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Kikyo's Death English Subbed


All rights to respective owners, I don't own this video Inuyasha hanketsu-ken ( Final Act ) Episode 8 Very emotional episode ; n ; Enjoy!!

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru meets Kikyo


This is the only time in both the anime and the manga, where Kikyo has a conversation with Sesshomaru. I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA



Background music: 🤍 No copyright intended. Enjoy!

Kikyou - Theme


Kikyou - Theme

犬夜叉 InuYasha Best Moments #5 Kikyo's Stolen Ashe


犬夜叉 InuYasha Best Moments #5 Kikyo's Stolen Ashe 犬夜叉 InuYasha Best Moments #5 Kikyo's Stolen Ashe 犬夜叉 InuYasha Best Moments #5 Kikyo's Stolen Ashe Based on the Shogakukan award-winning manga of the same name, InuYasha follows Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old girl whose normal life ends when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine. Instead of hitting the bottom of the well, Kagome ends up 500 years in the past during Japan's violent Sengoku period with the demon's true target, a wish-granting jewel called the Shikon Jewel, reborn inside of her. After a battle with a revived demon accidentally causes the sacred jewel to shatter, Kagome enlists the help of a young hybrid dog-demon/human named Inuyasha to help her collect the shards and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Joining Kagome and Inuyasha on their quest are the orphan fox-demon Shippo, the intelligent monk Miroku, and the lethal demon slayer Sango. Together, they must set aside their differences and work together to find the power granting shards spread across feudal Japan and deal with the threats that arise.

Inuyasha - The Final Act - Episode 8 - Kikyo's Death


Inuyasha - The Final Act - Episode 8 - Kikyo's Death I edited what parts I believed didn't need to be part of a touching scene. The song that is playing at the end is called "Dearest" I do not claim ownership of this movie, its content, or what other things there of.

Kikyo Meets Saint Hakushin


This scene is from episode 120 of the anime Inuyasha, and its English dub name is "Fare Thee Well: Jakotsu's Requiem". I do not own Inuyasha. This is for others' viewing pleasure only.

Kikyo - Theme - FULL


No copyright infringement intended. This music and the pictures does not belong to me; it belongs to its rightful owner(s). My Top 5 Inuyasha Male characters : 🤍 My TOP 5 Inuyasha Female characters : 🤍 ALL Kikyou songs / themes / soundtracks are here from the Series and from the Movies.Enjoye Kikyou theme from Inuyasha !:) Song list: Muneni Himeta Omoi 0:00 - 1:26 Miko Kikyou : 1:27 - 3:07 Shoujo to Kikyou 3:08 - 4:27 Inuyasha ~Soutanshi~ 4:28 - 5:47 Kikyou no Kokoro 5:48 - 7:02 Rei Chikara 7:03 - 8:37 Kikyou no Kokoro 8:38 - 10: 16

Dearest [Ayumi Hamasaki Ver.] Kikyo's Death Theme


About This Video: "Dearest" is Hamasaki Ayumi's 24th single. The title track was used as the third ending theme for the anime InuYasha. Released on September 27, 2001 from the album I Am. "This is the second time you've asked me to die, Inuyasha. So then why do you look so sad? Is it because you feel the heat from my hand? The heat of anger? The flames of vengeance?" ―Kikyō Jangan lupa LIKE - SUBSCRIBE - COMMENT - SHARE dan Nyalakan Notifkasi. Don't forget to LIKE - SUBSCRIBE - COMMENT - SHARE and turn on notifications. - Artist : Ayumi Hamasaki Song : Dearest 🤍 - Artist : Ayumi Hamasaki Song : Dearest (A Classical ver.) 🤍 - Artist : Ayumi Hamasaki Song : Dearest (Acoustic Orchestra Version) 🤍 - Artist : Ayumi Hamasaki Song : Dearest (LOVE CLASSICS Ver.) 🤍 - Artist : Ayumi Hamasaki Song : 浜崎あゆみ Dearest ~Acoustic Piano Version~ (Short Ver.) 🤍 - Song : Dearest by Hiromi 🤍 - Picture by GOOTAI 🤍 - Truly hope you enjoy it, and a million thanks for your kindness and support. You're all the best friends I could wish for. Thank you & God Bless! #Inuyasha #Kikyo #kagome #Dearest #KikyoDeathTheme #InuYashaTheFinalAct #AyumiHamasaki #Heartbreaking #KikyoDeath #OrdinaryWoman #Sleep #Relaxing #Study #LaguViral #LaguJepang #LaguGalau #LaguSedih #LaguTidur #Sedih #ChillMusic #ChillVibes #ChillSongs #ChillMusic2023 #MusicChillOutRelax



