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With EAGLE ONE PRIMA you have super exciting possibilities: it’s a 1 group coffee machine with technologies and performances of a full size commercial coffee machines. EAGLE ONE PRIMA incorporates NEO technology (New Engine Optimization) that represents a totally new approach the heating water for coffee extraction, using less energy. The design, the applied technologies, and the insulation system drastically reduce environmental impact, making EAGLE ONE PRIMA an authentic, sustainable machine. NEO technology uses an instant heating system that requires less volume and smaller boilers because only the needed water is heated. Thanks to this technology, EAGLE ONE PRIMAcan quickly heat the water and guarantee high performance while increasing energy efficiency. The boilers size is significantly reduced and covered with innovative insulating material, so any possible energy dispersions are avoided. This way, EAGLE ONE PRIMA is ready to run in only 8 minutes. Everything has been designed to be more compact, more performant, and more sustainable. For more info, visit 🤍

Presenting the E1 Prima Pro


Introducing the brand-new Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Pro. Get ready to discover new boundaries of taste and to savour the emotion of going where no-one has gone before. Dedicated to those who worship coffee in its purest and noblest essence. Learn more about the E1 Prima PRO: 🤍

Video Overview | Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Espresso Machine


The Eagle One Prima is Victoria Arduino's robust yet efficient one-group espresso machine for home or small commercial settings. Among its many features are two small boilers—a 1.5L boiler for steam and a 140ml boiler for brewing. Despite their size, the Eagle One Prima steams milk incredibly well and speedily; and the brew boiler heats just enough water for a shot or two, saving energy and time. In addition, the machine has an app in which most of the functions can be adjusted and seen, including temperatures, volumetrics, and neat features like automatic grouphead flushing. In this video, Steve begins with a quick demonstration, making espresso and steaming milk, and then proceeds to an in-depth walk-through of the machines many capabilities. Shop the Eagle 1 Prima at 🤍 Ghost Display 0:56 Automatic Flush 1:35 Steam Wand 2:13 Hot Water 3:04 Drip Tray and Water Reservoir 3:37 Boilers 4:46 Pump Pressure Adjustment 5:14 100% Digital 6:10 Menu 7:10 App 9:10 Notes 13:10 Accessories 14:43

Introducing the new E1 Prima EXP Coffee Machine


Presenting the E1 Prima EXP Coffee Machine, setting new standards in quality coffee making. E1 Prima EXP can also prepare Pure Brew.. Versatility and eclectic creativity know no boundaries. Performance and creative experimentation have no limits. And the next generation of coffee making technology is finally here. Baristas can now embark on a journey of unparalleled taste exploration with the revolutionary PureBrew technology of the E1 Prima EXP. This cutting-edge feature enables precise extraction and meticulous filtration of oils and flavors from each coffee bean, delivering a remarkable cup of coffee every time. Additionally, the patented NEO engine ensures sustainable heating, allowing the E1 Prima EXP to be ready for use in just 8 minutes. Discover more about the E1 Prima EXP and subscribe to stay updated on Victoria Arduino's latest innovations in coffee making technologies 🤍

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima | Review


Today we review the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima with André Eiermann Find yours here 👉 🤍 #e1prima #eagleone #eagleoneprima Chapters: 0:00 Intro Andre Eiermann 1:32 How The E1 Came To Life 3:40 Operation Of The Machine 5:00 Sustainability 5:58 The Auto Purge 7:30 Neo Engine 7:55 The Steam 10:29 Water Tank 11:36 Steam Pressure 12:12 Design And Lighting 14:27 The App

