Best 9 Ball Final??? | Ko Ping Chung vs Konrad Juszczyszyn | 2023

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Best 9 Ball Final??? |  Ko Ping Chung vs Konrad Juszczyszyn | 2023
Best 9 Ball Final??? |  Ko Ping Chung vs Konrad Juszczyszyn | 2023
Best 9 Ball Final??? |  Ko Ping Chung vs Konrad Juszczyszyn | 2023
Best 9 Ball Final??? |  Ko Ping Chung vs Konrad Juszczyszyn | 2023
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2023-08-16 15:21:32

Just noted:
They spoke of the players names; one says he knows that Ko
is the last name…..
If so, why does Konrad
get his last name in the box,and Ko,his first name (s).? Who
is insulted here? Is
anyone ? Why bring it up,(?)…. If you have no
intention of correcting

2023-07-24 15:31:29

One of the commentators is reading to much in to fantasies: the meaning of Chung drinking water.

2023-07-17 18:58:26

The answer to the end of the commentator's story...

"Top players don't miss simple balls."

2023-07-17 14:01:19

Holy crap! Great game, thanks for posting this, always entertaining commentary too.

2023-07-17 12:34:46

What the hell happened at VpJWCwrxnQA&t=1h00m46s 1:00:46 ? The 9 ball moves andthe spot disappears... matrix glitch.

2023-07-17 12:05:10

I think if you have people talking, stop cutting the video short...they say something important, but are cut off, cause of the edit

2023-07-17 04:50:16

Malísimo , brother is better

2023-07-17 04:09:48

No me gusta que el saque sea dividido , eso no tiene sentido

2023-07-16 20:43:11

I am no professional but on that last 8 ball, I would definitely have tried sticking the white to the 9 ball and playing the 8 safe. I think it was a better shot than the 8 to the middle

2023-07-16 20:43:03

price money is too low

2023-07-16 20:24:01

He had more room for error playing the last 8 up in the corner. he still would have got shape for the 9 too. side pocket was quite risky.

2023-07-16 18:59:05

The commentary is trash

2023-07-16 17:21:00

Heart breaking. then heart warming. wow

2023-07-16 17:06:46

5000 Grand price is not too much at all 😂

2023-07-16 16:17:07

congrats to both players for a very exciting game especially to the winner...better luck next time ko ping chung

2023-07-16 14:50:07

Ageed! Sure would have been nice to hear the end of that story.

2023-07-16 13:12:28

Thats okay Chung ... you did your best❤

2023-07-16 12:47:53

My beloved Chung..go fighting!

2023-07-10 00:06:18

Around VpJWCwrxnQA&t=20m50s 20:50 he was telling a story, "how can I spot, when a player is a really good player?" . .. he gave me the best answer I have ever heard. "are you ready...?"

then fast forwarded past the commentary... c'mon man. sometimes viewers like to hear the commentary, especially for little tid bits like this.

anyone have what he said before it was fast forwarded?

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