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The Tragic Life, Death & Resurrection of Kikyo (Part 1)


👍🏻SeaTactics takes a deep dive into one of my favorite characters in all of Inuyasha, the Priestess Kikyo and gives a deep dive and analysis of the tragic life, death & resurrection of Kikyo in Inuyasha. Comment below what your thoughts are on Kikyo, and what your favorite characters are in Inuyasha. Also remember to give this video a like if you enjoy my Inuyasha Character Analysis or just want to catch up for YashaHime. Subscribe and ring the bell to never miss an Inuyasha Analysis video, YashaHime video or community tab post. Previous Inuyasha videos: 🤍 🔴 Subscribe for more anime analysis just like this: 🤍 🎬Watch my most recent videos: 🤍 🍥Other ways to support me; Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Become a member of the channel: 🤍 Buy my T-Shirts and/or Merch 🤍 💓FOLLOW ME ON THESE PLATFORMS! 🐦Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 📺Twitch: 🤍 🎙BENTO (Second Channel): 🤍 ⌨️MAL: 🤍 🎀Kitsu: 🤍 🔎Hello my name is SeaTactics and I am an anime oriented channel which gives review and analysis of the newest and oldest anime out there. If you're a fan of Japanese culture, or just the newest anime or even an old 90's anime, this channel will be one for you. I also strongly encourage comments, criticism and discussion for my videos. So if there is anything you want to tell me, or just want to let me or other know, then please comment. Lower Thirds Created by ScrapyardFilms: 🤍 - #SeaTactics #Inuyasha #Kikyo

Inuyasha muerte de kikyo español latino HD


Página de facebook Inuyasha: 🤍 Esta escena se da en el capitulo 8 de kanketsu - hen, los capítulos los pueden encontrar en el comentario fijado. Futari no kimochi 💛

Inuyasha and Kikyo ASMV - The Tragic Love Song Of Destiny


Inuyasha ASMV

The Tragic Life, Death & Resurrection of Kikyo (Part 2)


SeaTactics takes a deep dive into one of my favorite characters in all of Inuyasha, the Priestess Kikyo, and gives a deep dive and analysis of the tragic life, death & resurrection of Kikyo in Inuyasha. Comment below what your thoughts are on Kikyo, and what your favorite characters are in Inuyasha. Also, remember to give this video a like if you enjoy my Inuyasha Character Analysis. Subscribe and ring the bell to never miss a video!! Discord Server: 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 BUY MY MERCH!: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 MyAnimeList: 🤍 🔎Hello, my name is SeaTactics and I am an anime-oriented channel that analyses the newest. If you're a fan of Anime, this channel is for you. If there is anything you want to tell me, or just want to let me or others know, then please comment. Chibi Art by 🤍8BitBird BUSINESS EMAIL - bentoanimeyt🤍 #SeaTactics #SupportTheSeaTactics

Kikyo's Heart


Yes, I've made a channel strictly for Inuyasha Music. I will send you the MP3's if you give me your E Mail adress. If this account gets deleted I will most likely not make another one, sorry. I'm not going to make videos interesting, either. Probally just the song name. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Well, enjoy. Songs That I have that I will not post: -Angelus -Brand New World -Change The World -Change The World(Remix) -Come -Dearest -Every Heart -Every Heart(English Version) -Fukai Mori -Grip -I am -Mischievious Kiss -My Will -One Day, One Dream -Owarinai Yume -Shinjitsu No Uta

Kikyo vs. Xia Brookside Women's Wrestling from RISE - ASCENT, Episode 1 - The Beginning


"The Fallen Flower" Kikyo takes on the debuting Xia Brookside in this matchup from RISE - ASCENT, Episode 1 - The Beginning The first six episodes of RISE - ASCENT were recorded May 12, 2018 at White Oak Athletic Club in White Oak, PA in suburban Pittsburgh. These tapings showcased talents from our World Class Development Seminar with Gail Kim, Jimmy Jacobs, Scott D'Amore and Sonjay Dutt. Full, Uncut Shows ➤ 🤍 - $4.99 per month FOLLOW RISE on Twitter to keep track of...whatever the hell it is we do now in a Pandemic world! Twitter: Where: White Oak, PA When: May 12, 2018 - 3 Camera Shoot - Video edits provided by Smart Mark Video -Photog/Thumbnail Art: N/A -Studio Rights: RISE - DTWA, LLC.