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima - Review


Die Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima ist eine neue Espressomaschine im Top-Regal der eingruppigen Espressomaschinen. Michel Aeschbacher und Benjamin Hohlmann haben sich den Dualboiler einmal genauer angeschaut. ►Zu den Dualboiler-Tests: 🤍 Unser Don Roberto Espresso in der Schweiz und in der EU ►Schweiz: 🤍 ►Deutschland und EU: 🤍 ▬ Über diesen Kanal ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Guter Kaffee ist unsere Leidenschaft. In unserem Channel erfahrt ihr alles Wichtige um guten Kaffee selber zu machen. Vom Barista-Handwerk, Latte Art, der besten Espressomaschine und Kaffeemühle, Rezepten für Cold Brew oder Kaffee-Cocktails. Wir testen für euch Maschinen und Barista-Tools sowie Kaffees. Als Kaffeemacher betreiben wir eine Kaffeeschule in Basel, Schweiz. In unseren Kursen vermitteln wir Kaffeewissen von der Pflanze bis in die Tasse. Rösten, Sensorik, Basista. All' dieses Wissen ist bei uns nicht abstrakt, sondern kommt aus dem Alltag. In Nicaragua betreiben wir die Kaffeefarm Santa Rita. In Münchenstein BL eine Rösterei und in Basel das Café frühling sowie das Kaffeemacher Café am Bahnhof Basel SBB. Unser Team wird geführt von Deutschen und Schweizer Kaffeemeistern. Benjamin Hohlmann war deutscher Cup Tasters Meister 2017 und Schweizer Brewers Cup Meister 2014. Philipp Schallberger war zwei Mal Schweizer Barista Meister. Felix Hohlmann ist Vize-Röstmeister in der Schweiz und war vier Mal Vize-Baristameister. #Kaffeemacher​ ▬ Social Media und Web ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Web: 🤍​ ►Shop in der Schweiz: 🤍​ ►Shop in Deutschland: 🤍 ►Online-Home Barista und Sensorik Kurs: 🤍

Eagle One Prima | 1 year review | Should you buy one? Victoria Arduino


The EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a beautifull machine. In this video I tell you my experience with the 🤍VictoriaArduinoOfficial Eagle One Prima. I used the machine(s) a year. Spoiler! Should you buy one? The Eagle One Prima is recommended by 🤍jameshoffmann and 🤍andreeiermann7638 but do I recommend it after using it for a year? #espressomachine #review Chapters: 00:00 Apologize 00:39 Why Eagle One Prima 01:26 Issues 02:21 Unlucky me 02:54 Great coffee again 03:09 More issues 03:40 The last issue 04:08 What the?! 04:55 Lifespan

La Marzocco Linea Mini VS Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima | Comparison


La Marzocco Linea Mini VS Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima the two biggest hitters in the prosumer market Find your LM here 👉 🤍 Find your VA here 👉 🤍

Victoria Arduino Prima One | Crew Review


Subscribe To Our Channel ▸▸ 🤍 Check out the Victoria Arduino Prima One Espresso Machine ▸▸ 🤍 Shop Freshly Roasted Coffee! ▸▸ 🤍 John's got a look at the ultra-premium Victoria Arduino One. This review will help you decide if this espresso machine is right for you. Connect With Us Online! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Cappuccino Workflow - VA Eagle One Prima


Workflow video showing you how I work on my home bar. First time filming like this using a Joby phone holder and tripod. Grinder - Lagom P64 SSP High Uniformity Burrs Machine - Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Camera - iPhone 13 Pro Max | | | #homebarista #alwayslearning #espresso #espressolover #victoriaarduino #eagleoneprima #eagleone #lagomp64 #optiono #ssp #sspburrs #brewathome #acaia #acaialunar #acaiapearl #acaiaathome #latte #latteart #loveramics #londinium

The Eagle One


Disclaimer: I was not paid to make this video, but I do have an ongoing relationship with the manufacturer, Victoria Arduino, and I was heavily involved in this project. For more on the Eagle One: 🤍 Music: "Always" by Utah Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 Links: Patreon: 🤍 My Books: The World Atlas of Coffee: 🤍 The Best of Jimseven: 🤍 Limited Edition Merch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 My glasses: 🤍 My hair product of choice: 🤍 Neewer Products I Use: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Eagle One Espresso Machine: Barista Review with Gwilym Davies


