank manufacturing powerhouse. But what would it mean for Poland to have the greatest military east of France? And can the government really fulfill its spending pledges? Join us today as we analyze Central Europe’s rising power… and discuss how this shift could transform Europe for decades to come. → Subscribe for new videos at least twice a week! 🤍 Love content? Check out Simon's other YouTube Channels: Biographics: 🤍 Geographics: 🤍 MegaProjects: 🤍 SideProjects: 🤍 Casual Criminalist: 🤍 TopTenz: 🤍 Today I Found Out: 🤍 Highlight History: 🤍 XPLRD: 🤍 Business Blaze: 🤍 Simon's Social Media: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Polish Army Tribute |2022| "Poland Ready"


Polish Army - True brothers of Ukraine #polisharmy #jwgrom #militarytribute



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Inside Poland's military expansion in response to Putin's Russia


Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Poland has been investing billions in new tanks, weaponry, cyber operations and manpower. By 2035 Poland hopes to double the size of its armed forces to 300,000 troops. There is even talk of the country becoming a major military power in Europe. Watch The Telegraph's Steven Edginton interview key members of the Polish military and politicians to understand why they are rearming. He also asked young Poles whether they are prepared to die for their country. For Poland, investing in the military is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With conflict at their border (don’t forget that two Poles have already been casualties of this war, killed by a stray Ukrainian missile) Poland can no longer rely only on the United States and its Nato allies for protection. Warsaw plans to increase military spending to 5% of its GDP, outspending its fellow European capitals relatively by a wide margin. Poland’s military expansion must be thought of within the context of the nation’s history. You don’t have to be a pensioner to remember a time when Poland was suffering under Communist rule. Monuments to the Soviet oppressors litter cities like Warsaw, where one can wonder at Stalin’s “gift” to the Poles, the grand Palace of Culture, and despite the government’s best efforts to tear them down many statues still stand commemorating the Red Army as “liberators”. Subscribe to The Telegraph with our special offer: just £1 for 3 months. Start your free trial now: 🤍 #poland #russia #putin Get the latest headlines: 🤍 Telegraph.co.uk and YouTube.com/TelegraphTV are websites of The Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.

Poland is building the most powerful land army in Europe | Military Mind | TVP World


Poles and the Baltic states were the first to sound a cautious alarm. They were trying to rouse their Western allies from their slumber but to no avail. The Germans have abandoned strategic areas of their sovereignty to the Russians, including their energy security, and looked on as the Bundeswehr’s arms turned to rust. When you realize you can no longer count on your friends, you have to start planning for war yourself. #TVPWorld #poland #balticstates #baltic #intermarium #currentaffairs #army #war Bringing you all the latest daily news and updates, TVP World is Poland's first English-language channel where you can find world news as seen from the Polish perspective and the latest news from the CEE region. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Poland's Plan to Become a Military Superpower Explained


Sign up to Brilliant (the first 200 sign ups get 20% off an annual premium subscription): 🤍 Last month, Poland performed its largest military parade in years, and a couple of days ago, the Polish government announced it was buying many defence systems, as a part of a massive military renewal. But can Poland afford this at all? 🎞 TikTok: 🤍 💡 Got a Topic Suggestion? - 🤍 Support TLDR on Patreon: 🤍 Donate by PayPal: 🤍 Our mission is to explain news and politics in an impartial, efficient, and accessible way, balancing import and interest while fostering independent thought. TLDR is a completely independent & privately owned media company that's not afraid to tackle the issues we think are most important. The channel is run by a small group of young people, with us hoping to pass on our enthusiasm for politics to other young people. We are primarily fan sourced with most of our funding coming from donations and ad revenue. No shady corporations, no one telling us what to say. We can't wait to grow further and help more people get informed. Help support us by subscribing, engaging and sharing. Thanks! 1 - 🤍 2 - 🤍 3 - 🤍 4 - 🤍 5 - 🤍 6 - 🤍 7 - 🤍 8 - 🤍 9 - 🤍 10 - 🤍 11 - 🤍 12 - 🤍 00:00 - Introduction 00:49 - Poland's New Spending Plans 03:02 - How Does Poland Compare? 05:46 - Can Poland Afford It? 07:30 - Sponsored Content

WWII Factions: The Polish Army (The Polish Armed Forces in the West)


Please consider supporting our videos on Patreon 🤍 After the Polish defeat in 1939 to German forces, many polish soldiers and civilians flocked to western europe to ensure they could continue the fight. They would form ‘the Polish Armed Forces in the West’ therefore emphasising a continuity of Poland and hope of liberation. Please do not reupload our content! SIMPLE HISTORY MERCHANDISE Get the SImple History books on Amazon: 🤍 T-Shirts 🤍 Simple history gives you the facts, simple! See the book collection here: Amazon USA 🤍 Amazon UK 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Credit: Narrator: Chris Kane 🤍vocalforge.com Animation: Daniel Turner Artwork: Daniel turner Music Credit Ross Bugden- 'Drive' ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License’.

