8 world champions who would've been rejected under F1's flawed superlicence rules



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A superlicence is a driver’s ticket to ride in Formula 1. As Colton Herta recently discovered, even if you have the offer of a race seat, without the right paperwork you cannot compete in F1. Currently, to qualify for an FIA Formula 1 Driver Super Licence – to use its official name – you must accumulate 40 points based on your achievements in three of the past four years. As a look back through Formula 1 history reveals, there are eight world champions who would likely have failed in their bids for a superlicence were the current system in place. #F1 #Formula1 #superlicence Subscribe: 🤍the-race.com/youtube_subscribe Website: 🤍the-race.com/ Twitter: 🤍wearetherace Instagram: 🤍wearetherace Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/wearetherace Podcasts: 🤍the-race.com/podcasts Thanks for watching - please like, share and comment, please also hit subscribe to show your support so we'll keep doing what we're doing. 🤍🤍the-race.com 🤍🤍twitter.com/wearetherace

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8 world champions who would've been rejected under F1's flawed superlicence rules
8 world champions who would've been rejected under F1's flawed superlicence rules
8 world champions who would've been rejected under F1's flawed superlicence rules
8 world champions who would've been rejected under F1's flawed superlicence rules
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2022-11-30 14:41:14

If you ask me, Latifi and Stroll should have never got to F1 regardless of how they were in Junior series

Renato Houdini
2022-11-03 00:09:11

What about Gilles Villeneuve? 0 points!

2022-10-26 16:00:21

The FIA decision making has been an ongoing trainwreck for years now. Its baffeling what those people get up to.

2022-10-26 14:39:28

Almost half of Indy car racing is done on “oval tracks”.

Dale Wollaston
2022-10-26 06:29:19

Seems strange to think F1 might have never had the one liners from Kimi, legendary story of Nikki Lauda or the comical antics of Fernando Alonso. All 8 of those drivers (besides being world champions) have added so much to the very being of modern F1.

Any plans to do a list of 8 that were so bad you wonder how they got the Super Licence?

Gea Lingeman
2022-10-20 17:42:15

Flawed?😁 You mean you dont agree lol Herta simply isnt good enough for F1 right now. He makes WAY too many crashes and mistakes. Nowhere near the top 5 last season in Indycar. That proofs the rules work in his case.

2022-10-20 17:37:01

Indycar needs more skill than F1, because in one you have a serious car advantage.

Gareth Cooley
2022-10-20 13:40:36

I'd like to see a list of how the 10 worst drivers in f1 got their super license

Barni Granero
2022-10-16 02:49:14

That's a prime example of revisionist history. Verstappens first season was terrible. He should have been banned and not allowed back. Particularly after the Monaco Grand Prix. Verstappen has been bad for the sport ever since. The FIA were right to make the rules stricter. The mistake was not recognising Indycar which is a better series than Formula 1 which has lost credibility. F1 is now a feeder series for Indycar, not the other way around.

Mark Patterson
2022-10-13 14:49:35

Why the cry for Herta?Just because he is from the usa.Few wins,very few podiums,Not as fast as Oward, Palou,McLaughlin or Veekay.But espn wants a usa driver....why?I'm from the usa and F1 is better without a mid pack Indycar guy.

2022-10-11 19:33:57

On the flip side, there have been drivers whose actions on track in other series should have been enough to have them permanently barred from F1 (indeed from any form of motor sport).

For example, I can think of one former F1 driver who deliberately rammed Derek Warwick at high speed during qualifying for a DTM race. As far as I'm concerned that should have been finito for that driver's motorsports career.

2022-10-11 16:19:56

super license sounds like a great way to hoping for more audience to watch the lower tier racing with bigger talent, but it would cost every racer to be in that necessary level

2022-10-06 15:29:59

I never noticed that the wrc isn't even on the list for a super license

D DR97
2022-10-05 08:42:36

F1 is shit now LOL , pure dog shit. Idk how ppl still watch it now without sleeping.

Hugh Jainus
2022-10-04 19:45:28

Oi mate, you got a loicence for that superloicence?

Tom Mosher
2022-10-04 02:12:56

The Superlicense system exists solely in order to give F3 and F2 a reason to exist.

Tetragon 213
2022-10-03 00:50:28

As a further note, Ricardo "Tosser" Rosset (one of the all time worsts) WOULD have qualified for a Super License because he was runner up in F3000, aka modern F2.
Yuji Ide ALSO would have qualified (7th in Super GT/Japanese Grand Touring Championship, 7th in Formula Nippon/Super Formula, then 3rd and 2nd)
And don't forget, MAZEPIN fucking qualified for a SL.
The Super License system is fucking broken.

2022-10-02 23:50:47

The bias for Max is more glaring than a Vegas hotel in July. If the updated requirements for a SL were in place when these drivers entered, they would have done the work to still drive in F1. There have been over 750+ f1 drivers, many that should never have been behind the wheel of a f1 car. The FIA implemented the SL in the 90s due to safety concerns and those drivers that were a danger to themselves and anyone at the track. If Herta wants to drive in F1, his team knows what needs to be done to do so. The FIA should not continue to be fudging safety rules for RBR, the agreed upon rules are there for a reason.

2022-10-02 10:23:54

The super licence system is a complete farce. Teams should be allowed to sign whichever driver is the best choice for them

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