Learn about the new Victoria Arduino Eagle One espresso machine from the barista champion Gwilym Davies. What are his favourite features, and how different is Eagle One from other espresso machines like Black Eagle? ☕️ Taste coffee from Gwilym 👉 🤍 📺 Watch our documentary about the AeroPress ► 🤍 👍 🛠 All coffee gear & tools we use in our office: 🤍 MORE EAGLE ONE VIDEOS ► The new era of espresso coffee machines: 🤍 ►The Eagle One (by James Hoffmann): 🤍 ► Victoria Arduino's YouTube channel: 🤍 OUR SPONSORS ► Victoria Arduino - 🤍 ► DRWakefield - 🤍 ► AeroPress, Inc. - 🤍 ► IKAWA - 🤍 ► Comandante - 🤍 ► Cropster - 🤍 ► Loveramics - 🤍 STAY IN TOUCH ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍

EAGLE ONE PRIMA unboxing and first installation by André Eiermann


André Eiermann, Victoria Arduino Australia, excitingly unboxes and installs his EAGLE ONE PRIMA at home! The installation of EAGLE ONE PRIMA is very easy: you just need to plug it into the power supply. Afterwards you will have to fill up the water tank with filtered water. That’s important to have a great tasting espresso as well to keep the machine in a good working condition! Then you have to switch the machine on, at the bottom right of the machine In this video André is explaining the reasons why he loves EAGLE ONE PRIMA: - It reminds André to his participation to the World Barista Championship in 2017 because Prima is professional machine that allows him to make the same high precision, delicious espresso as on stage - He likes beautiful design and esthetics - André has two kids, so he has to be careful about his actions because he has to be careful of the planet because he also wants his kids to enjoy this world the same way as he does. So he really likes that the EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a sustainable coffee machine. Some people they cannot wake up and start the day without the daily caffeine kick. Other people they want to reward themselves after a long meeting, after for example, running a long time so they just want to enjoy themselves. Some people they even believe there is no life without coffee. Its totally unthinkable for them. The EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a very powerful machine that can make very tasty precise espresso. On the other hand it allows us to do good to the planet and to our community which is very important. So the new EAGLE ONE PRIMA comes with new innovative technologies so it will be more energy efficient and it will also reduce our carbon footprint. With a EAGLE ONE PRIMA, you don’t have to be a highly skilled championship barista. Its so easy to make a high-quality beverage on a daily basis. So André loves to prepare every morning a creamy, tasty, super sweet flat white. For more info, visit 🤍

Eagle One and Eagle One Prima - Design for Sustainability


Design, Performance; Sustainability. This is what Eagle One and Eagle One PRIMA mean for us. ✅ Efficient insulation system ✅ Instant heating ✅ Compact element ✅Energy recovering ✅ Lower environmental impact Always maintaining high quality and performance. How? Thanks to NEO (New Engine Optimization and TERS (Temperature Energy Recovery System) technology. Big innovation in compact elements. Discover more: Eagle One: 🤍 Eagle One Prima: 🤍 #VictoriaArduino #Sustainability

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Bundle Review - What to Know About This EXCLUSIVE Package


In this video we're going to review the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Bundle. This package comes with some truly amazing features and is everything you need to create truly high-end espresso in a home or small business setting. Available for a limited time. Majesty Coffee is pleased to have partnered with Victoria Arduino and Eureka to provide the perfect grinder pairing, the Eureka Prima Special Edition, for only $1000. Shop now for an unparalleled service and quality! This package is exclusively available via Majesty Coffee and not from ANY other retailer. See this package in store: 🤍

Victoria Arduino E1 Prima (Eagle One) Review


Stay tuned for future videos - Like & Subscribe for more - Buy E1 Prima here: 🤍 Check out our socials Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website 🤍 Australia’s only Coffee Machine Superstore! Shop from a massive range of new and used Commercial coffee machines, coffee machines for home, coffee grinders and all of the accessories. We stock heaps of alternative brewing gear including cold drip, french press, pour over, moccamaster and more. Come in and meet our friendly team at our Sydney showroom. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to help guide you on your coffee journey and choose the equipment thats right for you. We have most of our products on display in our showroom. Shop Online with us and enjoy some of the most competitive prices and the best service in the business. We ship same day, Australia wide. Shipping to Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide takes just a couple of days on all items. All of our brand new espresso machines and coffee grinders come with 12 months warranty. Song used: Deep Space Produced by: Riddiman Download free 🤍

