I Survived 100 Days With A Baby in Minecraft



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Today, something terrible has happened! Mikey has been put under a curse, that turned him into a baby! How cute, but this is serious! The curse is supposed to wear off after 100 days, so it's up to JJ to keep baby Mikey safe until he's back to his old self again. We hope you enjoy our videos! Have a great day! Maizen Merchandise ► 🤍shop-maizen.myspreadshop.com/

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I Survived 100 Days With A Baby in Minecraft
I Survived 100 Days With A Baby in Minecraft
I Survived 100 Days With A Baby in Minecraft
I Survived 100 Days With A Baby in Minecraft
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Amelia Stockton
2023-10-02 01:56:18

JJ is a good dad and Mikey is so cute as a baby

Raj Maharaja
2023-10-01 04:15:22

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Farjana Akter
2023-09-29 16:42:30

LOL 😂he can get milk before he cries JJ😂

Cora Paolini
2023-09-26 12:03:47

What on earth

2023-09-26 10:39:32


I'yanna Hough
2023-09-25 18:37:37

v1q1h13RR50&t=1m41s 1:41 That ain’t no baby

2023-09-25 02:54:16

v1q1h13RR50&t=0m23s 0:23 Wha x3

GorillaVince TV
2023-09-23 17:25:49

mikey say waa😂

Lasa Construction2
2023-09-21 20:35:06

Mikey is on the the lava and that makes me feel Sad❤🥺🥺🥺

Nadeans Mom
2023-09-20 23:37:37

BRA the part im watchin right now is super mushy espacailly with the music like BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢😴😥😥😥😥😥😥

Susan Española
2023-09-20 03:24:01


Fabrizio King
2023-09-19 18:28:25

Hi Rocky family l love

Agbeke Makama
2023-09-19 15:03:26

v1q1h13RR50&t=11m33s 11:33 v1q1h13RR50&t=11m33s 11:33 v1q1h13RR50&t=11m33s 11:33

Fabeha Mohsin
2023-09-19 14:30:01

When jj said to mikey jj will bring milk in a jiffy i smiled❤

Fabeha Mohsin
2023-09-19 14:29:01

When the video started playing mikey said goo goo so cute

Siti Maryam Aisha
2023-09-19 08:18:14


2023-09-19 07:09:30

Baby mikey swims in water but normal is 100 days

sonic exe
2023-09-18 06:45:57

100 days Mikey baby

2023-09-18 05:25:51

Mom jj 😂😂😂

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