Polish military modernisation & why are they buying Korean tanks? - Featuring @TheChieftainsHatch


Sponsored by World Of Tanks - If you're interested, use the following link to sign up: 🤍 In the video I'm pretty sure I say you get the Matilda Black Prince - it's actually the Excelsior, which is a decent tank capable of moving faster than walking speed (unlike my TOG II). You also get a bunch of in game currency, seven days of premium, and rental access to three solid vehicles - Tiger, Cromwell, and T-34/85. Only for new players though! Importantly though - I want to stress the Chieftain is appearing in a personal capacity for his video segment, not as a rep of Wargaming or WoT. Description: Military modernisation is a complex task for any state. Individual system selection is usually based on competitive trials and an extensive review and evaluation process. Usually. Poland's plans are a little different - ordering what is basically an entire new army's worth of equipment (with more tanks than many other major European states combined) from the Republic of Korea without any sort of extended trials process. In this episode, I ask the question of why a country in Europe would suddenly buy 1,000 tanks and hundreds of artillery pieces from a country half way around the world without so much as a trials program for the tank. To comment on why Poland may have selected the K2 - I've invited back the Chieftain to give a tanker's expert view on the question. Thank you as always for engaging with this study of defence economics in action, and we'll return to topics examining the Ukraine war next week. Caveats: There are two big caveats over this one. The first is that announcements (as used as a key source here) doesn't always mean a program will deliver on time or as announced. 1,000 tanks ordered could become 500, delivery times might change etc. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they PROBABLY WILL change in many respects. This is a massive block of procurement that will challenge the heck out of any procurement office, let alone one that has not had to deal with this volume in recent years. The second is that some statements are based on what you might call industry rumour, scuttlebutt, 'common knowledge' or what have you. I have tried to flag these where they come up. Patreon: 🤍 Sources & Further Reading: 2021 platform figures are MB2021 as usual for the sake of consistency between episodes. NATO expenditure figures are per NATO as normal: 🤍 For PPP calculations - see detailed sourcing in my video on European Defence Polish announcement on domestic production: 🤍 RE: Technical modernisation plans 🤍 Polish MoD publications: 🤍 Polish Abrams Procurement announcement example: 🤍 "USAF plan to Divest to Invest is too risky" - Gen. John Michael Loh (ret.) (presented without either endorsement or critique) 🤍 K9 production for Poland: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00:00 — OPENING WORDS 00:02:06 — WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT 00:03:04 — SPONSOR: WORLD OF TANKS 00:04:32 — *THE POLISH MILITARY* 00:04:44 — A Cold War Force 00:06:23 — Between East and West 00:07:42 — The Military of 2021 00:08:20 — Designed with Purpose 00:10:32 — Poland's Competing Requirements 00:12:03 — The Polish DIB 00:13:13 — Borsuk & Krab 00:14:12 — *THE BUYING SPREE* 00:15:34 — K2 00:16:10 — K9 00:16:56 — K239 00:19:34 — FA-50 00:19:57 — A "Diverse" Fleet 00:20:54 — *HOW ARE THEY AFFORDING IT* 00:20:58 — Divest to Invest 00:22:34 — Budgets and Margins 00:24:03 — But it is Expensive 00:25:15 — *WHY KOREAN* 00:25:25 — An Extensive Order Book 00:26:12 — *ASSESSING K2* 00:26:22 — Guest: The Chieftain 00:36:55 — *THE INDUSTRIAL DIMENSION* 00:37:27 — More Than Just Speculations 00:38:32 — *KOREAN EXPORT STRATEGY* 00:38:49 — A Growing Player 00:39:29 — RoK Arms Exports (SIPRI TIV 2001-21) 00:39:53 — Competitive Advantages 00:41:21 — Playing to Their Strengths 00:42:20 — The Strategy 00:43:31 — *TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER & MARKET PENETRATION* 00:43:42 — S1: Imported Hardware 00:45:52 — S2: Domestic Production 00:48:05 — S3: Joint Development & Marketing 00:49:36 — *TARGET EUROPE* 00:49:54 — The European Market 00:50:57 — Entrenched Actors 00:51:43 — Evolving Tank Fleets 00:53:09 — A Third Competitor 00:55:20 — The Korean Offer 00:56:48 — CONCLUSIONS 00:57:50 — CHANNEL UPDATE