La Marzocco GS3 AV VS Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima | Comparison


La Marzocco GS3 AV VS Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Find your GS3 AV here 👉 🤍 Find your VA here 👉 🤍 Find Coffee Parts on Socials - 👉 Instagram: https:https: //🤍instagram.com/coffeeparts/ 👉 Facebook: https:https: //🤍facebook.com/coffeeparts 👉 TikTok: 🤍 #lamarzocco #victoriaarduino #gs3

Victoria Arduino Prima One vs. La Marzocco Linea Mini | Crew Comparison


Subscribe To Our Channel ▸▸ 🤍 Check out the Victoria Arduino Prima One ▸▸ 🤍 Shop the La Marzocco Linea Mini ▸▸ 🤍 Shop Freshly Roasted Coffee! ▸▸ 🤍 Join John for a comparison between two high-end home espresso machines. Connect With Us Online! Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Programming a dose - Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima


Programming a dose - Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima has three buttons on the grouphead. A, B & C (Left to Right). Button B = Manual Mode Button A & C = have set doses. A useful feature for having a single and double dose set. Or perhaps useful if you have two coffees on the bar. Hopefully this video is of use and helpful?! | | | #homebarista #alwayslearning #espresso #espressolover #victoriaarduino #eagleoneprima #eagleone #lagomp64 #optiono #ssp #sspburrs #brewathome #acaia #acaialunar #acaiapearl #acaiaathome #latte #latteart #loveramics #londinium



EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a versatile and eclectic 1 group coffee machine that opens to a new way of living and perceiving the coffee experience. EAGLE ONE PRIMA is a machine that more than any other VICTORIA ARDUINO product on the market is able to interpret current trends and envision the future. It fits just right into small workspaces. It is ideal for start-ups and renowned businesses, professional and home use, exclusive boutiques that often change looks, pop, and classy atmospheres, even where coffee is not the center activity. EAGLE ONE PRIMA can transform while remaining the same and matches flawlessly with the concept of eclecticism. It can change based on the environment and spaces it sits in, but it can also change seasonally by modifying its looks and adding fresh new colors and textures that interpret the current trends. With many images for a unique idea of accessible glamour like a tailored dress or fashion accessory, EAGLE ONE PRIMA is available in many colors and exclusive editions. Design and sustainable technology Like in the Eagle One machine, EAGLE ONE PRIMA by Victoria Arduino pinpointed a goal: designing a product where workflow comfort meets esthetical and functional qualities while continuing technological research and igniting innovative energy. The result is a perfect combination of esthetics and simplicity. Furthermore, it offers a sustainable design that fully considers the machine's environmental impact in terms of economic and energy savings. Prima incorporates NEO technology (New Engine Optimization) that represents a totally new approach the heating water for coffee extraction, using less energy. The design, the applied technologies, and the insulation system drastically reduce environmental impact, making EAGLE ONE PRIMA an authentic, sustainable machine. For more info, visit 🤍

How to use the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Mobile App | Quicktip