La Historia completa de Kikyo (Sub Español) - Parte 33


Quiero aclarar que la historia COMPLETA de Kikyo no van a ser sólo las esenas donde ella aparece, sino también todas las escenas en donde hablen de ella o se la nombre. Esto es porque en estas charlas se logra entender la relación que tuvo con Inuyasha y con Kagome. También lo que pasó con Naraku y Onigumo y poder entender mejor toda la historia no sólo desde su punto de vista sino desde el punto de vista de todos los que la rodean o rodearon alguna vez, y así lograr entender el por qué de las cosas que después pasan en las escenas donde ella sí aparece. Quería aclararlo antes de recibir comentarios como "En el título dice la historia de Kikyo pero en el video ella no aparece". ♥ No sé si se enteraron, pero están doblando todos los capítulos de Inuyasha que no estaban en latino, así que muy pronto vamos a tener esta hermosa historia COMPLETA en latino, además de los otros OVAS y la temporada de Kanketsu-Hen. La página de Facebook es INUYASHOS OFICIAL. Los invito a entrar a la página y darle apoyos a todo el elenco :) -♥ Hago estos videos en honor a mi personaje favorito de todos. Espero que sirva para que todos sus fans lo vean y para que la gente que no la conoce muy bien o que no vio todo el anime pueda lograr comprender su historia :) En especial para la gente que la critica porque vio sólo algunos capítulos en que sale ella (Y es "mala"), así al ver toda la historia entiendan más su personaje aparetemente "frío y calculador". Espero que les guste! Anime: Inuyasha Personaje: Kikyo Edición: Ivii~ Programa: Adobe Premiere

Inuyasha x Kikyo 💔


Song: Another Life Motion Picture by Motionless in white. Lyrics: If I can't let you go will darkness divide? For the fiction of love is the truth of our lies We were playing for keeps, but we both knew the cost Now the only way out's in your heart-shaped box But I hate that it seemed you were never enough We were broken and bleeding but never gave up And I hate that I made you the enemy And I hate that your heart was the casualty Now I hate that I need you As we rest here alone like notes on a page The finest to compose could not play our pain With a candle through time, I can still see your ghost But I can't close my eyes for it For it is there where you haunt me most And I hate that it seemed you were never enough We were broken and bleeding but never gave up I hope that I sing through your memory As we echo through time in the melody Now I hate that I need you (I need you, I need you) And I hear you now when you said it hurt But it had to fall, fall apart to work As I see you now in what's left of me Is it too late to plead insanity? 'Cause I hate that it seemed you were never enough All was broken and bleeding in the name of love And I hope that we meet in another life I hope that we meet in another life I don't hate that I need you #inuyasha #inuyashaanime #inuyashaedit #kikyocouple #motionlessinwhite #anotherlife

Kikyo Theme Erhu Cover


From the classic Anime, Inuyasha. Hope you guys enjoy it ❤️ Song transcribed by master Hong Wang Feel free to like/subscribe And be sure to check out for loads more videos!!