Watch again: Poland celebrates Armed Forces Day with military parade


Watch as Poland celebrated Armed Forces Day with a military parade on Tuesday 15 August. More than 2000 soldiers and hundreds of tanks, fighter jets and other military vehicles paraded through Warsaw for the annual event that commemorates Poland’s victory over the Soviet Union’s Red Army in 1920. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made boosting the armed forces a priority for the country’s ruling nationalists Law and Justice (PiS), and with the election campaign in full swing, the immense display of military hardware provides a chance to burnish their security credentials. Click here to subscribe to The Independent: 🤍 About The Independent: Making Change Happen. The Independent is the world’s most free-thinking newsbrand, providing global news, commentary and analysis for the independently-minded. Connect with The Independent: Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Videos, daily editorial and more: 🤍 Click here to get the best of The Independent daily: 🤍 Like The Independent on Facebook: 🤍 Follow The Independent on Twitter: 🤍 Follow The Independent on Instagram: 🤍 Download the iOS & Android app: 🤍 Help to support truly independent journalism. Every dollar you contribute will directly fund additional special reports and investigations from a free-thinking, award-winning newsroom you can trust - 🤍 Subscribe to Independent Premium for exclusive content & live events: 🤍

Polish Armed Forces || Poland


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Live: Poland celebrates Armed Forces Day with military parade


Watch live as Poland celebrates Armed Forces Day with military parade Click here to subscribe to The Independent: 🤍 About The Independent: Making Change Happen. The Independent is the world’s most free-thinking newsbrand, providing global news, commentary and analysis for the independently-minded. Connect with The Independent: Check out our full video catalog: 🤍 Videos, daily editorial and more: 🤍 Click here to get the best of The Independent daily: 🤍 Like The Independent on Facebook: 🤍 Follow The Independent on Twitter: 🤍 Follow The Independent on Instagram: 🤍 Download the iOS & Android app: 🤍 Help to support truly independent journalism. Every dollar you contribute will directly fund additional special reports and investigations from a free-thinking, award-winning newsroom you can trust - 🤍 Subscribe to Independent Premium for exclusive content & live events: 🤍

HOMAR-K for Polish Armed Forces


HOMAR-K, the Polish variant of the ROK K239 Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS), has debut at MSPO 2023 in Kielce, Poland, following the successful integration and tests of mobility and firepower in South Korea for the past months. HOMAR-K is a symbol of Hanwha's unwavering commitment to the partnerships with Poland to contribute to the Polish Armed Forces' deterrent capability as well as the industrial benefits to the local defence market. To that end, HOMAR-K is to be manufactured by HSW with integration of several Polish defence systems such as Jelcz 8x8 chassis and TOPAZ battle-management and fire-control systems. On the first day of MSPO, Hanwha Aerospace and PGZ signed an MoU of understanding on potential local production of Chunmoo rockets and missiles and related technology of transfer, which paves the way for a follow-up deal on the acquisition of HOMAR-K systems for the Polish Army. See the latest movie of how HOMAR-K was born. #HanwhaAerospace #Hanwha #Chunmoo #HOMAR_K #MRLS #PGZ #HSW #Jelcz #WB #Poland #polonization #partnership

"Jak szło wojsko raz ulicą" - Polish Army Song


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How Poland's New Rifle will OUTMATCH their Enemy


Get Your Own Mini GOAT Replica Today! 🤍 Be sure to check out Frag Out! Magazine: 🤍 and their website: 🤍fragoutmag.com they are an outstanding group of Polish military content creators and they get full credit for a lot of the great footage you saw in this video. Buy our new merch, FUBAR & Grill T shirt: 🤍 Poland’s infantry needed a new primary rifle that would give them a technological advantage over a potential Russian invasion. In order to accomplish this they turned to their very own domestically produced GROT rifle that does everything their previous old soviet style AKM cannot. The concept here is that the GROT is flexible enough to excel at the various forms of combat a Polish soldier might encounter. From trench warfare to long range tree-line to tree-line shooting. Written by: Chris Cappy & Diego Aceituno Edited by: Savvy Studios The GROT was introduced in 2017 alongside the founding of their brand new military branch called the Territorial Defense Forces as part of a major modernization overhaul plan. The rifle's development actually closely tracks Poland's transition from their old soviet style weapons to the nations new place in the world as a major NATO player. Today over 10,000 Grot Rifles have been shipped to Ukrainian soldiers to help defend against Russia where it has been given stellar performance reviews. But to be honest, it wasn’t an entirely smooth ride to get here; there were all kinds of challenges that needed to be solved by Poland along the way. Early teething issues threatened to sink the GROTS reputation, doubts about the Polish defense industry's ability to manufacture at that scale, and defense industry management held the weapons release for years. So lets find out why the Polish GROT is the perfect for their forces. Task & Purpose is a military news and culture oriented channel. We want to foster discussion about the defense industry. Email capelluto🤍taskandpurpose.com for inquires. #POLAND #RUSSIA #WEAPONS