Let have a deep look at how to use the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Mobile App - with André Eiermann No matter where you are, you can check its performance, view your recipes, and discover those of the best baristas around the world with a simple touch of your smartphone. The Victoria Arduino E1 app is THE application that improves your E1 Prima experience and makes it as simple as it can be. Performance and machine utilization are optimized by the E1 Prima app. With the app, the user can control temperature and extraction time, just like programming steam and hot water, and verify the machine's performance and set the energy-saving mode. It is easy to use and has all the features of a professional machine. With digital innovation, it becomes a digital machine. With the app, users can create recipes and create a personal espresso card that they can share directly or through other applications such as WhatsApp. Under the section 'Cloud recipe', the user can share their recipes using this fully operational sharing tool. The E1 Prima can also be configured with recipes offered by a roaster, a colleague, or those suggested by the coffee industry's leading names such as Dale Harris, Andrè Eiermann, and many others. This innovative tool reduces distances and brings together everyone connected to the coffee community. Chapters: 0:00 Intro w Andre Eiermann 0:59 Opening the App - Connecting Via Bluetooth 2:01 Display 2:40 Turning on LEDs 3:03 Weekly Programming 5:12 Setting for Espresso Shots 6:55 Counters 7:36 Cleaning & Auto Purge 8:50 My Coffee 13:09 Thank You Outro Get the IOS App here 👉 🤍 Get the Android App here 👉 🤍 Find Coffee Parts on Socials - 👉 Instagram: 🤍 👉 Facebook: 🤍 👉 TikTok: 🤍 #VictoriaArduino #eagleone #eagleoneprima

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima Unboxing


Ragan unboxes the new Eagle One Prima single group espresso machine! If you're in the market for an end-game prosumer espresso machine, check out the E1 Prima at the link below! 🤍

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima VS Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto (R58) | Comparison


Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima VS Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto (R58) | Comparison Find your Eagle One here 👉 🤍 Find your R58 here 👉 🤍 Find Coffee Parts on Socials - 👉 Instagram: https:https: //🤍instagram.com/coffeeparts/ 👉 Facebook: https:https: //🤍facebook.com/coffeeparts

Eagle ONE PRIMA von Victoria Arduino - ab sofort in Wien erhältlich!


* WELTNEUHEIT * Eagle ONE PRIMA * Hochqualitativer Profi-Siebträger für beste Espresso und Milchschaum-Ergebnisse. Plus: Steuerung per #App! Und automatischer #Flush! Dieser sensationelle Siebträger ist für Profi-Baristi, Röster, Shops, Gastro-Gründer, Büros sowie absolute Kaffeeliebhaber kreiert worden. Er bietet viele Vorteile! Die wichtigsten hier zusammengefasst: ERWEITERTE TECHNOLOGIE, HOHE EFFIZIENZ: Schön reduziertes Maschinenvolumen, Einfache digitale Bedienung: Die integrierte APP ermöglicht die nutzerfreundliche Einstellung von Temperatur, Dampf und Heiß-Wasser und zeigt auf Wunsch die Extraktionszeit. Jederzeit kann die der Maschine ein- und ausgeschaltet oder auf Energiesparmodus gestellt sowie ihre Leistung überprüft werden. Beim Design kam dem Umwelt-Aspekt ein besonderer Stellenwert zu: Geringe Umweltbelastung bei hoher Leistung: Umweltfreundliche Materialien und spezifische Technologien reduzieren die Emissionen im Vergleich zu Maschinen derselben Kategorie: Der neue Motor mit NEO-Technologie (New Engine Optimization) garantiert hohe Leistung, reduziert den Energieverbrauch und die Heizzeiten. PRIMA benötigt weniger als 8 Minuten, um voll funktionsfähig zu sein Die Prima ist wandelbar und vielseitig: Flexibel und anpassungsfähig passt sie perfekt in kleine Arbeitsbereiche. Sie kann sich je nach Umgebung und Raum ändern, in dem es sich befindet, aber es kann sich auch saisonal ändern, indem sie ihr Aussehen ändert und frische neue Farben und Texturen hinzufügt (adaptives Lichtsystem + Farben-Elemente). Programmierbar unterschiedliche Kaffeegetränke & -Längen "Ghost-Display": Das Display ist perfekt in die Gruppenabdeckung der Maschine integriert. Sobald die Abgabe abgeschlossen ist, verschwindet sie und fügt sich in das Gruppenabdeckungsdesign der Maschine ein. Sensationelle Milchschaum-Funktion: Die Maschine garantiert eine qualitativ hochwertige Trocken- und Sattdampferzeugung, und erreicht in kürzester Zeit hervorragende Milchcreme Blooming (Kaffee-Vorbrühfunktion) Große Wassertanks ... und viele weitere sensationelle Funktionen!