KIKYO 【ききょう】 ☯ Japanese Lofi Hip Hop Mix


🎧 Music provided by Dreamhop Music Listen on Spotify - 🤍 #japaneselofi #japaneselofimix #himeko姫子 ⛩️ Tracklist: 0:00 Tenno - The Seeker 2:37 Tenno - Sacred Tree 5:07 Tenno - Overgrown 7:25 Ahry - Blurred Dreams 10:02 Theo Aabel - Ascending 13:26 Ocha - Painting My Dreams 16:38 Stuffed Tomato - Outside 19:03 Stuffed Tomato - Loneliness 21:32 Trent Ivor - Superego 24:25 Theo Aabel - Burning Oak 26:59 Prithvi - Hidden City 29:25 Trent Ivor. - Following Rail Tracks 31:07 Nogymx - Awakenings 33:40 Nuver - The Attic 36:19 Trent Ivor. - Voiceless 38:57 Haru Pandi - Cozy Christmas 41:06 RyseMusic - Warmth 43:19 Pr4ntik - Floating Mountains 45:29 Kainbeats - Sunshine Meadows 47:31 Prithvi - Night Owls 49:15 Refeeld - Hanabira 51:29 Greenface - Haruka 54:19 J brij. - Hours Ago 56:50 Yoann Garel - Toxic Forest 59:54 T.Stratt - Weeping Willow 1:02:46 Jfbm - Astral Drive 1:04:54 Azuku - Distant Thoughts 1:07:15 Azuku - Fresh Brew 1:09:35 Azuku - Sleeping Dragon 1:11:45 Azuku - Sunset Samurai 1:14:05 Naga - Gamaka 1:16:23 Tophat Panda - Hana 1:18:43 Greenface - Haruka 1:21:37 Kainbeats - Keeping Face 1:23:39 Tophat Panda - Lake Tao 1:25:22 S N U G - Lost Empire 1:28:04 Greenface - Natsukashii 1:31:11 Tophat Panda - Nagai Tabi 1:33:26 Naga - Pursuit Follow the artist: Tenno : 🤍 Ahry : 🤍 Theo Aabel : 🤍 Ocha : 🤍 Stuffed Tomato : 🤍 Trent Ivor. : 🤍 Prithvi : 🤍 Nogymx : 🤍 Nuver : 🤍 Haru Pandi : 🤍 RyseMusic : 🤍 Pr4ntik : 🤍 Kainbeats : 🤍 Refeeld : 🤍 J brij. : 🤍 Yoann Garel : 🤍 T.Stratt : 🤍 Greenface: 🤍 Azuku: 🤍 Tophat Panda: 🤍 Naga: 🤍 S N U G: 🤍 🎨 Artwork by ➤ 🤍 → Please share this on social pages (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) so more people can listen together! 🌿Follow ➤Youtube: 🤍 ➤ Spotify: 🤍 ➤All rights belong to their respective owners. If any owner of track/background used in this mix is unhappy,please do not report us,take your time to contact us via mail . ➤✉ ♦🤍 ​♦ ✉ We will provide you proper credits or remove the video if you demand. #japaneselofimix #japaneselofi #asianlofi

Kikyo (Inuyasha Movie 4)


music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest (Violin Version), Katy Perry - E.T. Kiss me

(Inuyasha OST) Kikyo Theme


Melodías de infancia

The Story Behind Kikyo - Inuyasha and Yashahime Ft. Kikyo Futaba


Check out kikyo 🤍kiky0w0 Thanks so much for watching! Patreon: Twitter: 🤍axellianyt Instagram 🤍axellianyt

Yashahime: The Kikyo Root (InuYasha: Since Then)


Kagome tells Sango's daughters about the Kikyo Root #Yashahime © 2020 Rumiko Takahashi

「IMS」InuYasha & Kikyo AMV | Watching For Comets


Hey everyone ❤️ Yes.. You see right... :D After a really long time I am back with a new Video with my absolutly favourite pairing InuYasha and Kikyo. This was so much fun to work on and I enjoyed every second. This reminds me of all the time I had on YouTube and with everyone together. Thank you for the time and all the fun we had. I dedicate this Video as always to my InuYasha Magic Studio. When I decided to leave YouTube as an editor it was a hard decision to close the studio. This is also for all the IMS Members and InuYasha lovers out there. Sorry for leaving so suddenly. IMS: 🤍 For Julia: SURPRISE!!! Damit hast du wahrscheinlich nie mehr mit gerechnet :) ich wollte Dich damit gerne überraschen und bin sehr gespannt, wie Du das Video findest ❤️ Let's see how it will go on with my uploads :)) I hope you enjoy it and that you have fun watching this ❤️

FREE: "The Fallen Flower" Kikyo vs Cody Hancock | 5CC Wrestling


"The Fallen Flower" Kikyo steps into her first singles match in the five-sided ring since her explosive return, and the man answering the call is a cutthroat obstacle like none other! See the full show: 🤍 Commentary by: Michael Deveney & Flex Matt from Flex Network Follow the 5-Sided Ring: Twitter 🤍5CCWrestling

Tersayang | Dearest | Inuyasha Final Act - Kikyo Death Theme | 30 Minute Instrumental