NATO's Front: Inside 🇵🇱 Poland’s Armored Infantry


Join the Brigade to support us and get access to exclusive perks: 🤍 • Or make a one-time donation: 🤍 Merch shop for new prints, apparel and other stuff!: 🤍 Other Platforms • Website: 🤍 • 2nd Channel: 🤍 • Twitter: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 Tanks Encyclopedia: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:29 - Mechanized Company 5:44 - Motorized Company 6:33 - Battalions 7:26 - Brigades 9:09 - Divisions Primary Sources: • "ĆWICZEBNE STRUKTURY ORGANIZACYJNE PODODDZIAŁÓW WOJSK LĄDOWYCH" by Grobelny & Tomasik (2017), General Tadeusz Land Forces Academy • "ZMIANY ORGANIZACYJNO-ETATOWE W PODODDZIAŁACH WOJSK PANCERNYCH I ZMECHANIZOWANYCH" , Land Forces Command (~2013) • Consultation with Polish servicemembers News Sources: • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍 • 🤍

Poland holds huge military parade as war rages in neighbouring Ukraine


More than 20,000 soldiers and hundreds of tanks have taken part in a military parade in Poland. The parade commemorates Armed Forces Day and marks the 103rd anniversary of victory over the Soviet Union in the Battle of Warsaw. Poland is boosting its armed forces as war rages in neighbouring Ukraine and tension grows near its eastern border with Belarus, where Russia's Wagner mercenary group has set up base. Al Jazeera's Osama Bin Javaid reports from Warsaw, Poland. - Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 - Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 - Find us on Facebook: 🤍 - Check our website: 🤍 🤍AljazeeraEnglish #Aljazeeraenglish #News #Poland #military #Ukrainewar



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Polish troops move to Belarus border in show of force against Wagner


Footage released by the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade of Polish Armed Forces on Aug 13, 2023 shows Polish troops movement in the streets of Warsaw on Saturday night. Poland said this week it would move 10,000 troops to its border with Belarus, the latest sign of unease among America’s friends at the presence of Russian mercenary forces now based in this close Kremlin ally. Poland’s ambassador to the United States, Marek Magierowski, told NBC News it was “imperative” for his country to not only defend itself, but also protect NATO’s eastern flank. The region should be braced for “further provocations” from Moscow and Minsk in the months to come, he added. #poland #ukraine #belarus Read the full article: 🤍 Subscribe to The Telegraph with our special offer: just £1 for 3 months. Start your free trial now: 🤍 Get the latest headlines: 🤍 Telegraph.co.uk and YouTube.com/TelegraphTV are websites of The Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.

What if Poland Was Dragged into the War in Ukraine?


Poland has dealt with the threat of invasion for most of their history, this is nothing new. They've been the single most important support for Ukraine and NATO since the start of the war. Is it true, he who controls eastern Europe controls the world? How can Poland after years of defunding their military's hope to stop and invasion what is their plan? Follow Chris Cappy: 🤍 Business inquiries: Lee Verdecchia lee.verdecchia🤍recurrent.io Inquires: Capelluto🤍taskandpurpose.com

Poland's Military Build-Up. New bloc in Europe?


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Polish Army MAPA Loadout 🇵🇱 #shorts


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Wojsko Polskie / Polish Army


Why POLAND will be the next European military SUPERPOWER


Thirty years ago, Poland was like any other country under the influence of the Soviet Union, poor, stagnant and in deep social unrest. In recent years, however, it has undergone an incredible transformation. Its economy has grown so much that after years of suffering a massive drain of human talent, Poles are returning home and it is estimated that the Polish economy could surpass that of the United Kingdom by 2030. In addition, Poland is becoming the United States' most important ally in continental Europe, ahead of such traditional allies as Germany and France. This is because it is a strong opponent of Russia's expansionist policies and because it has been expanding and modernizing its military forces, something that is putting it on track as the new European superpower. So the questions are: why is Poland obsessed with modernizing its military forces? And how did Poland overcome its communist past? Sources of interest: - Kyiv Post (2018). Why Poland and Ukraine took different post-communist paths 🤍 - The Telegraph (2023). Poland builds Europe’s largest land force to counter Russian threat 🤍 Music: Whatdafunk by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Artist: 🤍 #economicsnation #poland

Polish Army


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Polish Armed Forces || NATO's Spear


Most powerful NATO member in the Eastern Europe always ready to protect their Homeland and neighbors from any threat My facebook page: 🤍 Music: Punch Deck - Maximalism 🤍 My special forces playlist: 🤍 Military Motivation playlist: 🤍 #militarymotivation #polisharmy #SiłyZbrojne

Poland Warns Russia Against Invasion, Biggest Army in Europe Ready


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