E1 Prima. Behind the scenes


We are setting off the first #EagleOnePRIMA machines, check out the video to see how we take care of every detail of it. Check 🤍 for more info

Eagle One Prima meets the Japanese coffee community. 日本のコーヒーコミュニティーへようこそ、Eagle One PRIMA!


Eagle One Prima meets the Japanese coffee community 【下に日本語訳あり】 Drinking and brewing high-quality #coffee is a lifestyle that directly concerns the Japanese #CoffeeCommunity. #Style, #performance, and #sustainability perfectly describe #Eagle1PRIMA, a compact #design for a powerful one-group #CoffeeMachine. “Prima is a machine resolving many venues lack of space and power supply – said Hidenori Izaki, 2014 World Barista Champion. “Contrary to its compact size, Prima is a powerful as a larger model. Its stainless steel boiler boasts about twice the power of traditional boilers, and its new on-demand boiler guarantees a stable brew temperature throughout. In this way smaller cafes, restaurants and takeout-only venues will be able to fit this model in its operations without a problem.” Prima’s most fascinating feature is its app connectivity. With it you can set the brew temperature and other settings through your smartphone or tablet. These settings can be shared with other devices, so it’s perfect for stores with #multiplelocations. The app is perfect for #roasters selling their coffee throughout the country – if they make a recipe for each blend. So the customer can use their coffee and select the corresponding recipe for the perfect outcome. In this way the customer can easily enjoy a great coffee experience created by the roaster. In recent time, espresso machines can be spotted in apparel stores, boutiques and automobile salons as a tool to enhance communication and experience . Thanks to its minimal yet elegant design, Prima fits very well in each environment without steeling the spotlight. With its state-of-the-art technology and beautiful design, Prima is the one-group espresso machine of the future, promising everyone a whole new coffee experience. For more information, visit 🤍 日本のコーヒーコミュニティーへようこそ、Eagle One PRIMA! 井崎英典 より 「サードウェーブムーブメントにも後押しされ、エスプレッソベースのドリンクを街中で飲む機会も増えました。もはや高品質なエスプレッソベースのドリンクはコーヒー専門店だけのものではなく、ライフスタイルとして様々なシーンで求められるようになりつつあります。 これまで店舗面積や電力容量の問題で大型のエスプレッソマシンを導入できない店舗の方々や、そもそも提供杯数が少ない業種のお客様の相談をたくさん受けてきました。 その問題点をシンプルに解決したマシンがプリマです。ここまでコンパクトながら、大型エスプレッソマシンに引けを取らないパワーを発揮します。既存のエスプレッソマシンと比べて約2倍の力強さを誇るステンレスボイラーを搭載し、最新式のオンデマンドボイラーで抽出温度も安定しています。プリマはとにかくコンパクト。スペースの限られている小規模店舗やレストラン、テイクアウト専門店にもフィットする大きさです。 プリマの最大の特徴はアプリと連動している点です。抽出温度の設定など細々したセッティングは全て皆様のスマートフォンから一括して管理できます。またそれらのセッティングは共有できますので、本店と支店が地理的に離れている場合でも、円滑なコミュニケーションが可能です。 近年はアパレルやショールームでもコミュニケーションを円滑にする重要な商材として、エスプレッソマシンの導入を検討される事業者の方も増えています。プリマは、高級感のあるミニマリスティックなデザインですので、そういったシーンにもうってつけのマシンと言えます。 革新的な機能と美しいデザイン性を兼ね備えたプリマは、近未来型のシングルグループエスプレッソマシーンであり、全く新しいエスプレッソ体験をもたらすでしょう。」