Hey guys, Here's another Music Video About This Video: This song was played when Kikyo died. The most heartbreaking and painful episode I'd ever watched in Inuyasha's series. She went through a lot of pain and suffering, just to become an ordinary woman and to be with the man she loved. "Inuyasha, setelah bertemu denganmu, aku melepaskan posisiku sebagai pendeta kuil. Aku menjadi wanita biasa. Aku sangat ingin memelukmu seperti ini ketika aku masih hidup. Kita tidak dapat memutar kembali waktu. Jadi tolong, izinkan aku untuk memelukmu lebih lama." ―Kikyō Jangan lupa LIKE - SUBSCRIBE - COMMENT - SHARE dan Nyalakan Notifkasi. - Dearest (BGM/Strings ver.) | Dearest (BGM/ストリングスver.) Composer: Kaoru Wada 🤍 - Original Song Artist : Ayumi Hamasaki Song : 浜崎あゆみ - Dearest 🤍 - Pictures by Ahneul 🤍 - Disclaimer : I believe all content used falls under the remits of Fair Use, but if any content owners would like to dispute this I will not hesitate to immediately remove said content. It is not my intent to in any way infringe on their content ownership. If you happen to find your song, images in the video please let me know and I will glad to credit you. If you have the least problem, you can contact me by email : vez.gilly🤍 Thank you. - Truly hope you enjoy it, and a million thanks for your kindness and support. You're all the best friends I could wish for. Thank you & God Bless! #Inuyasha #Kikyo #Dearest #Sleep #Relaxing #Study #Piano #String #ChillMusic #ChillVibes #ChillSongs #ChillMusic2022 #MusicChillOutRelax #PianoMusic #PianoChill #PianoRelaxing #LaguViral #LaguGalau #LaguSedih #LaguTidur #Sedih

Inuyasha X Kagome (+Kikyo)/ You belong with me [AMV]


Anime: InuYasha, Yashahime Song: Taylor Swift- You belong with me App: CapCut Thanks for watching ♡ - I do not own anything in this video or song. I'm just doing it for entertainment •Disclaimer; Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

#kikyo #kagome #inuyasha


Sotsugyou ~ La muerte de Kikyo (Cover latino) ver. Dualkey (REMAKE)


MP3: 🤍 "Sotsugyou" Voz: Dualkey 🤍 Letra: Bossu Un adiós te puede doler mucho más si no hay un por qué Pero es más duro saber que tal vez no vas a volver. ¿Dónde te podré encontrar? ¿Algún día regresarás? Y al mirar hacia el cielo azul lo único que veo eres tú. Sin ti no puedo vivir en esta ocasión prefiero morir junto a ti Sin ti no hay una razón de que este corazón siga sobreviviendo así. Por eso percibo tu calor, tu recuerdo persistió quisiera decir que te olvidé, pero no me puedo engañar Sólo queda en mí este dolor que no puedo arrancar Permaneceré perdido y sin parar de sufrir, atado siempre a ti Al futuro espero seguir aunque dentro quiera morir Solamente queda decir que al menos te conocí. Por ti debo avanzar lo que nos unió durará por la eternidad Por ti voy a sonreír y voy a recordar tus bellos ojos mirándome Por eso percibo tu calor, tu recuerdo perduró quisiera volverte a encontrar, pero sé que no pasará Estos sentimientos vivirán, y tu voz resistirá Siempre estaré pensando en cómo seguir, atado siempre a ti. Aunque ya no estés aquí, mirando al cielo te veré Es mi demostración de amor,nunca te podré olvidar Al mirar las flores te veré, y en mis sueños te tendré como una cegadora luz estarás presente en mi ser Sólo queda en mí este dolor que tendré que superar Permaneceré pensando en cómo avanzar, sin dejarte de amar. Por eso percibo tu calor, tu recuerdo persistió quisiera decir que te olvidé, pero no me puedo engañar Sólo me queda decir adiós, aunque no te pueda olvidar Permaneceré perdido y sin parar de sufrir, atado siempre a ti

Kikyo's Theme Songs


A music video I put together for Kikyo's main theme, as well as some of her other lesser known tracks. Hope you like it :) 1. Kikyo's theme 2. Kagome and Kikyo 3. The Soul Power 4. Kikyo's Heart 5. Dearest - Ayumi Hamazaki (the full song from when she dies) Disclaimer: I do not own these clips.

Inuyasha y Kikyo SABES Reik


Creo que esta canción les queda perfecto a Inuyasha y Kikyo Estos vídeos son propiedad intelectual de Rumiko Takahashi su creadora, así como la música interpretada por REIK. Los videos compartidos son distribuidos por diferentes televisoras y diferentes páginas, solo son fragmentos tomados sin fines de lucro, solo por entretenimiento.

Kikyo Theme - Angry Soul


Inuyasha ost Angry Soul Enjoy!

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