EAGLE ONE PRIMA. New opportunities for specialty coffee roasters


EAGLE ONE PRIMA, with its small size and huge capability, opens up a whole range of possibilities, especially when it comes to recipe development and sharing. It may be the first thing you learn when your first working behind a bar, is a basic recipe for the average espresso. This much coffee, this much water, these many seconds, but maybe a few shots and you learn the bigger lesson: that every coffee may have a slightly different recipe, and a truly exceptional espresso is about the details you do differently. The technology in this machine allows you to create a detailed record of the shots your pulling in your roastery, making consistent repeatable changes to yield, pre-infusion and group temperature on a small machine. You can run these shots with your roasting team, taking live feedback and looking at the shot profile and the roast profile then work together which your team can then replicate on other commercial machines. This ability to share is particularly valuable to a specialty roastery. The fact that EAGLE ONE PRIMA’s group is just as stable as those of a large multi-boiler machine mean that the configuration you added to the library can become the starting point for your clients or baristas to use when they first receive a new origin or blend for you. Through the app and Bluetooth connectivity, you can share a recipe with aside using a three group Eagle One or with one-hundred small offices all using a Prima in their kitchens and instantly remove a whole series of variables. EAGLE ONE PRIMA brings new tools to the table and manages one of our biggest challenges: achieving consistency at scale without compromising quality. Whether your clients are high volume specialty cafés or a very different business that just needs quality coffee as a wider offering. And its not just consistency, but communication and conversation. By sharing these parameters and including origin information and flavor notes, we can build and share a picture of how we’re experiencing a coffee here in our roastery. For more info, visit 🤍

How to create PureBrew Coffee with E1 Prima EXP


Go ahead, get creative. The new E1 Prima EXP is the most versatile design yet. But what makes this good thing even better is its innovative PureBrew technology. Extracting oils and flavors from each coffee bean, this revolutionary technology pushes the limits of coffee creativity. Learn how to make PureBrewCoffee, and be sure to like and subscribe to see even more about how you can get the most out of your new machine. Discover E1 Prima EXP: 🤍 #VictoriaArduino EagleOnePrimaEXP #PureBrew

Discover Eagle One VIS - Virtual Intelligent Scale


Introducing Eagle One VIS - Virtual Intelligent Scale. This new technology takes your E1 coffee-making experience to the next level by digitally estimate the right dose in the cup using an algorithm calculation. On the display, just set the desired weight in grams and VIS automatically monitors the flow to obtain the right dose in the cup. Join us as to explore the sustainable, simple, and innovative features of Eagle One VIS, the smartest upgrade from Eagle One previous model. Click here 🤍 to learn more about the new Virtual Intelligent Scale by Victoria Arduino. Elevate your coffee experience today!

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Review - Is This Espresso Machine Worth It?


Here we review a two group Eagle One from Victoria Arduino. This powerful yet efficient machine has many great features including automatic cleaning cycles, hot water recycling, steam by wire, and much more. This machine will help improve your work flow and also has many great features built in to its touch screen and included smartphone app. See it in store: 🤍 See the rest of our videos on Victoria Arduino machines: 🤍

Review: 14 month review of VA E1 Prima Espresso machine


This is my 14 month review and opinion of my Victoria Ardiuno E1 Prima Feel feel to comment and ask questions Check out my Morning coffee routine 🤍 Timestamps below 00:00 Intro 01:10 Coffee setup corner 02:10 Dimensions 02:44 Features and Pros 05:50 Pre-programmable buttons 07:00 Auto flush 07:20 Auto clean 08:10 App 09:10 Disadvantages/Cons 10:20 Leak and fault while filming 10:50 Conclusion, would I buy again? #victoriaarduino #coffeeaddict #espresso

The Eagle Has Landed!! VA E1 Prima Eagle One by Victoria Arduino Voltage Coffee Supply


Join us in exploring the new E1 Prima by Victoria Arduino. Thanks to 🤍victoriaarduino1905 🤍mahlkonigusa 🤍rbj_coffee 🤍puqpressusa

Morning coffee routine with Victoria Arduino E1 Prima | Aesthetic ASMR


My morning coffee routine with E1 Prima, using Atom 75 grinder Thanks for watching, please consider giving this video a 👍. Items used in this video: ⊹ Beans used: 🤍 ⊹ Victoria Arduino E1 Prima: 🤍 ⊹ Atom 75: 🤍 ⊹ Fellow vacuum seal canister 1.2L: 🤍 ⊹ Loveramics Flat White 150ml: 🤍 ⊹ Meross Smart wifi energy monitor plug UK: 🤍 ⊹ Timemore pitcher ⊹ Timemore Black mirror scale: AFFILIATED link 🤍 #homeespresso #asmr #morningcoffeeroutine

La Marzocco Linea Mini VS Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima | #Shorts


Battle of the Titans Check out our latest trailer for the La Marzocco Linea Mini VS Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima! Full video out today!

my Espresso morning with Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima + Mahlkonig E65S GBW / Espresso Beauty


Coffee making ritual every morning. Its the 5-8 minutes meditation with my Victoria Arduino Eagle 1 Prima. Single group head home espresso machine together with Mahlkonig E65S GBW grinder.

How to clean your E1 Prima


E1 PRIMA cleaning daily routine is extremely easy and functional. It plays a crucial role in implementing your coffee quality and tasting experience. So let’s check all the steps you need to go through to make this happen. To complete your task, you will need the following items: a small brush, a blind basket and a coffee machine cleaning product. STEP 1 To begin, remove the portafilter. Your group head will have an automatic clean water backflush. Now use your brush to clean the group head then press the central button to purge again. Replace the basket with a blind basket and apply some coffee machine cleaner on it. You can use powder, liquid or tablet cleaners. Now put the filter holder into the group. STEP 2 Press and hold the first and the third button simultaneously for a few seconds to enter the first level programming menu; now press the central button to skip the second level and enter the third level menu. You will see the ‘CL’ message shown on the display and the central button will start blinking. By pressing the third button, you will be able to start the washing cycle. Once the washing phase is complete, the machine stops and the third button remain on. To start the rinse phase, press the third button again. When the procedure is complete, remember to replace the blind basket with the normal basket. Remember: cleaning your machine is actually the first step towards getting the best cup of espresso possible. Besides, keeping the machine clean is going to save your money in the long run and cushion the investment you made. For more information, please visit 🤍



Coffee routine whit Eagle One. Instagram 🤍op.barista Thanks

САМЫЕ КРУТЫЕ И ДОРОГИЕ ЭСПРЕССО-РОЖКИ ДЛЯ ДОМА! Sanremo You, Eagle One Prima 1, La Marzocco Micra.


Эспрессо-кофемашины премиум-класса - это особый тип товара, в котором производители не стеснены экономией и могут оторваться по полной в плане используемых технологий. На выставке "ПИР-Экспо" мы познакомились с тремя такими машинами. Ссылки на ролики: Наши впечатления о ПИР-Экспо 2023: 🤍 Обзор La Marzocco Linea Mini: 🤍 Тайминги: 00:00 Вступление. 02:06 Sanremo YOU. 08:10 La Marzocco Linea Micra. 12:54 Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima. 24:11 Моё мнение об этих кофемашинах. * Сайт: 🤍 Группа ВК: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Наш подкаст, все ссылки на прослушивание в разных ресурсах собраны тут, 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍 Почта для вопросов по технике (но лучше писать в Телеграмм): coffee-perfetto🤍mail.ru Почта для коммерческих запросов: manager🤍perfetto-coffee.ru * Поддержка проекта рублем: Номер карты Сбербанка: 2202 2032 6409 1713 🤍 - для других банков, в других валютах или других способов перевода или(Яндекс.Деньги, QIWI, PayPal и т.д.) Спонсорская подписка: 🤍 #кофемашина #эспрессо #дорого #богато #кофе #sanremo #victoriaarduino #lamarzocco

Victoria Arduino | Eagle 1 Prima Software Update walkthrough


For the latest software, you may check out this link 🤍

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